KEP Chapter 524

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 524 chapter is controlled, floating astronomy

Rush up to welcome Seok Jin-soo’s girl, not including three people.

That is Hyo-min, Sunny, and Yu-ri.


Because these three people are too familiar with him, it is clear that recording the program with the Oppa is actually very sinful.

As for the other girls, they are different. Seeing Seok Jin-soo, they are all excited.

Especially a short-haired girl, wrong, it should be said to be a woman.

Obviously, this person is a lot older than other girls.

Because of his age, he is more open.

Not someone else, it is Narsha.

The woman rushed over and opened her arms.

“Wow, my man, my man is coming!”

During the talk, Narsha moved fast and had already reached the arms of Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo is also Haha, laughing and holding back to each other.

“Want to be my woman? It’s too good to be good.”

The brown yedgirls are all powerful noona, definitely Noonim in the women’s group.

When he talked about it, Narsha looked shy. It is obviously noona, but it is to be spoiled.

โ€œAni ~yo Yah!! People are very weak.โ€

Noonim’s opening, let other girls have Corny.

“What, eonni, how can you do this?”

“Really, I can’t win eonni.”

Finally, the girls were comforted, and Seok Jin-soo walked to the still-hungry Hyo-min and reached out to help her wipe the tears.

“Yah!! Such a big man, what are you crying?”

His words seemed to signal, and Hyo-min suddenly became alive.

She clung to Seok Jin-soo and buried her head on Seok Jin-soo’s chest, crying louder.

“Oppa, you… are you not saying that you can’t?”

Seok Jin-soo caressed her hair and smiled: “This is a surprise, of course I can’t tell you.”

Hyo-min left Seok Jin-soo’s arms and cried and laughed, but it was clear that it was really a surprise.

Yu-ri came over and hugged Hyo-min and told Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, you don’t know, how sad we are Hyo-min when you refuse.”

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“What’s so sad? I didn’t send Yoon Shi-yoon. If you have a beautiful girl, why bother me?”

Said, he only paid attention to other guests.

Hey, at a glance, there are still many people who know.

“Oh, Hao Yingge, you are very busy.”

It is God Ho-young of god, and Jeong Jun-ha is a good friend, and I often see it in the program, so I am an acquaintance.

Son Ho-young said: “I came because of Sunny, she always said that she likes me.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“Is it? Sunny’s eyes have not been dripping.”

Good guy, in a word, Son Ho-young and Sunny are not happy, roaring at him.

At this time, the oldest person on the scene extended his hand to Seok Jin-soo.

“Stone scriptwriter, annyeonghaseyo, we finally met.”

Because of his concern for his artists, Seok Jin-soo occasionally looks at “Invincible Youth” and naturally knows this.

“Aigoo, Hello, Mr. Lu, thank you for taking care of the children.”

Mr. Luโ€™s domineering in peacetime is completely different and very harmonious.

โ€œHaha, itโ€™s kind, itโ€™s all cute kids, very hard.โ€

I can see the closeness of Mr. Lu, and the girls are not happy.

“Chairman nim, why aren’t they so good for us?”

โ€œDon’t even the village chief fall under power?โ€

“Chairman, are you going to release an album?”

If you don’t release the album, why should you please Seok Jin-soo? Did not find any friendship between the two men.

Lu, the village chief, laughed at Haha and took Seok Jin-soo’s hand more affectionately.

“I have also appeared in the film of this stone drama.”

Seok Jin-soo was surprised and asked quickly: “Really?”

At the time of the script seminar, he did not see Mr. Lu. He is the screenwriter of the film, and all the actors are right in the heart.

Mr. Lu is a little embarrassed.

“I starred in the uncle of the store.”

“Ah, it turned out to be sunbae-nim.”

Seok Jin-soo suddenly realized.

At the beginning and end of the movie, there is a convenience store owner who plays a role in the atmosphere and the story.

However, because there are only a few lines in the two scenes, even the guest is not counted.

Such an actor will naturally not attend the script workshop, and Seok Jin-soo has never seen it.

In the big winter, it was evening, the outdoor was very cold, and the guests were all together. Everyone moved to the warm shed.

Such a warm shed can cultivate vegetables in the winter, which is naturally very warm and comfortable.

When I got here, everyoneโ€™s face was much better. Seok Jin-soo also took off the thick down jacket and was no longer so bloated.

But seeing his appearance, Son Ho-young finally found a chance to retaliate.

“Yah!! You took off your down jacket and it didn’t work very well.”

No, his down jacket is a black Adidas pullover with dark blue jeans and ordinary sneakers, much like the dry work on the set.

Seok Jin-soo is also a bit embarrassed.

“On the way back from the film field, I came straight, so I can’t change my clothes.”

But even if he is simple and simple, no one dares to swear at him. On the ability to do programs, these people can be far worse than him.

As the program has not started recording, Seok Jin-soo called Yoon Shi-yoon to the side and let him stand closer to himself.

Before in the idol village, Seok Jin-soo came in for so long, this kid did not say a word, there is no lens at all.

After all, Seok Jin-soo, an artist of his own, still has to take care of it.

“Why don’t you talk? Don’t talk, how do you have a shot? Do you have to work hard.”

Yoon Shi-yoon is very embarrassing.

“I don’t know what to say? And people here don’t know, and no one talks with me.”

Seok Jin-soo on-site teaching.

“The variety program is not the same as the film and television drama. It is not pre-determined. Who has the weight? Everything has to be watched by the time. Do you want to know it?”

Yoon Shi-yoon sighed.

“This is too difficult, I am afraid that it is boring.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“But you are handsome, this is enough.”

It was praised by Seok Jin-soo, and Yoon Shi-yoon was finally happy, and he was also spoiled.

“Itโ€™s all blame, you have to call me, otherwise I can watch TV at home.”

Seok Jin-soo really wants to knock him.

“Yah!! You are an entertainer, inactive, can you earn money by hiding at home?”

Yoon Shi-yoon is very innocent.

“But I don’t have a trip, I want to shoot, but no one is looking for me.”

Who said that boys can’t sell cute?

Anyway, Yoon Shi-yoonโ€™s big eyes are dripping and very lethal.

Seok Jin-soo is also helpless.

“Okay, don’t do that. I will arrange a movie for you during this time. I have to adjust the state. This play is very important, do you know?”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo had made arrangements for myself and Yoon Shi-yoon was happy.

“Do not worry, brother, I will go all out.”

At this time the recording began, and Lu Luchang began to introduce the situation.

“For you, g7 has prepared a lot.”

Yes, Christmas, a romantic holiday, g7 are obviously ready for this day.

But there are always people who are not romantic.

Seok Jin-soo is coming.

“Wait, the village head, wait for Sunny, don’t bring the chicken up?”

Since the launch of Invincible Youth, the image of the chicken girl Lee Soon-gyu has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

But today, the inside of the warm shed has been carefully arranged, obviously it is to play party. If Sunny is walking out of the chicken in this situation, the scene should not be too beautiful.

Lu Luchang is also helpless.

“What are you talking about? How beautiful are our g7. They are all beautiful and beautiful as long as they are dressed up.”

During the talk, Nam Hee-suk began calling Narsha out.

Unlike the image of the past, Narsha has done a gorgeous transformation for today.

She wore leopard-print suede coats, black silk stockings, and heavy smoky makeup, showing a seductive scent.

It is an adult idol that makes men look at them.

But looking at Narsha’s graceful walk, Seok Jin-soo suddenly thought of something, only to say a word, let Narsha feel lost, sitting directly on the ground.

“Da, all said, our land does not sell, really do not sell!”

Good guy, he is treating Narsha as a rich woman who buys land everywhere.

Not to mention, the image of Narsha is really very good to buy Gangnam.

No one thought of Seok Jin-soo’s sudden emergence, and made a smile, and the scene opened directly.

Narsha was even dizzy, sitting on the ground and complaining to Seok Jin-soo.

“I don’t buy land, I am coming to visit relatives.”

Sure enough, age is good, let go, such a stalk can be connected, so that the scene can not laugh.

Needless to say, others have raised their thumbs to Seok Jin-soo and admire his ability to seize the opportunity.

Joke, the second person came out, it was Sunny.

In the cheers of everyone, Sunny shouted: “Jin-soo Oppa, you are not allowed to speak.”

Just kidding, just as soon as it came up, Seok Jin-soo used only one sentence to make Narsha break.

Sunny was afraid that he had also been poisoned by him, so he warned him in front.

Today’s Sunny is different from the previous chicken girl. It is wearing a bright red skirt with a black vest, yellow long curly hair, and beautiful high heels. It has a porcelain doll feeling, very cute. .

While walking over, watch carefully.

See Seok Jin-soo, really didn’t talk, Sunny finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In front of everyone, with a sweet smile, turned to face the camera, posing a variety of cute posture.

But when she showed it, the staff in front of them all laughed.

Sunny is not clear, so I quickly turned back to see, and the result was immediately stunned.

Just behind her, Seok Jin-soo held a large photo of her catching the chicken and showed it to the camera.

She tried to show her own side of the girl in front, and the pitted Oppa was destroyed in the back.

Sunny angered and screamed.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, you are dead!”

She said, she waved her fist and hit Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo is calm and windy, quite a generation of masters. Just gently extend his arm and press the palm of his hand on Sunny’s head.

As a result, because of the poor height, Sunny struggled to wave two small fists, so I couldn’t touch Seok Jin-soo.

Even if you add small short legs, it is very anime.

As for the people I saw, I have already laughed crazy.

Thank you krezreal for the reward!

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