KEP Chapter 519

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, Chapter 519 me? Floating astronomy

With the appearance of Seok Jin-soo, the program became very interesting.

So at the end, the pd of “habutt ytogether” took his hand and asked very eagerly: “Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, is there really no fixed plan?”

In the face of hospitality, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“If I am here, who is going? Myeong-su brother?”

Director Haha smiled and said: “If Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi can come, I will arrange it well.”

This ambiguous, so Seok Jin-soo has little interest.

Obviously this pd is sloppy.

It is very likely that he promised, then the person who leaves will be Park Myeong-su.

He has achieved his goal. As for whether he will be against his eyes, he will not care.

Seok Jin-soo is such a shrewd person, will you be hooked?

“Forget it, thank you for the love of pd. It’s just that I am too busy recently, and the program in my hand is too much.”

Leave and leave, just got into the car, Eun-ho noticed something.

“Director, Li Meijing, the president of CJ Group, came to the notice that the movie has been prepared almost. She hopes that if you have time, you can pass as soon as possible.”

That’s not to say, Seok Jin-soo is also very concerned about the movie, and immediately Eun-ho drove to cje&m.

Li Meijing has been waiting for him, and there is also a very handsome man.

“Stonewriter, you can finally come. Come here, I will introduce you, this is the actor Won Bin.”

The name of Won Bin, Seok Jin-soo is naturally known. But the first time I saw a real person, the only feeling for him was – too tm handsome.

When he was faced, he could not help but feel a sense of self-defeating.

Won Bin stood up from the couch, very slender, and with a long, soft hair that looked like a beautiful man.

Very modestly and Seok Jin-soo shook hands, Won Bin’s attitude is more urgent.

“Hello scriptwriter, I have already seen the script. I have to star in this movie. I heard that the scriptwriter specially named my name, thank you very much.”

Holding Won Bin’s hand, Seok Jin-soo focused on it, and surely, under the cognition of Huamei, he has a tough temperament.

However, one thing he was very dissatisfied with was also mentioned.

“Won Bin ‘ssi is indeed my favorite actor, but if you want to play the role of Che Taizhi, you have to lose weight. You are now a bit overweight and have no skills.”

I heard that to lose weight, Won Bin did not hesitate.

“Please give me two weeks, I promise to slim down.”

Seok Jin-soo still believes in his willpower and can definitely do it.

He turned to Li Meijing again.

“President Lee, I don’t know how Jang Doo-hong sunbae-nim is connected?”

“Lonely Agent” is an action movie, and naturally requires action guidance.

Although there are action scenes in Seok Jin-soo’s mind, how to edit it is also necessary for professionals.

In the Korean film industry, it is natural to say Jang Doo-hong. Just like the Chinese martial arts director, Yuan Baye is definitely the top spot.

Li Meijing nodded.

“Already contacted, Mr. Jang Doo-hong will send his disciples.”

Jang Doo-hong is not very involved in action guidance today, but has opened a school to train action actors. Therefore, the action guidance that is active in the Korean film industry is basically his disciple.

While waiting for the action guidance, other actors were also notified and arrived in succession.

Seok Jin-soo is still acquainted with Won Bin and Tanayong Wangtraku.

“In order to complete the movements in the film, you two need to receive a certain amount of martial arts training. How long it takes to see your training situation.”

The action in “Lonely Agent” looks plain on the surface, but it is very professional.

The fighting techniques of Won Bin’s agents, and the cold steel claws of Tanayong Wangtracu, are not well-played if they are not specially trained.

When planning to star in the film, Won Bin knew that he must be trained. He had no opinion on this and he agreed to it.

The actors are all there, and the most attention of Seok Jin-soo is naturally the old sunbae-nim of Song Young-chang and Baek Su-ryun.

“sunbae-nim, you have to suffer this time.”

Seok Jin-soo expressed his apologies when greeting the two.

Song Young-chang is very kind, Haha smiles.

“What kind of hard work is not hard, isn’t it a play action car chase, it doesn’t matter.”

Baek Su-ryun slaps Seok Jin-soo’s head.

“How can you come up with such a terrible plot? Yah!! I watched it all night and couldn’t sleep well all night.”

In front of the elderly, Seok Jin-soo’s generation is the same as his grandson, so he said with a spoiler: “The old man will use the time he can’t sleep, and think about how to play it.”

“Screw you.”

Baek Su-ryun Haha, he took another shot.

“I was afraid that I was finished, my grandson didn’t dare approach me.”

Seok Jin-soo is amazing.

“sunbae-nim, our movie, can’t be seen under the age of 19.”

This is an authentic nineteen banned movie, and the younger children are far away from each other and cannot be seen.

Seok Jin-soo met several people separately, but some people took the initiative to come and say hello.

“Writer, hello, I am a newcomer Kwak Do-won.”

This guy is tall, strong, but not handsome with the handsome. On the contrary, the face is full of flesh, but the skin is white and has a great contrast.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know him, and there isn’t such a person in the starring. It is estimated that it is a small role.

Seeing that he took the initiative, it is estimated that he is holding the mind.

I was going to just say hello, just go shopping.

But when Seok Jin-soo was going to speak, the voice in his head jumped out of the guy’s information.

At a closer look, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but be shocked.

Good guy, this ugly guy is actually the power of Mi-rae.

Today, this guy is still a piece of jade.

Knowing this, Seok Jin-soo’s attitude changed immediately and became amiable.

“Ah, annyeonghaseyo annyeonghaseyo, what role do you play?”

I didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo to care about this. Kwak Do-won was full of red light and shyly shook hands.

“I played the police, there are not many plays. But I have other fate with the writer. I also played in the Yellow Sea.”

I heard that this person also appeared in the Yellow Sea, Seok Jin-soo could not help but see.

“Really? Why haven’t I seen you?”

Kwak Do-won Hehe smiled.

“My plays are all in Korea, waiting for Na Hong-jin to direct them back, I will report.”

Seok Jin-soo understands.

This guy is still out of the newcomer stage, and he is incompetent and needs to run around the field to support himself.

No wonder it can appear here, but also starred in “Huang Hai”.

However, this fate is good.

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled and grabbed Kwak Do-won’s hand.

“I see you come alone, your manager?”

Kwak Do-won was ashamed and embarrassed to bow his head.

“I… there are no brokerage companies, they are all alone. No company can see me, it is not willing to give up the dream of an actor.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled even happier.

This is no brokerage company!

“Hey, if you want to be an actor, how can you do without a brokerage company? There is no brokerage company to give you a job, what good role can you receive?”

Kwak Do-won is very popular with emotions. Looking at the eyes of Seok Jin-soo is full of gratitude.

He did not think that this screenwriter is so hot and warm, he will care about him so much.

The fox tail of Seok Jin-soo is finally revealed.

He took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Kwak Do-won.

“You should also know that I am a director of a company. At present, our company is also developing a business in film and television. Actor Kim OkClick B in will come over soon. If you need the help of a brokerage company, please contact me by phone. ”

Kwak Do-won is even more excited.

He never dreamed of dreaming. He just took the initiative to greet him. He hoped to have a good relationship with the writer, but he was so favored by the screenwriter.

He had performed a long time ago, but his appearance was not good, so he was always embarrassed, and no brokerage company took him.

Fortunately, he has many guest characters and knows a lot of staff on the film studio. It is by this, always mixed, barely eating.

But he is not too young, nine years older than Seok Jin-soo.

How many times a midnight dream, I can’t help but worry and don’t know what my Mi-rae is doing.

Speaking of it, Kwak Do-won clearly felt that his luck seemed to be getting better in the recent period.

Not only did he play a lot of roles in Na Hong-jin’s movie, but he also passed the interview for “Lonely Agent”.

Although it is also an insignificant supporting role, there are actually lines and a little bit of comedy performance.

Just when Kwak Do-won thought that his actor’s road was going to be smooth, more good luck came.

The screenwriter of the film actually took a fancy to him and wanted to sign him into the company.

That is the brokerage company. He dreamed of many opportunities that he could not get.

Hand holding Seok Jin-soo’s business card, Kwak Do-won tears in his eyes, suddenly feels a light, with a feeling of flying.

He knows that this business card will completely change his Fate.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know his own whim to collect potential stocks, and has already made a person feel inward.

Instead he is in trouble.

Li Meijing found him and his face was very bad.

“Stone scriptwriter, just got the news, the actor Kim Seong-oh who wants to play Zongshi has suffered a car accident and is being rescued in the hospital. It can’t be reported.”

Seok Jin-soo is black and very annoyed.

“Yah!! Zong Shi is a very important role. How is this going wrong?”

Li Yifan is also very distressed, flying the smoke.

“The role of Zongshi is very important and indispensable.”

Li Meijing is also scratching his head.

“Would we like to start the casting? It should be too late.”

I did not expect such an accident, Seok Jin-soo is really mad.

“what…the hell!!, this is a big problem.”

He said a swearing word, but Li Yifan was stunned and looked at him.

Looked and looked again, Li Yufan’s mouth suddenly lifted.

“Maybe, we don’t need to find an extra actor.”

Li Meijing thought he was joking. He was annoyed: “I didn’t hear it? The actor’s injury was very serious, and there was no way to appear.”

Li Xiaofan’s smile is getting bigger and bigger, and suddenly he points to Seok Jin-soo.

“It doesn’t matter if he can’t play. There isn’t a suitable one here.”

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