KEP Chapter 573

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 573 chapter romantic jump, floating astronomy

No one thought that because of the excessive force, Yoon-ah actually kicked the donkey outside the bungee table.

Seok Jin-soo took two steps and made two steps. He rushed to the side of the railing and saw that the pink scorpion Feathers was very beautiful in the air, fluttering, and finally turned into a small spray, and fell into the lake.

The scene was silent, everyone was a little embarrassed, I did not expect Yoon-ah to be so funny.

The most important thing is that she only kicked one.

In other words, this second round of the showdown, the artist team lost without suspense.

Not only that, Yoon-ah has to accept punishment and jump from the bungee table.

It may have been thought of this, Yoon-ah’s shame lasted only a few seconds, and his face quickly became scared.

After all, it is a delicate and sensitive girl who has already been horrified by the thought of flying high.

Noticing Yoon-ah’s trembling eyelashes, Seok Jin-soo also worried about her, and quickly shouted: “No, this is not counted. The dice fell outside and needed to be kicked again.”

Oh, this guy is just tough. Now, other people can’t do it.

Park Myeong-su rushed up and pushed him.

“Yah!! Why not? If you say the rules well, you must implement them.”

In particular, Jeong Jun-ha, himself avoids the danger of bungee jumping and is more active than anyone else.

“Yah!! Why not jump? If I lose, I have to jump. Why doesn’t she jump? Is it because of Girl’s Generation?”

Seok Jin-soo can’t help him.

“Brother, isn’t Girl’s Generation privileged? Do you want to be a fan of Girl’s Generation?”

Jeong Jun-ha was shocked, and this reminds me of the number of fans of Girl’s Generation.

However, the artist is here, and there is no way for Seok Jin-soo over the production team.

Ji Yeong-jae is not allowed.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, we have made a lot of concessions. So the rules must be implemented.”

There were no results in several negotiations, and Seok Jin-soo also collapsed.

Looking back, looking at the white-faced Yoon-ah, he had to harden his scalp.

“Yoon-ah, no way, just jump.”

Yoon-ah’s legs are soft, and if Kim Shin-young is holding it, it is estimated to fall to the ground.

“No, I really can’t jump. Oppa, save me!”

Seok Jin-soo Of course, Yoon-ah only has to jump to have a weight. Although she is very scared, she must jump for the sake of program.

Just as Lee Hyo-ri pleaded with sin and Giri, although he didn’t want to do it, he had to sacrifice for the sake of program.

So listening to Yoon-ah’s pleading, Seok Jin-soo was downcast and immediately let go.

“Yoon-ah, let’s go.”

Seeing that Seok Jin-soo gave up, Yoon-ah’s life was gray.

“Seok Jin-soo, I hate you!!!”

At this moment, she finally broke out.

Today, she has nothing to do with her.

I stayed here and was tricked by Seok Jin-soo to the scary bungee.

The result is still lost, and it is necessary to complete a more intimidating bungee.

Seok Jin-soo looked at it and didn’t care about her at the end.

Yoon-ah swears that if you live on the bungee stage today, you must kill this Oppa.

Don’t like him anymore, such an abominable and untrusted Oppa, or a man?

Regardless of her grief, she was led by the staff, dressed in equipment, and stood alone in the exit position.

There is no cover here, the following is the dizzying ground and the lake.

Yoon-ah was clutching the railing and was afraid to take a step.

“What? I… I don’t dare…”

Seeing it, she is really scared, not acting. The white face is full of tears, and the blue veins of the little hand are coming out.

It shows how hard she is grasping, maybe the next second, she will faint and faint.

Seok Jin-soo looked in his eyes and it hurts badly.

But what can he do in the recording of the program?

I want to say something that I have not done, but considering the effect of the program, I am in my heart and can’t say it.

I can only quietly cheer Yoon-ah, hope she can be brave.

The frightened deer has lost the liveliness of the past. Looking back, she is looking for Seok Jin-soo in the crowd, as if the child to be taken by the bad guy is looking for her mother.

So for a moment, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help it anymore, just stand up and stop her from jumping.

Someone is faster than him, and the staff of the bungee table is open.

“If Miss Yoon-ah is afraid, let Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi accompany you to jump.”

The staff also saw that Yoon-ah had the best relationship with Seok Jin-soo, so I hope she can get courage and help from acquaintances.

The expressions of Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah changed instantly and all brightened.

“Is it really ok? Seonsaeng-nim, can two people jump?”

Because of the hustle and bustle of Yoon-ah, Seok Jin-soo is very eager.

You have to take care of the program and don’t want Yoon-ah to be afraid. If you can jump together, Seok Jin-soo is definitely going forward.

The same is true for Yoon-ah.

“Oppa, don’t leave me alone!”

This is her true heart. When she is most afraid, the favorite person is there. If she can dance together, Yoon-ah finds that she has no fear at all.

The staff gave them the happiest answer.

“Of course, there are couples bungee service here.”

Seok Jin-soo slaps and slams through, ignoring nothing, and directly hugs Yoon-ah.

“Yoon-ah, don’t be afraid, Oppa is here!”

Yoon-ah has already had tears in her excitement, and nothing is more ecstatic than this sentence.

She also hugged Seok Jin-soo backhand, and her small head kept standing.

“Oppa, there is you, I am not afraid of anything.”

Looking at the two people, everyone else is not happy.

“Yah!! Enough, are you playing a love drama?”

“Really, it’s not romantic at all.”

No matter what others say, anyway, both of them are happy.

Since Seok Jin-soo also agreed to accompany Yoon-ah, the staff came over again and wore equipment for him.

Couples bungee jumping, experience the flying and the limits of the sky together, of course, to hold together, in order to experience the feeling of mutual dependence.

So Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah stood face to face, Yoon-ah clung to Seok Jin-soo’s waist, and Seok Jin-soo hugged Yoon-ah’s weak shoulders.

Yoon-ah’s man is always high, standing face to face, her peerless face is in front of her eyes, completely reflected in the eyes of Seok Jin-soo.

Although I have known for a long time, Seok Jin-soo suddenly found that Yoon-ah is so beautiful.

Especially her eyes are like clear lake water, deep and sturdy, pure without any pollution.

Only then did he realize that he himself had a beautiful girl.

Between the two, tightly close together, even a trace of hair can not hold.

In their eyes, this moment, only each other.

Forgetting is on the bungee platform, forgetting that there are others next to me, forgetting the camera.

The glory of the setting sun shines from a distance. Like this winter weather, it is gentle and harmonious, and it is like a red-hot candle, adding a bit of romance.

Seok Jin-soo is also in a good mood, suddenly said softly: “youjump, ijump!”

Yoon-ah trembled, and it was like a peony in full bloom. The whole heart is lively and full, and all of them are activated by this.

This is the classic line in the Titanic.

Although not on the ship, if you hear this on the bungee table, any woman will be conquered.

However, there are always people who have a good view, and Park Myeong-su is screaming.

“Yah!! Hurry up, it’s all time, I haven’t eaten at lunch.”

Yes, I am going to eat ramen at noon. As a result, the sunset came out, and everyone’s stomach was still in the water.

Kim Shin-young is even more embarrassing.

“Aigoo, where are the two people playing romantic? Don’t know if there are many single people here?”

Jeong Jun-ha is beginning to smash.

“Even if you want to play a romantic love drama, it should be Miss Yoon-ah and Ding Yiyu. What…the hell!!, look at the face of maknae, this is a horror film horror movie!”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t come up in one breath, almost got rid of the equipment and looked back at Jeong Jun-ha.

I have been so handsome recently that even Kim Tae-hee is watching her fascinated.

He really didn’t say that his temperament has changed a lot with the growth of the artist’s time, especially his status.

Because it’s funny in Infinite Challenge, I don’t see it. But in the studio or in the company, many people have not dared to despise him.

In particular, the success of “uptownfunk” this time has given him a great reputation in Europe and America, and the Chinese people have begun to tout and praise him.

The temperament has changed, and the image of the people has changed a lot.

At the very least, no one has said that he is ugly recently.

Oh, it doesn’t include Jeong Jun-ha.

Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah have a white atmosphere and are completely destroyed by these guys.

“what…the hell!!, these guys, you don’t jump, so what are you doing?”

When Seok Jin-soo screamed at them, Yoon-ah didn’t say a word, holding the waist of Seok Jin-soo blatantly, feeling the strength of the man and experiencing the feeling of being able to rely on.

There are very few such opportunities in peacetime, and there are so many people watching in the program. Even if she wants to give her arms, she should also care about the eyes of others.

But now it’s going to be bungee jumping. It’s a couple’s bungee jumping, so it’s not misunderstood.

No, it’s not a misunderstanding, it’s being seen.

Hey, Yoon-ah’s heart is like a deer, but it’s sweet.

After comparing with everyone, Seok Jin-soo also knows that time is up.

Looking back, I took Yoon-ah step by step and slowly stood on the edge of the platform.

One side is the pedal under the foot, and the other side is the high altitude without any help. The wind of hunting blew the tip of Yoon-ah’s cheeks and reminded her of her heartbeat.


Seok Jin-soo patted her soft back and comforted her: “Don’t be afraid, there is me.”

He took a long breath and looked at the bright sunset in the distance. He asked, “Yoon-ah, are you ready?”

Yoon-ah has no choice but to rely on Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, can you sing a song for me?”

Seok Jin-soo is here, saying, “When we fly in the air, sing to you, listen?”

Yoon-ah stopped talking, just nodded hard.

I don’t know why, there is a melody in Seok Jin-soo’s mind. Such a song is very suitable for such an atmosphere.

“Yoon-ah, let’s go!”

Accompanied by his shouting, Seok Jin-soo slammed hard, holding Yoon-ah, and squatting to the outside, and the two quickly fell from the bungee.

At this moment, there is nothing left around them.

Between the empty world and the adrenaline rushing, only Yoon-ah screamed and screamed on Seok Jin-soo’s shoulder.

Between this fear and life and death, the two hugged together. They can only rely on each other and only each other.

Like the classic fragment, in the heavy rain of the sky, a pair of figures running side by side.

Seok Jin-soo sniffs Yoon-ah’s delicate hair and is very sweet.

I promised Yoon-ah, I want to sing for her.

Then meet the sunset and let her understand what she means to him.

I am like a sunset to you.

Beautiful memories

Think back to our precious green days

Collect her as a picture without regrets in her heart

You are alone in the sunshine that I have been home to

Dispelling the sun

In your little white palm

Make an eternal agreement like a crystal gem…

Time seems to be eternal at this time, two people who wander in this world without distinction, feel the “you are for me, I am for you”.

Yoon-ah suddenly discovered that this day is far better than ever.

Thinking of this, holding Seok Jin-soo’s hands, could not help but tighten a bit.

Really think, I really don’t want to let go!

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