KEP Chapter 513

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 513 chapter, the astronomical

A few variety programs before and after the run down, the three major clubs have played many times, the effect is good.

myMystic89’s public relations soft text is also very powerful, the outside world knows that Seok Jin-soo, who has produced so many hit songs, released his own debut album.

“Yeosu Night Sea” started from the release and the results were very good. I sold 12,000 copies in three days, and the sound source also rushed to the top ten.

Don’t think that Seok Jin-soo has written so many hit songs, and his personal album is released, and he can complete the sweep.

This is simply not realistic.

After all, he was recognized as a producer. As a singer, the public has not accepted him so quickly.

And “Yeosu Night Sea” is a lyrical song that can’t be a popular hit song. People who like it will like it very much, and people who don’t like it are also abandoning it.

Especially for the younger generation, it is not so easy to accept this kind of song.

Besides, when Seok Jin-soo released a new song, it just happened to catch up with ss501 and 2pmcomeback.

Especially 2pm, their “heartbeat” style is very good, and there are countless fans support, is sweeping.

Under such influence, Seok Jin-soo can still rush into the top ten, which is already a good result.

MyMystic89 is also very satisfied with this, so don’t worry about losing money.

Everything went smoothly, and Seok Jin-soo’s career seemed to be very stable.

I don’t know why, he always feels a sense of uneasiness.

Since my family knows about my own affairs, as a person who has been unlucky since childhood, he always feels that something seems to happen recently.

But in the end, he can’t tell.

The new house is very comfortable and makes him very enjoyable.

When you don’t have a trip, you are in the house and enjoy it alone.

Kim Tae-hee has been on the phone from Bali and has always been thinking about his new house. I heard that my bedroom is already ready, and it is even more heart-warming.

There is no end to her work, and she has no choice.

It was in a dull atmosphere that Seok Jin-soo received an unexpected call.

“Hello, is it Mr. Seok Jin-soo?”

The voice on the other end of the phone is low and hoarse, very attractive. But Seok Jin-soo can be sure that he has never heard of it.

This is a voice that he absolutely does not know.

He couldn’t help but be wary when he thought that he might be a stranger.

“Which are you?”

He did not say whether he was or not, and asked back.

After all, the voice doesn’t sound very kind, and it’s not a big mistake to be careful.

But then, the opposite side showed his identity and scared him.

“Hi, Mr. Seok Jin-soo, I am actor Ha Jung-woo.”


Seok Jin-soo was shocked and didn’t understand it.

The opposite seems to expect him to be like this, and re-introduced it again.

“I am the actor Ha Jung-woo, are you Mr. Seok Jin-soo?”

This time Seok Jin-soo was finally awake, and the sound and the images I saw were matched.

Ha Jung-woo, the most optimistic actor in Chungmuro, is now a popular middle-aged male star.

Just Seok Jin-soo is very puzzled, why do you contact yourself?

“Ah, Mr. Ha Jung-woo, how are you doing?”

Ha Jung-woo is very frank.

“Mr. Seok Jin-soo, I heard your father talk about you. According to him, your Chinese is very good, is it?”

Ha Jung-woo’s father, Kim Young-geun, worked with Seok Jin-soo on Temptation Of Wife. Because of the guest relationship, Kim Young-geun has also had a rivalry.

Seok Jin-soo quickly said: “Yes, thanks to the help of Kim Young-geun sunbae-nim, I have some understanding of acting.”

Ha Jung-woo doesn’t seem to laugh too much, and the voice is stubborn.

“Where, he kept telling me that Mr. Seok Jin-soo is a great writer.”

This is not the way to go around, Seok Jin-soo simply asked: “Mr. Ha Jung-woo looking for me, is there a problem with the plot?”

In the film and television circle, he has always been acting as a screenwriter. Ha Jung-woo Since looking for him, can only be a problem in this regard?

Unfortunately, Seok Jin-soo guessed it wrong.

“Ani ~ yo, it’s not a plot. Because listening to my father, Mr. Seok Jin-soo’s Chinese is good. I have a play here, I need a good Chinese. I don’t know if Mr. Shi can be a guest? I I know that your trip is very tight, but I really can’t find anyone.”

Actually looking for a guest appearance, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but scratch his head.

I am a screenwriter, not an actor. Why do you find my head?

“But I don’t have any experience in acting?”

Ha Jung-woo is very persistent.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just two or three plays, so please.”

Since Ha Jung-woo said this, the other party is a very great actor, even if it is for the sake of making a relationship, Seok Jin-soo can’t say anything to refuse.

Unfortunately, the next day, he sb.

who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

After a dozen hours, I finally arrived at my destination. But looking at the gray city, Seok Jin-soo is still hard to believe.

Nima, isn’t it a good guest, as far as running?

He speaks Chinese very well and knows the words on the station.

But he would rather not know it, and his mood might be better.

China, Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar City.

Damn, for a guest appearance, he was an airplane and a train. He even ran to such a place that he had never been to, or even heard of.

If there was a staff member to pick him up, he thought he was being trafficked.

“Hi, Mr. Seok Jin-soo, I am very honored. I am the deputy director Jin Jibang. Let’s go, Na Hong-jin directors are waiting for you.”

Seok Jin-soo This is the movie that he wants to be a guest, who is the director.

“Is the Na Hong-jin director of the pursuer?”

After doing the scriptwriting, I also had a lot of interest in the film and television circle.

“The Pursuit” he has carefully observed and studied, and is the first place to know Ha Jung-woo.

Kim Ki-bang Haha smiled and said: “Yes, it is Na Hong-jin director. The film is starring Kim Yoon-seok sunbae-nim and Ha Jung-woo sunbae-nim. This is their second collaboration. “”

Good guy, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but look forward to hearing this cast.

After being taken over by the assistant director, all the way to the street, they quickly came to a very dilapidated neighborhood.

This should be the shooting venue, and a lot of staff are busy.

Jin Jibang led Seok Jin-soo and walked in and shouted: “Director, river sunbae-nim, I took Mr. Seok Jin-soo.”

A sudden start, the originally quiet people have come over.

Then, a thin, but handsome, middle-aged man and a unshaven man greeted him.

The handsome man Seok Jin-soo didn’t know, but the guy who looked like a sly but buried, Seok Jin-soo knew.

The man also smiled and took the initiative to say hello.

“Aigoo, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, I’ve worked hard.”

Seok Jin-soo holds his hand and can’t help but ridicule up.

“It’s very hard. It’s not a guest drama. How come it is so far?”

Hearing his resentment, all the people around him laughed and felt that this matter was very unreasonable.

At that time, the handsome man made a self-introduction.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, hello, I am the director Na Hong-jin.”

In the face of the director, or a well-known director, Seok Jin-soo did not dare to neglect.

“Director, when are we going to work?”

I didn’t expect him to ask, Na Hong-jin cares about the tunnel: “You have been driving for more than ten hours, don’t you need to take a break?”

Seok Jin-soo shook his head.

“The left and right are just a guest appearance. I will finish it early, and I will not rest later.”

Na Hong-jin and Ha Jung-woo face each other, and finally Naok-jin told Seok Jin-soo.

“That, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, your guest appearance… Besides Yanji, there is still Yanji!”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t come up at a glance, look at Ha Jung-woo, this guy’s eyes are very innocent.

Nima, who said that famous actors are not pitted?

Just a guest, as for to toss Laozi?

Knowing the facts, Seok Jin-soo is finally not reluctant. I went to the hotel where the crew prepared for him and took a good sleep.

When I woke up the next day, I was awakened by the howling belly.

Seok Jin-soo stumbled up and found that it was not in his luxurious home, but a very simple hotel.

Don’t look at the actors, it’s awesome. When you are filming, you really have to work hard.

Estimated to save money, Na Hong-jin is the most common kind of hotel they rent.

When Seok Jin-soo was washing, there was no hot water and almost died of freezing.

But when he came out, Ha Jung-woo was already waiting.

“Oh, I am really embarrassed, the hospitality is not good.”

Seok Jin-soo is not angry either.

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Seok Jin-soo 镄勯棶棰桦疄鍦ㄥお 夋剰镐濅 锛屽纰镄凥 a Jung-woo 涓 涓嫔瓙绗戜 涓嫔瓙绗戜 涓嫔瓙绗戜 涓嫔瓙绗戜 鍑 鍑 鍑

鈥淗aha 鍝堬纴褰撶劧 夐キ钖冧 夐キ钖冧 銆傝 銆傝 钖э纴鎴戝 钖э纴鎴戝 钖э纴鎴戝 缁忔 缁忔 缁忔 缁忔 缁忔 銆傗 銆傗 銆傗 銆傗

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J chain夊悆镄勶纴浠栫洿鎺ヨ捣韬纴璺熺潃 Ha Jung-woo 寰€澶栬蛋澶栬汇€

杩欎袱浜哄湪 ╁浗閮 ╁浗閮 ╁浗閮 槸钖崭 槸钖崭 槸钖崭 槸钖崭 槸钖崭 槸钖崭 闄岀敓镄勫煄 傦纴鍙堥兘闀 傦纴鍙堥兘闀 傦纴鍙堥兘闀 傦纴鍙堥兘闀 傦纴鍙堥兘闀 殑寰堟櫘阃 殑寰堟櫘阃笂锛岃繛澶у閮戒笉镒挎剰閮界湅涓€鐪笺€

Ha Jung-woo 涓嶆劎娓e彅镄勭 钖嶏纴涔熶笉鐭ラ 钖嶏纴涔熶笉鐭ラ 钖嶏纴涔熶笉鐭ラ 鏉ヤ 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶 澶甫镌 Se Seok Jin-soo gallium fear

鈥沧棦鐒 潵鍒 潵鍒 潵鍒 潵鍒 锛屽綋鐒 锛屽綋鐒 锛屽綋鐒 锛屽綋鐒 锛屽綋鐒 锛屽綋鐒 灏濆皾杩欓噷镄勫綋鍦 傝槠鐒 傝槠鐒 傝槠鐒 傝槠鐒 傝槠鐒 笉鏄偅涔堢 笉鏄偅涔堢 笉鏄偅涔堢 镊浣嗗緢 chain 夐 炽 炽€€€


Ha Jung-woo 涔熶笉浼 涔熶笉浼 腑锲 腑锲 瘽锛屼絾搴旇鏄潵钖冭 瘽锛屼絾搴旇鏄潵钖冭 瘽锛屼絾搴旇鏄潵钖冭 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 滃崟灏 阃 阃 阃 阃

鏄汉瀹闲钖冮キ锛孲eok Jin-soo 涔熶笉濂 娑夛纴灏 娑夛纴灏 娑夛纴灏 娑夛纴灏 銆 銆 銆

涓 鐩 鐩 瓑 瓑 Ha Jung-woo 镣 畲浜嗭纴涓や 畲浜嗭纴涓や 嶆湁镞堕棿璇 嶆湁镞堕棿璇 嶆湁镞堕棿璇 嶆湁镞堕棿璇 嶆湁镞堕棿璇 瘽锛岃亰浜涙愧鎽勬 瘽锛岃亰浜涙愧鎽勬 瘽锛岃亰浜涙愧鎽勬 三 三 三 三 三 三

鈥滃疄鍦ㄥ涓崭綇锛岃浣犳潵浜呜 Umbrella 涔堣 镄勫湴鏂 镄勫湴鏂€€€

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