KEP Chapter 561

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 561 chapter is not satisfied? Floating astronomy

Contacted the lawyer, with a strong helper, the two sides played against this.

But there is still a lot to be prepared for the thin court.

For example, collecting information, contacting the judges who appeared, some witnesses, setting up venues, etc., at least one week later for follow-up shooting.

This week, Seok Jin-soo is free.

Although he is in contact with Bruno Mars every day, he can’t insert anything in Europe and America.

I watched the sales of “uptownfunk” every day, and counted how much I had accounted for.

After such a long period of fermentation, this song is now full of firepower, and it is still in the first place on the weekly list of bulletin boards.

No matter how big the singer comes back, no matter who’s the news is hot, it can’t get it down.

According to Atlantic Records, this song can at least dominate the March list. In that case, the championship may be more than fourteen weeks.

This is the result of “uptownfunk” in the information provided by the sound.

But that’s the result of 2014 to 2015, and it’s not the same as it is now. So maybe it would be better, and it would make Seok Jin-soo even more happy.

But one consequence of this result is that the release of Seok Jin-soo’s personal first European and American singles has to be postponed.

Originally said to be good at the end of February to let the Atlantic record hear the demo, now look, I am afraid that there will be hope at the end of March is not bad.

However, he is not very anxious, anyway, the better the performance of “uptownfunk”, the more money he makes.

There is no need to be busy with this matter. The shooting of “The Lonely Agent” does not require him to be busy.

Won Bin and Tanayong Wangtracu are still in special training, and there is still a lot of time from the official shooting of the film.

Look at nothing, Seok Jin-soo decided to let t-ara prepare the comeback again.

But this comeback, but not a single, but t-ara’s first regular album.

Seok Jin-soo intends to include 14 songs in it, and let t-ara officially set sail.

At the end of last year, t-ara’s comeback had a good momentum and made a lot of influence.

“Cheer Up” is also a divine song that can push twice to the status of the National Girl Group. Even the single, it helps t-ara get seven.

Also because of last year’s good results, t-ara took the Golden Record Awards, Seoul Seoul Music Awards, and Mama’s newcomers all over again.

They were also named the best newcomer in 2009 year, and the limelight completely overshadowed other women’s groups that debuted at the same time.

In the short period of more than half a year, in the honor room of t-ara, there are more than 30 trophies.

This is a lot of idol combinations, and the results of their careers may not be able to achieve.

However, Seok Jin-soo did not satisfy this. He knew that t-ara could do more.

This time, the regular album is a step that can push them to the super line.

Because there are as many as fourteen songs, nature can’t rely on him alone to create.

So in addition to the title song, Seok Jin-soo also bought songs from outside composers.

Among them, “As the Original” is the work of Bang Si-hyuk, which was bought by myMystic89.

The relationship between Seok Jin-soo and Bang Si-hyuk is not good and there is no need for direct contact.

Bang Si-hyuk also left JYP and is said to be preparing for his own company. When you need money, you naturally can’t care about the grievances of Seok Jin-soo.

“tictictoc” is the work of An Yingmin and a well-known composer.

Seok Jin-soo also made Zhao Yingxiu arrange abt leisa for t-ara, thus establishing a good cooperative relationship.

He knows that Xinshadong Tiger and Zhao Yingxiu have always been t-ara’s royal music producers.

These two people are good at hit songs, one is good at lyrics, and created most of the classic songs of t-ara.

Now that the Xinshadong Tiger does not know where it is, Seok Jin-soo has to personally carry his work.

And Zhao Yingxiu is in front of him, naturally it is necessary to establish a cooperative relationship.

In addition to the new song, this album also includes songs such as “Lies”, “timetolove”, “Good People” and “Want to Play?” t-ara has already produced.

As for Seok Jin-soo himself, he worked hard for three days and got the main song out. Taking a little song, taking a step, sneaked into the practice room of t-ara.

Since breaking up with So-yeon, he has deliberately reduced the number of times he went to see t-ara because of his heart knot.

Unless the work is necessary, it will not go.

However, after the baptism of the special edition of the car, Seok Jin-soo’s heart was suddenly opened, and the whole person suddenly became more and more cheerful.

Now in his heart, the sky is wide, the clouds are rolling, and everything is already indifferent.

So come to t-ara’s practice room again, he is so calm and quiet.

On the contrary, So-yeon seems to be a little indestructible, deliberately sitting farther and not speaking.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t care, but looked at the six girls well.

“Well, it’s not bad. I have been out for half a year, and I have matured a lot. You finally have a little artist, and you are not so green.”

As the saying goes, experience is the best catalyst.

Before t-ara just debuted, everything was ignorant, completely white.

However, after half a year of activities, the insights of the insights have passed. It is understandable that the understanding is understood. The pain of the pain has passed and naturally matured.

And in the idol group, their age is actually relatively large, and the debut is relatively late.

Although he only debuted for half a year, Bo-ram and Qri are already twenty-five years old, So-yeon is twenty-four years old, Eun-jung is twenty-three years old, Hyo-min is twenty-two years old, Ji-yeon…

Little kid has no human rights, not counting.

But when I heard him, the girls were very puzzled.

“Oppa, we are mature, is it good or not?”

Qri caressed her hair, which is very small.

Seok Jin-soo rubbed his chin and sighed.

“Good is not good. The good thing is, if you mature, you can eat less and lose more performance. The bad thing is, because you are mature, you…the circle is too fast. Yah!! Lee Qri, Park So-yeon, Hahm Eun-jung, if you don’t say a few days, will you be fat?”

Seok Jin-soo was so angry that he looked at the three girls who were self-confident and began to worry.

Really, I have not seen them for more than a month. Good guy, like a balloon, immediately swelled back.

“Hey, let me check your activity records. If you let me see that you are exercising, you will never spare you.”

Looking at Qri’s round face like Apple, So-yeon’s body like a gourd, and Eun-jung’s thick legs like a pillar, he really made a fuss.

Always emphasize that they insist on exercising and shaping to maintain a perfect body shape.

As a result, these missy are still not on the heart, a supervision is not strict, and immediately rebound.

I heard that I have to be severely punished, and all three women are frightened.

Unanimously, Qi Tong, Yu Tong, and Tong Tong were at the feet of Seok Jin-soo, holding his thighs and began to plead.

“Oppa, just once, it’s really the last time. We promise that this will never happen again in the future.”

Qri tried to squeeze out the smiling face and used a nasal sound. Although not good at coquetry, but in order to avoid punishment, still willing to face down.

“Oppa, people don’t deliberately gain weight. It’s all good for the company’s food, it’s a chef’s problem.”

So-yeon is beginning to rely on others, not to mention that it is their own fault.

myMystic89 is of course a canteen, after all, there are so many employees working every day.

In this regard, both Yoon Jong-shin and Seok Jin-soo are more generous. So myMystic89’s canteen level is similar to the legendary yg canteen.

So-yeon’s words are half-truthful and it is estimated that there is really no shortage.

Eun-jung is a pitiful one.

“Oppa, you know that people have a big skeleton. People are really not fat. Look, there is really not much meat.”

This missy, you said, why do you open the collar?

It’s really debut, mature, and let go, you can play with it.

Seok Jin-soo certainly can’t really punish them. After all, they are debut artists, and Trainee is different.

But there is no good face.

“What are you doing? There are acting skills, running the gym twice. I don’t want to go outside the gym. Tomorrow I will let President Lee Dae-gyu get one in the company.”

There is also a room in myMystic89 company that is idle and is used as a storage room for goods. It can be sorted out and get a small gym.

Speaking of this, Seok Jin-soo is becoming more and more feasible.

He also knows that the artist’s fitness is actually very annoying.

Go outside the gym and it’s easy to be onlookers.

After all, it’s a celebrity. The sights of other fitness people will come over from time to time, and they are not at all comfortable.

If there is a gym in the company, then everyone is much more comfortable.

Let the three women return to the position, Seok Jin-soo took out the score and distributed it to them.

“You have also rested for more than a month, ready to prepare, comeback in the spring. This time is different, is a regular album.”

I heard that I have to come back again, and the girls are a little surprised.

Speaking of it, in the field of singers, they are definitely the kind of comeback very frequent. Although I don’t know if this is good, it is very tired.

I can hear that this time it was neither a mini album nor a single, but after the regular album, the girls cheered up.

“Wow, great, we are finally a singer with an album.”

In the music circle, the singer is not official, it is to watch a few albums.

If you have always been a single, and there is no regular album, it is difficult to be recognized as a singer.

When Seok Jin-soo gave the score to everyone, he also informed them about this year’s plan.

“The company decided that your comeback this year should remain at around three times. In April, it was the first comeback, and in August, the second comeback. The third comeback looked at the situation. If it doesn’t work, it will be placed. At the beginning of next year, because it is the same as the pure trilogy, this is also the rhythm of the trilogy. But after the trilogy, your comeback will slow down, you can take it slowly.”

I heard that the pace of comeback will slow down in the future, and the girls are finally relieved.

MyMystic89 has arranged a lot of activities for them. In addition to comeback, there are variety shows, TV shows and so on.

Even if the girls are very diligent, they feel that the body can’t afford it.

So the frequency of comeback is slow, it is the right choice.

Here, the girls are concentrating on the scores of the title songs.

At first glance, the girls frowned at the same time.

“Mo Yah!! What song is this?”

“This song is too naive?”

“So a song that doesn’t make sense, can you do it?”

For a time, the girls questioned the sounds, all of which were dissatisfied with the song.

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