KEP Chapter 520

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 520 chapter is scary, floating astronomy

There was a strange silence around them, all because of Li’s words.

Li Meijing was wrong in the local area and then looked back at Seok Jin-soo. Slowly, she also gently nodded her head.

Seok Jin-soo is only awesome.


Instinctively felt that it was not a good thing, he could not help but swallow a slobber.

“Look at what I do?”

Li Yifan smiled.

“What else can you do? You play it. Stone scriptwriter, this is your script, you can contribute more.”

Seok Jin-soo is even more inexplicable.

“What are you contributing?”

What Li Yufan had to say was more obvious.

“The role of Zongshi, you can play.”

Seok Jin-soo If you are struck by lightning, you have to die.

“What? Let me play Zongshi? Ani ~yo Ani ~yo Ani ~yo, what a joke? How can I play?”

Zong Shi is a very important role in the film, with a lot of weight. This can be different from the guest appearance. Seok Jin-soo has not studied acting, and has no confidence at all.

Li Yifan can leave it alone and completely entangle him.

“Hey, stone screenwriter, let’s play. Your temperament is very good, and this character is not hard, always enjoying it.”

Seok Jin-soo is extremely depressed.

“Ah, it’s not a good character. Why are you letting me play? I just made a guest sneak in the film directed by Na Hong-jin. Is it going to evolve now?”

Li Yifan slammed his slap and sighed: “This is not the right thing. This shows that your temperament is just right. You have the qualities of playing this role!”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t come up in one breath and almost committed suicide.

“You mean I can’t play good guys?”


Li Yifan did not answer, but Li Meijing suddenly laughed.

Then I felt embarrassed, and quickly turned my head and tried not to let Seok Jin-soo see his red face.

Li Yifan is still trying to persuade.

“Stone screenwriter, you listen to me, movies and TV series are different, there is no requirement for the value of the face. And if you play the villain, it can better reflect the acting skills.”

Li Meijing was so easy to slow down and joined the ranks of persuasion.

“Stone scriptwriter, you promised to come down. Anyway, we can’t find a suitable candidate, we can’t afford it. Everyone is working for the movie, you have to work hard.”

Li Yufan’s persuasion can not be heard, but Li Meijing’s face cannot be ignored.

Can play an important role, which makes Seok Jin-soo extremely difficult.

He scratched his hair and shook his dandruff.

At the end, I did not decide.

“what…the hell!!, I don’t know. Give me some time, I think about it.”

Back home at night, without the eyes of others, Seok Jin-soo lost all strength.

All of a sudden fell on the sofa, and could not help but sigh.

“Aigoo, what is my life? How is it always being pitted? How did I play the show? Can such an important role, can I play?”

Unfortunately, he only faces the air, no one can answer him.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t even bother to open the lamp, silently looking at the ceiling, but my heart began to entangle.

Compared to Unforgivable, he bet a lot more on this movie.

After all, “Unforgivable” is only a pathfinder to enter the film industry. Good and bad actually have little influence on him.

The box office of “Lonely Agent” is there. As the champion of the 2010 Korean movie box office, Seok Jin-soo has been thinking about relying on this film to complete the transformation in the film field.

As long as he has done it, then in the future he will be the ace of the film industry, wherever he has the right to speak.

This is the place where he is entangled.

If it is as casual as “Unforgivable”, Li Yifan’s proposal will not care at all, and he will ignore it.

But “The Lonely Agent” is his heart, he can’t make this movie worse.

The actor who plays Zongshi is now unable to get hurt. He is anxious more than anyone else.

Under the irritability, he could not help but think of Li Yufan’s words.

“Is it really suitable for the Zongshi?”

Self-talking, Seok Jin-soo got up from the sofa and went all the way to the studio on the third floor.

There is a large floor mirror that allows you to observe yourself.

He stood in front of the mirror, thinking back to the lines of Zongshi, slowly finding the feeling.

Zong Shi’s first scene in the movie was to play with the beauty in the pool, and there was a shot of a bare butt.

Although it is a far lens, it is not so clear. However, Seok Jin-soo had a burst of egg pain as soon as he thought he might have to show his ass.

Forget it, let’s not care about the ass, or think about the problem of acting.

Zong Shi is the younger brother of Wan Shi and one of the minds of criminal gangs.

Unlike the fierce and cunning brother, Zong Shi’s character is a bit of a strange metamorphosis, like to play handsome.

Seok Jin-soo feels little by little, imagining the beauty surrounding, the ridiculous life, and gradually feeling.

Looking at the mirror, the people inside are slowly merging with the image of Zongshi.

His recent hair has been long, and the straight hair has covered the corners of his eyes. There is a feeling of sloppy mixing.

The main thing is that the evil spirit in the eyes feels. Look, it makes people panic.

Seok Jin-soo finally grasped this feeling, and did not dare to relax at the moment, talking about the lines in the mirror.

“it’s me.”

Zong Shi’s tone is strange, and there is a sense of decadence that absorbs more drugs.

Seok Jin-soo worked hard several times to capture that feeling.

Fortunately, the voice has always been his weapon, and it can be used at this time.

It’s a pity that there are no people in front of the show. Wan Shi’s play has to rely on imagination.

“hohoho… Hey, the voice is dying, is it dead?”

This is the call after Wan Shi lost the drug sample and was taught by President Wu Mingkui.

Although his brother was beaten, Zong Shi, a younger brother, did not have any concerns. On the contrary, there was some gloating.

It is not difficult to see that metamorphosis is metamorphosis.

It was also a line, Seok Jin-soo was still adjusted three or four times before I found that feeling.

According to the plot of the script, at this time there will be beautiful women coming up and holding his little brother from under the water.

Therefore, while Zongshi wants to enjoy, the tone is still a little trembling.

“Slightly tap… what can life have?”

Then Wan Shi informed the Zongshi of the news and asked him to get the goods back.

The Zongshi who heard the news jumped from the bath, which is a fragment of the ass.

At this time, his words will be excited with the metamorphosis that is about to see the blood.

“Who is? Biaozi of Chuncheon!”

This tone is very sharp and deliberately reveals the darkness of the speaker.

Seok Jin-soo tried and tried again. Finally, I couldn’t find the feeling. I simply imitated the sound of Kim Jong-kook, and finally got a taste.

Recalling the first scene of Zong Shi’s appearance, Seok Jin-soo only remembered the second stage of the play, missing a prop – hair dryer.

This scene is Zongshi’s instructions to find Xiaomi’s home in accordance with Wanshi’s instructions.

Controlled the mother of Xiaomi, and then used the burnt hot hair dryer to use the fragment of the torture on the mother’s thigh.

Although there are no lines here, the bloodthirsty behavior of Zong Shi’s hair dryer is very testable.

There is no hair dryer on the third floor, but there is a bedroom in Seok Jin-soo. So he went down from the third floor and went back to the bedroom to get it.

It was hard to find the feeling of Zongshi just now. Seok Jin-soo was forgotten, so his face always had a smile that was like a smile and a very evil.

All the way to the bedroom, turned to find a hair dryer, he plans to go back to the third floor to continue to practice acting.

Anyway, walking is also walking, thinking back to Zongshi playing with the hair dryer, Seok Jin-soo walked and played.

In his imagination, Xiaomi appeared in front of him, just to see the mother’s misery.

Zong Shizheng is holding the hair of Xiaomi’s mother and holding a hair dryer in her hand. Not only that, but also Xiaomi blinked his eyes.

It seems that he is not hurting, but is playing something fun.

Then I had to open the hair dryer, blow my own hair, blow my mouth, and fly the hair dryer.

In fact, to do this, just delay the time, so that the head of the hair dryer is hot. Then it will be branded on Xiaomi’s mother’s leg and let Xiaomi witness this horrible scene.

Seok Jin-soo completely follows the description of the script, first picking up the hair dryer and blowing the hair. Although the hair dryer is not powered, it does not prevent him from imitating.

Then he blew his mouth and he did it.


The door next to it suddenly opened, and Kim Tae-hee’s hoarse and tired voice came.

“Are you still not coming back?”

At this time, Seok Jin-soo just had a hair dryer facing his mouth, and his eyes were still horrifying.

Most importantly, there is no light in the hallway. In a vague environment, his appearance is even more terrifying.

Kim Tae-hee saw him after he had finished speaking, and the result just happened to be such a look.

Her Seok Jin-soo is very honest and very quiet, and she has always been very well-behaved.

So who is this horrible and perverted guy?

In a dim environment, Kim Tae-hee didn’t recognize Seok Jin-soo for a while, and thought that the family had come in bad guys.

The hair dryer in her hand was also used as a weapon by her, only thinking that she was in danger.

At the thought of the various horror scenes in the film, Kim Tae-hee slammed his eyes, his eyes slowly turning white, and he began to slide down the door frame.

Seok Jin-soo wanted to say hello. Suddenly I saw Kim Tae-hee scared, and he was frightened.

I threw the hair dryer away and rushed over to help Kim Tae-hee.

“Noona, noona, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you scare me? How did you faint?”

Kim Tae-hee, who fainted, couldn’t answer him. He just nestled in his arms and his face was white.

Seok Jin-soo was sweating, and quickly picked up Kim Tae-hee, entered her boudoir, and carefully placed it on the bed.

Suddenly encountering this situation, Seok Jin-soo is also at a loss.

Thinking about calling the hospital for help, I suddenly remembered that if Kim Tae-hee was found living in her own home, things would be too big.

In a panic, I noticed that Kim Tae-hee’s chest is still ups and downs, and there seems to be breathing.

Seok Jin-soo carefully poked a finger and placed it under the nose of Kim Tae-hee, and there was a burst of hot air.

This shows that Kim Tae-hee just scared, no other problems.

Seok Jin-soo breathed a sigh of relief and began to think of a way to wake up the noona.

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