KEP Chapter 537

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 537 chapter sparks, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo’s hand is stiff in the air, but his face is stiffer.

Tens of thousands of heads rushed past, especially depressed.

This woman is beautiful, but… is it sick?

I saw you for the first time. I didn’t know each other before.

Yoon-ah was scared compared to Seok Jin-soo.

On one side is Oppa, and on the other side is the eonni that respects admiration.

I was thinking of being a middleman and introducing them to the two.

After all, they are two, one is a screenwriter, one is an actor, and there is a possibility of cooperation.

In Yoon-ah’s mind, her Seok Jin-soo Oppa is the best screenwriter in Korea, and her Son Ye-jin eonni is the best actress in Korea.

It’s a pity to see, and her introduction is entirely out of kind.

However, she did not think that the Sen Ye-jin eonni, which has always been elegant and kind, has a bad attitude toward Seok Jin-soo.

Anxious, Yoon-ah’s eyes could not help but red, and quickly grabbed Son Ye-jin’s arm and begged.

“eonni ……”

Son Ye-jin finally saw the bitter Lord, and was originally prepared to vent his anger.

When I turned around, I saw Yoon-ah’s pitiful, pear-like rain, and my heart could not help but soften.

She knows the relationship between this sister and Seok Jin-soo, and if she does, she can’t help but make her difficult.

But this sister is too young to be able to stop anything.

Because of the distress, Son Ye-jin came to the mouth of the evil words and couldn’t help but take it back.

She is not going to pursue it, Seok Jin-soo can be depressed.

In this awkward atmosphere, he suddenly remembered one thing.

Last year, Kang Ho-dong once mentioned to him that when Son Ye-jin appeared in “Knee Taoist”, he seemed to be very angry with himself.

The problem is that it was a year and a half ago.

It seems that this woman in front of her eyes is not a day and a half.

Did you do something to her?

Seok Jin-soo wanted to break his head and didn’t have any clues.

The more you can’t understand, the more you get annoyed.

He took back his palm and looked at Son Ye-jin.

This woman is really beautiful!

Among all the women he has seen, except for Kim Tae-hee, Seok Jin-soo can no longer think of anyone who can keep pace with her.

If you don’t know how to get it, you will get the name of the fairy, and you will lose the soul of countless men’s fans.

Unlike Kim Tae-hee’s gorgeous look, Son Ye-jin’s temperament is more fresh and natural, and it is purely innocent.

But no matter how beautiful, so come up, Seok Jin-soo is still not polite.

His eyes are getting serious.

“This, do we have hatred? If I remember correctly, are we meeting for the first time? If I am doing something wrong, you can say it, I can apologize to you.”

It is very organized, but there is no concession in the momentum.

He first pointed out that he had not intersected this woman before. That is to tell everyone that there should be no contradiction.

Secondly, he said that if he did something wrong, he could apologize.

This has mastered the etiquette, not humble, but also forced Son Ye-jin.

You crazy woman, come up against me.

Now I am polite and polite. If you can’t say that you are ugly, whoever is right and who is wrong can watch it.

This can be different from the previous recording program.

If someone in the program is so directed at himself, Seok Jin-soo has 10,000 kinds of poison tongues to go back and make sure that the other person wants to die.

This is a reality. He is not a gagman standing in front of him. He is the top actress Son Ye-jin, so Seok Jin-soo has to be careful.

Son Ye-jin was supposed to let go, but I didn’t expect Seok Jin-soo to catch up.

This time her anger can no longer be tolerated, ridiculous eyes are very hurtful and self-respecting, and the words are even more irritating.

“Hey, don’t you remember? Yes, people who always do bad things always forget very quickly. Only the poor people who have been hurt can hardly forget.”

I rely on it, which makes me a bad thing?

Seok Jin-soo can’t help but have a big head, and the last patience has slowly dissipated.

Yoon-ah and Song Yoon-ah, who are next to them, have widened their eyes to see Seok Jin-soo. Obviously, they are thinking about what bad things this guy has done to Son Ye-jin.

One Man, a woman, he did bad things to her…

Cough, gradually, the thoughts of the two women began to linger.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know that he is being distorted by the thoughts of two women. His angry eyes are only the unreasonable woman in front of him.

“Oh, I said that we have never met each other. I don’t know what Miss Son Ye-jin said. You may wish to say it. The right and wrong are self-contained. Is it a cloud-covered fog, is there any attempt?”

This woman is an actor, and the most important job is of course acting.

And he is a screenwriter, not only can write a good script, but also the power to decide the actors.

Is this woman working on her mind, trying to attract her attention in such a way, and then have other attempts?

Since the footsteps of the film and television circle, Seok Jin-soo discovered that it is much more chaotic than the art circle and the idol circle.

All kinds of people who seek the upper ranks are full of means, which makes people stunned.

Although this woman is famous, it is not impossible to do something to achieve the goal.

As everyone knows, Son Ye-jin is really angry when he hears him.

This bastard guy is really abominable.

When I said bad things in the back, I have already exposed the essence. Now it is good, but it is still innocent.

Son Ye-jin is really angry, I really want to have a big fight.

But think about it, here is the cinema, there are so many audiences in the distance. If it is troubled, it will definitely be more unlucky.

That guy is just a screenwriter. At best it is just a gagman. How can it be compared with his own identity and name?

Once passed out, the public’s focus must be on themselves.


浣嗕篃涓崭唬琛纴濂 浼氲 浼氲 浼氲 浼氲

鐪难涓涓闂纴鐪嫔埌浜嗘梺杈闂纴鐪嫔埌浜嗘梺杈剑镐ョ殑Yoon-ah 锛孲on Ye-jin 涓€鎶婃姄浣忎简濂濂殑殑嬶纴鎶婂ス寰镊镊镊栾竟鎷夈€

鈥渊oon-ah 鍟婏纴杩囨潵锛岃窡鎴戣蛋銆傛垜璺熶綘璇村晩锛屼同晩锛屼句涓涓镣镣镣€傛湁浜涘浼欓ⅷ瀛愰噷閮 ⅷ瀛愰噷閮 鍧忔 鍧忔 鍧忔 鍧忔 傗 傗 傗

濡傛灉鍙槸阍埚镊繁锛孲 eok Jin-soo 鎴栬杩樿兘绠椾 銆 銆 彲杩欎 彲杩欎 鐤コ浜 鐤コ浜 四 四 四 – oon-ah銆

Seok Jin-soo 姘斾笉 竴澶勬潵锛屼竴浼 竴澶勬潵锛屼竴浼 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

鈥渊oon-ah 鍟婏纴杩囨潵銆傝 umbrella 涓湀瀛愮殑sunbae-nim 涔熶笉閮芥槸濂 锛岃捣涓嶅埌濂汉锛岃捣涓嶅埌濂界殑鍏歌銆备銆渚垮拰浜哄仛 chain嫔弸锛屼竾涓€鎶娄綘寮曚笂姝ц矾镐庝箞锷烇纻鈥

杩欐 铔嫔浼欙纴鎶婅 佸鎯 佸鎯 佸鎯 佸鎯 涔堜 涔堜 涔堜 涔堜 涔堜

Son Ye-jin 旋皵锛屾媺镌皵锛屾媺镌Yoon-ah 镄勬 旋 敤锷涗 敤锷涗 敤锷涗 敤锷涗

鈥渊oon-ah 锛岃 鏉ャ 鏉ャ 綘鐭ラ 綘鐭ラ 綘鐭ラ 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴 镄勶纴

Seok Jin-soo 瀵 涓嶈锛屾 涓娄篃锷犱 锷 锷 锷 锷

鈥渊oon-ah 鍒版垜杩欓噷鏉ワ纴Oppa 锲炲ご缁欎綘鍐椤墽链€傗€

鍙疛ae-joong 闂 inch殑Yoon-ah 閮 鍝 鍝

鈥渌ppa 锛宔onni 锛屼綘浠槸瑕佹妸鎴戝垎灏 悧锛熲

骞 ソ杩欎 ソ杩欎 ソ杩欎 欙纴鍙堟湁澹 欙纴鍙堟湁澹 欙纴鍙堟湁澹 欙纴鍙堟湁澹 欙纴鍙堟湁澹 紩璧 紩璧 紩璧 紩璧 紩璧 阒 阒 阒 阒

鈥滃摕锛屼綘浠 umbrella 鏄 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 oon oon oon oon oon 涔堬纻 涔堬纻 涔堟椂 四 四 四 四

杩栾 缇庡コ浼楀锛岃浼楄嚜鐒 缇庡コ浼楀锛岃浼楄嚜鐒 篃閮 篃閮 篃閮 篃閮 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 湪鐪嬬潃杩栾 璇 璇堟槸鐑椆銆

Key 屽綋鐪嫔埌鍙堟湁椤剁骇缇庡コ璧 鏉ワ纴澶 鏉ワ纴澶 鏉ワ纴澶 镄勫 镄勫 鑴忕 鑴忕 鑴忕 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩

鈥滃摝銮纴鏄疜im Tae-hee 銆傗€

鈥滃ぉ锻纴Kim Tae-hee 涔熸潵浜嗐€傗€

Indolence healing im Tae-hee 鍜孲on Ye-jin 绔椤湪涓€璧璧纴姝ょ敓镞犳纴姝ょ敓镞犳浜嗐€傗€

╁浗镄勬紨鑹哄湀寰堟湁瓒 ╁浗镄勬紨鑹哄湀寰堟湁瓒 纴浣滀 纴浣滀 纴浣滀 纴浣滀 纴浣滀 纴浣滀 箮褰 箮褰 箮褰 箮褰 纴镐 纴镐槸鑳 寰埚ソ鍦 寰埚ソ鍦 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙 锛岄伩鍏嶅悓鍙

灏ゅ叾鏄洓big beauty 婕斿憳锛孠im Tae-hee 銆丼on Ye-jin 銆丠a Ji-won 銆丠an Ga-in 锛屾洿鏄緢灏戠闱€

Kim Tae-hee 鎯熶竴涓€娆”拰Son Ye-jin 镄勮闱纴杩樻槸2008骞撮噾鐭ヤ簯瀵兼骞撮噾鐭ヤ簯瀵€婂ソ瀹朵扎銆佸潖瀹朵扎銆佹€浼欍€嬩笂鏄犵殑镞跺€欍€


涓嶈 闾 闾 镞跺 镞跺 欙纴涓や 欙纴涓や 欙纴涓や 欙纴涓や 锛屼篃娌 锛屼篃娌 锛屼篃娌 锛屼篃娌 ° ° ° ° °

涓嶅儚浠婂ぉ锛孠im Tae-hee 鍏ュ満涔嫔悗锛屽 寰勮嚜璧 寰勮嚜璧 寰勮嚜璧 寰勮嚜璧

褰撶劧浜嗭纴寰埚浜洪兘涓岖煡阆掳纴 Kim Tae-hee 涔嬫墍浠ヤ 璧 璧 鏉ワ纴鏄洜涓 鏉ワ纴鏄洜涓 Se Se Se Se Se Seok Jin-soo 銆

濂 湰鏉ュ 湰鏉ュ 鏄疭 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

鍙槸娌°C湁鎯冲埌锛屼竴杩涙潵灏辫鍒癝ook Jin-soo 鍜孲on Ye-jin Nana 镄勶纴璁╀腑闂殑Yoon-ah 蹇鏁f灦浜嗐€

铏 劧濂 oon oon oon oon-ah 锛屼笉杩囩煡阆撹 umbrella 涓猰 issy 鍜孲 eok Jin-soo 镄勫叧绯汇傜湅鍦ㄧ溂 reading纴蹇力柤涓嶅凡銆

璧 鏉ョ殑镞跺 鏉ョ殑镞跺 欓 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 嬩竴鎶憋纴灏辫 oon oon oon Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye杩囨潵浜嗐€

绗竴娆¤鍒 浣崭紶璇 浣崭紶璇 浣崭紶璇 鏁戜 鏁戜 鏁戜 鏁戜 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁 璁K Jane Kim Tae-hee 璋 璋 璋 璋 璋

鈥渟unbae-nim 锛岃阿璋(二)偍銆傝涓嶆槸镇ㄧ殑璇濓纴鎴戝 ammonia瑕佹浜嗐€傗€

Kim Tae-hee 鍣楀搂涓 绗 绗 绗 纴 鏅 鏅 鏅 鏅 鏅 ┖涓嬬殑鐗 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝 鑺憋纴鏄庝

鍞竴鑳 鍜屽ス涓 杈冮珮涓嬬殑锛屽彧 杈冮珮涓嬬殑锛屽彧 杈冮珮涓嬬殑锛屽彧 Ye on Ye-jin 杩欐湹娓呭鑴 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 姳浜嗐 姳浜嗐

铏界劧劧嶅垰鍒氲繘鏉ワ纴涓岖煡阆揿彂鐢熶嶅垰鍒氲繘鏉ワ纴涓岖煡阆揿彂鐢熶浠涔堬纴浣咾涔堬纴浣咾 Ta Tae-hee 镄勭溂鍏夊緢姣掞纴杩樻槸瀵熻鍒 简銆

杩欎 鍜屽ス 鍜屽ス 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 愬悕镄勫コ浜 扎

濂充汉鍙笉鏄鐞嗙殑鐢熺墿锛屽挨鍏舵槸灏哠 eok Jin-soo 瑙嗕綔绂佽剶镄凨im Tae-hee 锛岀湅鍒 粬琚 粬琚 粬琚 浜嗭纴 槸鏂楀 槸鏂楀 槸鏂楀

涓嶈 澶 澶 閮 閮 閮 槸椤剁骇濂 槸椤剁骇濂 紨 紨 紨 桡纴鏄叕浼椾 桡纴鏄叕浼椾 桡纴鏄叕浼椾 桡纴鏄叕浼椾 桡纴鏄叕浼椾 鎸囩敳寮 鎸 鎸 鎸犲晩銆

涓崭絾濡傛锛孠im Tae-hee 杩 缑鎸ゅ嚭鍕夊 缑鎸ゅ嚭鍕夊 缑鎸ゅ嚭鍕夊 洿鍦 洿鍦 洿鍦 澶 澶 澶 澶 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye

鈥沦on Ye-jin 灏忓锛屽垵娆¤闱纴鏋 劧钖崭笉铏 劧钖崭笉铏 劧钖崭笉铏 劧钖崭笉铏 €€€€

鏄庢槑涓ゅ 鍓嶈杩囩殑锛屽彲 鍓嶈杩囩殑锛屽彲 Kim Tae-hee 鍗撮潪瑕佽 umbrella

闾f綔鍙綔鍙瘝鏄庢樉灏瘝鏄庢樉灏瘝鏄庢樉灏瘝鏄庢樉灏佸镄勭溂涓牴 chain ammonia娌°C湁浣犮€

Son Ye-jin 钑栾川鍏板锛屽浣曞惉涓嶅嚭鏉ワ纴涓锛屽浣曞惉涓嶅嚭鏉ワ纴涓镞堕棿鍌镞堕棿鍌镞堕棿鍌皵涔熺垎鍙戜

鈥沧槸 纴镞╁ Ta Ta im Tae-hee 綍濡 綍濡 綍镄勬纾浜 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋 粖镞ヨ浜嗭纴鏋缇庝 镄勪笉 镄勪笉 镄勪笉 忚瘽 忚瘽€€€

鏄庢槑鐭ラKim Tae-hee 鏄竴钖嶆紨 桡纴鍙ス灏卞彧鏄姄镌 瀵 瀵 瀵 镄勭 镄勭 镄勭 镄勭 镄勭 镄勭 镄勭 璇濄 璇濄

闾e ammonia 鏄湪鎸啧im Tae-hee 鍙槸鑺 摱锛屾 摱锛屾 摱锛屾 銆 銆

锲犱 璇 璇 捣婕旀妧杩欐 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye

鍜孠im Tae-hee 浠呮湁镄勪袱涓︻ 嗗墽镄勬紨鎶 嗗墽镄勬紨鎶 澶 澶 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫 祻涓嶅悓锛屽ス镄勫浜嗗灏戜 銆

Speaking of Son Ye-jin, in addition to beauty, acting is synonymous with her.

Two equally proud women, two equally stunning women, two equally unattainable women, face each other at this moment, because One Man is confronted.

For a time, between the two, the sparks are splashing, and they are on the verge!

Thank you for the otaku waiting for the book, darknight, the devil king generation, the Han Tang Mingyue modern people, the orange light film plume!

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