KEP Chapter 538

The latest chapter of the voice of the heart of Korean entertainment, the 538 chapter of the family should not be solved, floating astronomy

By age, Kim Tae-hee is two years older than Son Ye-jin.

But the two of them almost debut at the same time, it is difficult to separate the older generation.

And over the years, the name of the Kim Tae-hee goddess is flourishing, and the name of Son Ye-jin is not covered.

When the peacock sees the same kind, it will open the screen, hoping to overwhelm each other with beauty.

When women see the same great kind, they are bound to not bow.

So, these two equally great women have big eyes and a dangerous atmosphere.

However, in this delicate atmosphere, Seok Jin-soo is quite calm.

Today is the premiere of his film. For him, nothing is important.

Others can’t care, he can’t care.

So in his mind, you must take this into account.

Afraid that Kim Tae-hee and Son Ye-jin are continually consuming, Seok Jin-soo has to suppress his heart and anger, and urges Kim Tae-hee: “Noona, tired of standing? Go, let’s sit down chat.”

Seok Jin-soo’s words caught Kim Tae-hee’s attention, and she let go of Yoon-ah, turning around, beautiful, and infinite.

“You, you Yah!! Today is your good day, don’t pay attention to the image. Look, the clothes are wrinkled.”

Said, Kim Tae-hee warmth, even in the eyes of the public, carefully help Seok Jin-soo finishing clothes.

She is so elegant and gentle, and her wife is not like her husband.

She can see her practice, but the other three women have straight eyes.

Is this woman deliberately showing love?

Who is the target of the demonstration?

Of course it is Son Ye-jin.

The husband of Song Yoon-ah is Sol Kyung-gu, the famous fairy goddess in Korea.

Im Yoon-ah is too small, like the bean sprouts liTTL- Time To Love e missy, in the eyes of Kim Tae-hee without threat.

Son Ye-jin, who is just like her, but always single, is the object worth showing off.

Looking at Kim Tae-hee’s tweaking look, Son Ye-jin is really angry.

This woman, do you have a man who is amazing?

The anger was attacking, but for a while, Son Ye-jin could not find any counterattack.

I can only watch Kim Tae-hee, like a good wife and a good mother, help Seok Jin-soo to organize the clothes and then walk away with the man’s arm.

It was quiet here, and Yoon-ah had the courage to speak.

Her head in the lawsuit, pitifully glaring at Son Ye-jin’s clothes, asked: “Eonni, what are you and Jin-soo Oppa? Jin-soo Oppa, good people, you What happened in the end?”

She didn’t mention it, and the anger of Son Ye-jin could no longer be controlled.

Pulling Yoon-ah, his eyes are very serious.

“Yoon-ah, I will tell you if you treat me as my sister. I must stay away from that wicked guy in the future. A man who has no vision, talks about others right and wrong, has no minimum etiquette, and has a woman. What kind of good thing can you guys with?

No vision?

Behind the discussion of other people’s right and wrong?

Still not etiquette?

Contrasting with women?

Listening to the four crimes of Seok Jin-soo by Son Ye-jin, Yoon-ah is even more confused.

It is said that Yook-ah does not agree with Seok Jin-soo behind the discussion of other people’s right and wrong.

That Oppa, he still knows, he always talks in person, and he will not do sneaky moves.

As for the lack of etiquette, really, when did he have it?

It’s even harder to say that there is no vision. Today, how many good songs Oppa has written, how many excellent TV series have been produced, and how many artists have been discovered.

If such a person has no vision, then what is the vision?

As for talking to women, Yoon-ah can’t help but stun.

She wants Seok Jin-soo to be proud of herself, the more intense the better…

ε“ŽYah!! A little bit ugly.

Imagine the scene is wrong, Yoon-ah quickly recovered his mind.

“Ani ~yo, eonni, you must not know Jin-soo Oppa. He is not…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Li Meijing came over.

“Hey, Ye-jin, you are here.”

Li Meijing certainly knows Son Ye-jin. Not only does she know, but the relationship is still very good.

Throughout the film works produced by Son Ye-jin, most of them are produced by cj. The issuers responsible for these films are basically Li Meijing.

The two have long been close friends and the relationship is extraordinary.

Today, Son Ye-jin will come over. Of course, the reason for accompanying Song Yoon-ah is that he received an invitation from Li Meijing.

But just now Li Meijing was busy with something else and didn’t come over.

“I just saw you chatting with Seok Jin-soo. I am very happy, how are you, are others good?”

Li Meijing asked tentatively.

This is not because she wants to be an old man, but she hopes that Son Ye-jin can get along with Seok Jin-soo.

Son Ye-jin is an actor who is very valued by the CJ Group. Of course, she hopes that her actor’s path will be more and more smooth.

So once there is a good connection, Li Meijing will pay attention to help Son Ye-jin.

The purpose of inviting Son Ye-jin today is to help Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin bridge. The best screenwriters and the best actors, maybe the spark of creativity can be erased.

Unfortunately, Li Meijing did not know the truth.

After both Song Yoon-ah and Im Yoon-ah walked away, Son Ye-jin was very vocal: “What’s good? Eonni, you don’t know, how bad the guy is. If it’s not here, you have to scratch him. “”

Hey, Li Meijing was really shocked. She didn’t expect Son Ye-jin to be so violent.

“Oh, my aunt, you can’t mess around. That is our money tree, our life.”

Being discouraged, Son Ye-jin is even more unhappy.

“Eonni, even if you are standing on the side of the guy? Do you know, what did he say about me?”

Li Meijing scratched his head.

“You are not the first time to meet, is there any other fate?”

In the face of the close noona, Son Ye-jin has nothing to hide.

“That guy casually commented on my acting skills and said that I did not play well. I said that my makeup is too old, it is an old woman. Really, what qualifications does he have to evaluate me?”

Li Meijing turned his head and turned to work hard to comfort.

“Hey, where are you listening from here? Are you afraid to hear it? You know, the entertainment industry is very chaotic. As far as I know, the stone scriptwriter is not such a person. The Republic of Korea, who does not know you Son Ye -jin, who doesn’t say that you are acting well? It must be a rumor.”

Son Ye-jin’s eyes are all white.

“What rumors? I heard it. This guy took a liTTL-Time To Love e missy and sat in the cinema, showing off in a big way. At that time, if he was not a scruples, he would never spare him.”

Well, everyone’s Son Ye-jin said that they heard it in person, and Li Meijing couldn’t help it.

After working hard for a long time, I finally found a little rhetoric.

“Maybe he is just a normal comment? You know, he is a screenwriter, and he definitely has his own opinion about the movie.”

Seeing Li Meijing saying good things to Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin turned his eyes and finally found a way.

“eonni, do you know which movie the guy is talking about?”

Li Meijing is not clear.


Son Ye-jin knows that he wants to pull an important ally.

“That guy is talking about Open City.”

Sure enough, after hearing the small report of Son Ye-jin, Li Meijing directly bombed.

“What? That kid said that?”

Can’t help but blow up, “Open City” is a movie produced by CJ Group, and the main planner is her Li Meijing.

Some people are so smashing their works, Li Meijing can be happy to have ghosts.

Son Ye-jin continues to add oil and vinegar.

“It’s this movie. The guy is still saying something, the planner has no vision, he won’t choose the script, it’s what the guy said.”

Li Mei calmed and kept breathing, I really wanted to go to Seok Jin-soo immediately.

But think about today’s occasion, still decided to endure.

Stinky boy, actually dare to arrange the aging mother.

You wait, the premiere is over, you have to be annyeonghaseyo.

The main ingenuity of “Unforgivable” has many relatives and friends in the industry, so today there are many guests.

One by one, the reception was over, and at 7:30 in the evening, the scheduled premiere began.

With the arrangement of the host, the founders have stepped onto the stage.

As a screenwriter, Seok Jin-soo stood next to the director Jin Hengjun, staring at Ryoo SeungClick B um.

Among the few people on the stage today, only Kim OkClick B in a woman, so the men are holding the stars.

Originally, Seok Jin-soo was not going to take the stage. He was a screenwriter and the audience would not care.

But considering that he is an artist himself, and he is very popular, he is very vocal. Whether it is Li Meijing or Jin Hengjun, he is strongly urged to come to power.

This kind of premiere is actually very boring, but the host interviewed and then let a few celebrity and the audience interact.

The people who were interviewed at the beginning were naturally Sol Kyung-gu. Seok Jin-soo just looked at it silently.

After waiting for one by one, I finally arrived at him.

Mc asked the audience: “Which reporter friend, would you like to interview our Seok Jin-soo scriptwriter?”

Mc is very professional, specifically told the media and reporters in the audience, Seok Jin-soo is a screenwriter, I hope these people can ask questions about the film, do not say anything else.

Unfortunately, although gagman is a screenwriter, it is worthy of a big book. But for today’s journalists, there is obviously more to be concerned about.

Immediately there was a female reporter who took the lead and stood up, moving much faster than others.

β€œSeok Jin-soo is a screenwriter. I am a reporter for Jingxiang News. May I ask Miss Kim Tae-hee?”

Although the problem is very strange, Seok Jin-soo still answered.

“Yes, that’s right. Thanks to Kim Tae-hee noona for taking the time to take part in the premiere of my first movie in my life, which is important to me.”

OK, this question is very satisfying for the reporters. The female reporter decided to make persistent efforts and asked questions that everyone was more concerned about.

β€œBefore, we noticed that Miss Kim Tae-hee and Miss Son Ye-jin, the two most beautiful women in the Republic of Korea are around you, and they are very happy. Can you tell us, what is your relationship?”

How does the net question have nothing to do with the movie?

Seok Jin-soo is a little upset.

Originally, he did not want to answer, because the problem ran too far.

But at this moment, he noticed the disgusting look of Son Ye-jin not far from the audience.

Yeah, dead woman, I am not upset yet, do you dare to dislike?

You are waiting, today you will let you understand and offend me.

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