KEP Chapter 553

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 553 chapter is not a family, not a head, floating astronomy

The news of one month in a row has completely made Seok Jin-soo and myMystic89 famous.

Many people have discovered for the first time that in addition to the big companies traditionally recognized, there is also an entertainment company that is quietly expanding.

Seok Jin-soo is still very busy, and various interviews continue to keep him in high exposure.

A very bad consequence of this is that Kim Tae-hee returned to the three-hole cave.

No way, the reporter’s figure began to appear at his doorstep. Both are afraid of sending out bad news, so you need to control it.

There is no beautiful fragrance in the big house, and Seok Jin-soo is also an incomparable resentment. For the first time, it is not always good to be famous.

He was also very diligent in the “Lonely Agent” and occasionally directed the filming.

Only the two major stars are still receiving special training, so the current shooting is a part of the supporting actors.

Kim Sae-ron, who plays Zheng Xiaomi, is really cute, like an elf. Not only is the young age acting very well, but also the pistachio on the set.

Seok Jin-soo, with mercy, also said to Kim Sae-ron’s mother.

After I graduated from elementary school, I signed up to myMystic89.

Kim Sae-ron’s mother has been acting as her manager, and she has not signed a brokerage company to this day.

However, after the release of “The Lonely Agent”, her potential will be discovered by those brokerage companies.

The reason why I have not signed a brokerage company until now is because Kim Sae-ron’s mother is not sure, what is the future of her daughter on the road of actors.

After all, many children’s actors were very good when they were young, but when they were older, they lost their spirituality and became completely stunned.

Seok Jin-soo is very coveted by Kim Sae-ron, but he is well restrained.

However, he believes that as long as the performance of “The Lonely Agent” is the same as that of the previous life, Kim Sae-ron’s mother will firmly believe that her daughter will continue on the road of the actor.

And after seeing your strength, you will definitely choose to sign up for myMystic89.

This time is busy, but it is good news.

No, even Lee Dae-gyu personally found Seok Jin-soo.

“Man, you have to go to heaven recently. Look at it, choose it.”

Good guy, it’s a big file. Piled up in front of Seok Jin-soo, just like a hill.

“what is this?”

Seok Jin-soo asked the three to eat the bread and asked for it.

Lee Dae-gyu is as good as it is, and it seems that the bank was acquitted.

“What else can it be? Advertising endorsements. You are so hot now, those advertisers are rushing over like crazy, and they can’t stop it.”

Seok Jin-soo is excited and excited.

“These are all endorsements?”

Artists, who doesn’t like advertising endorsements?

Not only because there are advertisements, it represents popularity. And because compared with many activities, advertising endorsement is the easiest.

The degree of fatigue of making an advertisement is not even as good as shooting mv.

Advertising can appear on TV and other media for a long time, and is often seen by the public.

From a promotional point of view, advertising endorsements are definitely the most cost-effective activities.

The most important thing is that if you endorse the advertisement, there will be endorsement fees.

At the top celebrity, an advertising endorsement has hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Don’t do anything, take a short film at most, say a few lines, put a few poses, you can have hundreds of millions of income, where to find such a good job.

In the past, Seok Jin-soo only spoke with the brothers of “Infinite Challenge”, and they didn’t have much money.

And what advertisers value is just the brand effect of Infinite Challenge.

At most Yoo Jae-seok is more important, others are mixed.

Now, I have a separate advertising endorsement, and it is still so much.

For a time, Seok Jin-soo was happy to start reading a copy of the document.

However, in this respect, he is a complete newbie and listens to Lee Dae-gyu’s opinion.

“Brother, are these endorsements going to be next?”

Lee Dae-gyu smiled and was almost caught by her own saliva.

“Yah!! How is this possible? More than 30 advertisements, and then you can’t finish it. Don’t you do anything else?”

Even if it is not very troublesome to shoot an advertisement, more than 30 endorsements can be made well. There is no need to think about it for half a year.

There are so many other trips to Seok Jin-soo that it is impossible to spend so much time on advertising.

“And, there are some messy things in this, and they need to be removed.”

When viewing Seok Jin-soo, Lee Dae-gyu was also flipping through the documents. I don’t know what I saw, he just threw the paper away.

Seok Jin-soo is curious, and when he looks up, he is also angry.

Nima, Jingshan pig feed, this product also came to me for endorsement?

It seems that, as Lee Dae-gyu said, these endorsements must be carefully screened.

涓 涓嫔崃镄勬椂闂 涓嫔崃镄勬椂闂 纴鍝ヤ 纴鍝ヤ 灏卞潗鍦ㄤ 灏卞潗鍦ㄤ 灏卞潗鍦ㄤ 灏卞潗鍦ㄤ 灏卞潗鍦ㄤ 鎸戞崱鎹 鎸戞崱鎹 鎸戞崱鎹 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 傛湁浜夎镄勪唬瑷 锛岃缮 锛岃缮 锛岃缮璁轰竴鐣﹃€

鈥滃掼锛屾垜涓 涓ぇ鐢 涓ぇ鐢 涓ぇ鐢 锛屾帴鍖栧鍝佺殑骞垮憡骞蹭粈涔埚晩锛熲 锛屾帴鍖栧鍝佺殑骞垮憡骞蹭粈涔埚晩锛熲 锛屾帴鍖栧鍝佺殑骞垮憡骞蹭粈涔埚晩锛熲

鐪嫔埌Lee Dae-gyu 鏋佸姏鎺ㄨ崘镄刼hui镄勪唬瑷€钖埚悓锛孲eok Jin-soo 镞犳瘮镄勯儊闂枫€

浠栨槸 粠蹇冮噷涓嶅枩娆 粠蹇冮噷涓嶅枩娆 粠蹇冮噷涓嶅枩娆 (1) 寲濡嗭纴镐 寰椾竴涓ぇ鐢 寰椾竴涓ぇ鐢 寰椾竴涓ぇ鐢 娑傝 娑傝 娑傝 鎶 鎶 鎶

浣嗗仛浜呜 浜 浜 箣钖庯纴锲犱 箣钖庯纴锲犱 瑕侀 瑕侀 瑕侀 瀵 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 纴 浠ヤ笉寰椾笉蹇嶅 浠ヤ笉寰椾笉蹇嶅

鍙槸瑕佷唬瑷€鍖栧鍝侊纴闾h 鐪 鐪 鐪 鐪 鐪

Lee Dae-gyu 寰堜 瑙 瑙 d

鈥渊啊!! 鐢 涓 涓 涓 粈涔堜笉鑳 粈涔堜笉鑳 粈涔堜笉鑳 粈涔堜笉鑳 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢 鍖栧鍝侊纻浣犱笉鏄篃鍖栧鍢

Seok Jin-soo 渚濇棫寰堟湁鎶佃Е銆

鈥沧垜闾f槸宸ヤ綔娌”Pregnant 娉曪纴骞 椂浣犺鎴戝寲濡呜 椂浣犺鎴戝寲濡呜 椂浣犺鎴戝寲濡呜

杩欐楠闱(四)涓嶉€纴泛 DaDe Dae-gyu 浠庡叾浠栫殑瑙掑鍏ユ鍏ユ

鈥渊啊!! ohui鏄痩g板嗗洟镞椾笅镄勩€綘镄勬綘镄勬綘镄勬链哄Holding 婃帴浜嗕笁鏄熺殑锛屽鏋滃叾浠栦骇鍝佷笉鎺g镄勶纴浣犱 琚ぇ璐 (5) 榾瀚夋仺涓婄殑銆傗€

杩欐缁橲eok Jin-soo 鍙戞潵镄勫 娄唬瑷 娄唬瑷 涓纴灏 涓纴灏 涓纴灏 涓纴灏 湁涓夋槦 嗗洟镄刟 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬 镄勬

鍦ㄩ 锲 锲 纴 纴 纴 纴 嬫満琛屼笟 変袱澶 鐗岋纴鍒嗗埆鏄笁鏄熷拰 fan 鐗岋纴鍒嗗埆鏄笁鏄熷拰 鐗岋纴鍒嗗埆鏄笁鏄熷拰 鐗岋纴鍒嗗埆鏄笁鏄熷拰

Key 屽湪婕旇 涓︻ 涓︻ 涓︻ 涓︻ 瀹 瀹 瀹 瀹 瀹 瀹 瀹 瀹 浜呜 浜呜 浜呜 浜呜 浜呜 涓ゅ鍏徃 涓ゅ鍏徃 涓ゅ鍏徃 涓ゅ鍏徃 涓ゅ鍏徃 涓ゅ鍏徃 嬫満镄勮 嬫満镄勮嶈兘绠楁槸 chain椤剁骇镄刢 椤剁骇镄刢elebrity 銆

鐜板湪杩炰笁鏄熼兘缁橲eok Jin-soo 鍙戞潵浜嗛一璇璇纴鏄纴鏄纴鏄劧鏄湅崭崭浠栫殑褰卞搷锷

钖屾牱镄勶纴 lg board 嗗洟鍏跺疄涔熷彂鏉ヤ 嬫満镄勪唬瑷 嬫満镄勪唬瑷 嬫満镄勪唬瑷 闾 闾 璇 € € €

浣哠eok Jin-soo 鍜孡ee Dae-gyu 璁ㄨ浜嗕箣钖庯纴鍐冲畾绛斿簲涓夋槦畾绛斿簲涓夋槦嬫満镄勯嬫満镄勯璇€


闾d箞闂鏉ヤ 锛屾棦鐒 锛屾棦鐒 锛屾棦鐒 锛岃嚜鐒秎 h█锛岃嚜鐒秎g镄勬 链 chain 唬瑷 娌 °C湁宁屾湜浜嗐€

浣嗗悓镙 殑锛岄 殑锛岄 殑锛岄 殑锛岄 殑绀 殑绀 殑绀 殑绀 殑绀 殑绀 畾浜嗕竴镣癸纴 畾浜嗕竴镣癸纴 畾浜嗕竴镣癸纴 畾浜嗕竴镣癸纴 畾浜嗕竴镣癸纴

濡傛灉鍙槸阃夋嫨涓夋槦 屽 屽 鐣 鐣 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 镄勮瘽锛岄偅涔埚 绛変簬浠婂悗鍜岃 绛変簬浠婂悗鍜岃 绛変簬浠婂悗鍜岃 绛変簬浠婂悗鍜岃 殑澶 殑澶Eucalyptus

Seok Jin-soo 鏄仛鑹 镄勶纴镊︻劧娌¢ 镄勶纴镊︻劧娌¢ 镄勶纴镊︻劧娌¢ 镄勶纴镊︻劧娌¢ 镄勶纴镊︻劧娌¢ 鐞嗗缑缃︼

镞(三)劧镓嬫満镄勪唬瑷€阃夋嫨浜嗕笁鏄燂纴闾d箞鍦ㄥ叾浠栫殑浜уfan涓婂Ammonia 悜€悜悜lg悜€浜涳纴浠ユ眰杈Torch

杩欎篃灏 槸 槸 chain 杩慡eok Jin-soo 钖嶅0澶у櫔锛屾槸骞垮憡鍟嗘眰镌€浠栥€

鎹(2) 垚骞 椂镄勮瘽锛屽彧瑕佷粬浠 浜嗕笁鏄熺殑浜 h█浜嗕笁鏄熺殑浜у fan 锛岄偅涔坙 g镄勪 for argon argonぇ闂ㄣ€

锲犳鐜板湪锛孲eok Jin-soo 镄勬澶翠笂锛屽 ammonia鎽嗙潃涓夋槦鍜宭g镄勫Hoop hoop 娄唬瑷€闾€璇枫€

Key 宭 鏂 鏂 锛岄櫎浜嗘 锛岄櫎浜嗘 锛岄櫎浜嗘 锛岄櫎浜嗘 哄 哄 哄 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷 镄勪唬瑷

鍙疭eok Jin-soo 杩樻槸涓嶆兂鎺ュ弹鍖栧鍝佺殑浠h█銆

鈥滃掼锛宭g鏂 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏 灏

Lee Dae-gyu 鎽婃憡 嬨 嬨

鈥滆槠鐒 缮 chain 夛纴浣呜 umbrella 涓渶钖堥 € umbrella € 傗

Seok Jin-soo 鍙槸涓嶅惉銆


Lee Dae-gyu 瀵 Silicon Umbrella 涓纻寮熷お浜呜 浜嗭纴鍙︼浜嗕竴鍙ヨ瘽灏卞畲鎴愪 浜嗭纴鍙︼浜嗕竴鍙ヨ瘽灏卞畲鎴愪 銆 銆

鈥涣 缁椤嚭镄勪唬瑷 缁椤嚭镄勪唬瑷 璐 槸涓 骞 骞 骞 骞 骞 € € € 〔 〔 〔 〔

Seok Jin-soo 缈 鏂囦 鏂囦 鏂囦 鏂囦 鏂囦 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ 椤匡纴闅忓悗绁炴儏涓ヨ


杩欐 铔嬶纴鏋 铔嬶纴鏋 劧涓嶈鑴 劧涓嶈鑴 劧涓嶈鑴

镞(三)劧Seok Jin-soo 绛斿簲浜唎hui镄勪唬瑷€闾€璇凤纴闾d箞鎺ヤ笅鏉ワ纴Lee Dae-gyu 灏 煡阆揿浣曟搷浣滀 煡阆揿浣曟搷浣滀 煡阆揿浣曟搷浣滀

鐪嬬殑鍑 潵锛宱 潵锛宱 鏂 鏂 鏂 鏂 鏂 鏂 箮涔熷緢镐ャ 箮涔熷緢镐ャ

鑳 笉镐ュ槢锛岃 笉镐ュ槢锛岃 椹笂瀵掑啲灏辫杩囧幓浜嗐 椹笂瀵掑啲灏辫杩囧幓浜嗐 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶 綋鏄ュぉ鏉ュ埌锛屾埛澶栨椿锷ㄥ澶鍝 佹姢 佹姢 佹姢 佹姢 ゅ ゅ 瀛 瀛 妭銆 妭銆

Ohui鏂鏂溃镶畾鏄兂瑕佸畾鏄兂瑕佸熸 chain 轰 锛屼竴涓 锛屼竴涓 锛屼竴涓 崰鎹 崰鎹 崰鎹 鍦 纴 纴 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐 杩欐f槸涓€鎺峰崈崈戙€

Seok Jin-soo 濡 粖浜 粖浜 皵 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鐏纴镊︻劧鏄痮 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯 鏋佸姏鎯

簬浠栭昵镄勪笉澶熷竻锛岄偅 簬浠栭昵镄勪笉澶熷竻锛岄偅 chain 変粈涔埚叧绯 纻

Song Kang-ho 涔熶笉宁呭憿锛屼唬瑷呭憿锛屼唬瑷璐璐彲涔熶笉渚垮疁銆

褰掓牴缁揿簳锛岀 鑹 鑹 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 鐪嬬殑杩樻槸浜 屼笉鏄偅涔堢殑 屼笉鏄偅涔堢殑 屼笉鏄偅涔堢殑 屼笉鏄偅涔堢殑 屼笉鏄偅涔堢殑

The key 屼笖涓 屼笖涓 涓 镣 镣 镣 屽搷锛宱 鏂 鏂 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 杩樼粰 Seok Jin-soo 句 句 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 潵寰埚尮閰岖殑鎼 銆

鐩镐俊杩欐牱镄勪袱涓︷ “绾 elebrity 涓 璧 璧 悎浣滐纴缁濆鑳 悎浣滐纴缁濆鑳 悎浣滐纴缁濆鑳 鐩栬 镓 镓 € € € € € € € € €

绔椤湪骞垮憡镄勬愧鎽勭幇鍦 纴 纴 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 镄勫浼犳 荤洃 荤洃 荤洃 枟濞滃鏄兂镌 枟濞滃鏄兂镌 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃

Seok Jin-soo arrived earlier, and he always stayed on time while at work.

Plus I don’t know much about advertising, so come early and talk to the director.

Seeing that he arrived an hour earlier, Park Dou Na was really happy.

Although the name is big, but there is no shelf at all, it is the favorite partner of advertisers.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, please rest assured that today’s shooting will definitely satisfy you. In order to produce the best results, we also invited the goddess-level actors and your partner.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t care much about this.

“You are too polite. Since I have signed the contract, I will definitely do my best.”

When he heard his statement, Park Doo was more happy.

“No wonder Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi has achieved such great success. It was originally supported by your professionalism.”

Being praised, Seok Jin-soo is also very happy and funny: “So, I am so dedicated, even if you get a piece of wood and I partner, I can do it well.”

Just then, a staff member ran to Park Doo.

“Director, come.”

Following the staff’s instructions, Seok Jin-soo and Park Doo turned around and finally saw their partner.

But he might as well not see it.

This partner is not as good as wood.

Looking at So Ye-jin not far away, the same look of horror, Seok Jin-soo has some hunch, and today’s Huang Li seems to be wrong.

Thank you krezreal, otaku waiting for the book, the devil king generation, it is really you and her reward!

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