KEP Chapter 562

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 562 chapter is going to bet? Floating astronomy

In Seok Jin-soo’s impression, the girls at t-ara are very well-behaved.

Whatever he wants to do, his instructions have never been spared.

However, this time, it completely exceeded his expectations.

Good guy, the six missy are together, except for the quiet Bo-ram, the other five are as awkward as the ducks.

All are questions about his work.

Listening and listening, Seok Jin-soo sighed and impatiently interrupted the liTTL-Time To Love e missy.

“Yeah!! How, when you say that you are mature, do you want to rebel?”

Listening to him, the girls are even more unhappy.

“Oppa, what is this? This is not a discussion. Why do you come up with the prestige of the governor? South Korea is a democracy. Is it not allowed to talk?”

Eun-jung is a deputy team leader, and this mouth is not at all.

It was a sneer at Seok Jin-soo.

“Yah!! Are you talking about it? I am so skeptical about listening to it? Do you doubt my work?”

Ji-yeon poked his head from behind Eun-jung.

“Why can’t Oppa’s work be suspected? Is Oppa so powerful every time?”

Seok Jin-soo narrowed his eyes and looked dangerously at the dinosaurs who provoked him.

“Park Ji-long, are you going to compare it?”

Ji-yeon was scared and returned to the back of Eun-jung.

Qri jumped out again.

“I was originally given to our work. Can we still have our own opinions? Look, what is this? There are sixteen bopeepbopeep. I have never seen such a lyric, can’t I sing it? Hey?”

Seok Jin-soo pinched Qri’s face and pushed her far.

“Yeah, are you questioning my level? How do I make music, do you need to teach?”

Qri’s face was fat, so it was a big piece of meat. She hurts and slaps Seok Jin-soo’s arm and sits far away.

“Why do you want to be rude?”

Seok Jin-soo is too lazy to care for her.

“Look at what you mean, do you think I am playing with you?”

It’s not very happy to see him. The girls also know that the atmosphere is tense and it’s a lot quieter.

This time So-yeon stood up and decided to reason.

“Oppa is a well-known producer and has produced so many good songs. We are just newcomers who have just debuted, and they have to say what they have to say about music. It’s self-deception. But after all, it’s the song we want to perform, at least Oppa also wants us to understand the meaning of this song.”

Seeing what So-yeon said, Hyo-min also dared to interject.

“Oppa is unreasonable, just like bullying people.”

She saw that Seok Jin-soo was fiercely Ji-yeon and pinched Qri’s face.

This Oppa is good everywhere, but the temper is not good. Although I don’t beat people, I like to teach people.

Originally for So-yeon, Seok Jin-soo listened very seriously and didn’t dare to treat it casually.

After all, it is an ex-girlfriend, and this relationship is very terrible.

He could hear Hyo-min, but he was mad at it.

“What are you doing, you are really not convinced. Or is it so good, how are we betting?”

When I said this, Seok Jin-soo’s mouth twitched, and there was a cold smile.

This group of missy, I really don’t know the power of “bopeepbopeep”.

This is a veritable divine comedy. When it comes to influence, even Cheer Up is slightly inferior.

“Cheer Up” can send twice to the status of the National Girl Group, which is no tiger in the mountains, the monkey is called the king.

No, this song was released by Seok Jin-soo for 2009, which is to let t-ara take a few, and the rest is nothing.

In the age of this divine music, the quality of “Cheer Up” is really dwarfed.

Unlike “Cheer Up,” “bopeepbopeep” is a true Divine Comedy. Sweeping the opponent does not say, but also let t-ara directly become the first line of Girl Group.

And cat dance is also very popular, becoming the representative of the same type of music.

Since then, when talking about cat dance, the first thing people think of is “bopeepbopeep.”

Seok Jin-soo obviously feels that after the pure trilogy has paved the way, t-ara has already reached the time of soaring, so the bopeepbopeep was taken out at the right time to help t-ara come up.

Who thought that this group of missy actually did not appreciate.

If so, give them a lesson. Let them know what is called the sea of ​​learning.

At this time, nothing is more effective than a bet.

As long as they lose, Seok Jin-soo has a thousand ways to make them die, and never dare to question him.

However, he thinks very well, these missy are not stupid.

As soon as I heard that I had to bet, the six girls collectively turned their heads into rattles.

“Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, we won’t bet.”

“That is, we don’t want to dress so strange, then go to the mbc door to sing.”

Their relationship with Girl’s Generation was quite good. When Girl’s Generation and Seok Jin-soo lost their bets, he was forced to play at the door of mbc, but he was dead.

Every time I talk about it, the members of Girl’s Generation are biting and gnashing.

Since they understand the consequences, they don’t want to follow the footsteps of Girl’s Generation.

It was wise to see them, and without agreeing, Seok Jin-soo showed a brutal face.

“Hey, Girl’s Generation is just like you, questioning the level of gee. How is the result?”

This is a big deal, and the eyes of So-yeon and others are on.

What is the “gee”, they can be too clear.

The nine consecutive championships created by that song are still recorded by Music Bank. Some people even threatened that this record will not be broken anymore.

In addition, this song also helped Girl’s Generation get rid of the haze and become the top national girl Group.

Now talking about the women’s idol group, Girl’s Generation is the well-deserved top spot.

Countless women’s idols have taken Girl’s Generation as a benchmark, learning, working hard, dreaming, and hope to one day be able to transcend.

At this time, I heard Seok Jin-soo compare “bopeepbopeep” to “gee”, and the girls’ enthusiasm was eagerly awaited, and no doubt was raised.

Seeing that they finally got the motivation, Seok Jin-soo sneaked in the heart, naturally will not tell them that this song is not as good as “gee”.

Anyway, it can help t-ara to go up, that is, good songs are not.

It took a week for the left and right, and under the personal guidance of Seok Jin-soo, the girls gradually began to master the song.

After the follow-up guidance, Seok Jin-soo was thrown to Kim Hyeong-seok, and he also recorded the recording of Infinite Challenge.

But neither him nor Kim Hyeong-seok clearly felt a bit.

That is the mymystic89 company, which lacks a professional vocal seonsaeng-nim.

Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Hyeong-seok and Seok Jin-soo are professional musicians who can make great music. But in terms of singing skills, it is not their strength.

The outbreak of sound, the skill of singing, the use of various vocals and resonance, etc., all require professional vocal guidance.

So Seok Jin-soo and the two discussed it, and privately began to find the right vocal guidance.

The six girls of t-ara are too weak in singing. Even the best So-yeon does not reach the level of Tae-yeon.

This kind of combination of women without strength, and then go on, will be very hard.

And with professional vocal guidance to train them, they will greatly enhance their strength.

The matter is not going to come, the company is slowly looking for it, and Seok Jin-soo is busy with the “Infinite Challenge”.

After a week of preparations, the farewell to the big show crimes and Kyrgyzstan officially staged.

When everyone enters the court, they must also make a name through the media. In short, it is just shouting, making public opinion.

The plaintiff Fang Ji’s side also conveyed the complaint.

The above requirements are ridiculous, and it is exactly what makes Seok Jin-soo and others laugh.

Kyrgyz has mainly proposed two requirements:


Second, the costs of litigation are borne by the defendant.

Facing the camera, of course, it is not really a reporter, but the guest of the “Infinite Challenge” vj, Ji Dafang swear words.

“Real is long-lasting, justice is long-lasting. There is no money and sin, the era of money and sin has passed! I have not pee! My personality is there, I want to prove it to you. Really Seung-ri !”

Kyrgyzstan’s actions, of course, make the defendant unable to bear it.

So, with Yoo Jae-seok as the representative, a counterclaim was filed.

The requirements are also two points:

First, the plaintiff (counterfeit defendant) should compensate the defendant (counterfeit plaintiff) Yoo Jae-seok 100 million yuan, and the 2009 year 8 month 19 date to the full payment date of 5%.

Second, the first item above is executable.

Yoo Jae-seok has more to say to the camera.

“He sprinkled, I said, what else can it be? Sprinkle is to scatter. Lie lie, must be punished.”

The prior procedures have all been completed, and the final battlefield is naturally in the courtroom.

On this day, everyone put on a suit and it was very formal and went into the courtroom.

From the beginning, the atmosphere was very good.

Park Myeong-su: “Let’s be quiet, don’t be noisy in court.”

Seok Jin-soo is ridiculous.

“Brother, your voice is the biggest.”

Park Myeong-su: “I know.”

Jeong Hyeong-don seized the opportunity to start the attack.

“Because it is uneasy, will the sound be louder?”

Jeong Jun-ha launched a comeback.

“What is uneasy, we will win 100%.”

Park Myeong-su actually started playing the sitcom again.

“You are the first issue of the Judicial Academy? There is no politeness.”

Seok Jin-soo slammed back in a word.

“The guy who does not know where the Judicial Institute’s door is open.”

Kyrgyzstan is at the end, and it is still drawing people’s hearts.

“I will give the staff a down jacket.”

Seok Jin-soo held his mobile phone and immediately said: “Lawyer, I have recorded this sentence, is it enough to accept bribes?”

Zhang Jin-young lawyer immediately gave him a thumbs up.

“Good job, Kyrgyzstan has the suspicion of bribery, this is our counterattack.”

Ji also did not think that Seok Jin-soo would be such a chicken thief, immediately panic, want to rush to grab the phone.

“Hey, I will talk about it.”

Jeong Hyeong-don and Noh Hong-chul teamed up to push him away.

“What to say in the holy court, you are responsible for what you do.”

Good guy, just opening the game, Kyrgyzstan sent a handle, it is simply to make the defendant laugh.

Thank you krezreal, otaku for the book!

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