KEP Chapter 527

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 527 chapter shooting, floating astronomy

Did not say the end of the end, did not make Seok Jin-soo how sad.

Like this winter sun, although it is cold, but Ming Jie, let him suddenly feel relaxed.

Seok Jin-soo This is why the gradual alienation has become a shackle in his heart.

Now that the shackles are unloading, he is re-energized.

Like him, So-yeon, which has a clear mind, has become brisk.

Despite the cold, but with the sisters, talking and laughing, more in line with her age.

Seeing this, Seok Jin-soo smiled and turned the past into a sigh, dissipating in the winter.

There are many scenes in “Cheer Up” mv, and six girls also have a lot of images to play.

The original version of twelve is nine people, and they are three fewer people, so the story of mv is still quite large.

But Seok Jin-soo is still the same as before, the specific business is no matter.

He came over today and only cares about the preparations of the girls.

In any case, comeback must be completed before the end of the year.

To know that after a year, Girl’s Generation is coming.

Although I don’t know what Come’s Generation’s comeback song is, but with this sign, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t think girls have won the capital.

Can not hit, it is best not to hit.

Eun-jung remembered one thing before the girls were ready to move to the next venue.

“Oppa, the Golden Record Awards will be held soon. This year’s best producer nomination is still there, will you go there?”

She knows that Seok Jin-soo is very busy, but still hopes that Seok Jin-soo can go.

Because this is their first time to participate in the gold record, but also the only singer of myMystic89 company. If Seok Jin-soo doesn’t go, it’s unrecognizable.

Unfortunately, Eun-jung’s wishes cannot be realized.

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and finally shook his head.

“Don’t go, so busy, how can I have it? If the best producer is still awarded to me, you can help me.”

People can’t go, but the trophy can’t be.

How to say is to recognize yourself and enhance your brand value. Seok Jin-soo is not stupid.

According to his estimation, this best producer is estimated to be unable to run.

This year’s Seok Jin-soo is even stronger than last year. If nothing else, the record award winner should be superjunior, and the winner of the sound source award should be Girl’s Generation.

But their award-winning work can be made by Seok Jin-soo.

There was also a good result of t-ara’s debut, which lasted for half a year, and 93line also got one.

In this case, if you don’t give the best producer to him, it’s a shady.

Of course, Seok Jin-soo’s mind is very indifferent.

Because the awards ceremony in Korea is a shady, he may not get it.

On the mama just past, sm company and mnet fell out, and none of the singers attended.

As a result, mama became a feast of yg and almost all the important awards.

Although this time the gold record has not yet begun, but the outside world has already had the wind, yg company singers will not attend.

That is to say, this time it will become a one-man show of sm company.

Seok Jin-soo is not concerned about the flaws behind these, myMystic89 is a small company, can not be compared with sm, yg these big things.

Therefore, no one can sin, and the award ceremony will be attended as usual.

At this time, he has only one thing in his busy schedule.

That is the shooting of “The Lonely Agent.”

Although Seok Jin-soo’s play is not the beginning, the order can be different from the movie.

Won Bin and Tanayong Wangtracu are still in special training, and the crew can’t wait, naturally starting with other people’s plays.

The working characteristics of Seok Jin-soo determine how long he can stay in the crew and no one knows.

Li Yufan was also afraid of an accident and delayed shooting, so he decided to start with Seok Jin-soo.

Here at the hot spring villa of Walker Mountain, Seok Jin-soo is dressing up the makeup artist while chewing gum in his mouth.

Waiting in the hot spring pool, he has a kiss with a woman, and if there is a taste in the mouth, it can’t be done.

“No, director, really want to be ass?”

Seok Jin-soo is still struggling with this problem.

If he is acting, he will still be able to accept it. But Seok Jin-soo was ashamed when he thought of being in the face of so many people.

Li Yifan was busy setting up the shooting venue. He heard his worries and smiled.

“Yah!! Is your butt look good? Of course you have to wear underwear.”

Seok Jin-soo scratched his head, although not so worried, but still can’t understand.

“But what is required in the script is the light ass.”

The script is written by him, so what is the specific situation, of course he is the clearest.

But the actor I thought before was someone else, so he didn’t care if he didn’t just have the ass. But now itโ€™s your turn, you canโ€™t be so indifferent.

Li Lanfan could not understand his mind and laughed louder.

“Haha, you don’t want to think about it, the scene is night. The shot you took out from the bath was shot with a distant view. In that case, if you wear underwear, can you see it? Besides, this is a flesh-colored underwear. It is even harder to distinguish.”

I heard that you can not use the bare bottom, Seok Jin-soo is finally relieved, the mood is not so nervous.

On the other side, in front of the assistant director, there are three actresses standing.

Well-known, there is definitely no, beautiful is very beautiful. Waiting for Seok Jin-soo’s kiss scene is to shoot with one of them.

But treating them, the deputy director is not at all polite, just like treating animals.

“Wait to listen to the order, let me do what, how dare not obey, and immediately give me a go.”

All three actresses are very respectful, and they nod their heads and said that they will do well.

They are not the actors who are not considered to be third-rate. If you have a chance to appear, it means that you have income to continue your life.

Moreover, they all live by filming, and they are not named. If they offend the director, they will not be mixed in this circle in the future.

The deputy director pointed to one of the most beautiful women and told her: “Wait for you and the screenwriter to take a kiss, get ready.”

I heard that I was going to shoot a kiss with Seok Jin-soo, and the woman opened her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you for the director, thank you, director, I will be well prepared.”

The other two women are envious and broken.

Although shooting a kiss, it seems to be taken advantage of. But if they choose, they would rather be cheaper.

Not to mention the cooperation is Seok Jin-soo, is a famous artist. Just shooting a kiss, it means a lot of shots.

Seok Jin-soo had hair and face on it, and then the makeup artist took him off his shirt and began to paint a waterproof tattoo on his arm.

However, before the hands-on, the makeup artist greedily looked at the body of Seok Jin-soo.

“Wow, I really can’t think of it. Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is actually so good. Hey, isn’t it carved?”

As a result, the makeup artist’s hand began to walk up the body of Seok Jin-soo, and his eyes were green.

Seok Jin-soo is full of black lines.

“If you tm continue, I will throw you from the upstairs.”

The makeup artist was shocked and didn’t dare to come.

“Hate, people are admiring you.”

Seok Jin-soo is too lazy to pay attention.

“Get some quick, finish early and finish early.”

Itโ€™s not that he doesnโ€™t like flirting, nor is it a makeup artistโ€™s, but…

This tm is a man, or a sissy death metamorphosis.

As the saying goes, the person who does the makeup artist’s trip, the nine demon of ten men, and one has to move the knife.

Looking at the make-up artist’s face with the whitewash, Seok Jin-soo’s overnight meal was spit out.

It is a pity that people are the power of the makeup industry. They are invited by the crew and they have no plans.

Itโ€™s hard to wait for the makeup artist to get it done, and Seok Jin-soo is far away from him, for fear of nausea.

Everything is ready, shooting is about to begin.

Seok Jin-soo came to the venue and found that the crew was very well arranged.

The open-air small hot springs are surrounded by fragrant wax and orange light. The atmosphere is very good.

When Li Yufan came over, he asked the last time: “How about, there is no problem with the lines?”

Seok Jin-soo pouted, still not confident.

“My problem is not a line, but an acting.”

As a screenwriter, the textual skills are already there, how can there be problems?

But Seok Jin-soo is not confident, but acting.

Although he has been practicing for a few days, he is not sure if he can.

Li Yifan patted his shoulder.

“I believe in you. Don’t have a burden, just follow your ideas and you can do it.”

He is embarrassed, is it in your mind, is Laozi usually a metamorphosis?

I really want to slap this director, but think about the progress of the shooting, Seok Jin-soo had to let go of this angry thought.

Since his main actor is ready, Li Yifan immediately ordered, and the three actresses also ran out.

At this time, they have already put on a hot bikini, and the rich meat is swaying in the air, which is very pleasing to the eye.

The outdoor temperature was still very cold, and the three actresses rushed into the bath and the expression was relieved.

Li Yufan looked at Seok Jin-soo.

“It’s your turn.”

Nima, looking at dozens of staff around, Seok Jin-soo is really self-confident.

How do you feel like a monkey on the side of a zoo in the face of so many people?

At the thought of this, Seok Jin-soo had to admire, how did the actresses shoot naked drama?

Being looked at by so many people, isnโ€™t it shy?

It seems that the actors are really monsters, and most people can’t do it.

Despite the cranky thoughts, in the face of Li Yufanโ€™s instructions, Seok Jin-sooโ€™s hands were not slow, and he only left his flesh-colored underwear in three or two.

For a time, his complete fruit was exposed to the air and became the focus of everyone.

Everyone did not expect that he was a gagman, and he actually had such a Peugeot figure.

Although he knows that he is very thin, in everyone’s imagination, at most, it is just a white skin.

At this time, he was seen to be full of beautiful muscles, and almost all female staff members gave a sigh of praise.

Women are also lascivious, and seeing a beautiful male body will also be heart-wrenching.

The most happy thing to say is to wait for the actress who wants to kiss Seok Jin-soo.

I can catch the lens and talk to a man of this type. I really earned it today.

The actress who was only responsible for taking the phone and the foot was very embarrassed, kneeling behind her, sadly saying: “Yah!! You are blessed. Hey, such a good opportunity, how can I not turn to me?”

The three women in the bath, Seok Jin-soo did not notice.

He had a feeling at this time.

Thank you grapefruit love, crazy or wind, krezreal reward!

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