KEP Chapter 542

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 542 chapter is simply crazy, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo was originally a bit crazy because of joy, and I was eager to share it with others.

Kim Tae-hee came over and gave him the opportunity.

He jerked around and hugged Kim Tae-hee without warning, spinning in place.

“Noona, Haha Haha, I want to make a fortune, make a fortune!”

Kim Tae-hee turned around in a hurry, and it was a little dizzy. But more is shy, I did not expect Seok Jin-soo to be so impulsive.

The soft waist was tightly held by Seok Jin-soo, which made her unable to move and could only be forced to feel the strength of the man.

“Hey Yah!! Hurry up and let me down, I have to faint.”

Seok Jin-soo This thought that she was too exaggerated. She quickly and carefully put Kim Tae-hee down, fearing that she would fall because of dizziness and continue to hold her without letting go.

“Noona, wait and see, I have a big news.”

Kim Tae-hee closed his eyes and calmed for a long time before he returned to normal. But without the embrace of Seok Jin-soo, he still enjoys the man’s breath.

This little guy has always been respectful to himself in the past, and he dare not step further.

Today, I took the initiative to open my arms to myself. Isn’t that good to enjoy?

“What the hell is it?”

Seok Jin-soo sat back in front of the computer and was afraid that Kim Tae-hee couldn’t see clearly. She just sat on her lap with her.

The plump hips just touched the hard thighs of Seok Jin-soo, and Kim Tae-hee seemed to have a little electric shock, and the muscles of the whole body were tight.

This little guy, people are noona, how can you do this…

Um… I don’t know why this position is so comfortable.

Kim Tae-hee had a twilight look and felt that Seok Jin-soo treated himself as a little girl.

However, because of her close contact, her heart slowly melted and she began to adapt.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know the psychological changes of Kim Tae-hee and showed her the computer screen with great interest.

“Noona, look, this is the leaderboard for bulletin boards.”

Although Kim Tae-hee is not a singer, the bulletin board is still known.

This is the most authoritative list of popular music in the world, not a powerful song, and you can’t have a place on it.

It’s just that she doesn’t understand a bit. Seok Jin-soo lets herself see what this is doing?

“What happened to this?”

Seok Jin-soo smiles, it’s hard to hide, and what I want to do most is to show off.

“Noona, do you remember? I told you before. When I was in New York, there was an American singer who bought my work.”

Kim Tae-hee nodded, of course she knew.

After all, Seok Jin-soo sold 500 million songs to a song, but with big news, there was a storm in the Korean entertainment industry.

Under her concern, she also asked Seok Jin-soo carefully.

Seok Jin-soo’s laughter grew louder and louder, then used the mouse pointer to point to the first song on the bulletin board’s weekly list.

“Noona, look, what is this?”

Kim Tae-hee lowered his head a little, his eyes plunged into the screen, and the song above was “uptownfunk” and the singer was Bruno Mars.

But these are not the most important. When Seok Jin-soo clicks on this song, the above information is more comprehensive.

In particular, Seok Jin-soo refers to the location of the lyrics and compositions that she showed, and the name is jinchooseok.

The names of East Asians are written in English, and basically only Koreans.

For the English name of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee is more familiar.

That is to say, today’s songs ranked first in this week’s most authoritative and influential music popular list billboards are produced by Seok Jin-soo.

This fact is too shocking, so that Kim Tae-hee can’t help but grow up and is unacceptable.

The entertainment celebrity of the world is very yearning for the United States, as is the Korean.

If anyone can have a place here, then in Korea, it is the same as the king.

The influence of South Korea is too small to get out of the top superstars that can be found in the United States.

Now Seok Jin-soo has done it, able to cover a group of world-class producers, let a new singer dominate the bulletin board.

What this means, Kim Tae-hee is too clear.

This little guy is really capable of creating miracles.

Kim Tae-hee, who was shocked by this fact, turned sharply, but how the friction of the full hips would bring men.

Holding a man’s cheek, I still can’t believe it.

“This… is this really what you made?”

In the eyes of Seok Jin-soo, this woman in front of her eyes is an unattainable goddess.

But now the goddess is looking at himself with the eyes of worship, making him extremely useful, and masculinity is endless.

This is the case with men. As long as you have the guts, you will be very overbearing.

At this time, in the eyes of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee is not so sacred and inviolable.

Her arms are more powerful, and the chests of the two are closer together.

“Of course I did it. There is no name on it. And it’s more than that. Noona shouldn’t be scared.”

Say, Seok Jin-soo’s hands moved quickly and found other data on the computer.

The performance of “uptownfunk” can be said to be very good, so good to the explosion. In the words of Bruno Mars, no work has been comparable in recent years.

Since the launch of this song, not only on the bulletin board, but also in other countries’ popular music list, it is also in the position of the leader.

“Noona, you see, this is Australia’s list, this is Canada’s list, this is the UK’s list, this is the Irish list…”

Seok Jin-soo looked at Kim Tae-hee on a web page and a web page. The result was a list of popular music charts from more than 20 countries. The first place was “uptownfunk”.

Every time I see one, Kim Tae-hee is excited.

She originally thought that Seok Jin-soo’s work could occupy one of the bulletin boards, and it was already a big news.

I did not expect that it has already captured so many countries.

“Yah!! Isn’t that what you want to be famous all over the world?”

Seok Jin-soo is very calm and not so excited.

“No, it’s also a matter of Bruno’s guy. But in the circle of producers, there should be my name. If I want to be famous, unless I can wait until I can distribute the work in Europe and America.”

This is the world. A song is ignited, and the one that is most remembered by the public is definitely a singer.

As for the producer behind it, the public does not care at all.

Only in this circle of producers, Seok Jin-soo will be noticed.

But this is not to say that he does not have any benefits.

At the very least, his talents have been recognized, and maybe other singers will invite him to the song in the future.

Moreover, in Korea, Seok Jin-soo’s songs sweep the popular music list in various countries, and myMystic89 company will certainly not let go of this promotion opportunity, but also can create big news.

Of course, these are all words. At present, Seok Jin-soo is most concerned about the performance of “uptownfunk”.

“Noona, you see, this is a record of the UK’s media data stream.”

Bruno Mars was obviously excited, and all the news about the scores of the songs sent a link to Seok Jin-soo.

Following the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee looks closely.

Her English level is still good, at least there is no problem reading.

When she saw that “uptownfunk” created a record of 249 million media data streams in the UK, she couldn’t help but spit up.

She has already predicted that this time Seok Jin-soo is a bit big.

In the past, I was still hesitating about whether or not I matched Seok Jin-soo. Now it seems that this little guy is going to skyrocket.

If you don’t get it, you have to become a hard-fought role.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know the thousands of turns in Kim Tae-hee’s heart. He has already been attracted by another piece of data.

“Noona, look and see, what is the sales volume?”

Seok Jin-soo is of course very concerned about the sales of songs.

Because according to his agreement with Bruno Mars, he will get 10% of the total song sales.

In other words, the higher the sales of the song, the more his income. So in Seok Jin-soo’s mind, other data is good, only to create awareness and popularity.

And sales, it is related to real wallet income.

Kim Tae-hee was re-engaged and looked at it carefully.

I don’t know if I can see it.

Good guy, “uptownfunk” has not been released for a week, and the sales have actually exceeded 1.5 million.

According to a song of $ 229, then that is…

Kim Tae-hee is a high student of Seoul, with a good academic background and a weak computing power.

That’s the way it is, she still jumps in her heart and can’t accept this reality.

Looking at the horror of the beauty, Seok Jin-soo is more and more cute, and can’t help but probe the past and kissed Kim Tae-hee’s cheek.

Anyway, I also kissed it last time. He is now without pressure.

Kim Tae-hee didn’t think that Seok Jin-soo was so bold.

The warmth of the cheeks has not been scattered for a long time, making her mind more disordered, and even more unclear.

Seok Jin-soo is comfortable, holding big beauty, not feeling tired at all.

“According to the price of singles in Europe and America, I have already booked 200 million in this sales.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t help but think about the speed of distributing songs in Europe and America.

“Hey, I really hope that the sales of this song will continue to grow!”

The information provided by the voice tells him that the total global sales of uptownfunk is 14 million.

Even if the time is advanced, the data will be different, but it should be a little different.

If you can really achieve this sales, then with this song, Seok Jin-soo can account for 2 billion.

Hey, this is more than the music income of a comeback from t-ara.

No wonder everyone is so yearning for the European and American entertainment circles. The gap in money is so obvious.

When you heard Seok Jin-soo over there, Kim Tae-hee was silent.

“Yah!! Where are you making money, you are stealing money.”

Think about shooting “Brilliant Legacy”, the pay per episode is 20 million.

So hard and tired, and finally only 500 million.

The little guy in front of me just wrote a song and just started to issue it, and it earned 200 million.

It’s really more people than people, mad.

Kim Tae-hee suddenly found that in terms of making money, facing Seok Jin-soo, he was under pressure.

Thank you for the reward of “death for love”!

Thank you for the madness or the wind, the reward of the literary era!

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