KEP Chapter 530

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 530 chapter good brother, floating astronomy

At the end of the year, there were many awards ceremonies, and Seok Jin-soo was also a lack of skills.

Kim Tae-hee came back from Switzerland, but this time he did not live.

She is going to attend the sbs acting awards and has a lot of preparations.

This year’s awards are still no suspense, and will definitely be hers.

The winner of this year’s big prize should be Jang Seo-hee, with the word “Temptation Of Wife”.

But this scene was misappropriated by Seok Jin-soo two years ago, making Kim Tae-hee the first acting award in his life.

As a result of this year’s sbs acting awards, “Brilliant Legacy” has no rivals.

Whether it is “Glory of the Home” or “The Temptation of Angels”, there is absolutely no way to compare with “Brilliant Legacy.”

Originally Kim Tae-hee was thinking about letting Seok Jin-soo accompany him to the acting awards, but Seok Jin-soo received a call from Kim Tae-ho, indicating that there was a filming in the morning.

At the end of the performance award, it was already more than 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. If there was a filming in the early morning, people would not be able to stand it.

No way, in order to work, Seok Jin-soo had to give up attending the sbs acting awards with Kim Tae-hee.

Anyway, this big prize is a nail on the board. He doesn’t worry if he doesn’t go.

Since there was a shooting in the early hours of next year, Seok Jin-soo didn’t do anything else.

I washed it early and lay down on the bed.

I couldn’t sleep for a while, and I just looked at it with a book.

As he worked for a long time, he became more and more aware of his lack of knowledge. So behind no one knows, he has been quietly enriching himself.

The book is very interesting. Once you look at it, you don’t know how fast time passes.

Just as he was about to come to an end and wanted to sleep, the doorbell suddenly rang.

It’s strange, this midnight, who ringed the doorbell?

It is impossible to be Kim Tae-hee. If people know the password, they will come in directly.

Unknown Seok Jin-soo got up, walked to the wall and connected the doorbell.

This is a video call, so I can see who is visiting.

It’s better not to see it. When you see the sneaky figure outside the door, Seok Jin-soo won’t hit one place.

“What? What are you doing at my home this time? You don’t have a rest in the middle of the night?”

In the video, Enza pd is like a thief, and there are maknae writers and cameras.

Needless to know, the shooting of “Infinite Challenge” began.

The problem is that Kim Tae-ho is in the early hours of the morning.

“Isn’t that shooting in the early morning?”

Enza pd laughed.

“It’s past twelve o’clock, it’s early in the morning.”

Seok Jin-soo is dizzy and speechless.

Damn program group, play word games than anyone Yoon-ah.

Well, he didn’t sleep anymore, quickly changed his clothes and came outside the door.

There are not many people outside the door, that is, the three people he saw, the writer, and the vj.

This recording in the middle of the night is obviously not to disturb the people, the production team has simplified the number of staff as much as possible.

Standing in the cold night, Seok Jin-soo only sighed and sighed.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?”

Following the guidance of pd, Seok Jin-soo saw something next to him.

It was two bags of rice, and it was beautifully packaged and presented like a gift.

At the same time, pd handed him an envelope.

Seok Jin-soo opened it and saw it inside: “This is the rice that you have planted after a year of hard work, and it is given to the Infinite Challenge member that you can’t forget this year. Please leave the vcr with your heart. Leave rice and vcr in front of your house.”

After reading it, Seok Jin-soo’s sigh is even heavier.

“Why do I have any grateful people? To say the most grateful, just myself. So, rice, I left, you can go.”

Really, he seriously thought about it countless times, did not think about it, and there are people who deserve to be grateful.

Enza pd stopped him.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, can’t be given to yourself, must be given to another member.”

I heard that you can’t give it to yourself, Seok Jin-soo is even more depressed.

“Yah!! Can’t you send it during the day? How can you come to the door in the middle of the night?”

Saying that, but the recording is still starting, there is no discussion.

Kim Tae-ho, that guy, is not a negotiable person.

Seok Jin-soo ran home, replaced the clothes of the long-term work provided by the production team, and drove the car out.

Just at the door, he was guilty.

According to the rules, this rice can only be given to one person. There are seven people in Infinite Challenge. Who should I give to?

“Would you like to give Jae-seok hyeong? I have learned a lot from him and it is an example of my life.”

The first thing he thought of was Yoo Jae-seok. In a group, the squad leader was always the first person to think of.

But soon he shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t send it. There are definitely a lot of people who sent it to Jae-seok hyeong.”

Since Yoo Jae-seok is not missing the person who sent the rice, he began to think about other candidates.

“Would you like Myeong-su brother? When I first came to Infinite Challenge, Myeong-su hyeong took care of me the most, and gave me pocket money. And this year, Myeong-su brother got hepatitis, it was very painful. At that time, I watched hyeong. It’s too sad to have no strength.”

But then he shook his head again.

β€œThere are definitely other people who have thought of this, and Myeong-su brother is expected to receive a lot of gifts.”

He was thinking about it, the phone rang, and it was Jeong Hyeong-don.

“maknae, maknae, what are you doing?”

Listening to the deliberate tone of Jeong Hyeong-don, Seok Jin-soo Haha smiled.

“Brother, don’t think about it, my rice won’t be given to you. You didn’t do anything this year. I really can’t think of something that I can’t forget.”

The phone was quiet for a while, and it was obvious that Jeong Hyeong-don was stimulated.

After a long while, the roar of Jeong Hyeong-don came.

“Okay, okay, just do it? You must not come, I will not give you.”

Seok Jin-soo is much quieter than the anger of Jeong Hyeong-don.

“Brother, you will be busy with you, don’t play psychological warfare. Although it is very entangled, but not to whom, but it is very clear.”

Upon hearing this, Jeong Hyeong-don smiled and smiled.

“Yah!! It’s a vicious maknae. That’s it, I wish annyeonghaseyo, I can receive blessings.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiles.

“What can I do if I can’t receive it? I am maknae. Young is my greatest blessing. You…refuel, let’s do it.”

Hanging up the phone and looking at the camera, Seok Jin-soo lamented.

“Yah!! Really, do you want to make a bag of rice? Give it to someone…”

But talking, Seok Jin-soo’s voice stopped. The face in front of the camera also became dignified.

Yeah, it looks like just two ordinary bags of rice. If you go to the supermarket, you can buy it easily.

But I don’t know why, at this time, the two bags of rice have become heavy, as if they are as heavy as Mount Tai.

Seok Jin-soo gradually understood the mindset of the production team.

This is to hope that members can take a good look at their own hearts and re-establish their relationship with others.

There have been too many things in the past year.

Maybe I have been in contact for a long time, and my feelings are numb.

Unconsciously, everyone is used to it.

If you are happy, you will laugh happily. If you are in pain, you will cry. If you are in conflict, you will be directly paralyzed. You never think too much.

But after all, people come together from different directions. They rely on something called fate to get closer to each other.

In this process, some people have left, and some people may leave.

What is left is the most cherished friendship.

What the production team needs to do is to let everyone see this precious friendship, and then to work harder to gather the program of everyone’s friendship.

The seemingly simple rice is actually a stepping stone into each other’s heart.

Who should I give it?

Who is precious in his own heart?

Who is helping people in the past in the past?

Who has endured tremendous pain, but has been standing around, trying to not drag on everyone?

One by one, the problem was attacked by air, but Seok Jin-soo stayed for a long time, and finally it was no longer so easy.

After thinking about it, he dialed the phone number of Yoo Jae-seok.

Obviously Yoo Jae-seok is also annoyed to give him the rice. When he receives his call, the voice is strange.

“maknae, you have worked hard this year. Although you are the youngest, you always endure the most. With so many unfamiliar brothers, thank you for your tolerance.”

Seok Jin-soo’s eyes are a bit sour and his tone is a lot worse.

“Hey, brother, you are the hardest. Thanks to you, we can have today. Brother, thank you. Thank you for your persistence in exhaustion and pain, and always lead us with vitality.”

Yoo Jae-seok Hehe smiled and his tone was deeper.

“No, it’s good enough for you. Maknae, although there are a lot of bad things this year, I hope you don’t be discouraged, our Mi-rae, there is still a lot to go.”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and knew that Yoo Jae-seok was talking about New York.

He was silent for a long while, and he turned into a sigh.

“Brother, don’t worry, I know how to do it.”

I ended up talking to Yoo Jae-seok and saw that it was almost time. Seok Jin-soo finally made up his mind and started.

The road to go was very quiet, no one bothered, no pedestrians.

In this way, Seok Jin-soo came all the way to the temple.

In the unseen members, there is only one person living here.

All the way upstairs, Seok Jin-soo saw the same rice cabinet as his door.

β€œHave anyone been here?”

Seeing the quietness of the door, Seok Jin-soo was a bit nervous and his footsteps were heavy.

Step by step to the front of the rice cabinet, gently open it, and the result is empty.

Seok Jin-soo sighed.

“Yah!! This brother, what should I do if I don’t come?”

Say, Seok Jin-soo put his rice bag in with a satisfied smile.

Next, it’s time to record vcr.

Seok Jin-soo took the camera, flipped the picture over and pointed at himself. This is when self-recording. I can see the recording.

The self that appeared in the picture was so clear that he had to work hard to make the best smile.

“Oh, Gil hyeong, didn’t you think? It’s me.”

Yes, the place where Seok Jin-soo came is the home of Kyrgyzstan.

Even the production team did not expect that he would come here.

But he made such an unexpected choice.

Thank you for your madness, dlsc4, and the devil’s reward!

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