KEP Chapter 589

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the XMVX handsome MV, floating astronomy


“This fucking is so good, forgive me, stone, I can’t help but swear.”

“How did you do it? Why did you write such a nice song?”

“I bet that this year’s Grammy will be yours, definitely yours.”

Seok Jin-soo was the first to discover that Andorra Woodsquez was so Nagging.

When I last met, this old guy was very cold. In addition to professional topics, I stretched my face and said nothing.

But now, “rollinginthedeep” he doesn’t know how many times he has listened.

Even Seok Jin-soo feels tired, but he still has nothing to do.

Not only that, but once he listened, he Nagging once, and he heard his chatter throughout the night.

In the end, Seok Jin-soo was so annoying that he was about to fall asleep and had to interrupt him.

“Okay, Andorra, you have come a long way from today, it has been very hard, it is time to rest.”

Unexpectedly, Andorra Woodsquez did not move at all and still sat there.

“No, no, I have no problem, I am sober. Really, man, let me listen again. How long have I not heard this powerful song? Oh, God, this is actually going to be released on our Atlantic record. Songs. We are developed!”

The gaze that Yoon Jong-shin sat on the side of his hand, apparently asking, is this guy crazy?

Through the day’s run-in, in the evening, Seok Jin-soo and the band finally mastered the song.

He played five times in the studio and finally made a complete sound version through machine synthesis.

It happened to be Seok Jin-soo when they recorded, Andorra Woodsquez arrived.

Since the beginning of the song, the old guy has been unable to move.

The whole soul seems to be sucked away, leaving only one body, and only the melody of the song in the mind is the same as taking poison.

“rollinginthedeep” as a classic masterpiece that has been handed down for a long time, was taken out by Seok Jin-soo, and it is not difficult to conquer Andorra Woodsquez.

“If this song is to be sung to a singer like Mariah Kelly or Whitney Houston, you believe it or not, you can dominate the bulletin board for more than 20 weeks.”

Finally, Andorra Woodsquez woke up from the intoxication of the song, but also had a slight regret.

Of course, Seok Jin-soo knows what he said.

After all, the two are top singers who have been famous for many years and have great influence throughout the world.

The effect of the top singer with the top songs is far from being comparable to his newcomer.

But what about it?

“Man, this is my song, it belongs to me only.” Seok Jin-soo stressed.

Andorra Woodsquez smiled and no longer argued.

Yeah, this is a song by Seok Jin-soo. The copyright belongs to him only. And his singing, he also perceives it, it is simply overbearing.

Even if Seok Jin-soo is not famous, it is difficult to be famous for such superb standards and perfect songs.

The wise Andorra Woodsquez quickly shifted the subject and asked questions that he was more concerned about.

“Hey, man, when did you shoot mv? You know, since I heard your work, I didn’t want to wait for a second, I hope that this song will soon conquer the public.”

This is what Seok Jin-soo likes.

“Don’t worry, we can start mv shooting tomorrow, and try to end in twenty-four hours.”

The location of the mv was not in the traditional studio, but myMystic89 company spent a lot of money.

The one responsible for mv shooting is Seok Jin-soo’s special effects team borrowed from CJ Group.

The cj Group is a shareholder of Hollywood DreamWorks, and has also learned a lot of film special effects from Spielberg these years.

In recent years, Korean movies have made rapid progress in special effects, and there is the credit of these people.

This time Seok Jin-soo wants to shoot mv, in order to achieve perfection, I have to invite this group of gods to come over.

In the studio, wooden floors have already been laid. And these floors are empty underneath, people walking on it, can clearly feel the trembling.

At this time, this large piece of floor has already been densely covered with water. Each cup of water is filled with a half cup of water.

Behind the floor is a large piece of green cloth that hangs down from above. Although ugly, it is obviously the most appropriate if you want to do special effects.

In front of the green cloth is a small open space, about ten square meters, which is reserved.

Jiang Xiuhao’s drum was placed at the other end, similar to the original mv, just below the ladder. And here, it is below the floor.

The first shot at the beginning is his, to knock out the scene where the water bottle fluctuates.

The first wave of people who shot mv was not Seok Jin-soo, but Yoon-ah, Yu-ri, Seo-hyun, Eun-jung and Hyo-min.

At this point, they have changed their clothes as required.

All five girls are all in a tight black dress, showing the perfect figure.

At the same time, they are wearing heavy high-top boots on their feet, up to the position above the ankle. Such shoes are very weighty and will make their dance steps more powerful.

Outside of their clothes, all five girls were covered in transparent raincoats. The hat is buckled on the head, and only a little hair is exposed from the gap in the raincoat.

Before they played, Seok Jin-soo finally gave instructions.

“You have to pay attention, the drums are very fast, you must keep up with the rhythm, otherwise the scene will be messed up.”

In the original mv, people who didn’t know where to recruit, danced in the flour pile like a fully armed look.

Seok Jin-soo always felt that the scene was a bit nonsense, so this time, he changed to five girls, Yu-ri and Yoon-ah.

They will dance in the pouring rain and achieve perfect harmony with the drums, forming a harmonious resonance and enhancing the shocking effect of the cup shaking.

To this end, Bae Yoon-jeong deliberately added elements of tap dancing during the choreography, allowing them to use more of the leg movements.

When the girls and Jiang Xiuhao were in place, the first filming began.

Under the order of the director, the top of the studio slammed down a large expanse of water droplets, mimicking the heavy rain.

The rain fell down and fell on the floor, creaking; falling into the glass, splashing crystal water drops; falling on the sling, aroused a crackling sound; fallen on the girls On the body, let the transparent raincoat shine more.

At this time, the voice of Seok Jin-soo came in, and with the strings of the bass, the atmosphere began to rise.

In the first section, Jiang Xiuhao has long waited for a long time, and the drumsticks suddenly fell, like the drums of the drums, stirring the hearts of the people.

At the same time, Yoon-ah also grasped the rhythm, accompanied by the drums, the two feet kept intertwined, and each landing, echoed the drums.

The shock waves of the drums, as well as the impact of their dance steps, let the water cups all over the ground sway gently.

Standing outside, it is obvious that the water in these cups is gently shaking, but it is perfectly unified with the drums and footsteps.

That feeling is like feeling the ground vibrating, knowing that there are thousands of horses running in the same shock.

Yoon Jong-shin and Andorra Woodsquez all stunned their mouths and couldn’t believe what the eyes saw.

The girls in the heavy rain and Jiang Xiuhao did not care about anything, and the cold water hit the body, making people extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, only the bursting and passionate music can make them forget the pain and invest in it.

Jiang Xiuhao vowed that he has not played the drums so hard in his life.

The same is true for girls. In the past, their dances focused on highlighting the beauty and sensuality of women, showing a beautiful temptation. But this time, Seok Jin-soo has only one requirement, that is power.

So although the movements are not very complicated, but each time, they need to bite their teeth and go all out to jump.

So the first time I finished, the five girls all went off, and they all fell on the floor and gasped. Even if they are wet under the body, they can’t take it anymore.

Not only tired, too many leg movements, so that their feet are numb.

Now they understand why Seok Jin-soo wants them to wear military boots instead of high heels.

If it is high heels, I am afraid that their feet will be scrapped.

After the first recording, there are of course many flaws. So the staff began to organize the venue and prepare for the second shot.

Seok Jin-soo rushed up with the others, picked up Yoon-ah and walked down the stage.

Other girls are cared for by their own assistants and do not need to worry about him.

This is so, when the girls are down, they still have a taste.

“Oppa, why only hold Yoon-ah? Are we forgotten by you?”

Eun-jung is a small detective.

“Oppa, are you two people who have sex?”

Seok Jin-soo and Yoon-ah are all red and trembled.

Say no, it’s all that way. Say yes, but I haven’t made it to the last step yet.

In the end, Seok Jin-soo is thicker.

“Cough, don’t talk nonsense. I am only because of the proximity, Yoon-ah is on the side. Besides, I also come from the weight.”

If you don’t fight back and don’t poison your tongue, then it’s not Seok Jin-soo. If you say a word, you will give others a critical strike.

Yoon-ah is the thinnest among the five girls, and of course the lightest. Compared with her, the other four are really fat.

“What? We are not fat?”

“Really, that missy has no two or two meats. If you don’t have any cockroaches, will you be thin?”

“All the essences of Yoon-ah eonni are on the face.”

Even the smallest Seo-hyun couldn’t help but anger, and actually said the famous saying.

Everyone else is noona, even if Eun-jung and Hyo-min are younger generations, but because of the relationship between Girl’s Generation and t-ara, they can’t be treated as ordinary people.

By these noonas ridicule, Yoon-ah has nothing to say.

But Seo-hyun, do you want to make a maknae?

Yoon-ah was very inferior to her body. After listening to Seo-hyun’s words, she immediately took a sigh of relief and refused to be exhausted.

“Yah!! Xu Hyun~ie, white is so good for you. I will never spare you today!”

Looking at the two girls who are playing together, Seok Jin-soo is also full of black lines.

“I really can’t see it, Seo-hyun’s mouth is also very poisonous.”

Yu-ri rolled his eyes femininely.

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Seok Jin-soo 涓€鍙f皵娌’笂鏉ワ纴鐪熸槸娌”璇寸悊浜嗐


鍜屾槰鏅氱殑褰曢煶宸笉澶泛纴 Yoon-ah 濂 镄勭墖娈碉纴涔熸槸璺 镄勭墖娈碉纴涔熸槸璺 镄勭墖娈碉纴涔熸槸璺 镄勭墖娈碉纴涔熸槸璺 镄勭墖娈碉纴涔熸槸璺 濂 濂 濂 濂 濂 缁堟墠杩囧叧浜嗐 缁堟墠杩囧叧浜嗐 缁堟墠杩囧叧浜嗐 缁堟墠杩囧叧浜嗐

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锽效杺锽傦纴镞 (3) 劧閮 崅浣忎 崅浣忎 锛屼 锛屼 锛屼 涔堢溂镌涢湶鍑 涔堢溂镌涢湶鍑 涔堢溂镌涢湶鍑 涔堢溂镌涢湶鍑 鐪ㄤ笉鐪ㄥ湴鐩潃锛 鐪ㄤ笉鐪ㄥ湴鐩潃锛 鐪ㄤ笉鐪ㄥ湴鐩潃锛 鐪ㄤ笉鐪ㄥ湴鐩潃锛

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