KEP Chapter 576

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 576 chapter TV drama preparation, floating astronomy

After filming his own scene, Seok Jin-soo returned to his home with a wounded and tired body.

What he didn’t think of was that the lights were on at home.

There is only one person who can come here and enter smoothly.

Sure enough, when Seok Jin-soo walked into the living room, he just saw Kim Tae-hee curling up on the sofa like a kitten and watching TV.

“Noona, how come you?”

Kim Tae-hee got up from the couch, perhaps because it was too long to lie, and the hair was messy, with a lazy atmosphere.

“Why, don’t you want me to come over? Is it because I haven’t come over, what bad things have you done?”

That look, like a wife who has been separated for a long time, is examining whether her husband has stolen.

Seok Jin-soo was so depressed that I had to explain it.

“I am not afraid of journalists. If you are photographed, you can’t say it.”

Kim Tae-hee turned white and instinctively felt that he was guilty. But I don’t think I have any position to pursue it, so I have to let it go wisely.

Turned to Seok Jin-soo and poured a glass of water, said: “Do not worry, I have carefully observed. You are strictly guarded here, and have been very honest, the reporters have no material, and have long since withdrawn.”

Yes, now the spring is cold, people can’t stay outside.

Seok Jin-soo is early and late, and his life is very monotonous.

Even if the reporters have perseverance, seeing such a boring person lasted for more than two months and has lost patience.

In addition, his home is different from the general apartment. It is a separate villa courtyard. The protection is very strict and it is impossible to find out.

Nothing could be detected, and the reporters had to give up.

It was this observation that was observed. After two months, Kim Tae-hee stepped back here and restored the identity of the hostess.

She discovered that Seok Jin-soo’s home is much more comfortable than her own home in Samseong.

Not to mention, the facilities are still very comprehensive, and the confidentiality is still good, just like a palace.

When I lived here, even she couldn’t help but regret it. Why didn’t the people who bought the land were themselves?

Fortunately, there is a garbage mountain not far away, which can also calm her heart.

In addition, Lee Wan is about to join the army in the summer. Recently, he was very upset. The brothers and sisters had several quarrels.

Kim Tae-hee is more annoyed and prefers to live here.

When Kim Tae-hee poured water for him, Seok Jin-soo had already laid the same place as Kim Tae-hee had just lie with the body.

The beauty is everywhere, the fragrance is still there, warm and comfortable. Let Seok Jin-soo scream, and then frowned.


Seeing his squatting movement, Kim Tae-hee asked with concern: “What’s wrong with this? Is it hurt?”

Said, Kim Tae-hee hurried over, sat next to Seok Jin-soo, and opened his clothes.

Kim Tae-hee screamed when he saw the black eye of Seok Jin-soo’s waist.

“Yah!! What’s wrong with you? Good, how serious?”

Seok Jin-soo lamented.

“Today’s filming with Won Bin, when it fell, it was hard to reach.”

Kim Tae-hee is very dissatisfied.

“You are a screenwriter, not an actor. Why are you still playing in person? Isn’t an action play a substitute?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“I have never taken an action movie, so I am a bit curious, I tried it.”

Kim Tae-hee took a slap in the face.

“You Yah!! Just can get into trouble. Don’t move.”

Then Kim Tae-hee quickly stepped away, and when he came back, he had a cooked egg with a peeled off shell and a clean towel.

“It will hurt a little, you can bear it.”

She wrapped the eggs in a towel and gently applied them to the wound at Seok Jin-soo.

Soon, a hot heat came through the towel, so Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but raise his head and made a sigh in his nostrils.

Fortunately, his ability to endure pain is not bad, and he is not struggling.

Seeing that he can still bear it, Kim Tae-hee is relieved, gentle, and begins to use a towel wrapped in eggs to carefully pick up the place in Wuqing.

With the constant transfer of heat, Seok Jin-soo’s pain began to feel comfortable after the extreme.

鈥渘oona 锛屼綘涓挞棬瀛 “Tattoo

Kim Tae-hee 鍦ㄤ粬鐪嬩笉 佺殑鑳屽悗镣 佺殑鑳屽悗镣 佺殑鑳屽悗镣

鈥滀 鈥滀 欙纴涔熷 欙纴涔熷 欙纴涔熷 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦 杩囦涓ゅぉ宸〉彸灏辫兘瀹屽叏鎭(一)浜嗐€傗€

钖 chain夋晥锛孲eok Jin-soo 涔熸斁鏉 笅鏉ワ纴浠诲嚟 笅鏉ワ纴浠诲嚟 笅鏉ワ纴浠诲嚟 璐 璐 璐 璐 璐 璐 璐 璐 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊 镊

濡傛灉琚叾浠栫殑鐢锋€х湅鍒 纴 纴 畾浼 畾浼 畾浼 浜嗕粬镄勩 浜嗕粬镄勩 浜嗕粬镄勩

锻镄勶纴浣犱綍寰镄勶纴浣犱綍寰镄勶纴浣犱綍寰綍鑳綍鑳纴灞呯劧璁kgim Tae-hee 杩欎箞浼哄€欍€

娈娄笉鐭ワ纴Seok Jin-soo 鍏跺疄鏄湁镣 铏氥 鍏跺疄鏄湁镣 鍏跺疄鏄湁镣

奍 媴蹇冿纴镊 finite finite finite finite finite Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta纴浼 娌 ° ° ° 濂 濂 濂

鐪熸槸鎷呭 浠 涔堬纴灏 涔堬纴灏 涔堬纴灏 涔堬纴灏 涔堛 涔堛 涔堛

Kim Tae-hee 闂 锛 锛 滀綘 滀綘 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 杩戝湪蹇欎粈楹 纻涔嫔墠缁欎綘 纻涔嫔墠缁欎綘 纻涔嫔墠缁欎綘 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮 殑鐢佃瘽锛屼綘镐庝箞閮鎺ャ€傗€


Seok Jin-soo 鐪 彔瀛愭 ラ ラ ラ 熻 锷纴锷姏缁栾嚜宸 锷纴锷姏缁栾嚜宸 锷纴锷姏缁栾嚜宸 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆 樿瘝銆

鈥沧渶杩戝疄鍦ㄥお蹇欎 锛岀 锛岀 锛岀 偅杈 偅杈 偅杈 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒 鍒Award 锛孖nfinite Challenge 涔熸槸涓€涓︼鍒掓帴镌€涓€涓︼鍒掞纴蹇欑殑鎴戠浔涓︼鍒掞纴蹇欑殑鎴戠浔夋椂闂撮兘娌°C湁浜嗐€傗€

Kim Tae-hee 镄勭 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒 璇濅粬褰撶劧鏄湅鍒

浠栫殑锲炵瓟骞 rudder chain 夎Kim Tae-hee 闾d箞婊°C剰銆

鈥 湡鏄殑锛屽啀蹇欙纴涔熻锲炰 湡鏄殑锛屽啀蹇欙纴涔熻锲炰 湡鏄殑锛屽啀蹇欙纴涔熻锲炰 鐭 鐭 傛湰鏉ユ兂瑕佸彨浣犲嚭铡 傛湰鏉ユ兂瑕佸彨浣犲嚭铡 傛湰鏉ユ兂瑕佸彨浣犲嚭铡 傛湰鏉ユ兂瑕佸彨浣犲嚭铡 傛湰鏉ユ兂瑕佸彨浣犲嚭铡 梾娓 梾娓 梾娓 梾娓 € € € 傗

钖瑕佸嚭铡荤帺锛孲eok Jin-soo 闂 锛 锛 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝 滃幓鍝

Kim Tae-hee 阆掳 鈥滃叧宀涳纴闾 椋庢櫙镐 h 椋庢櫙镐 椋庢櫙镐 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃彲浠ョ棝蹇湴镞呮父銆傗

Seok Jin-soo 鎯 鎯 鎯 鎯 鎯 鎯 杩栾 杩栾 杩栾 杩栾 杩栾 杩栾 杩栾

宁冮瞾璇恒冮瞾璇硅缮鍦ㄦí叓鏂叓鏂叓鏂叚钖堬纴涓镞跺镞跺镞跺镞跺浼 浼 鐪嬩笉鍒 鐪嬩笉鍒 娍澶 娍澶 娍澶 殑琛 殑琛 噺銆

T-ara杩桦湪锷犵彮锷犵偣鍦dressing omeback pot

鐢靛 杩栾 杩栾 镊 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠 镄勬垙浠

銆奍nfinite Challenge 篃鏄骞 篃鏄骞 闱欙纴 闱欙纴 闱欙纴 杩戞 杩戞 杩戞 杩戞 変粈涔堟愧鎽勮鍒掞纴灏卞湪绛夌潃 変粈涔堟愧鎽勮鍒掞纴灏卞湪绛夌潃 aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha 褰 褰 褰竴澶╀ 銆

鈥滈偅濂 晩锛屾濂 晩锛屾濂 晩锛屾濂 垜 杩戞湁镣 杩戞湁镣 杩戞湁镣 杩戞湁镣 杩戞湁镣 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 纴鍙 铡荤帺鍑犲ぉ銆傗

锲犱负鎸 巻鐗 緫镄勪簨鎯咃纴璁 緫镄勪簨鎯咃纴璁 logook Jin-soo 濮嬬粓瀵筀im Tae-hee 瀛樼潃镒х枤鍜屾媴蹇э纴镐曡 umbrella 浣峮oona 鐭ラ 涔嫔悗锛屼细鏁栾浠栥€

濡傛灉鍙 濡傛灉鍙 杩欎竴娆 杩欎竴娆 ° ° ° ° 梾娓 纴璁 im im im im im im im im im im im im im im im im im im im畠銆

钖埌浠栫瓟搴斾 涓嬫潵锛孠 涓嬫潵锛孠 im Tae-hee 涓 涓嫔瓙缁 涓嫔瓙缁 涓嫔瓙缁 斁鍑 斁鍑 缇庝 缇庝 缇庝 缇庝鐏 鐏

鍙彲鎯沦eok Jin-soo 鑳屽镌€锛屽苟娌°C湁鐪嫔埌銆

鈥滈偅灏辫 Umbrella 涔堣瀹 涔堣瀹 涔堣瀹 锛屾垜浠幓涓夊ぉ涓ゅ锛屼粈涔堜篃涓嶈 銆傗 銆傗 €

Seok Jin-soo 鍙︼Kim Tae-hee 蹇冩儏濂 琛屼 琛屼 琛屼 锛屽叾浠栫殑閮 锛屽叾浠栫殑閮 锛屽叾浠栫殑閮 棤 棤 棤

鈥渘oona 鐪嬬潃瀹夋帓灏卞ソ浜嗭纴镞呮 镄勪簨鎯呮垜涔熶笉澶哕锛屽埆鎶婃垜鍗栦 镄勪簨鎯呮垜涔熶笉澶哕锛屽埆鎶婃垜鍗栦 镄勪簨鎯呮垜涔熶笉澶哕锛屽埆鎶婃垜鍗栦 灏辫銆傗

浠栨槸寰埚枩娆(一)嚭铡画父鐜╋纴浣嗘兂瑕佺帺镄勫ソ锛屽嵈涓嶅お Nickel Umbrella 笉 笉 笉 im Tae-hee 锛屽彲浠ユ妸涓€鍒兘 兘 勫垝閮 勫垝閮 勫垝閮 勫垝閮 € €

Kim Tae-hee 濞囧棓鍦版愧浜嗕竴涓嬩粬镄勫悗鑳屻


Seok Jin-soo 煶涔熼椃闂 煶涔熼椃闂 殑銆

鈥滈偅鍙笉涓 瀹 瀹 瀹 纴 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 璧 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 涓︼嚟濂 寰埚湪涔庢垜 寰埚湪涔庢垜 寰埚湪涔庢垜 寰埚湪涔庢垜 寰埚湪涔庢垜 备 备 备 备 备镌 鐪嬫垜 鐪嬫垜 chain 掗湁 € € €

Kim Tae-hee 鐭ラ 锛屼粬璇 殑鏄疭 Ye on Ye-jin 锛屼篃涓岖鍣楀搂涓€涓嬬瑧浜嗗嚭鏉ャ€

鈥 湡鏄殑锛屾垜涓 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye

Seok Jin-soo

鈥滃ソ浠€涔堬纴闾eコ浜哄 ammonia鏄痬ental disorder 銆傜瓑镌€钖э纴绛変笉鍙ザ鎭旷殑chain缁堢エ鎴垮嚭鏉ワ纴闱炶璁╁ス涓汉涓嶅彲銆傗€

鍙︼涓 鎯 鎯 埌 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye ok ok ok ok ok Seok Jin- Soo 灏 瑧镄勫崄鍒嗗じ寮犮

瀵 簬浠栫殑鎭 綔鍓э纴 綔鍓э纴 Kim Tae-hee 闄や 阃佷笂锏 阃佷笂锏 溂锛屼篃娌 ° ° 硶璇 硶璇 硶璇 硶璇

鈥沧垜璺熶綘璇达纴鎴戝湪鍏冲矝闾h 锛屽彂鐜 锛屽彂鐜 锛屽彂鐜 锛屽彂鐜 瀹跺緢涓嶉敊镄 瀹跺緢涓嶉敊镄 瀹跺緢涓嶉敊镄 瀹跺緢涓嶉敊镄 u u u u u u u est u est est  娆 娆 幓锛屼笉浣忛珮绾 幓锛屼笉浣忛珮绾 搴楋纴灏 搴楋纴灏 搴楋纴灏 搴楋纴灏 搴楋纴灏 噷鍙ソ锛熲 噷鍙ソ锛熲 噷鍙ソ锛熲 噷鍙ソ锛熲 噷鍙ソ锛熲

Seok Jin-soo chain 夌偣鎷呭 curry


Kim Tae-hee

鈥 ah ah!! 闾i噷鍙槸鍏 矝鍟婏纴缇庡啖镄勯┗ 矝鍟婏纴缇庡啖镄勯┗ 庡熀鍦 庡熀鍦 庡熀鍦 纴鍙堟槸镞呮 纴鍙堟槸镞呮 纴鍙堟槸镞呮 鑳滃湴锛岃兘 鑳滃湴锛岃兘 鑳滃湴锛岃兘 変粈涔埚嵄闄╋纻闾e姘戝镄勪姘戝镄勪姘斿緢楂桡纴浣嗘槸鍙埚緢骞姘斿緢楂桡纴浣嗘槸鍙埚緢骞润锛屾嵁璇 锛屾嵁璇 缮鏄 缮鏄 鑳炲紑璁 鑳炲紑璁 鑳炲紑璁 殑锛屾 殑锛屾 殑锛屾 殑锛屾 殑锛屾殑銆傗€

璇 inch潃璇濓纴Kim Tae-hee 鎶婄玛璁版湰鐢佃剳鎷 杩囨潵锛屾妸镆ユ 杩囨潵锛屾妸镆ユ 杩囨潵锛屾妸镆ユ 杩囨潵锛屾妸镆ユ 殑璧勬枡缁橲 殑璧勬枡缁橲 eok Jin-soo 鐪嬨€

Seok Jin-soo 鐪嬭 浜嗘墠鐭ラ 浜嗘墠鐭ラ 浜嗘墠鐭ラ 浜嗘墠鐭ラ 浜嗘墠鐭ラ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 鏉ヨ 笉鏄紶缁熸剰涔変笂镄勬皯瀹匡纴涓嶆槸鍜屼 笉鏄紶缁熸剰涔変笂镄勬皯瀹匡纴涓嶆槸鍜屼 笉鏄紶缁熸剰涔変笂镄勬皯瀹匡纴涓嶆槸鍜屼湪涓 璧 璧 璧 殑銆

杩欎 姘戝镄勪 姘戝镄勪 姘戝镄勪 浜 纴鍦ㄩ梼杩戠殑鍖哄 纴鍦ㄩ梼杩戠殑鍖哄 纴鍦ㄩ梼杩戠殑鍖哄 屾湁寰埚镄勬埧瀛愶纴閮 屾湁寰埚镄勬埧瀛愶纴閮 屾湁寰埚镄勬埧瀛愶纴閮 屾湁寰埚镄勬埧瀛愶纴閮 綔镞呮 綔镞呮 綔镞呮 綔镞呮 綔镞呮琛岀煭 chain熷嚭绉熴

Living in such a place is just like renting a house. No one else is disturbed, nor will you meet a stranger.

“Well, this is good, then I am relieved.”

“Then I am placing an order?”

See Seok Jin-soo agree, Kim Tae-hee passed the computer and passed the reservation information to the B&B.

After a massage by Kim Tae-hee, Seok Jin-soo finally felt that the pain in the waist was much better, at least it could be done.

“Go out and play, this is noona’s last leisure time.”

Kim Tae-hee is unknown.

“Why do you say that?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Because after coming back, noona’s TV series is going to be prepared.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo had a new work, and Kim Tae-hee was particularly excited and grabbed his arm at once.

“Do you have a script?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and turned the script out of the computer to show her.

“This TV series, let’s get it ourselves. Anyway, there is no shortage of money. Let’s let the delivery agency buy it. Well, this drama is starred by you and Dong Jiu’s kid. He has been honed for so long, enough to star. It is.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo wanted to make a TV show himself, and Kim Tae-hee was not surprised.

All her thoughts are concentrated on the script, looking at the name of the play and savoring it.

“Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, at first glance, knows that it seems to be a work related to cooking.

Seok Jin-soo, no matter what Kim Tae-hee heard, said: “When we come back, noona will start training. Since it is a bread king, I don’t know how to make bread.”

Kim Tae-hee didn’t hesitate, she only knew that Seok Jin-soo’s work would not be bad.

“Hey, there is nothing in the training, just I will learn it, and I will give you bread to eat later.”

Say it, this woman has to get closer.

As a result, Seok Jin-soo’s line of sight was inevitably attracted by the majestic softness of the two groups, and he couldn’t help but swallow.

I don’t know how the two breads taste?

So big, it must be very soft and soft?

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