KEP Chapter 539

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 539 chapter worship? Floating astronomy

In the face of reporters’ questions, Seok Jin-soo did not speak of Kim Tae-hee.

Needless to say, in fact, his relationship with Kim Tae-hee is well known to the public.

His goal is only one person, that is Son Ye-jin.

This girl, deliberately targeting him from the beginning, sneered, seems to owe her billions.

Seok Jin-soo’s anger and grievances have long been hard to endure.

Now the reporter has provided him with a platform, huh, huh, not to add a block to the woman, he is not difficult to engage in Seok Jin-soo.

So, facing the reporter, Seok Jin-soo’s expression is extremely sincere.

“Today is the first time I met Miss Son Ye-jin. I have been admiring her for a long time. After all, it is one of the best actresses in the Republic of Korea. I like many of her works.”

When I heard Seok Jin-soo talk about myself, the Son Ye-jin under the stage was already very nervous.

This guy who can’t ivate the ivory in the dog’s mouth, how can he say himself?

But when I heard the praise of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was a bit dumbfounded.

This is not the right way. How can this bastard say good things about himself?

What is wrong with that?

Just as Son Ye-jin was confused, Seok Jin-soo was still talking.

“What I can’t think of is that Miss Son Ye-jin told me that she is actually a crazy fan of me. I always wanted to star in my work, and I have done a lot of hard work.”


The laugh came from three people, Kim Tae-hee, Im Yoon-ah and Song Yoon-ah.

They are all important guests today, so they are sitting near Son Ye-jin according to the organizer’s arrangements.

All three people know the contradiction between Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin and know what the relationship is.

At this time, I heard Seok Jin-soo’s remarks, and the three women couldn’t help themselves. They laughed directly.

Son Ye-jin was dumbfounded, and then the eyes of Apricot were full of anger.

Damn guy, aging mother is your crazy fan?

The old lady can’t wait to kill you crazy.

No matter how angry she is, there is no way to look at Seok Jin-soo and face the reporter nonsense.

In this public setting, Son Ye-jin can’t do anything as long as reason is still there.

Seok Jin-soo also pays attention to the look of Son Ye-jin when he is in Hussein.

Seeing this woman’s face is full of shame and anger, he is happy and broken, and his mouth is even more endless.

“Miss Son Ye-jin said that she has always admired my talents and felt that I am a very great and very great screenwriter. Only by working with me, she can take it to the next level on the road of acting. I sincerely hope that I I can guide her and let her complete the transformation.”

“This guy……”

The more I listened, the more angry I was, and the body of Son Ye-jin trembled as if standing up and hitting people.

Next to the double Yun quickly grabbed her hand and painstakingly comforted.

“Ye-jin, calm down, don’t be impulsive.”

Yoon-ah also laughed at this Oppa, but still had to comfort Son Ye-jin.

“Eonni, Oppa is laughing.”

Son Ye-jin Although people can’t move, but the mouth can move, the expression can do.

Originally, I wanted to curse two sentences in a bad way. It was because Seok Jin-soo said that she, the camera also turned over, and Sun Tianxian had to squeeze out a smile that was more ugly than crying.

At this time, the Kim Tae-hee of Yoon-ah is also on the fire.

“Jin-soo is really a great screenwriter, so I have a vision. If you want to work with him, some people have to queue up.”

Son Ye-jin found that attending this premiere today was a mistake.

One Seok Jin-soo and one Kim Tae-hee, the two took turns her.

You are waiting for the aging mother, this is not over.

Seok Jin-soo, who can be on the stage, still doesn’t know how to live and die.

“Although I am very grateful to Miss Son Ye-jin for my favor, everyone knows that my work is very busy. As for whether she can have a chance or not, she must look at the fate. If Miss Son Ye-jin is sincere and sincerely pleading If you do, maybe I can consider one or two.”


Then you can consider it, isn’t it right?

Son Ye-jin is mad at the chest.

This shameless bastard, can you actually say this export?

After the old lady is a Korean movie, there are countless screenwriters who are looking for an old lady. The aging mother does not see you in the eye.

Unfortunately, no matter how cursed in Son Ye-jin’s heart, she can’t be like Seok Jin-soo, she can tell the reporter that there is a natural disadvantage.

Anyway, watching the media and reporters all working hard, recording Seok Jin-soo’s speech, Son Ye-jin feels that there will be no good news.

And everything that caused it all was the shameless bastard on the stage.

The reporter was only a little interview, I did not expect Seok Jin-soo to say so much.

Satisfied, not only hoped to ask a sentence.

“I don’t know, in the mind of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, is there any difference between Miss Kim Tae-hee and Miss Son Ye-jin?”

This is to compare the two goddesses.

It is also the top actress with no name, and is the dream lover of countless men. So the Korean media has nothing to do, and they like to compare them together.

Today, these two goddesses are sitting under the stage, and they all have a close relationship with Seok Jin-soo. Speaking from his own mouth, making this comparison will be more interesting.

Seok Jin-soo is going to be very popular today.

“Kim Tae-hee noona is very feminine and very understanding. It is a very important mentor in my life. She taught me many life experiences and is a very very hard actor. Facing any role, Any difficulty will try to be the best. It is my luck to have such a noona.”

When I heard Seok Jin-soo facing the media and so much touted myself, Kim Tae-hee stunned his cheeks and was full of red light and could not be happier.

This little guy can really talk.

And seeing this scene, Son Ye-jin is simply breaking the silver teeth.

This pair of dogs and men is a traitor, not all good people.

Since commenting on Kim Tae-hee, it is time to say Son Ye-jin.

In the public’s face, Seok Jin-soo also uses language skills.

“Miss Son Ye-jin is also a very good actor. Since her debut, Kim Seung-woo sunbae-nim, Choi Min-sik sunbae-nim, Ahn Sung-ki sunbae-nim, Cha Tae-hyun sunbae-nim Cao Seung-woo sunbae-nim, Jo In-sung sunbae-nim, Zheng Yusheng sunbae-nim, Bae Yong-joon sunbae-nim and many other outstanding actors have cooperated and demonstrated themselves to a certain extent. In time, she will become an amazing actor who can represent the Republic of Korea.”

What do you say…

It sounds like there is nothing wrong with it, it seems to praise Son Ye-jin.

But this guy deliberately emphasized so many excellent actors, obviously accused, saying that Son Ye-jin is just lucky, always with excellent sunbae-nim led.

So I showed myself “to a certain extent”, not a person who led the film.

The words are still those words, recombined, the meaning is different.

The media and journalists are still faithfully recording, and the snowy and clever Son Ye-jin is fainting.

She has never seen such a hateful guy in her life, and she has actually bent herself to bury herself. However, because in public, there is no way for themselves.

This bastard…

Son Ye-jin is stunned and angry, and his mind has already taken a sword with a sword in his mind.

At this time, Kim Tae-hee still wants to stimulate her.

A sigh of incompetence, and a salt on the wound of Son Ye-jin.

“In the end, Jin-soo is the best screenwriter in the Republic of Korea, and the vision is precision.”

This time Yoon-ah couldn’t stand anymore, and he took the courage and shook Kim Tae-hee’s arm.

“eonni ……”

Kim Tae-hee was originally trying to help Seok Jin-soo, and as a result, Yoon-ah looked pitiful and couldn’t help but soften.

This liTTL-Time To Love e missy is used to selling it, but it is cute and tight.

Even Kim Tae-hee, who is also a woman, is not immune to her charm.

I couldn’t bear to do it between Yoon-ah Jae-joong. Kim Tae-hee glanced at Son Ye-jin, who was still lucky, clutching Yoon-ah’s hand and giving a warm smile.

That means telling Yoon-ah that eonni doesn’t say it.

I can’t think of Kim Tae-hee’s face, and Yoon-ah’s heart is sweet, but it’s even more spoiled.

Just put the small head on the shoulder of Kim Tae-hee, a good pair and Tillian Lotus, Chunlan Qiuju, each triumphant.

You can see that Yoon-ah is leaning against Kim Tae-hee, and Son Ye-jin is even more angry.

I slammed Yoon-ah’s arm and pulled her back.

“You are small and have no conscience!”

Yoon-ah is amazing.

“eonni, no…”

Unfortunately, before she finished, there was a big laugh in front.

“Haha, sorry, the interview time is a little longer, are you not bored?”

It was Seok Jin-soo who ended the interview and interaction and came down from the stage.

The next step is the screening of the film. He also wants to sit down and look at his work as well as the audience.

Seeing him, Yoon-ah is also very annoyed.

This can make trouble to Oppa, it is because of you, the Ye-jin eonni is blaming me.

Hey, the trouble that you have caused yourself, you can solve it yourself.

In a mess, Yoon-ah stood up and grabbed Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, you are sitting here, I am going to talk to Yoon-ah eonni.”

Indiscriminately, Seok Jin-soo was placed in the middle of Kim Tae-hee and Son Ye-jin, and Yoon-ah trail went to find Song Yoon-ah.

Although the eonni was the first time to meet, but because of the same name, she was very close.

Yoon-ah was running, and Seok Jin-soo was cold and sweaty, and suddenly felt bad.

Damn missy, are you so harmful?

What he did on the stage just now, he knows best. I don’t have to think about it, it’s a happy one, but Son Ye-jin is definitely hating him.

I am thinking about how to retaliate.

Ass just touched the chair, Seok Jin-soo felt keenly, and the gaze next to him was like a knife, making him restless.

I want to escape, but at this time the lights in the cinema are dark, and the title of the cj group begins to appear.

Damn, who is so fast?

Seok Jin-soo’s heart mourns, and after swearing, I must go to the projectionist’s theory.

Since the film was released, he is not good enough to move again. Otherwise, the huge figure is swaying in front, which is not respectful to the people behind.

However, this enviable, treasured land surrounded by the aroma of the two national goddess, but Seok Jin-soo such as needles, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe.

Today, he can only hope that Son Ye-jin is very professional and will not deal with himself by risking interference with the film screening.

Just when he was nervous, the right hand slammed tightly, and then a warm breath came.

It turned out that Kim Tae-hee saw his nervousness and gave him comfort.

This disappointing little guy is very capable when he is in trouble. Why is this time so embarrassing?

Thank you for the madness or wind!

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