KEP Chapter 571

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 571 apologetic mood [Do not forget 9.18! ! ! Floating astronomy

Everyone knows what is going on, and can only mourn for Kim Je-dong, but there is no ability to return to heaven.

To adjust your mood, you have to record the program.

“Then let’s call people.”

I heard that you can eat ramen and you don’t have to jump on your own. Jeong Jun-ha is a lot more active.

Seok Jin-soo asked: “Do you know anyone?”

Menong Jun-ha is proud of the connections. Looking up at the face of the disdain.

“Yah!! What is this? Who doesn’t know that I know the most people.”

Seok Jin-soo’s hope for a face.

“Brother, can you call Kwon Sang-woo?”

Seok Jin-soo originally wanted to say So Ji-sub, but remembered that So Ji-sub is now in military service and temporarily changed to Kwon Sang-woo.

Jeong Jun-ha is ridiculous.

“Yah!! What are you talking about? Why is Kwon Sang-woo coming here? Come to bungee jumping? Really… Are you not awake?”

Kwon Sang-woo So big celebrity, if you come to “Infinite Challenge”, you must make a special edition. Call people to blow the cold wind, play bungee jumping, don’t think about it.

I am afraid that Seok Jin-soo will say something to make his embarrassed artist come. Jeong Jun-ha quickly said: “Okay, I am not here, I will arrange it. In addition to the three of us, we need seven artists. At the very least, your kid has to call two people.”

Park Myeong-su came to the scene.

“Don’t call your company.”

This time it was ridiculous for Seok Jin-soo.

β€œWhat happened to the people in our company? Are the artists of our company not artists?”

Park Myeong-su The old god is there, and talking is very casual.

β€œT-ara is not good, KARA is the best.”

This old guy, who just co-operated with KARA’s Nicole, “Whale”, so he spoke goodly for KARA.

Seok Jin-soo scares him.

“Brother, you probably don’t know? T-ara’s Ji-yeon, this is the fight in the idol group. Be careful that she is looking for you.”

Looking at the old man’s little arm and small legs, Seok Jin-soo really doubts, can he beat Ji-yeon?

But even if Park Myeong-su doesn’t say, Seok Jin-soo won’t be looking for a member of t-ara.

The children are working hard on the comeback, and they can’t afford to wait for a minute or two.

But for Park Myeong-su, Seok Jin-soo is not without a fight back.

“Old guy, you are the same, not allowed to call your company.”

Park Myeong-su is also a bit dumbfounded.

He is very fond of bringing in the younger generation, especially the younger generation of the company, who hope to be able to make a difference.

Hearing the words of Seok Jin-soo, he remembered one thing.

“Right, I have never asked you. What happened between you and Kim Kyung-jin? The child mentioned you, his face has never been unnatural.”

Seok Jin-soo knows that he is violently ignoring Kim Kyung-jin, and the bastard is afraid to spread it everywhere.

Even if it is promoted, he does not care.

“I don’t like the guy, I don’t want to see him.”

Although it is not stated, Park Myeong-su still understands. I know that Seok Jin-soo has a strong sense of guilt about Kim Kyung-jin, and it is still the kind that can’t be eliminated.

With a sigh, Park Myeong-su had to dispel the thoughts.

“That’s it, I call someone else.”

Seok Jin-soo took the phone, thought about it, and it was more convenient to call someone he knew.

“Oppa, how do you think about calling me?”

Yoon-ah’s voice is very cheerful, although it can’t hide the fatigue. But being able to receive his call is the best gift.

Listening to such a lively voice, Seok Jin-soo’s mood is also getting better.

“Because I miss you.”

If you want to fool people, you have to say something good. If you tell the truth, how can you lie to people?

I can hear him, but Yoon-ah has no voice, and he is already in the middle of it.

Seok Jin-soo never said this to her, and it was so sweet that it was sweet.

Time is limited, Seok Jin-soo has to explain.

“Yoon-ah, what are you doing?”

Yoon-ah’s voice is not as clear as it was just now. On the contrary, it is as thick as chocolate juice, and it is smooth and gentle.

“I am in the dormitory, rest today.”

This news is good, what Seok Jin-soo wants to hear most.

“So, can you come out? Today, the Infinite Challenge has activities and needs help.”

I heard that to play “Infinite Challenge”, Yoon-ah instinctively moved. Not to mention, you can also meet Seok Jin-soo.

“Well, where am I going? What are you doing today?”

Going can go, but she is smart, but she is careful.

This Oppa is a predecessor of pit people, and according to her understanding, “Infinite Challenge” does not seem to be such a friendly program.

Seok Jin-soo is very nervous, facing Yoon-ah, who is known for his intelligence, and has fully used his brain.

“This is the case. The content we recorded this time is to find a novel way to eat ramen. But we have been thinking for a long time, not enough novelty, so we need the help of people with ideas. You are not very appetizing, but also At the time of comeback, I really want to eat? Look, Oppa to annyeonghaseyo?”

I heard that I can eat, and Yoon-ah is really excited.

“Really? That’s great. Oppa, where should I go to find you?”

Properly, using the food to lie, Seok Jin-soo is happy.

“Gapyeong, you will be able to come to Jiaping. When you contact me, I will pick you up.”

Yoon-ah’s face is red and full of happiness.

Can play in “Infinite Challenge”, but also eat food, and get along with Seok Jin-soo.

Life, how can a beautiful word come out.

Successfully seduce Yoon-ah, Seok Jin-soo has doubled confidence and began to ponder the next person who can be deceived.

Thinking about going, such a crazy place, you must be crazy children.

“Hee-chul, don’t play games, have fun introductions to you. Come to Gaping, hurry, just wait for you.”

The two people responsible for Seok Jin-soo have been contacted, and Park Myeong-su and Jeong Jun-ha are also applauded.

The next step was a long wait. When Park Myeong-su and Jeong Jun-ha were decadent, Seok Jin-soo took the scorpion and practiced for a while.

Hey, two old guys who are speechless, you think you are called, are you safe?

Wait, then.

He has already thought about the rules of the game, and it is necessary for the two to cry.

He is practicing here, I don’t know how long the time has passed. There was a very speechless roar behind the vj.

“Mo Yah!! What is this? Isn’t it good to eat ramen? Why come to the bungee table?”

The crowd was separated, and a small Kim Shin-young came over and his face was discouraged.

Yes, don’t think about it, it must have been deceived.

And finally someone came, Park Myeong-su and Jeong Jun-ha also came alive.

Especially Jeong Jun-ha, stand up carefully and walk over to hold Kim Shin-young.

“Shin-young, how come you come? You look at it without you, we are bored here.”

I saw it, Kim Shin-young called him.

However, Kim Shin-young was not grateful to him, and he raised his fist and squatted on his stomach.

“Yah!! Really, is it a liar? And I said that there is something delicious, and that’s my way from Seoul.”

Jeong Jun-ha, though he was beaten, was not angry at all.

Anyway, people have been cheated, and his mission has seen the dawn of success.

Seok Jin-soo is looking at Kim Shin-young’s hair, and the familiar voice is coming from behind the vj.

“What is this? Jin-soo Oppa, I hate you!”

Don’t even think about it, Yoon-ah is here.

Sure enough, vj left and right, I saw liTTL- Time To Love e missy with both hands on the hips, stretched the blown bullets and broke his face, glaring at him.

I thought about this Oppa’s predecessor, but I didn’t think it was pitted.

Yoon-ah was until the following, only to know that he was played by Seok Jin-soo again.

I want to escape, but I don’t give her a chance to make a group. I had to let the writer put on the microphone and then sent it up.

Beauty is resentful, although the style is infinite, but Seok Jin-soo is always guilty.

“Oh, that… Yoon-ah, you listen to me, there is really ramen to eat here.”

Yoon-ah’s apricot eyes are round and full of moist, and my heart is really wronged.

She is such an unreserved trust, Oppa, Opa, who met with the shyness and impulsiveness of the girl, actually did this to her every time.

Rao is Yoon-ah who has come to the sun. At this time, he is also wronged to cry.

Seok Jin-soo looked in his eyes and it suddenly became clear that he seemed to have done a lot of sorry for Yoon-ah.

What is Missy’s feelings about himself, he knows best.

If you don’t really love yourself, how can you do that for yourself in Family Outing with the ignorance of the young girl?

That is to say, even a couple in love may not be able to accept the act.

She is so pure, so beautiful, has countless fans, and has won countless love.

I could live happily and enjoy the pursuit of countless opposite sexes.

However, her heart is always on her own.

When I heard my voice, I was very happy. When I saw my figure, I jumped like a sika deer.

Such a girl, even if she does not love, can not bear to hurt.

Not to mention Seok Jin-soo’s heart, there is always a faint affection, at this time, I feel more like scum.

In addition to repentance, Seok Jin-soo suddenly made a bold move.

When I patted the camera, I suddenly hugged Yoon-ah and whispered in her ear: “It’s not good for Oppa, it won’t be in the future.”

Yoon-ah, who is complaining about himself, did not expect that Seok Jin-soo was so impulsive.

God, it’s all around, there are countless pairs of eyes watching.

He…he just hugged himself?

What can I do now?

This should not be the case.

I don’t know why, the air of the cold wind whistling, the embrace of Seok Jin-soo is so warm, so solid, inexplicably let the sensitive mood of Yoon-ah also stabilize.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t say it was useless, admitted his mistakes calmly and apologized to her.

Such a sincere attitude is worth a thousand words in Yoon-ah. Originally, some cold hearts gradually melted again.

Feeling the affection of Seok Jin-soo, Yoon-ah’s smile came back and turned into a fairy with a genie and understanding.

She gently pushed Seok Jin-soo, deliberately sullen.

“Hey, don’t think that I can forgive you easily. I have to ask for a big meal. Really, I have been cheated for too many times.”

Seeing her practice, the other people’s hesitant look returned to normal.

They also only thought that Yoon-ah had a good relationship with Seok Jin-soo.

This hug, nothing to do with love, is just the sublimation of friendship.

The main thing is that Seok Jin-soo whispers to Yoon-ah, others have not heard it.

Seeing Yoon-ah rejoicing, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

At the same time, I deeply examined myself and knew my own shortcomings.

Thank you krezreal, the otaku waiting for the book, the north wind blowing snow and the city’s reward!

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