KEP Chapter 580

The latest chapter in the voice of the heart of Korean entertainment, the 580 chapter of the Great God, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo is stupid.

I don’t know if I am not used to changing places, or what other reasons.

In short, the night turned over and over, the mind was disordered, until the sky was clear, and I fell asleep.

This is so, the dream is not peaceful. There is always a demon’s goblin, seduce his heart.

Waiting for the morning, still in deep sleep, he was woken up.

I didn’t blink, I heard the voice of Kim Tae-hee.

“Jin-soo, it’s time to get up.”

Seok Jin-soo has a dull throat and is speechless.

“Noona, what time is it.”

“It’s already eight o’clock, hurry up, today we are going to play the yacht.”

Seok Jin-soo feels that he has no strength and doesn’t want to move.

“Not early.”

It wasn’t expected that he was so lazy, Kim Tae-hee laughed, and a slap on his chest.

“Yah!! Get up quickly. Then go to the landlord and have a conversion plug. My phone is running out of power.”

Kim Tae-hee also came here to know that his mobile phone plug and the local outlet in Guam are not compatible and cannot charge the mobile phone.

The landlord who is planning to open the property will definitely notice this problem and there should be a spare plug to borrow.

The phone can’t be charged, which is really a big problem.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t dare to neglect.

“Well, I know, I will get up soon.”

How is this guy still dependent?

Kim Tae-hee is very dissatisfied.

“Can’t you get up now?”

Seok Jin-soo’s face was weird, and the eyes turned for a long time and finally said it.

“But I have to change clothes. Noona is here, is it to look at my figure?”

Kim Tae-hee is a pretty red, hot and hot.

“Hey, shameless, who wants to see your body.” Saying, big beauty was born at the foot, and quickly fled.

It was not until Kim Tae-hee disappeared that Seok Jin-soo took a sigh of relief and slowly sat up.

He didn’t lie to Kim Tae-hee, he really wanted to change clothes.


This spring dream has no trace, only the shorts are sticky.

Yesterday on the beach, it was really stimulated by the bikini’s Kim Tae-hee. As a result, Seok Jin-soo was the night of the night, and Kim Tae-hee was infinitely in his mind.

How long hasn’t been a woman, and I’m so upset, I’m dreaming.

You said that the parties are in front of you, can Seok Jin-soo be comfortable?

Seok Jin-soo quickly got up and changed his dry clothes, and he took the initiative to wash off the crime and only took a breath.

The landlord’s residence, through the guidance of Kim Tae-hee, he also knows.

In fact, it is not far away, just on the hillside three hundred meters away.

Out of the door, Seok Jin-soo walked over to Dada.

Seeing it, this landlord is also a person who will enjoy it.

The place where he lives is not surrounded by houses, but he has occupied a hillside alone.

On the one hand is the bustling city of Guam, on the other side is the golden sea. Living in such an environment every day, like heaven.

Seok Jin-soo walked slowly and set foot on the stone steps.

Just then, there was a sudden sound of music in front.

The familiar music sounds, and Seok Jin-soo is also a glimpse.

He is familiar with this song, “The Tears Under the Flow”, which is a legendary song.

Before listening to Kim Tae-hee, the people who opened the homestay were overseas Chinese, so it is normal to listen to Korean songs.

In the early morning, you can hear the familiar melody, and Seok Jin-soo is in a good mood.

As he followed the melody, he walked a little lighter.

The beautiful prelude gradually passed, and the more familiar lyrics penetrated the air.

You left me in this narrow world

How hard it is for me to leave…

Seok Jin-soo’s footsteps look strange.

If he didn’t get it wrong, this is not the song from the cd, but someone is singing along with the accompaniment.

It’s just that this person’s singing is really superb, the use of skills is flawless, the atmosphere is extremely smooth, and it sounds exactly the same as cd.

Kim Tae-hee said that the owner of the home is a single man. And the song is also from the front yard, so why not say…

Is the singer the owner of the home?

Just as Seok Jin-soo was shocked, the song was still coming out.

Every sentence, every word, every word is so smooth and exquisite. I really can’t think of it. In the distant Guam, I can hear such a powerful singing.

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo can’t help but be more curious about the owner.

The pace increased and went straight into the yard.

He saw that, not far ahead, next to a tape recorder playing music, a middle-aged man was standing.

Very plain tropical dress with thick-rimmed glasses, sideways facing him is immersed in the hot singing.

Just as Seok Jin-soo walked in, the man’s singing also reached the climax.

Don’t worry about the world where there is no parting

You go there and wait… I am

Waiting for me, the tears in the intercourse will turn into rain.

Like you are shouting at my voice…

The treble broke out, and Seok Jin-soo got a goose bump and looked at the singing man. He was not willing to make a small noise and missed the ultimate singing.

He is a very arrogant person, and it is rare for someone to sing to conquer him.

But the man in front of him, the use of skills, as well as his own voice, has reached the ultimate perfection.

And it can be seen that this person is obviously a master of music, has a long history of singing and honing, and the use of skills is more skillful than him.

I really couldn’t think of it. Actually, I saw a singer of the Great God level.

The singing man did not notice his singer and broke into the uninvited guest. He is still immersed in his own voice, step by step to push the song to the peak of the most bloody.

Two people in one courtyard, so they coexist through a song.

The more I listened to Seok Jin-soo, the more I was fascinated, and I was gradually curious about this man.

Who is he, why do you have such a perfect singing?

At the very least, from a professional point of view, this person really does not seem to be a homestay owner, more like a top singer who should be on the stage.

A song has finally been sung, but the reverberation is around, long after.

The singing man has not yet come out of the aftertune, and Seok Jin-soo can’t bear to destroy the experience.

So quiet is still going on.

Or the man first woke up from the indulgent state, turned around, and saw the Seok Jin-soo.

“Hello, may I ask…”

Suddenly, I suddenly woke up Seok Jin-soo.

He quickly returned to God and greeted each other.

“Hello, I am a guest living in the 27 room.”

The landlord is awkward.

“Ah, hello, hello. Guest, what do you need?”

Seok Jin-soo hurry to say it.

“Do you have a conversion plug for your mobile phone charger? Our mobile phone needs charging.”

Sure enough, Kim Tae-hee guessed that the landlord did have preparations here.

“There are some, you wait a moment, I will give you.”

The man said, turned and entered the house, leaving Seok Jin-soo alone.

Seok Jin-soo is bored, the most important thing is that the song that just gave him the shock is too strong.

The ghost made the difference, he went to the side of the video recorder.

As a result, I saw that there was a cd box on the table.

I wanted to come to the cd by the landlord, so the box was placed on the table.

“Tears under the Circumstance”, as long as it is music in Korea, there is no such thing as this song.

Ten years ago, the legendary stage also surprised countless people.

Seeing this album here, Seok Jin-soo is also very touched, can not help but take it and observe it.

It seems that cd is some years old, so the box looks a little worn. The images of the above junyfore band are not so clear.

I really can’t think of it, the years are flowing, everything is going so fast.

But when he was feeling, his eyes suddenly widened, staring at the cover of the box, and people were getting excited.

If he is not mistaken, the lead singer of the above junyfore band, and the landlord just…

He was shocked here, the footsteps were ringing, and the landlord had come out with a conversion plug.

“Guest, this is the conversion plug you need…”

Seok Jin-soo suddenly turned back and looked at the landlord’s face carefully.

That’s right, his guess is right.

Although the past ten years, people have changed a lot.

At that time, the rock god, who was long and fluttering on the stage, was now home and harmonious.

But whether it is a face or a facial, it is still the same as before.

Thinking of this, Seok Jin-soo is a little excited.

“Excuse me, you are the Joon-young sunbae-nim of the junyfore band?”

The man’s figure is a bit embarrassing. However, the body shape was stabilized very quickly, and the look was a bit embarrassing.

“Oh, are you a singer? Do you know me?”

This is recognition.

Seok Jin-soo had a surprise and quickly took a few steps and grabbed the other hand directly.

“sunbae-nim, it’s really you. I really can’t think of it, I will see you here. I can practice watching a lot of your videos.”

Recalling that when I first learned music with Kim Hyeong-seok, he really looked at the video of Park Joon-young and practiced a lot of pronunciation.

It seems that I have been away from the stage for too long, and the Park Joon-young in front of me has no domineering at that time, and she seems a little simple.

“Hah, are you?”

Seok Jin-soo quickly introduced himself.

“sunbae-nim, I am the artist Seok Jin-soo, a member of the Infinite Challenge and a music producer.”

This time it was the turn of Park Joon-young who opened his mouth and looked at him incredulously.

“Aigoo, are you really Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi? I really like your Can’t Forgive, Yeosu Night Sea and uptownfunk.”

After Park Joon-young retired, he left Korea and operated a homestay in Guam.

Because I am far away from my hometown, I am homesick and I am concerned about what happened in the Korean entertainment industry.

“Infinite Challenge” is a program he likes to watch, and Seok Jin-soo has made a name for himself as a music producer in recent years. He also likes his work very much.

I really couldn’t think of it, I actually saw the active artists in my own homestay.

Seok Jin-soo is even more excited, and has been holding the hands of Park Joon-young.

“Sunbae-nim is really, I really learned a lot of singing skills from sunbae-nim. You don’t sing now? Are you teaching?”

Talking about his current situation, Park Joon-young is inevitably shy.

Ps: The characters appearing in this book are the former lead singer Joon-young of the Korean junyfore band. 2001 debuted with the tears in the intercourse. But because of the pressure of life, I finally bid farewell to the stage and operate the B&B in Guam. “See Your Voice” The second season of the Huixing article, this great god has appeared, and Kim Bum show is the university classmate. This person is known as a god figure in Korean vocal training, and many singers are watching his video practice.

Thank you krezreal, the otaku waiting for the book, the reward of the immortal!

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