KEP Chapter 525

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 525 chapter gift, floating astronomy

After Sunny, Hyo-min appeared.

This missy has also been dressed up, very fashionable and beautiful, with a enchanting atmosphere.

When Hyo-min came over, Seok Jin-soo was quiet and didn’t say anything.

But his approach made Narsha and Sunny dissatisfied.

“Oppa, why not say Hyo-min or something?”

“Why is it only for us?”

Entangled by the two women, Seok Jin-soo is very helpless.

“Yah!! Hyo-min is already very stupid. Are you still bullying her?”

The Hyo-min calf that was walking was soft and almost fell, but there was only a crying expression.

“Oppa, where are people stupid?”

Seok Jin-soo is not used to her.

“Yah!! Even rap is not good, isn’t it stupid?”

When making “timetolove”, Hyo-min is responsible for rap.

Unfortunately, her rap strength is really…

During that time, she and Eun-jung were not less stunned by Seok Jin-soo, and she washed her face in tears every day.

Seok Jin-soo has been thinking about where to get a better rapseonsaeng-nim and teach them two.

In the future t-ara songs, there are a lot of places to rap.

The other girls also came out one by one, but Seok Jin-soo did not perform much, and was much quieter than before.

First, the lens is almost the same, and he can’t even rob the light, and take care of other people.

One more, among the remaining girls, except for Yu-ri, others have nothing to do with him.

He is also not good enough to make a shot for everyone.

His current status, if he needs to help, the price is very high.

Yu-ri itself is doing very well, and even without him, there is no shortage of lenses.

Now, the dressed men and women have met, and Mr. Lu started the next step.

β€œDon’t come to the idol village with empty hands?”

Obviously, Christmas specials, men come to be a guest, how can they not prepare gifts?

“What is it?”

“Of course I am ready.”

Everyone else is honestly cooperating, except Seok Jin-soo is an exception.

“I brought the roll paper and put it in the car.”

The girls all exploded and they exclaimed.

“Really, how can I send paper in Christmas?”

β€œIs this a moving house?”

“Oppa, you have no concept!”

Even Lu, the village chief who has always been very kind to him, has changed his face.

“Does this stinky boy be mad?”

No one can provoke the elderly, Seok Jin-soo is busy smirking.

“The gift is of course prepared, but it is very expensive. Look at your sincerity.”

I heard that he prepared a valuable gift, and the girls were all nervous and looking forward to it.

Gifts of the best producers in the Republic of Korea, as an idol, can not care.

Don’t say them, the singers in the guests are also very excited.

Of course, although everyone prepared a gift, they could not just send it out.

Nam Hee-suk said the gameplay.

“After seeing the charm of g7, you have to give your favorite g7 a gift.”

This is not the gameplay of the association, anyone likes it.

The first to show the charm is Narsha.

It is an adult idol, the first action in music is to undress, revealing the black dress inside the sling.

The 30-year-old woman is fully mature, and her body is far from being a teenage liTTL-Time To Love e missy. The male guests are very hot.

When the Sunny performance was held, the male guests were more active.

Several male guests rushed out and interacted with Sunny.

The name of Girl’s Generation is really remarkable.

Like the order of appearance, Sunny is followed by Hyo-min.

But seeing Hyo-min’s efforts, Seok Jin-soo is so good and funny.

This missy is still a consistent problem, very hard, very serious, but hard work over the head, even the funny can be seen very deliberate.

Knowing that these male guests did not care about her, Seok Jin-soo took the initiative.

Holding Hyo-min’s hand, she and her hot dance. But also licking Hyo-min’s ear, gave her on-site guidance.

“Relax, forget the camera.”

Hyo-min has always been concerned about Seok Jin-soo’s words, remembering it, starting to let the brain go empty, just remember the melody.

Her foundation is very good, this relaxed to come, immediately showed the essence of the fairy, the temperament has been sublimated.

Looking at the charm that Hyo-min suddenly showed, the men were also shocked, and the cheers were more enthusiastic than before.

Although it’s just a guest and g7, it’s clear that some default rules exist.

For example, when Hyun-ah came out to perform, she interacted with Lim Seul-ong. Because the two were once a company, the relationship is very shallow.

After the results of the seven girls, only Han Sun-hwa had no interaction.

Small companies, So-shin people, survive more hard.

The girls are all finished, it is time for the male guests to give gifts.

The first one was Son Ho-young. His gift was a pair of headphones, and he gave it to Sunny without accident.

Following the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon Shi-yoon gave his gift to Hyo-min.

If he gave it, it would be too obvious. If it is not good, it will cause controversy. It is more appropriate to let Yoon Shi-yoon do it.

Yoon Shi-yoon’s gift is actually very expensive, he wore the hat worn during the “High Kick Through The Roof”, and there are Lee Soon-jae, Hwang Jung-eum, Shin Se-kyung, Cui Daniel and others. Signature.

See Hyo-min got such a good gift, everyone else can be envious of it.

What everyone cares about most is the gift of Seok Jin-soo.

The number of guests is the same as g7, so that they can be paired. But Seok Jin-soo appeared and became the biggest accident.

Although he only came over temporarily, he left after giving the gift, but everyone wanted to get his gift.

At the end of this session, Seok Jin-soo came out, and his performance has long been expected.

The melody of “Yeosu Night Sea” sounded, and many girls who were sentimental have already looked forward to it.

Seok Jin-soo’s performance will not have any problems even in a simple shed. His steady and overbearing singing skills make the atmosphere very good.

Seeing the end of the song, everyone is more concerned, what gift will Seok Jin-soo send?

β€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, what is your gift?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and suddenly went to the manager and took the down jacket he was wearing.

“My gift is the down jacket I walked through.”

Everyone was dumbfounded, and he didn’t expect his gift to be so ugly.

“Mo Yah!! How do you send this?”

“It’s still a down jacket.”

“It’s still a man’s.”

β€œSunbae-nim is too insincere.”

When taking out the gift, Seok Jin-soo has already anticipated everyone’s doubts. But he didn’t say anything, just laughed.

As the village head of the idol village, Lu Zhuyu naturally wants to speak for the children.

β€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, can you get the kids like it?”

Nam Hee-suk also dismissed the authenticity: “Hey, I have heard that this guy is not very good, it will only be irritating, and his talent will be white.”

When everyone said that, Seok Jin-soo smiled and said his purpose.

“My clothes are not as simple as ordinary. I used to wear this dress and have done a lot of things. The village chief should know how hard it is to shoot in the wild in the winter. So meaningful clothes, you still Abandon it?”

Nonsense, you have said so much, everyone…

Of course I was disgusted.

“That’s so much, not a down jacket!”

In the doubt of Sunny, Seok Jin-soo suddenly exposed the inside of the down jacket.

Unlike the black outside, the inside of the down jacket is all white. On the entire white lining, there is a very obvious signature.

“Everyone, this is the signature of Ha Jung-woo brother. Is it not meaningful?”

Not much, the name Ha Jung-woo is enough.

I heard that I can get the signature of Ha Jung-woo, and the attitude of the girls came directly to a 180-degree transition.

“I want, I want, it’s mine!”

“Nobody should grab it with me. I want the signature of Ha Jung-woo.”

Good guy, just because of a signature, these seven missy almost hit.

Seok Jin-soo quickly separated them, but said something that made the girls more crazy.

“Everyone, is it enough to have a signature? Tell everyone here, if anyone gets a down jacket, it will be the mv heroine of my next song.”

Yes, when I heard this, the girls didn’t even have the signature of Ha Jung-woo.

What Seq Jin-soo’s songs mean is more important to the singer.

Although it is not a collaboration of songs, but can play mv, but also with the light of Seok Jin-soo.

“No one can rob me, children, you are still small, and there are opportunities in the future!”

Narsha actually played the age card and hoped to gain sympathy.

Unfortunately, everyone is very concerned about this opportunity, and there is no plan to regress.

Hyo-min is finally funny once.

“Eonni, anyway, you are old, too late. Just don’t rob us.”

Narsha was so angry that she did not expect to be hit by the screen.

However, it is also seen that the competition for girls is fierce. In order to avoid them fighting, Seok Jin-soo thought of a way.

“In this way, I thought of a game, and you decided to win the game through the game.”

Seok Jin-soo whispered to the side of pd, and the eyes of pd also lit up.

Ten minutes later, some staff members carried a screen-like thing and walked up.

Of course it’s not really a screen, it’s a bit like a window paper.

After the staff put the props down, Seok Jin-soo talked about the gameplay.

“Do you see this? Next, I will use the pen to point a point on it. Then everyone can make a ten-turn elephant nose and be able to accurately point to the point I marked, that is Seung-ri.”

Everyone has some doubts, this game seems not difficult. Can this really tell the difference?

Seeing everyone’s relaxed look, Seok Jin-soo smiled and knew that he could read the jokes.

If you go to the point normally, then anyone can do it easily.

But if you go to the elephant nose and then go to the point, can you keep the balance?

Because this game is the first time, even the production team is skeptical, it will not work.

Or pd gave a smile to the person next to him.

“We just made the props, we tried it. Wow… wait and see, don’t laugh.”

Thank you for the reward of the devil king generation, crazy or wind!

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