KEP Chapter 511

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, how do you know the 511 chapter? Floating astronomy

Psy didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo came up with a flaw.

“Yah!! You guys, can you be honest?”

Seok Jin-soo is not afraid of him.

After getting along for a long time, I know that Psy is actually a very open-minded and very interesting person.

“Hey, brother, I am worried about you. I am afraid that you will go to the third time!”

This guy is also a wizard, the only person in the Korean entertainment industry who has gone to the army twice.

2005 went to compulsory military service, and 2007 came out.

The result was that he was often absent from work during the compulsory military service and did not faithfully perform the compulsory military service.

As a result, the Korean Military Affairs Office ordered the re-service of the military and went to the army for two years.

Seok Jin-soo saw him this time, just after he came out.

See Seok Jin-soo biting, Psy is really anxious.

“Haji, I have already done this, don’t say it.”

Kim Jang-hoon, next to him, was stunned and couldn’t help but say: “This younger generation is very powerful!”

He has not seen Seok Jin-soo, but he also knows about the entertainment industry. I just didn’t think that as a younger generation, I could just kidnap with sunbae-nim like Psy.

Psy introduces Kim Jang-hoon with Seok Jin-soo.

“This is not the next generation, it is the most difficult younger generation. Kang Ho-dong, Kim Gu-ra and even Lee Kyung-kyu sunbae-nim can’t take him.”

Kim Jang-hoon is so stunned that he can’t believe it.

Several people mentioned by Psy are famous representatives of the temper who are not very good in the entertainment industry.

In particular, Lee Kyung-kyu, known as the godfather of Korean art, was arrogant to the younger generation, and no one dared to offend him.

As a result, I heard that even Lee Kyung-kyu did not recruit Seok Jin-soo. Kim Jang-hoon couldn’t help but feel that he was not a little because Seok Jin-soo was a younger generation.

Soon, the recording time is up, Seok Jin-soo is sitting in the studio together with more than 20 performers.

Like last time, his position is still in the third place in the first row, showing his weight.

In front of him are Kim Jang-hoon and Psy, two emperors, followed by Tae-yeon.

As for Seo-hyun and Hyo-yeon, although they are also Girl’s Generation members, they can only sit in the second row.

Today’s opening is different from usual, only Lee Seung-gi stands alone in front of the curtain.

The familiar Christmas songs sounded and people’s moods were pleasant.

“Today, Strong Heart has prepared a Christmas special, and so on, to unveil the reason why Kang Ho-dong is not here. Now welcome our best celebrity.”

The curtain was opened, and twenty-two guests gathered together, basically wearing bright clothes, showing the atmosphere of the holidays.

As soon as I came up, someone asked: “But, Lee Seung-gi ‘ssi, from the Christmas special, is this program finally going to become the heart of Lee?”

As soon as I heard this, everyone was applauding and seemed to be happy with the non-existence of Kang Ho-dong.

In such an atmosphere, Seok Jin-soo suddenly stood up and walked to Lee Seung-gi in a few steps.

“Okay, I can finally tell everyone. From today, this is the real heart!!”

The last autumn word of his name and the last base word of Lee Seung-gi, the chorus is the real word.

Seeing him swaying, everyone laughed even harder.

“This is good, this is good, we like the real heart!”

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi hosting program is also great, we are blessed!”

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi has a good relationship with many female celebrity. We can see Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Tae-hee in the future.”

Listening to everyone’s touting, Seok Jin-soo is also beautiful, deliberately said: “pd, wait for the background to not open, not let the fat man out!”

At this time, the music sounded, and the curtain wall behind the seats of everyone was preparing to separate from the two sides.

However, when he heard Seok Jin-soo, the music stopped short and the curtain wall stopped moving.

The problem is that other devices are still starting as usual.

Then the partition on the ground was opened, Kang Ho-dong mimicked the rain, and jumped up from the stage very handsomely.

It was just coming up, but the curtain wall only opened a slit and only saw him. His fat body is not going to come out.

“Well? What’s the situation? Why don’t you open it? Isn’t the script written like this?”

White is so handsome, all the last part is destroyed.

Kang Ho-dong is red-faced and wants to push the curtain wall away. It can be such a heavy thing, and his strength can no longer be achieved.

Seeing his eagerness, the scene has exploded, and everyone is enjoying this unexpected laugh.

At this time, Kang Ho-dong saw Seok Jin-soo standing at the mc position, his face changed greatly, and he shouted more flusteredly: “Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, what do you want to do? Why are you standing there? In the end what happened?”

The artist who was close to him told him.

“Now is the true heart of Seok Jin-soo and Lee Seung-gi, you are out!”

Kang Ho-dong is scared to death.

“Yah!! pd, is there such a rush? If you don’t give me a meal, can’t you say goodbye?”

Seok Jin-soo asked the old man: “Kang Ho-dong ‘ssi, do you want to come out?”

Kang Ho-dong didn’t talk, just slammed his head. The longing eyes are the same as the ones who have lost their freedom.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and reached out.

“Give me three million, let me out!”

Yes, three million stalks are round again.

Kang Ho-dong laughed and laughed. He sat down on the floor and regretted it.

Damn guy, one thing actually remembered for two years.

It’s hard, it’s enough, and Kang Ho-dong is standing in the position of mc, still feeling awkward.

“The production team, pd, I tell you exactly. This is the last time Seok Jin-soo has come. It is really the last time. If you invite him again, don’t blame me…”

Said, he raised his fist in front of the camera, his eyes were fierce.

Seok Jin-soo came once, and he suffered once, obviously already afraid.

Finally, two mcs gathered together, and Kang Ho-dong was still feeling.

“It’s not as simple as jumping out of the stage!”

Lee Seung-gi is also smart.

“It’s not easy to get out from behind!”

Kang Ho-dong was powerless again, and he laughed at Haha on the stage.

The official program started.

“Well, the Strong Heart Christmas special, there is a very special preparation. We would like to invite this time, and it is also very curious…”

Kang Ho-dong’s words are what Psy said, and the goal is obviously the problem person.

Don’t talk about him, everyone is very curious about this.

Can compulsory military service twice, who can not be curious?

Lee Seung-gi also said: “I am happy when I see his face.”

His debut album was produced by Psy, and the two have deep roots. So at this time, Lee Seung-gi was very careful to hold Psy.

But Psy can’t help but bow down and feel that I am not too good today.

When it comes to Psy, you can’t help but mention Kim Jang-hoon.

These two people are recognized by the Korean singing community and are the best two singers on the scene. Their live, always pleasing to the eye, wonderful.

It is worth mentioning that this time Psy and Kim Jang-hoon combined the song and became a cooperative relationship.

And the theme song of “Strong Heart” is also made by these two people.

Nowadays, two people with such a relationship with “Strong Heart” have come, and everyone has asked for them to perform live.

After Psy and Kim Jang-hoon, the interviewer was Seok Jin-soo.

But when he got here, Kang Ho-dong said that there was a lot of talk.

“The next one, when I first appeared, it took me a lot of hard work to force it. It seems very reluctant. But this time, I rolled in. Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, said Say, why did you come again this time?”

Seok Jin-soo looked at him and said it was straightforward.

“I am here to promote new songs.”

No one thought that he was so honest, and after the mistake, the applause was on the scene.

“Wow, did you really say it?”

“It’s really an ordinary person, it’s not a bit swaying.”

Tae-yeon even laughed and tears came out, and had to reach out and take him.

“Oppa, can’t say that!”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t matter, asks back.

“Why can’t you say that? I was originally to promote new songs. Can I say that I am okay to stroll? Are the audiences convinced?”

Anyway, from the opening of Seok Jin-soo, Kang Ho-dong has never stopped laughing.

This younger brother is never disappointing and can always make an effect.

However, Lee Seung-gi is still calm.

“So, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, is this time releasing a new album?”

Seok Jin-soo emphasizes: “The first album is my first song release as a singer.”

“Oh really?”

Lee Seung-gi is a bit embarrassing.

“But how do I feel as if I can often hear your songs?”

This time, Seok Jin-soo was not used, and the remote Shin Bong-sun helped.

“Because Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi has been helping people make songs, and they are all hit songs, we are no strangers.”

Even the audience under the stage was suddenly realized, and it felt like this was the case.

In the past two years, there has been news about Seok Jin-soo making music, so the outside world is no stranger to his connection with music.

It was only today that this is actually the first album released by Seok Jin-soo as a singer.

Speaking of Seok Jin-soo’s new album, Kang Ho-dong is also amazed.

“Wow, maybe many people don’t know. The mv of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is actually played by Miss Kim Tae-hee.”

Nothing else, mentioning the name of Kim Tae-hee is enough.

On the stage and under the stage, I was envious of Seok Jin-soo’s ability to cooperate with Kim Tae-hee.

Kang Ho-dong continued to ask: “Today, there are two people who have worked with Miss Kim Tae-hee, one is Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi and the other is Lee Seung-gi ‘ssi. So, please, What kind of person is Miss Kim Tae-hee in your mind?”

Seok Jin-soo waved his hand and gestured to Lee Seung-gi.

Lee Seung-gi’s expression of intoxication is full of praise.

“Kim Tae-hee noona is really really beautiful, just standing by her side, the whole world seems to be beautiful. And noona is really kind, always knows how to care for people, is an angel!”

Others are also intoxicated, imagining Kim Tae-hee’s look around.

Seok Jin-soo is different, and the face is shocked.

“Wow, will that noona be transformed? Is she gentle?”

This is a big deal, and the scene is directly messed up.

“Yeah, Miss Kim Tae-hee is not good?”

“This guy, don’t hurt Miss Kim Tae-hee!”

In the face of everyone’s blame, Seok Jin-soo is what it is.

“Yah!! Are you familiar with Kim Tae-hee? What do you know?”

But his words made people more angry, and Eun Ji-won roared.

“Yah!! Is your kid showing off? Is your relationship with Kim Tae-hee?”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“Brother, how do you know?”

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