KEP Chapter 591

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 591 chapter, the astronomy

T-aracomeback, this is just a message from the outside world.

For those who like it, I will look forward to it. I hope that this time t-ara can still surprise with music.

For those who don’t like it, it’s just a rush of information. After forgetting, there is no need to pay attention.

But behind people’s invisibility, myMystic89 company has invested huge resources for this comeback.

Let’s just say that, just for the publicity expenses, Yoon Jong-shin approved 1.5 billion.

what is this concept?

In the words of Seok Jin-soo, I don’t expect t-ara’s comeback to make any money.

There is only one purpose, which is to promote t-ara.

Since the debut, they have been on the right side of the line.

The trilogy of Me Gustas Tu, nonono and Cheer Up has created a good start for t-ara.

But to go one step further, to become a Girl Group like Girl’s Generation, you have to work harder.

Seok Jin-soo knows that “bopeepbopeep” has the potential of Divine Comedy, so this time, it was deliberately negotiated with Yoon Jong-shin and invested huge sums of money to promote it.

Old friends, Melon needless to say, early enough to empty the prominent position of the home page. The first time the new album was put on the shelves, I filled this section.

There is no need to say that there are five consecutive interviews.

There are also some leaks revealed by myMystic89, which have enhanced t-ara’s attention.

This time Seok Jin-soo was also evil, and I got rid of my boyfriend at Hyo-min High School, as well as detailed photos.

Although this made Hyo-min very depressed, he also made it clear that in order to speculate, it is still necessary to pay.

Sure enough, this broke out after the news broke out.

Many fans of Hyo-min feel incredible, and they accept incompetence.

Later, the D community published an interview with Hyo-min, explaining that Oppa, who had worked together in difficult times, gave a lot of help for the persistence of his dreams.

Only now that the two have no relationship, they are no longer in contact.

This report has annihilated the fans’ enthusiasm, but the news of t-ara has been reprinted several websites, and it has been publicized.

The rest is the same as the previous strategy.

The subway, bus, outdoor large screen, publicity of the major broadcasters, etc., myMystic89 company spared no effort to win.

For the first time in his life, Seok Jin-soo asked his friends in the circle and hoped that they would help the public when they were in the program.

As a result, the new album has just been released, and the audience has found inexplicably that the song “bopeepbopeep” can always be heard on TV.

Yoo Jae-seok sing, Kang Ho-dong singing, Kim Jong-min singing, Kim Jong-kook singing, and even Ha Jung-woo sang in an interview.

When Kim Tae-hee was asked what songs he liked, he even jumped into a cat dance.

The quality of the song did not have to be said, full of modern and lovely style. Once launched, it melted the hearts of countless uncles.

In addition, it is the work of Seok Jin-soo. With the bottom of the gods such as “uptownfunk”, even people in Europe and America have paid attention to his dynamics.

T-ara is also very popular, with many fans, and spare no effort to support idols.

In order to create a song for the song, Seok Jin-soo even sent a bigger water army this time.

He had a known warden, and through this relationship, the prisoners in the prison also performed “bopeepbopeep”.

The price is self-evident.

There are more than 20 million in the prison director’s account, enough to make him smile.

The prisoners had more chicken legs in their lunch, and there was no complaint about it.

It started with the performances of the prisoners in the prison and quickly caused waves in the outside world.

Then the traffic police also jumped, the college students jumped, the Catholic believers also jumped, and even members of Congress also followed suit.

In a short period of time, “bopeepbopeep” has formed a prairie trend, and there is no limit.

People seem to feel the era when the “tellme” and “gee” swept the eight squares and combined, and experienced the fear of being dominated.

And all these storms are ultimately cheaper t-ara.

They and their songs have become a social phenomenon.

The media’s interviews followed, the magazine’s photo invitations continued, and the contract for advertising endorsements was full of tables.

Invitations for commercial performances range from Anyang to Jeju Island.

T-ara’s assistant team can be described as a hassle, and it is a last resort, even Seok Jin-soo has to help filter the itinerary.

In addition to these, TV Station’s delivery is even more important.

Almost all popular programs have invited t-ara.

Especially on the “Strong Heart” side, the first time invited t-ara members to starred.

On the day of the recording, the six members were lined up one by one, occupying the top three positions in the first and second rows.

This is an unprecedented treatment, even when Girl’s Generation starred, only Yoon-ah sat alone in the first row.

Now, t-ara has soared overnight and has become a guest who needs to take care of the program.

Fortunately, Seok Jin-soo’s constant art can teach, the original boring Qri and Bo-ram have changed a lot, and it is very open in the program.

In the first phase of the program, t-ara is good at doing programs, and the reputation of being funny is spread among the production people, and more invitations are made to them.

In addition to these, myMystic89 and Seok Jin-soo are most concerned about, of course, the source problem.

There is only one unique criterion for identifying the success of t-ara this comeback. That is the sound source.

If the sound source does not break out, then the other aspects are getting hotter, and they are all worse.

As for the album sales, this is not too high for the Girl Group.

In fact, t-aracomeback a little more than three days, the album sales only 23,000.

This number is unique in the Girl Group, but compared to the men’s group, it can only be regarded as Baby rain.

But in Seok Jin-soo’s most important source of sound, it’s not the same thing.

The sound source of “bopeepbopeep” has been breaking the table since the airborne.

For three consecutive days until now, it has broken up to thirty-seven times.

And the score of the second place is also very different, the third and fourth songs are t-ara’s own.

It can be said that this time their comeback is already a great success.

It has broken the watch many times in a row, and it has continued to be strong. This is a result that only a combination of big objects and singers can achieve.

Now t-ara has done it, and it is still continuing.

Even because the sound source is very good, it in turn drives the sales of the album. In the first week, their album sales exceeded 50,000.

This achievement is the level of the overlord in the Girl Group.

In addition to the 2,500,000 astronomical figures created by Girl’s Generation at the beginning of the year, in the women’s group, t-ara is definitely the first.

“You work hard, wait until the comeback in August, and we will make a bigger momentum. In that case, the sound source award at the end of the year is likely to be yours.”

This is the face of t-ara, Seok Jin-soo said.

Yes, he is very confident now.

Perhaps at the end of the year’s various music awards ceremony, t-ara may include all the sound source awards.

This is not only to see the good results of “bopeepbopeep”, but because of the comeback in August, t-ara’s songs will explode more than this time.

That song has won the first year of the sound source in 2011 year. If the “boys” of Girl’s Generation is too big in the international arena, I am afraid I can’t run a sound source award.

Coupled with the wrong strategy of Kim Kwang-soo, the mismatch with Kim Records, and can not attend mama, the t-ara air has good results, but did not get a good award.

Today, myMystic89 is different, and the relationship with all aspects is very good, and can also attend all the awards ceremony.

So Seok Jin-soo will be so sure, as long as t-ara continues this way, a sound source award at the end of the year can’t run.

At that time, Girl’s Generation won the album award, and t-ara won the sound source award, which really became the girl group.

Comeback A week later, t-ara did not surprise, and won one of the mcd.

Also in the same week, they started the harvesting journey of the awards.

There is no suspense in the “Music Bank” and “Inkigayo”, and even other singers have no interest in fighting.

No way, facing such a divine song, saying that there are more tears.

The only thing that can be done is to watch it rush to the throne and then it will not come down.

In the second week, mcd, “Music Bank”, “Inkigayo”, and t-ara were three trophies.

So far, six members have already said the awards.

“Oppa, if we still get one next week, what should we say?”

In the practice room, six girls tiredly sitting in the corner of the wall, watching Seok Jin-soo, who is about to go to the United States, and finally seeking help.

The mv of “rollinginthedeep” was made. Andorra Woodsquez looked over it and said nothing, he immediately returned to the United States.

Not dissatisfied, but because it is too satisfying, so there is nothing to say.

He wants to take the lead and go back to Seok Jin-soo’s trip to the United States.

It is said that Bruno Mars is going to hold a personal concert.

Atlantic Records believes this is an opportunity to make Seok Jin-soo appear as the producer of uptownfunk. Then use this stage to promote his new song.

Seeing that there is nothing in the short term in South Korea, he packed up and prepared to go to the United States to carry out activities for the new song.

Just before going, the t-ara in the comeback is not so reassuring, so come over and do something.

Unexpectedly, I heard the girls Nagging.

But for this, Seok Jin-soo’s face was cold in an instant.

Looking at them, they are directly reprimanded.

“Why, just got a good grade and it’s gone? You are amazing, thank you for not being too lazy to say it?”

Don’t look at the usual talks and laughter, but Seok Jin-soo is angry, everyone is afraid.

The six girls couldn’t sit still anymore, and they stood up one after another, slamming against the wall and standing straight.

Looking at them, Seok Jin-soo is not at all polite.

“How long have you been debuting? Do you think that you are awesome? Just took six and you are satisfied. At the time, Girl’s Generation got eleven ones at Music Bank. Is it more desirable?”

The atmosphere was extremely dignified, and Ji-yeon even cried out by his training.

Seok Jin-soo’s attitude has not improved, it is still so cold.

“You have to remember, even if you have been debuting for a long time, ten years, twenty years or even thirty years, you have nothing to lose. It is only a matter of moments to want to destroy the artist career. So many sunbae -nim can persist, because of what? Just because you don’t forget your heart, always with a humble attitude, you can do it seriously. You also hope that you can cherish the hard-won time, don’t forget to debut, How much suffering have you suffered. You are not qualified to be complacent.”

This time, the girls were all speechless.

Standing there silently, the whole heart was jumping.

Fortunately, with the timely reprimand of Seok Jin-soo, they did not let them float in front of good results, and then forgot their identity and dreams.

Only when you keep your heart and keep making progress, this kind of t-ara can survive forever and become the most amazing idol combination.

Thank you jiyeon2 for the constant reward, I haven’t seen you for a long time!

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