KEP Chapter 543

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 543 chapter sells well, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo knows that “uptownfunk” is a good song and it will definitely be a big fire.

I just didn’t think that it was a prairie in less than a week.

He also read a lot of popular music forums in Europe and America, focusing on the evaluation of this song by many fans.

Needless to say, there are no people who don’t like this song.

In the words of many fans, this song is best for you.

“Wow, I went to the nightclub last night. The fashionable boss has already put on this song, and the whole nightclub is crazy.”

“The party that graduated from high school was held yesterday. In this song, we have been dancing until dawn.”

“The goddess who has not responded to me, she finally laughed when I danced the song in front of her yesterday.”

“Guys, what are you waiting for? Come, marijuana is pumped up, the dance jumps up and picks up together!”

Nima, the addicts are all out.

Anyway, after reading these comments, Seok Jin-soo is pretty sure that his song is going to burst.

Because the songs were released in Europe and the United States, the media movements and reactions there are very fast.

Rolling Stone Music in the United States and Nme in the UK have already had relevant news, promoting Bruno Mars and “uptownfunk”.

Seok Jin-soo even found himself in the entertainment news of abc.

However, the degree of attention is not comparable to Bruno Mars.

There is still a long way to go before an Asian wants to make waves in the United States in the pop culture center.

But no matter how the United States does, the propaganda on the South Korean side must be followed up.

Early the next morning, Seok Jin-soo came to the company.

Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok and others are already waiting for him.

“Yah!! You guy, are you going to heaven?”

As soon as I met, Yoon Jong-shin’s eyes flashed with thieves and he was very impressed.

Seok Jin-soo knows how to sell songs in the United States.

After all, if you want to go to the company’s accounts, he does not know how to do it.

Although it was very exciting at the time, Yoon Jong-shin did not think that the songs of Seok Jin-soo could actually sweep the bulletin board.

This sells songs and creates influence, but that’s two different things.

For example, Seok Jin-soo sold a song to European and American singers, and he also talked about it in the program.

The audience, listening to a novelty, will forget it later.

Who cares about a transaction behind it?

But if the songs made by Seok Jin-soo swept the list of major pop music in Europe and America, the effect would be different.

When can Korean musicians do this?

This is a big event to cheer up the country.

So after receiving a notice from Seok Jin-soo last night, Yoon Jong-shin was almost excited to sleep all night.

He deliberately landed on youtube and found the mv of Bruno Mars’ new song, listening over and over again.

As a top music producer, Yoon Jong-shin, although he doesn’t know about European and American pop music circles, knows that Seok Jin-soo’s work is definitely Dae-sung.

This song can be popular and popular, that is inevitable.

And like Seok Jin-soo’s prediction, Yoon Jong-shin also believes that the uptownfunk boom will not be so fast, it will last for a long time.

Because of the popular music circles in Europe and America in recent years, there are not many good songs. It is rare that such a good work will appear, and fans will enjoy it with hunger and thirst.

Although Bruno Mars was made in Europe and America, in South Korea, this can help Seok Jin-soo step into the sky.

If the outside world only thought that he was the top music producer in Korea, then I am sorry, with this influence, Seok Jin-soo is the first music producer in Korea.

Even bluntly speaking, it can be called the first pop music producer in Asia.

In addition to him, which Asian music producer’s work has swept the European and American pop music charts?

Since not, Seok Jin-soo is the first undisputed.

Yoon Jong-shin is too aware of the importance of this name and how great it is for myMystic89.

Here, the first music producer in Korea is sitting in the town, and the attraction of talents can be imagined.

In addition, the value of Seok Jin-soo is also rising, which will increase a lot.

Although limited by the Korean market, it is impossible to exaggerate like Europe and the United States. However, his production costs in South Korea exceeded 200 million and there is no suspense.

Seok Jin-soo can make money, and myMystic89 can make money.

The premise of all this is to do a good job of propaganda.

Yoon Jong-shin smiled and put a large copy of the manuscript in front of Seok Jin-soo.

“Look, this is the news release that the company is preparing to send to various media. I believe no one will reject such news?”

Nonsense, someone has brought Korean entertainment into the world, and it has created tremendous influence.

Just think about the sensitive and fragile self-esteem of Koreans. If such news is released, it means a huge click-through rate.

No one and fame and fortune can’t get through, even if the media that had a bad relationship with Seok Jin-soo had to compromise under this news.

Seok Jin-soo looked at a few drafts a bit, and the content was similar, but the wording made him very satisfied.

But before the manuscript is sent out, he still has one thing to do.

“Brother, these manuscripts are sent out one hour later.”

Yoon Jong-shin asked, “Why?”

Seok Jin-soo scratches his head.

“Have you forgotten our partner? This big news, of course, wants to give him some sweetness.”

Seok Jin-soo is talking about Lee Myung-gu of d.

Speaking of myMystic89 company and d agency, it has actually gained a lot of benefits.

At the very least, the artists of myMystic89 have not been harassed by the paparazzi of the D. Some private activities can be done with confidence.

Unlike other companies, they are always in the shadows.

Although the d agency has not had any big news so far, Seok Jin-soo believes that Lee Myung-gu is definitely a big move.

So this time Seok Jin-soo has made a big news. If you want to report it to the outside world, then you must be cheap.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t want to be in a hurry with the D-Society, and is then targeted by this gossip media.

On the contrary, if the news is first disclosed to the company, Lee Myung-gu must be grateful to him for the friendship and strengthen the friendship between the two.

Knowing the intention of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon Jong-shin did not hesitate and directly agreed.

The media in South Korea do not know how many things, each has its own position, and it is impossible to become friends. But as a friend’s media, you must be careful.

The news was sent out for an hour, but it didn’t really affect myMystic89 and Seok Jin-soo. But for the media industry, the difference can be too great.

With the support of Yoon Jong-shin, Seok Jin-soo immediately called Lee Myung-gu.

“My president Li, what are you busy with recently?”

Lee Myung-gu is really busy, talking fast and urgent.

“What else can you do, of course, is to organize the information of the artist. What is going on with you and Son Ye-jin? Recently, the outside world has been arguing. Your fans and fans of Son Ye-jin are talking about each other. Are you really? Is there a contradiction?”

I don’t think he will ask this, Seok Jin-soo is also a look.

“Ani ~ yo, nothing. That is, the woman doesn’t know why she is convulsing, and I don’t want to be pleasing to the eye. It’s all trivial, it doesn’t matter.”

The relationship between the entertainment industry is complicated and contradictory. It is a common thing, and Lee Myung-gu is also strange.

I would have liked to explore it from Seok Jin-soo, maybe I can do a topic. But now it seems that it has not reached that level.

The battle between Seok Jin-soo fans and Son Ye-jin fans is not one-sided.

Although Son Ye-jin has a louder reputation, more fans. But the actors and idols of the actors are different, at least not very organized.

There are many people returning, but they are all scattered soldiers and can’t form any fighting power. Therefore, in the battle on the Internet, and the fans of Seok Jin-soo are equally divided, it is difficult to win.

The fans of Seok Jin-soo are very complex.

There are fans of Infinite Challenge, as well as his music fans, as well as fans of superjunior, Girl’s Generation, wondergirls, and t-ara.

Seok Jin-soo helped their idols succeed, and as a fan they are naturally grateful to him.

When he is in conflict with others, some of these fans will also help.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t take this as one thing. Anyway, the key to truly determining the outcome of his and Son Ye-jin is whether the box office of Unforgivable can finally lose profit and loss.

“Well, President Li Da, don’t say it’s useless. I am calling you to send you big news.”

As the president of the Gossip Magazine, Lee Myung-gu’s favorite is big news.

“Oh, what big news? Are you getting married?”

Seok Jin-soo is a sip of water.

“Damn, I am fine, what are you doing for marriage? I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

Fearing that the guy would not continue to adjust, Seok Jin-soo quickly explained: “You open the bulletin board official website now, find the leaderboard, and then tell me what I saw?”

Lee Myung-gu is not sure, but I did.

“What else can you see? The bulletin board’s leaderboard, of course, is the song.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Have you heard the song that ranked first? Have you learned more about it?”

Lee Myung-gu frowns.

β€œYah!! I am so busy every day, how can I have time to listen to the song?”

Seok Jin-soo continues to induce him.

“Then you open the number one song now and see what you can find?”

Lee Myung-gu still did it, opened uptownfunk and looked at it carefully.

He knows the lyrics, but it doesn’t make sense.

The singer didn’t know, Bruno Mars was a newcomer.

What else do you want to see?

Later, he saw the part of lyrics, composition, and arrangement.


He saw the way the more familiar English names were written.

Surprisingly, the English names of these writings are obviously Asian.

Then he interprets the words one word at a time, then connects the names together, then…

Then he was dumbfounded.

After half a minute, Lee Myung-gu asked in a hurry: “Yah!! Uptownfunk is what you wrote?”

Seok Jin-soo is proud of it.

“Oh, such as a fake replacement. How, is it big news?”

Lee Myung-gu was in a spirit, and all the exhaustion was swept away.

Two eyes greedily look at the computer interface, just like going crazy.

“Fuck, how did you do it? Damn, your work became the first bulletin board?”

Thank you for your enthusiasm, for a lifetime, and for the rest of your life, it’s really a reward for you, me, and I love Qingren!

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