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KEP Chapter 577

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 577 chapter, Mao Zedong self-recommendation, floating astronomy

Kim Tae-hee, who looked at the script carefully, frowned slowly.

“Jin-soo, if I am not mistaken, is this Shen Yujing really the heroine?”

Seok Jin-soo is lying on the sofa, greedily admiring the more obvious body curve that Kim Tae-hee has outlined because of bending over from the side.

After hearing this, I immediately put away the face of the pig brother and recovered my seriousness.

As a result, when Kim Tae-hee turned his head, he saw a very serious person.

Seok Jin-soo obviously knows that Kim Tae-hee will definitely ask this question.

The difference between “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” and the general TV series is that the endings of the male and female protagonists in the traditional impression are different.

Kim Tae-hee will play the role of Shen Yujing and Yoon Shi-yoon. Although they loved each other at first, they did not come together.

The last person Shen Shenjing came together was the Ma Jun played by Zhou Yuan.

Fortunately, the ending is still perfect, but the male and female protagonists are out of the ordinary cliché.

“Shen Chuangjing is the heroine, but unlike the traditional heroine, you think of her as an independent role.”

Kim Tae-hee continued to look up and his face was not very nice.

“It’s an independent role. It doesn’t seem to be a good person.”

Seok Jin-soo Haha smiles.

“It’s not a good thing to become a good person. Noona, if you want to be a good actor, you have to play different roles.”

He is a screenwriter and the person who knows the script best.

Kim Tae-hee knows that he said that naturally it makes sense.

“That can only believe you.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smile, incomparable domineering.

“Noona, you have to believe me unconditionally, and you can only believe me.”

This is very ambiguous, let Kim Tae-hee look at him fixedly. Suddenly, the cherry lips pulled out a meaningful smile.

“You, the little guy who specializes in trouble, deserves my unconditional trust?”

Life and feelings are not to say, at least in the production of TV series, Kim Tae-hee is unconditionally trusted Seok Jin-soo.

“Noona, this TV series, we invested by ourselves.”

Kim Tae-hee didn’t hesitate.

“Okay, just don’t know, do you have that much money?”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“I don’t have that much, but myMystic89 has it.”

It’s the company’s responsibility to make a joke and invest in the production of TV dramas.

Kim Tae-hee didn’t know this and continued to ask: “Then you think about it, the TV series is made, and which broadcaster needs to be broadcast? sbs?”

Her two acting awards were all obtained in sbs, so psychologically, she is most interested in sbs.

This time, Seok Jin-soo did not agree.

“Noona, why are we so anxious? This time, we are not going to take the initiative to find TV Station. We will let the wind go and see who will get hooked.”

The current Seok Jin-soo has a strong self-confidence.

He is a screenwriter with more than 40% ratings, which is a strong guarantee.

In the face of such achievements, even if it is strong like TV Station, it will bend over.

He is very convinced that even if he does not go to the door to actively promote sales, those TV Station will be embarrassed with a generous purchase fee, hoping to get the copyright of the TV series from their own.

Upon hearing his thoughts, Kim Tae-hee shuddered and first examined this little guy seriously.

No, it’s not a little guy, it’s a man full of domineering.

Such a man, so that women have a sense of security.

The next day, Seok Jin-soo found Yoon Jong-shin and told him what he wanted to make a TV show.

Yoon Jong-shin This person is very interesting.

His work style is the kind of lazy type.

Although he runs an artist company, he never considers the promotion of his artists.

Nowadays, among the artists of myMystic89, except for t-ara, which will invest a huge amount of money for publicity, others do not have this treatment.

This is true even with Seok Jin-soo.

What, are you out of the album?

Oh, then it’s out.


Then it doesn’t matter.

In the words of Yoon Jong-shin, because it does not focus on publicity, it saves a lot of costs.

This kind of work sells out a little, so for the company, it is earned.

In general, a topstar-level singer, making an album, costs at least 150 million.

High, even able to reach 300 million.

For example, this t-ara’s comeback, myMystic89 approved production cost is 230 million.

And so much of the cost is spent on publicity.

In addition, for example, Seok Jin-soo’s debut album, because myMystic89 company did not give publicity, know what the cost is?

A total of only one million.

Four million of them are the expenses of the work team to Yeosu.

Kim Tae-hee is free and does not ask for money.

Although “Yeosu Night Sea” has no feat of slaughter, and has not won a song program, but the results are definitely not bad.

At the best of times, it even went to the third position of melon.

What does this mean?

This means that through Seok Jin-soo’s first solo album, myMystic89 made a big profit and earned 620 million.

From the perspective of the ratio of profit to cost, it has reached a level of scary.

This is the business idea of ​​Yoon Jong-shin. Its artists, in addition to t-ara is the idol group needs to be publicized, other singers, will not invest huge costs in comeback.

Including himself is the same, basically a song every month, it is regardless of the launch.

It seems that there is no water, but how many have earned money, at least not losing money.

This time, Seok Jin-soo said that it is the same to make a TV series. Yoon Jong-shin didn’t worry too much. It just paid money from the company’s account and it didn’t matter.

He doesn’t understand either.

So although this TV series production is a collaboration between myMystic89 and Kim Tae-hee’s lua entertainment, it is still responsible for lua entertainment.

As Seok Jin-soo said, when they released the news and told the outside world that the ace screenwriter Seok Jin-soo and Kim Tae-hee had joined forces again, someone came to the door as soon as possible.

Looking at the man in front of him, and the big man next to him, Seok Jin-soo smiled and opened his heart.

“Hey, Secretary, what is the wind blowing you?”

I met two people from Seok Jin-soo, one is the director of the kbs film and television production bureau, and the other is the famous director Lee Jung-sub.

Seok Jin-soo used to have nothing to do with Sui Daoxun, but because the other party is the top of TV Station, it is still slightly heard.

As for Lee Jung-sub, that is an old friend.

When Lee Jung-sub directed “Hong Gil-Dong”, Seok Jin-soo wrote two osts for the show, and the results were very famous.

However, the two have not seen each other for more than a year. Once again, Lee Jung-sub has to be abolished more than ever.

Last year, Lee Jung-sub directed “Invincible Li Pingkang”, and the ratings were not satisfactory. His reputation was also damaged and he had to lie for a while.

“Stone scriptwriter, this time, I am coming to the donkey to recommend myself.”

In the face of Seok Jin-soo, Lee Jung-sub has no euphemism at all, and directly speaks his own thoughts.

After “Invincible Li Pingkang”, no one was looking for him to film, so Lee Jung-sub was in a dilemma.

Just when he didn’t know what to do, he suddenly heard the news that Seok Jin-soo was going to make a new play.

It was this news that made Lee Jung-sub alive.

If it is someone else, you may have to think about it, how to get close to Seok Jin-soo, in order to get this opportunity to direct.

But he doesn’t have to, he and Seok Jin-soo have a fate.

Of course, Lee Jung-sub is not so pure.

Today’s Seok Jin-soo has long been inconsistent with its original status.

He is also afraid that depending on his own weight, he may not be able to get the appreciation of Seok Jin-soo and get a chance to direct.

So this guy played a beautiful hand, that is to find the kbs 闵道勋主任.

He told Qi Daoxun that he had Seok Jin-soo on the door, and even persuaded Seok Jin-soo to put the right to play the new TV show to kbs.

He only hopes that kbs can designate him to be the director of the TV series.

Seok Jin-soo has produced three TV series, all of which exceeded the 40% ratings.

For the power of this god-level scriptwriter, kbs is also very good.

But unfortunately, Seok Jin-soo’s three works, two of which are cheaper sbs, the rest is cheaper mbc.

In the three major clubs, the relationship between kbs and Seok Jin-soo is generally not so close.

This time myMystic89 company released a message saying that Seok Jin-soo wants to make a new TV series, and Dao Xun is also very heart-warming.

He is swearing for the past two days, what he can do to get close to Seok Jin-soo and persuade him to put the new TV show to kbs.

The show business is such a reality.

If you are a famous and not enough writer, then even if you write a good script, it is difficult to sell it.

The production company and TV Station can sit on the Diaoyutai platform and slap the price.

But the works of famous scriptwriters are different.

That is the ratings, which means a steady stream of banknotes.

I haven’t seen the secrets of myMystic89 company since the Seok Jin-soo released the wind and prepared to make a TV show.

Quite simply, these sophisticated businessmen know that Seok Jin-soo is able to produce hot TV shows that can be a good publicity for their products.

There is no need to be there, and your product appears in the TV series in the form of butt l, which is Seung-ri.

Ruan Daoxun was worried about this, and Lee Jung-sub found him.

It was a sleepy encounter with a pillow. The two hit it off and immediately met Seok Jin-soo in the name of Lee Jung-sub.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo did not follow the name of the work and the eyes were higher than the top. It was learned that it was a visit of the old man and he agreed to meet.

As soon as he heard Lee Jung-sub, Seok Jin-soo paused and then laughed.

“You came for the director of the new drama?”

Lee Jung-sub is a stick, not tied to the face. Patted his body and smiled and asked: “Do you see me suitable?”

He thought that Seok Jin-soo would say it.

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo didn’t hesitate at all, and immediately reached out to him.

“The cooperation is enjoyable. The specific director’s fees are not given, and 5 percent of the income of each episode, how?”

It was so painful, but it scared Lee Jung-sub.

“No, this is too sloppy?”

This time it was Seok Jin-soo Haha who laughed.

“Please, it’s your brother who rushed to find it. Of course I decided to make a hasty decision.”

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