KEP Chapter 578

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 578 chapter is speed, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo’s refreshment is that Lee Jung-sub is caught off guard.

He panicked and kept waving his hand.

“No, stone screenwriter, don’t be kidding. Really, I mean, I really want to take over the play, and I hope you can seriously consider it.”

Seok Jin-soo knows that his own happiness is actually scaring people.

He Haha smiled and pulled out the script from the bag. After opening it, he pushed it to Lee Jung-sub.

“Brother, do you think I am joking?”

Lee Jung-sub is not clear, so I have to look down.

But with a glance, he was like a body-fixing technique, and his expression was solidified.

In his sight, I saw that the first page of the script written by Seok Jin-soo was written about his expectations for the various positions in the play.

The director position in the first column, the intention candidate is not someone else, it is his Lee Jung-sub.

That is to say, even if he does not come to Seok Jin-soo, soon after, the other party will personally find him and invite him to direct the show.

I want to understand what happened, Lee Jung-sub is very excited, but there are some tears.

I really can’t think of it. In his most difficult time, Seok Jin-soo, who used to be only a few faces, trusted himself even more.

“Stone scriptwriter…”

Lee Jung-sub shivered and gently rubbed the script, putting it on his name for a long time. For fear of blinking, the name will change the same.

Seeing his emotions in his eyes, Seok Jin-soo smiled softly: “How, brother, do you still think I am casual?”

Lee Jung-sub wiped his face indiscriminately, and wiped out all the eyes, tears and the like.

“Do you really think I am suitable for this show?”

Seok Jin-soo is a lot more serious.

“After writing the script, I have studied a lot of directors. Choose to go, only your style is best for this play.”

Of course he is nonsense, choose Lee Jung-sub, that is the information provided by the voice.

Anyway, people who know themselves, people who don’t know cheaply, are not as good as those who don’t flow outside.

In any case, knowing that he is the director of Seok Jin-soo, Lee Jung-sub is full of pride.

Those liTTL-Time To Love e pubutt y, let your dog eyes look low, and feel that Laozi’s defeat in a movie is completely over.

Let me take a good look now, my Lee Jung-sub is an undead existence.

Lee Jung-sub was settled and Seok Jin-soo looked at Yu Daoxun.

“If I expected to be good, the Secretary is also coming for this play?”

To be honest, what Seok Jin-soo can’t think of is that kbs is actually the first TV station to go to the door.

This is not to say that he has insufficient trust in other distribution agencies. The real reason is that he actually understands.

Other TV stations should be on the sidelines.

Seok Jin-soo is now a prestigious one. His work is better than one, so I should give him a price tag. Everyone is not sure.

Everyone wants to see what other opponents will give, and then increase their choices, hoping to finally harvest the fruits.

As a result, in this kind of mutual observation, the kbs with less contact with Seok Jin-soo became the first TV station to go to the door.

Yan Daoxun still does not know this situation.

As the director of the kbs TV production bureau, he has only one duty, that is, he hopes to introduce Seok Jin-soo’s new drama and give him a shot in the field of kbs decadent TV drama.

Yes, kbs has long been a leader in Japanese TV dramas.

Even if mbc produced a masterpiece like “You’re My Destiny”, it could not be compared with kbs as a whole.

However, what is more embarrassing is that kbs has been relatively weak in terms of regular drama.

Shuimu drama, gold drama, etc., rarely have any famous works, can only eat behind the other two.

Especially last year’s “iris”, because the huge investment and the expected income is disproportionate, let kbs really lose a lot.

Because of this incident, the last director was removed.

After he took office, he thought about how he could make a difference in the field of evening drama, consolidate his position, and go further.

For him, Seok Jin-soo’s new play is an opportunity.

For this opportunity, he is willing to pay a higher price.

“Yes, stone screenwriter, we kbs come with sincerity, I hope to establish a good relationship with you. The stone writer also knows that our kbs is the national TV Station, which has the most extensive audience in the country. If the new drama is played in our kbs, it will definitely be seen by more viewers.”

Yan Daoxun quickly introduced the advantages of kbs and hoped to impress Seok Jin-soo.

At any time, National TV Station has the advantage that other TV stations can’t match, that is, audience coverage.

Basically, families with TVs can receive kbs.

On the contrary, mbc and sbs are much weaker in this respect.

It is a pity that the advantages mentioned by Dao Daoxun are not too much in mind by Seok Jin-soo.

South Korea is so big, the so-called audience coverage of kbs, in fact, the advantage is not too big exaggeration.

Seok Jin-soo has already had specific ideas for the sale of TV series.

“If you want to buy this show, I have two conditions.”

Yan Daoxun cheered up.

“Please speak.”

Seok Jin-soo took a moment to say: “I don’t ask for too much price for each episode of the TV series, but we have to get 5 percent of the advertising revenue from the production company and the percentage of copyright issued overseas. Ten, 15% of dvd and network usage.”

In fact, Korean TV shows are sold to TV Station, and the price has not been very high.

South Korean film and television production companies, most of the time they earned hard money.

Only a few screenwriters can sell a good price and earn a little more.

The rest are cheap TV Station.

Now Seok Jin-soo is also a screenwriter and should be able to ask for more prices. But his ambition is bigger, and his eyes are not just staring at the cost of the sale.

Even if the TV series sells a high price per episode, it will only be 30 episodes. How much can it sell?

In addition to the fees paid to actors, crews, productions, how much profit can you end up with?

Seok Jin-soo is very clear about the benefits of a big TV series, advertising, peripherals, overseas copyrights, online copyrights, dvd, etc. This is the big picture.

So he started from these aspects and hoped to get a piece of it.

At the same time, he started to be very measured and did not ask for much. The proportion of all requirements is controlled to less than 15%.

This is a very sensitive line, and it’s not hesitant to make a fool.

If he asks for a little more, then he said that he would not agree.

He did not dare to promise, otherwise the above-mentioned high-level officials had to oust him.

In any case, the production company wants to divide the advertising revenue and so on, which is equivalent to stealing money from TV Station.

On the one hand, it is to reinvigorate the kbs of the evening drama, and let your reputation rise to the next level. On the other hand, it is a major transfer of interest, but it has not reached the point of pain.

For a time, Yan Daoxun fell into meditation and was speechless for a long time.

Seok Jin-soo was not in a hurry, poured coffee for Lee Jung-sub, and then the two started the script and discussed it.

Anyway, no matter whether he or she can talk to kbs, he is ready to use Lee Jung-sub as the director.

The two people talked about speculation and talked a lot.

In particular, Lee Jung-sub accurately grasped Seok Jin-soo’s ideas and knew his philosophy of constructing the play.

In this way, after he directed, he knew what to do to be able to control the main line without deviating from the idea of ​​the scriptwriter.

After an hour, I also went out once.

Seok Jin-soo knows that such a big decision, Rao is the director of Dao Xun, and it is impossible to make a decision directly.

He must have gone out to ask the minister or even the president, and perhaps even persuaded, so it took so long.

However, when the donation of Dowon was returned, Seok Jin-soo noticed that the guy was full of red light and high-spirited.

Sure enough, after the Dao Xun sat down, the first sentence he said proved his guess.

“Stone scriptwriter, I am now officially notified, your condition, we kbs accepted.”

It seems that kbs has so much pain in TV dramas that it is hoped that it will be able to make a turnaround from top to bottom.

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled, not so excited.

Because he knows that his conditions are not too much. Even with sbs and mbc, the possibility of a promise is great.

“Can I mention the second condition?”

I remembered this, and Seok Jin-soo has two conditions.

He couldn’t help but get nervous.

“Stone scriptwriter, the second condition will not be so harsh?”

Although the first condition kbs was accepted, it did not prevent the singer.

Business negotiations, no matter how you do it, are the means to fight for chips.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head, this time without delay.

“My second condition is that I hope that this play can be broadcast during the time of the Shuimu drama. Should there be no problem?”

As soon as I heard that this was the case, Sui Daoxun took a sigh of relief and renewed his smile.

“Of course, no problem, just say so, we are in the water wood drama period.”

As long as Seok Jin-soo makes an evening show, it doesn’t matter if there is kbs.

Mizuki dramas, gold dramas, and gold dramas are all acceptable.

Seeing both conditions of kbs accepted, Seok Jin-soo is also a lot easier.

He extended his hand to the donkey.

“If kbs can accept the price of 150 million yuan per episode, then we will be a deal.”

When Dao Xun was in shape, there was a huge surprise.

“Aigoo, stone scriptwriter, this…this…this is really thank you. Please rest assured, from now on, you are the most important friend of our kbs, and it will be open for you in the future.”

Can you not be surprised by Dao Xun?

Seok Jin-soo is only one hundred and five million in one episode, which is almost the same as the price of cabbage.

Originally, he also planned to pay a price of 230 million yuan per episode. I did not expect Seok Jin-soo to give him such a big discount.

It’s not that Seok Jin-soo doesn’t like money, but he knows very well that although the asking price for each episode is much lower, the portion that is given out is sold through advertising revenue, peripheral income, overseas copyright sales, and DVD products. Will earn more.

Not to mention, myMystic89 and Lua Entertainment have received so many butt ads.

In fact, in general, this time, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, Seok Jin-soo’s total income is more than three times that of the previous “Brilliant Legacy”.

Instead of paying more attention to TV Station’s selling expenses in the series, it is better to be more generous, and you can earn more from other houses in the future.

In any case, kbs can spend less and get the work of top-level screenwriter Seok Jin-soo. This trip of Dao Xun is a big profit, a perfect business negotiation.

Yan Daoxun has already thought of it. After he goes back, he will definitely get the award from the president.

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