KEP Chapter 568

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 568 chapter deadly lore, floating astronomy

Very strange question, but let Jiji have no way to retreat.

Because he and Park Jung-ah first kissed this thing, as stated in Infinite Challenge, many people know it.

There is no room for falsification, and Kyrgyzstan must answer honestly.

“Well… Kim Je-dong’s home.”

Seok Jin-soo has known this for a long time, and he wants this too.

“So good, Mr. Kim Je-dong, why is your home the place to be the first kiss of Kyrgyzstan and Park Jung-ah?”

Kim Je-dong is inexplicable.

“how could I know?”

You know you don’t know, Seok Jin-soo doesn’t want this.

He looked around everyone and then said his judgment.

“Everyone knows that Kyrgyzstan’s is a well-known emotionally handicapped person in the entertainment industry. It has always been single. It seems strange to be able to get the beauty of Park Jung-ah. The place that determines their feelings is actually at Kim Je. -dong’s home. So can you think that Kim Je-dong has played a role in the relationship between the two people?”

“Oh, yes, you can think so.”

“Yes, yes, Kim Je-dong is definitely helping.”

Seok Jin-soo did not give the opportunity to rebut Kyrgyzstan and Kim Je-dong, and once again defined it.

“Kim Je-dong has provided a place for his family to help Kyrgyzstan reach a love. You, will you provide your own home to help others do this?”

Is this still used?

Even a few people in the original seat did not agree.

Park Myeong-su: “That is my home, not a garden. Why do you want to fall in love at my house?”

“My home is my private forbidden place, of course I will not use it to do this.”

Seok Jin-soo patted the palm of his hand and smiled: “So, because I can judge, there is an ulterior interest between Kim Je-dong and Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, he will ignore the facts and use it to have nothing to do with the peeing incident. Lee Hyo-ri came to attack Yoo Jae-seok.”

What a clear point!

After Zhang Jin-young lawyers regained the situation, Seok Jin-soo further expanded the results.

Kim Je-dong and Ji Du are speechless and don’t know how to refute.

Anyway, providing your own home to fall in love with others is a bit unreasonable.

But this is what Seok Jin-soo caught and started a wider range of attacks.

“Everyone knows that Kim Je-dong ‘ssi is a famous old man in the entertainment industry and has a good relationship with many people. So how did he do this? It’s the use of his own home, an artist who can’t be exposed. They provided shelter and harvested their grateful Dade as a bargaining chip for their own line of entertainment.”

Kim Je-dong is overwhelmed and angry.

“Yah!! I didn’t think so.”

Seok Jin-soo ignored him and turned to face Lee Hyo-ri.

“Miss Lee Hyo-ri, as far as I know, once you used Kim Je-dong’s residence to make a deceitful love? Do you need to tell the man?”

What can Lee Hyo-ri do, smile and laugh, suddenly pouting, lying on the table, not looking at people.

Everyone is so familiar, and there have been things that have been clear.

When Lee Hyo-ri was still fin.k.lmember, she had dated her boyfriend at Kim Je-dong’s home.

This incident is not known to the outside world, but the acquaintances in the circle are still somewhat heard of the wind.

Even everyone who is the man, everyone is clear.

If it was before, Seok Jin-soo would not say such a thing.

But now that so many years have passed, these things have long since become memories.

Lee Hyo-ri’s reputation has gradually declined in the past two years, and it is no longer a nationally fascinating national fairy. These things have had no effect on her career.

As a result, he said so, Lee Hyo-ri was speechless and had to default.

Seeing this, Seok Jin-soo is full of momentum.

“Look, I am right? Kim Je-dong, Kyrgyzstan, Lee Hyo-ri, this is obviously a group of interests that are colluding together. Judges, I seriously doubt that there is an insider, against me. Mr. Yoo Jae-seok is not good for the party.”

The plaintiff was already silent, Lee Hyo-ri also disarmed, and Kim Je-dong was confused.

Looking at Seok Jin-soo, I broke the news and involved, and completely grasped the situation. The jury was full of joy and has begun to celebrate Seung-ri.

“Maknae, do it well, they are all problems.”

“We win, we are just.”

Seok Jin-soo did not stop here.

When Lee Hyo-ri recovered a little, he looked straight at the royal sister.

“In fact, I have more witnesses about the story between Miss Lee Hyo-ri and Yoo Jae-seok ‘ssi. In my opinion, Miss Lee Hyo-ri said so much today is not conducive to Yoo Jae-seok. The testimony of ‘ssi is entirely out of… because of love and hate.”

This is an explosive speech, and the scene of the earthquake is a mess.

“Yeah, you mean, Lee Hyo-ri used to like Yoo Jae-seok?”

“Daebak, this is big news, we don’t know.”

“Wow, Haha, let me talk about it, what the hell is going on?”

Even Yoo Jae-seok is also full of red light, and asked Lee Hyo-ri with a smile: “Hyo-ri, have you liked me?”

Any One Man, once liked by the national fairy, is a very face-to-face thing.

Hearing Seok Jin-soo and breaking the news, Lee Hyo-ri’s shy cheeks burned red. Keeping the wind, but can not provide the slightest cool.

“I don’t know, he is nonsense.”

Oh, I still don’t recognize it.

Seok Jin-soo laughs very **.

“Remember that after Miss Lee Hyo-ri’s first performance at the Infinite Challenge, she once invited me to drink. Do you really remember what you said at the table?”

Nonsense, how can Lee Hyo-ri forget?

Seeing Seok Jin-soo to break the window paper, Lee Hyo-ri was in a hurry and stood up and rushed out of the witness stand.

“Yah!! You guy, do you want to die?”

Well, seeing her performance, everyone understands.

At the same time as they came up to block, they also opened the mode of ridicule.

“Haha Haha, Hyo-ri, you have admitted everything.”

“Haha Haha, I have a big news tomorrow.”

“Jae-seok hyeong actually has such a peach blossom.”

Kyrgyz is also afraid, come and pull Lee Hyo-ri.

“Hyo-ri, I think you should avoid it first. It is too dangerous to continue.”

Still using him, Lee Hyo-ri has long been afraid. Under the persuasion of everyone, I sat down again with trepidation.

Of course, Seok Jin-soo will not really say it all. It’s true and false, it’s just fun.

He is not breaking the madness, letting others not come to Taiwan.

This is also a long time ago, Yoo Jae-seok is married, and I have to have children right away, so I can take it out.

Otherwise, it is better to hide this kind of thing.

Seeing the look of Yoo Jae-seok and Lee Hyo-ri also knows that everything is gone, and you can smile and face it.

Retaining Lee Hyo-ri, the lawsuit can be said that the defendant has taken an absolute advantage.

Now, the last time is up, Seok Jin-soo decided not to wait any longer.

The plaintiff has not slowed down, and he has spoken an amazing word.

“In fact, there has always been one thing that has not been told to everyone. The most important witness about the case of Ji’s peeing is actually me.”


“Do you have evidence?”

“Don’t lie, you don’t know anything.”

“You are responsible for what you said.”

Both the plaintiff and the defendant were all surprised, and some even threatened.

All along, everyone has only regarded him as a participant. He never thought that he could become a witness.

Kyrgyz stood up anxiously and indignantly asked: “You said that you have evidence? The previous wallet and underwear were sent to the country, why didn’t you submit it?”

Seok Jin-soo is light and windy.

“Those are not worth mentioning, not everything is not detected.”

Park Myeong-su’s face is gloomy and seems to be predicting danger.

“You…you… can you have any evidence? Are you at the scene?”

Seok Jin-soo is extremely ridiculous.

“What the words, that night, I shared a room with Hong-chul Hyeong, Gil hyeong, Kim Tae-ho pd, and Ji Yeong-jae pd.”

“Oh, yes, that day maknae is also there.”

Everyone thinks about it, Seok Jin-soo is at the scene.

Before, other people were too active, so everyone ignored him and forgot that he was also one of the live experiencers.

But no matter what you think, you can’t think of any evidence that Seok Jin-soo has saved.

“Maknae, do you really have evidence?”

In the face of Yoo Jae-seok’s enquiry, Seok Jin-soo smiled very confidently.

“Brother, you can ignore the other, the most crucial evidence to determine the outcome.”

Hearing that he said so much, everyone was stunned.

“Maknae, don’t make things big. If you don’t have one, you have to take responsibility.”

Everyone still doesn’t believe, a little doubt that Seok Jin-soo is deliberately doing program effects.

Kyrgyzstan is also lucky.

“Hey, this guy is the best guy to make up a story. It’s a master of fraud.”

Seok Jin-soo was not in a hurry. When Ji Quan was finished, he began to follow: “Night that night, Kim Tae-ho pd said that he saw the whole process. In fact, people who saw the whole process, and me. And I am not a myopic eye, it is very clear.”

This is really a bad thing, everyone is all bombed.

“maknae, have you really seen it?”

“You are also an eyewitness?”

Everyone is asking for it, and the mood is also very exciting.

“So the next morning, everyone saw me on the sofa in the living room. It was because I saw Gil hyeong peeing, so I couldn’t stand the smell, I left at midnight.”

At that time, several people in Jeju Island were all surprised and opened their mouths and believed his words.

Because the next morning, they were actually on the sofa in the living room and saw the sleeping Seok Jin-soo.

It was clear that he was sleeping in the bedroom the night before. If there is nothing wrong, why would he go to the living room?

Kyrgyz is also a little confused.

“I…I really pee?”

Just as everyone was uplifting, Seok Jin-soo smiled and took control of everything, slowly taking out something from his pocket.

“Everyone, it’s so big, I was the first time I saw someone peeing in the bedroom. Because of the magic, I can’t just look at it, so…”

Looking at the phone in his hand, everyone understood.

“Haha Haha, maknae, have you recorded the situation at the time?”

“This is really decisive evidence, evidence of lore.”

Ji is really anxious, rushing over to grab the phone of Seok Jin-soo.

“Yah!! You guy, I shot my image without my permission. It is illegal.”

Seok Jin-soo escaped the entanglement of Kyrgyzstan, found the video in the phone, opened it, and handed the phone to Yoo Jae-seok.

“Brother, look at it, it’s not spectacular.”

The video is not very clear, but still can see a rough.

In the dark bedroom, there is only one big bald head and honey jar standing in front of the bedside table, shaking the body while there is a water column like the flying fairy in the sky.

Yoo Jae-seok just looked at it and squatted on the table.

“Haha Haha, Gil, you are finished!”

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