KEP Chapter 510

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the first 510 chapter is not missed, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo sneaked to the mbc.

It’s good when it’s not working, wherever you want to go, what you want to do.

All the way to the office of Infinite Challenge, Kim Tae-ho is actually there.


Kim Tae-ho looked up and saw that it was him, and it was quite unexpected.

“Well? How come you? I thought you were keeping a new home and living a fairy day.”

Seok Jin-soo sat down and couldn’t help but scratch his head.

“That’s too big. I haven’t been familiar with it yet.”

There are a lot of facilities upstairs and downstairs, all of them are mastered, and no one month is not enough.

Kim Tae-ho asked: “Come today, is there any idea for the program?”

Member is also an important part of the program. If you have any thoughts on recording, you will also find the production team.

Many of the previous specials are the ideas of the members, and they are doing quite well.

So for the arrival of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-ho was both accidental and unexpected.

“Thoughts? No.”

Seok Jin-soo’s answer is exceptionally simple and thoroughly indicative of attitude.

Kim Tae-ho is full of black lines.

“Then you are hanging out? I thought I was as leisurely as you?”

He doesn’t think Seok Jin-soo is paying for the performance.

In fact, in September, Seok Jin-soo’s performance fee has just been re-adjusted to reach 2.7 million per episode, which is the same as Noh Hong-chul and Jeong Jun-ha.

No way, he is now the main force of the program. If you are not too young, you can catch up with Park Myeong-su.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and took a beautiful box from the bag.

“For so many years, my brother has been taking care of me, I always keep in mind. So this time, I have prepared a gift for my brother to express my feelings.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo wants to give gifts to himself, Kim Tae-ho is inexplicable.

“Why? Why do you give me a gift?”

This is not a holiday, and it is not the birthday of Kim Tae-ho. Why did you give a gift?

Seok Jin-soo is a serious and memorable one.

“My brother is working hard for the Infinite Challenge. I know that mental exhaustion is the most serious. So I am preparing a gift for my brother to relax and cultivate my spirit. It is my honor to help my brother.”

This misty mountain, Kim Tae-ho did not figure out what he was doing.

But when he opened the box and saw what was inside, he immediately exploded.

“Yah!! You guys, it’s like this, it’s not just letting me sing.”

The original box is large, but there is only one cd in it, which is the upcoming album of Seok Jin-soo.

A new song is made, of course, to promote it.

myMystic89 will do the job, but Seok Jin-soo will not let go of any chance.

After the TV Station’s program is broadcast, the songs of the singers will be played.

Think about it, how many viewers are there like the “Infinite Challenge” program?

If you play your own songs when the “Infinite Challenge” is aired, how many people will be able to see and hear them?

So for his new album, Seok Jin-soo squinted.

The result, what else is there to say?

Kim Tae-ho was angry with his fraud but still received the album.

This is my family, how can I help my family?

After getting Kim Tae-ho, Seok Jin-soo went to the “Come To Play” program group and sent the cd out smoothly.

The mbc Arts Bureau has so many production groups, he has visited the past one by one.

Among them, the beam of “radiostar” will be negotiated most.

“There is no problem playing your song. We were originally a music-themed program. But I have a condition, next week’s program, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi starred?”

Hey, this is not only for singing, but also for the promotion.

Seok Jin-soo can’t help but give it to others.

“That line, next week? You let the writer contact me. I am not afraid to fight with my Gu-ra brother.”

Kim Gu-ra is known for his poisonous tongue and his words are sharp.

Seok Jin-soo is not too much to let, if these two people appear together in the program, it is estimated to be very exciting.

In fact, Yoon Jong-shin has already mentioned it with pd about the invitation to Seok Jin-soo.

After all, it is the artist’s album released by his company. He can’t help but think about propaganda.

Seok Jin-soo is the most popular artist recently, and pd has long been interested.

Seok Jin-soo went to the broadcast office again after agreeing on the event.

Just saw Baek Ji-young recording the radio, ready to go home, he quickly stopped.


Baek Ji-young saw him and was very happy.

“Oh, how come you? Have a broadcast?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and used the means of fraud.

“Noona, I am looking for you.”

Baek Ji-young is inexplicable.

“Look for me? What are you looking for?”

Seok Jin-soo’s eyes are very pure.

β€œNoona is our best singer in the Republic of Korea. I recently found a very good song and I feel that noona will love it.”

Baek Ji-young is even more puzzled.

“Then tell me that your message is not good, as for the personal run?”

Seok Jin-soo sighs again and again, as if he found a rare treasure.

“No, this song is really amazing. You have to tell noona in person.”

Said, he took out the cd from the bag and sent it to Baek Ji-young.

Baek Ji-young just broke his eyes and broke out.

“Yah!! Bokey boy, are you coming to play with me? Really, I really thought it was amazing. Isn’t this your album?”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled and let Baek Ji-young take two slaps.

“Noona, can’t my album be great?”

Baek Ji-young watched the cd and couldn’t help but nod.

“Well, it’s really amazing. Yah!! I can actually ask Kim Tae-hee to star in mv.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“My relationship with the noona didn’t cost anything.”

Baek Ji-young smiled, but still envious.

Do not say anything else, the national goddess Kim Tae-hee starred in mv, which is already topical.

“I don’t want to let me put your songs, so what do you do?”

That is to say, it stands for Baek Ji-young.

“Wow, I thought noona would ask me to star in the radio.”

Baek Ji-young is even more amazing when you hear Seok Jin-soo.

“Played in the radio? Do you have time to play the radio now? You don’t know how popular you are now? The pd of each program wants to invite you.”

Seok Jin-soo is also a little bit stunned.

“Really? I don’t know yet.”

Baek Ji-young couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Is it very happy? No, I am very tolerant, and I will not stop you from starring in the radio. Wait and see, it is estimated that these days, the invitation to you will be as much as the mountains. Unless you don’t want to Promote the song, otherwise it will be a program that can’t be rejected.”

Seok Jin-soo quickly gave a hug and really thanked Baek Ji-young.

“Noona, thank you.”

This is the first release of the album, Seok Jin-soo is really very hard and very enthusiastic.

It is mbc here, the Arts Bureau, the Broadcasting Bureau, the gagman, the TV drama bureau and even the news bureau. All the places where he knows are all visited.

A place and a place sent the album, it is estimated that for a long time, watching the mbc program, can only hear his song.

However, Seok Jin-soo did not satisfy this, leaving mbc and going to sbs and kbs.

Sure enough, as Baek Ji-young said, each program sent him an invitation to appear in the program.

Seok Jin-soo has considered his own itinerary. Everything that is important and time-honored has basically been agreed.

In the end, the overall look, he has to appear in the program, there are as many as ten.

The first program to be featured is the Christmas Special of Strong Heart.

When he came to sbs again, Kang Ho-dong laughed when he saw him.

“Haha, Jin-soo, this time, you took the initiative. The last time you forced it, you agreed, why is this so active?”

Seok Jin-soo is depressed and said: “Brother, you don’t know, I am advertising.”

Kang Ho-dong is pretentious.

“Oh, it turned out to be propaganda. Is there a chance to show you?”

Lee Seung-gi followed the fun.

“I think, Jin-soo brother must be funny ten times at least to help him publicize.”

Looking at the two guys, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but smile.

“You know me, my character is actually very good. But if I am not happy, it is not impossible to deflate your car tires.”

Good guy, when this word comes out, there is no way to stay normal in the standby room. Several pd and writers rolled around and had to shed tears.

At this point they became more certain, and invited Seok Jin-soo to appear in the program, it was really the right decision.

But what Seok Jin-soo can’t think of is that he actually saw acquaintances here.

“Oppa, we are here.”

Looking at the three girls in front of me, Seok Jin-soo is in a good mood.

“Oh, Tae-yeon, Seo-hyun, Hyo-yeon, are you also today’s guests?”

At this time, all three girls were dressed very beautifully, and they also had red antlers unique to Christmas. They were very cute.

“Oppa, help us today, we don’t want to be as shameful as Yoon-ah.”

Yoon-ah and Seok Jin-soo starred in the first issue of “Strong Heart”. As a result, Yoon-ah immersed people’s cognition with boring stories and caused a huge crisis for Girl’s Generation.

At this time, the three of them also came to “Strong Heart”, and they were worried about whether it would be as boring as Yoon-ah.

Seok Jin-soo is a warmhearted person who comforted them very well.

“Don’t worry, just follow your heart and say it. Even if it’s boring, how can it be? Now, there is no boring girl combination in this year. You can create a precedent!”

“Oppa !!!!”

The three girls did not do it, and while they were lame, they regretted asking for help.

Today’s “Strong Heart”, because it is a Christmas special, so the weight of the guests is very heavy.

In addition to Seok Jin-soo and Girl’s Generation, there are Psy and Kim Jang-hoon.

Kim Jang-hoon He was the first to see it, but Psy is an old acquaintance.

Similarly, Psy was very happy to see him and greeted him with open arms.

Seok Jin-soo can only make Psy violent with just one sentence.

“Brother, haven’t you gotten trouble lately?”

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