KEP Chapter 548

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 548 chapter is fighting, the astronomy

Seok Jin-soo is often crazy performance, but it is a customary character.

Just as he never dared to speed up driving, he was very cautious.

The cause of his character is still inseparable from his life.

He came from a relatively poor and backward rural area. He had no money since he was a child, and he was a poor person.

But when such a person is developed, there will be two outcomes.

One is the sudden and rich, just thinking about making up for the sins that have been suffered before, so it began to desperately enjoy, it is extremely crazy.

And such people, in the eyes of many people, are so-called upstarts.

Crazy, regardless of the consequences. It is very likely that after the extravagant enjoyment, it will fall again.

Another thing is that after becoming rich, always remember the hard years, I am afraid to return to that day.

Therefore, it will be more cautious, not afraid to make a mistake, and especially cherish the beautiful life.

Seok Jin-soo belongs to this type of person. After becoming famous and possessing wealth, life is very careful.

Do not smoke, drink, go to nightclubs, pay attention to social connections, control the scope of life, keep exercising, and constantly enrich yourself.

It can be said that his private life is actually very healthy, even more boring than Yoo Jae-seok.

But Liu Jingxu seonsaeng-nim said that although such control is beneficial, it is too much for people to suppress.

This requires a venting path to ease the spirit. This will not break like a bowstring that is always tight.

And racing, experiencing the thrill of rapid and adrenaline rush is undoubtedly a good way.

Following the guided car slowly on the track, Seok Jin-soo tried to control the mood and always remembered the seonsaeng-nim’s warning.

Don’t be nervous, don’t be greedy.

He didn’t know that behind him and Yoo Jae-seok, seonsaeng-nim was explaining to others.

“The start of the two is very good, you can hear the sound of the motor is very stable, which shows that the master of the engine is in place.”

Upon hearing the praise of seonsaeng-nim, Park Myeong-su and Noh Hong-chul of the sunbae-nim team were all nervous and felt that they met the opponent.

Yoo Jae-seok set off first, and the roaring motor sound quickly drove the car into sight.

A minute later, Seok Jin-soo received instructions for departure.

He struggled to keep his mind clear, all thinking back to the techniques taught by seonsaeng-nim. Slowly, the car began to accelerate slowly and also entered the track.

The professional racing track is very smooth and wide, without too much gaze, no cheering audience, and some are just the vastness of the sky under the clouds.

This kind of environment gives Seok Jin-soo a broad view. It seems that no danger will occur, and you can move forward with confidence.

With such peace of mind, he accelerated little by little, all the objects in the line of sight were constantly retreating at the speed of light, and the whole person seemed to fly.

On the first lap he ran not very fast, and he was familiar with the track and the route.

After feeling that there was no difficulty, Seok Jin-soo began to play the technology from the second lap.

Starting from the starting point, it is a straight road of 3,000 meters.

Seok Jin-soo tried to cheer himself up, and the foot of the accelerator pedal became powerful.

Obviously, the car body began to sway, the engine made a howling like a monster, and the angry bull roared and rushed toward the enemy, with an unstoppable momentum.

The building that was originally reversing rapidly turned into a virtual shadow at this time, as if the space in the room was distorted.

Even with a helmet and a glass mask on it, it seems that a strong hurricane is still blowing in the face, causing the cheeks to start to hurt.

The most uncomfortable thing is that there are more than 50 temperatures in the car body, as if to be grilled.

Anyway, after the speed, Seok Jin-soo finally realized the thrill of flying.

You don’t need to think about the consequences, you don’t have to worry about it, you can release all the repression, and the whole person becomes brisk with sweat and speed.

Fortunately, his character always has a calm component, so even if he enjoys the speed, he has not forgotten the seonsaeng-nim’s warning.

Don’t be greedy, don’t try to drive away to do everything.

Therefore, in the case of increased speed, he still follows the professor’s point of view, and follows every route and technique of driving in every corner.

He was concentrating on the track, but he didn’t know that the control center was already boiling.

“Wow, listen to the sound of this engine, maknae is starting to go crazy.”

β€œIs there two Jae-seok hyeong running? Why is the engine sound exactly the same?”

The female seonsaeng-nim looked at the video of Seok Jin-soo and was amazed again and again.

β€œThe technical application of Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is now the most reasonable. The mastery of the track and speed is very accurate and should be good.”

During the talk, Seok Jin-soo’s car screamed into the straight.

The car was still in the corner for the first second, almost blinking, and it flashed in front of everyone.

Jeong Hyeong-don, who is holding a speedometer, is completely dumbfounded and can’t speak with his tongue.


Marveled, Jeong Hyeong-don transferred the speedometer to vj. The numbers that appeared on the camera also scared others, at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour.

Liu Jingxu also got a single lap record from Seok Jin-soo.

“Everyone, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi ran for two minutes in the practice session. Two minutes and fifty-seven seconds!!”

It was awkward, and Park Myeong-su and Noh Hong-chul’s face was even darker, and they found that their sunbae-nim and trump card status were not guaranteed.

This is just an exercise. As a result, the records created by the two yesterday were broken by two latecomers.

Before Yoo Jae-seok ran a record of three minutes and twenty-eight seconds in a single circle, it had already surpassed them.

Now maknae is even worse, and it has rushed for two minutes.

Just when everyone was feeling, Liu Jingxu’s words from seonsaeng-nim excite them even more.

“Wow, I really want to sign up with Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi. His mastery of technology and his ability to control ambitions are really powerful. Such people are the most terrible on the track. No matter how fast. Blocks can always be calm and definitely get good results.”

Needless to say, Park Myeong-su and others have already squinted and started to regret it.

I installed sunbae-nim before it was too powerful. How do I face it now?

After a while, Yoo Jae-seok and Seok Jin-soo returned to the pits.

Both of them were warmly and courteously welcomed by everyone.

No way, the talented person is sunbae-nim.

And when he learned that he ran for two minutes, Seok Jin-soo smiled and revealed his big teeth.

β€œHaha Haha, seonsaeng-nim, the car was so interesting.”

Although the sweat is full of heat and physical exertion, Seok Jin-soo’s expression is extremely smooth. Ever since I became an artist, I have never been so comfortable.

Now, he finally believes what seonsaeng-nim said.

In a repressive social environment, we must learn to vent properly.

Liu Jingxu is now watching him, his expression is completely awesome.

β€œSeok Jin-soo ‘ssi, is there any plan to be a professional racer?”

Seok Jin-soo is a bit dumbfounded and didn’t expect seonsaeng-nim to make such an invitation.

“I? Professional racer? How is it? I am driving the car for the first time.”

Liu Jingxu does not look like laughing.

“But your strength and talent have already been revealed. If you can, I really want to sign you with Yoo Jae-seok ‘ssi.”

In the face of Liu Jingxu’s invitation, Seok Jin-soo is really very exciting.

Although he was the first to face the car, he already liked the feeling of being galloping.

“seonsaeng-nim, can’t you be an amateur rider?”

Professional drivers are definitely not good. His main business is an artist. There is not much time spent on the car.

However, when you have time, it should be very good to play.

Liu Jingxu thought about it and reached out to him.

“That way, we will contact you after returning to Korea. I will help you introduce the team.”

In his opinion, the talent and strength of Seok Jin-soo is really a waste if you don’t engage in racing. Since there is no hope for professional racing, it is not bad to participate in amateur racing.

The Korean domestic racing competition is in the ascendant and is still in its infancy. Don’t say anything else, the survival of drivers and teams is more difficult.

If there is such a celebrity to join him, at least there will be more power in the sponsorship.

There is no way to elaborate on this matter. Seok Jin-soo and Liu Jingxu are all in mind.

Next, those who can drive the car have practiced, so naturally it is necessary to decide a winner and see who is the best.

“That way, we are fighting in groups. Myeong-su brother and Hong-chul Hyeong are a group of sunbae-nim teams, and Jae-seok hyeong is a junior team. Now let’s see, it is the sunbae-nim team. Or the younger generation team is amazing.”

Liu Jingxu also agrees with such a group.

“This is the best, first game by Noh Hong-chul ‘ssi and Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, then Yoo Jae-seok ‘ssi and Park Myeong-su ‘ssi second match. Seung- two games Ri, enter the finals.”

The sunbae-nim team and the junior team are in a fair match.

But after knowing the results, Seok Jin-soo was happy.

He grabbed Yoo Jae-seok’s hand and smiled: “Brother, let’s get rid of the sunbae-nim team.”

Yoo Jae-seok is also full of confidence.

“maknae, gogogo!!!”

Not much to say, the first round of official competition began.

Noh Hong-chul first entered the track. After a minute, receiving the signal of departure, Seok Jin-soo’s car also snarled and chased it.

The results depend on the results of the lap, so you don’t need to chase after them.

Because everyone is a novice, it is too dangerous.

This is so great, seeing Seok Jin-soo rushing out, Liu Jingxu seonsaeng-nim is still full of worry.

“Wow, Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is too fast. Maybe after two laps, he will catch up with Noh Hong-chul.”

Everyone has widened his eyes and can’t believe his words.

“seonsaeng-nim, you mean, maknae may buckle?”

Liu Jingxu nodded in a dignified position.

“Now the difference between speed and technology is very obvious. Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi is almost the same as a professional racer. You see, his first lap has reached two minutes and fifty seconds. It was seven seconds faster. Noh Hong-chul broke through to three minutes and three seconds, but the gap is still very obvious. As long as there is no accident, maybe the second lap of Seok Jin-soo will rush into two minutes and forty seconds. The mark.”

Sure enough, even if you listen to the roar of the engine and the results of the visual inspection, you will feel that Seok Jin-soo is faster.

After the guy removed the demons, it became extremely crazy.

My brothers are very worried about how to make such a maknae in the future.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know the worries of his brothers. On the empty track, he is crazy and sensible.

Crazy speed, sensible is technology. Although the second lap is faster, the use of technology is more sophisticated.

I don’t know why, the motor sound of the engine is getting louder and louder, and it is still very mixed. Let him be a little worried, is the engine going to explode?

He didn’t know that the engine was getting louder and louder because he was getting closer and closer to Noh Hong-chul. The sound of the two engines is mixed together, and of course it will be even louder.

Looking at Seok Jin-soo, who passed the straight for the second time, everyone looked very dignified.

Will he catch up with Noh Hong-chul?

What should I do if I meet?

These two newcomers, at this speed, will not be surprised by the flustered?

Thank you for the heart `empty, the devil king generation, the madness or the wind!

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