KEP Chapter 556

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 556 chapter is still a cheap life, floating astronomy

I donโ€™t know what year in the water, time is like a gap.

Soon, thirty seconds passed.

Son Ye-jin clearly felt that his heart beat began to accelerate.

It was because of insufficient oxygen and the protests from the heart.

But look at the opposite, Seok Jin-soo still looks like a slap in the face and looks at her. Obviously I want to figure out what she is doing.

Looking at the lightness of Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin was even more faint.

The damn guy, wait for under annyeonghaseyo.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know what to expect if he waits. He just wonders what the crazy woman is doing.

Itโ€™s fun to catch yourself and not continue.

At the time of confusion, fifteen seconds passed.

He still looks as usual, but Son Ye-jin’s face is starting to be wrong.

Obviously, her nostrils began to flex and contract, and her throat was also rapidly surging.

All this is superficial, this woman’s breathing is almost unable to keep up. Wait a second, it is estimated that something is going to happen.

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo intends to go back to the water first, and then ask questions after the gas exchange, what exactly does this woman mean.

Unexpectedly, he was so moved, Son Ye-jin had a bright eye, as if the long night finally looked forward to the dawn.

Son Ye-jin originally thought that he had reached the limit, but he had not seen Seok Jin-soo panicked and desperately struggling. It was very disappointing.

But when she was about to give up, she suddenly saw Seok Jin-soo wanting to go back to the water, but she misunderstood.

She thought that Seok Jin-soo couldn’t hold it anymore.

And what she is waiting for is not this time.

Under the joy, Son Ye-jin didn’t know where the strength came from. The whole person swam past, and even stretched out his arms and hugged the neck of Seok Jin-soo.

Even if the cheeks of the two men were on their cheeks, the two full-bodied plumes were attached to Seok Jin-soo’s chest, but they couldn’t take it anymore.

As long as you can let this guy admit defeat, what is the sacrifice?

Seok Jin-soo had to stand up, and as a result, the neck was tight and the man was pulled back.

After another blink of an eye, I saw that Son Ye-jin was close at hand, which really scared him.

The woman has pale face and gradually turned into a flush.

Seok Jin-soo is experienced, of course, knowing that this is a feature of people who want to drown.

Isn’t this woman not going to water and getting in danger so she climbs up?

He knows that some drowning people will panicly want to catch everything they can catch. People who often rescue drowning people are dragged down by the behavior of drowning people.

He thought that Son Ye-jin was going to drown, so that would be the case.

If he thought about it, he would like to get out of the water.

No matter how much hatred with Son Ye-jin, I can’t watch her drowning.

In that case, it is going to happen.

He didn’t struggle, but it was such a move that Son Ye-jin misunderstood that he was at the limit.

As a result, the woman became more and more tight and even used her legs.

But she forgot that she was the one who really reached the limit. After so many hard toss, the oxygen in Son Ye-jin’s body was finally consumed.

Unconsciously, she opened her mouth and wanted to breathe.

The problem is that this is in the water.

She opened her mouth like this, and the pool water immediately poured into the mouth. The respiratory tract was smashed by water and Son Ye-jin finally realized the danger.

At this time, she remembered going back to the water to change her breath, but it was too late. The two big saliva went down, so her mind was not so clear.

Although I released my hand, I forgot that my leg was still wrapped around Seok Jin-soo. The result was waving for a long time, but it never returned to the surface.

Seok Jin-soo is always paying attention to Son Ye-jin. He doesn’t know that this woman originally wanted to tease herself.

When I saw Son Ye-jin drowning, my consciousness was also confused. He was scared enough.

Seeing the face of Son Ye-jin’s disastrous horror is in front of him, and he can’t take care of anything else. Pulling his arm violently, he pulled the struggling woman over, and then covered the woman’s lips with a big mouth.

With such intimate contact, the oxygen in the mouth followed.

The helpless oxygen sent, although mixed with the man’s masculine and overbearing atmosphere, but also let Son Ye-jin seize the life-saving straw, all of a sudden ease.

She breathed greedily, and for the first time found that the air was so beautiful.

Although the breath is wet, with a taste that is both strange and familiar, but it can live, that feeling is really good.

Feeling the beauty of survival, Son Ye-jin opened his eyes sweetly, then…

Then I saw Seok Jin-soo’s big face licking his cheek, and most importantly, his own care and maintenance of the lips, is actually being squatted by this guy.

This bastard, even when he is drowning himself, invades himself?

Understood this fact, Son Ye-jin was so angry that he quickly pushed his hands and pushed Seok Jin-soo. By the water, when I leaned back, I kicked my foot on the lower abdom of Seok Jin-soo.

As long as you go down three inches, Seok Jin-soo is not guaranteed.

But since there is no hit, Seok Jin-soo, such as the iron-like abdominal muscles, shocked Son Ye-jin’s fiber.

Son Ye-jin has already taken care of this, and has broken away from the violation of Seok Jin-soo, and the effort of three or two has surfaced.

I wiped out the water stains on my face and I was ready to rush to teach the pervert.

She has already seen that Seok Jin-soo has also gotten out of the water and still smears her face.

Going up at this time is a good time to shoot.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t wait for her action, and suddenly there was a burst of drink on the shore.


The unexpected roar scared Son Ye-jin, and he couldn’t help but stop. When she turned her head to look at the shore, she saw Mv director and Park Dou Na all happy.

Especially the director of mv, she also erected her hands with a thumbs up.

“Wow, the two are professional, they are so dedicated. Without saying, your kiss is really good. It is better than the expected kiss forehead, and the whole picture is sublimated. Director, I suggest that the advertisement will use this. โ€

Park Doo also stood by and saw the whole process through the monitor.

“Well, you are right. This kind of shocking kiss is enough to make our advertising classic. Two, thank you very much for your professionalism.”

Son Ye-jin has widened his eyes and the whole person is not good.

what happened?

It is obvious that this guy has invaded himself and the cameras have been photographed. Do you actually say that?

“Director, not…”

Park Doo is in the middle of excitement, not paying attention to her ridiculous look.

“Okay, this paragraph is perfect, you don’t need to remake it. Come on, how cold the water is.”

Although this is in the swimming pool, it is much warmer than the outdoor. But people have been soaking in the water, or they are not good for their health.

Park Dou Na was originally worried that the two people should be very hard to shoot.

I didnโ€™t think that the two men were so โ€œprofessionalโ€ that they not only over-required the requirements of the script, but also actively increased the emotional kiss.

As a result, the high degree of completion of the picture, combined with the fame of these two people, far exceeds other similar advertisements.

Park Dou Na has already foreseen that after this advertisement is promoted, the sales of ohui this quarter will increase by a large margin.

At that time, she was rewarded by her boss, and perhaps the director became a routine.

With so many benefits, she can be upset.

She is happy, and Son Ye-jin wants to cry without tears.

I want to scream loudly that Seok Jin-soo is a satyr, a violation of myself, but I have to swallow it back.

If this is a trouble, although it can reveal the true face of the bastard, what can I do with my own reputation?

Son Ye-jin hasn’t figured out the countermeasures yet. The assistants have already rushed over and pulled her out of the pool.

On the shore, people become more free. Son Ye-jin turned around and wanted to lock the trail of Seok Jin-soo.

But only to see that he was also pulled up by the assistant, surrounded by the lounge.

This bastard, by taking the opportunity of shooting, is indecent to himself, but pretends to be nothing.

Sure enough, there is no mistake, it is really a scum.

Itโ€™s been too long to stay in the water, and with the water, Son Ye-jinโ€™s head is still groggy. Supported by the assistants, they returned to their lounges all the way.

When I got here, there was no outsider, and she finally didn’t have to pretend to be strong.

As soon as the assistant closed the door, she immediately hugged her belly and snarled.

What is spit out, there is no leftovers left, only one share of clear water.

I just didn’t know how much I drank. Anyway, there was a smell of water in the mouth, in the nose, and in the respiratory tract.

Wait, why in the mouth, in addition to the smell of the pool water, there is a strange warmth.

But soon, Son Ye-jin understood it.

She has been acting for many years and has also taken a lot of kisses. Naturally, it is a human taste.

As for who is it, think about the infringement of the guy just now, what doubts does she have?

Son Ye-jin cried as soon as he thought that the guy had left his breath in his body. Not only crying, but also crying desperately.

“Water, give me water.”

The assistant’s door was unknown, but he did not dare to neglect. He quickly handed over a bottle of water.

Son Ye-jin took a sip and screamed desperately in his mouth, then sipped and spit on the floor. Take another sip, the same procedure, spit on the ground again.

If it is down, a bottle of water is dried, but still feels the smell in the mouth that is unclear and unclear.

I was thinking about taking advantage of the strength of swimming, so that the guy can eat a big loss.

Who thinks that the person who ultimately suffers is actually himself.

Not only did he not hurt the other side, but he was also attacked by the other side.

Obviously hurt, the guy can’t talk to anyone if he leaves without incident.

Thinking of his wolverine, Son Ye-jin slammed on the floor, his cheeks buried in his arms, and the crying was especially miserable.

The surrounding staff all looked at each other and didn’t know what happened to her.

In the past, they knew Son Ye-jin, under the sweet and gentle surface, but with a domineering and strong heart.

Don’t say crying, even she has become weak, everyone has never seen it.

Looking at the incredibly abnormal Son Ye-jin, everyone was a little scared, not knowing what happened.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know that Son Ye-jin is complaining about himself. He is also confused when he returns to the lounge.

What the crazy woman is doing?

Is it to experience the feeling of drowning?

Anyway, he did not understand, in the water, the woman did not do well in accordance with the requirements of the script, what is the purpose of daze?

“Oh, fortunately, the brother is witty and knows how to breathe. Otherwise, the chick will be finished today.”

Thinking of the handsomeness of saving people, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but smell.

“Insane woman, are you still not at my feet, thank you for my life-saving grace?”

As for the last kick that Son Ye-jin kicked him.

Because in the water, the resistance is great. Plus Son Ye-jin does not wear shoes, how much damage can a smooth fiber?

Seok Jin-soo instead thought she was unintentional after losing her weight.

In this way, the misunderstanding between the two people is deeper!

Thank you for your heart, krezreal, and the past!

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