KEP Chapter 592

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 592 chapter and the big name, floating astronomy

The lessons of Seok Jin-soo can be described as timely.

Just when the t-ara flowers were bright and the fire was burning, I came to this moment and let the girls wake up and realized their peculiarity and insufficiency.

Many people in the entertainment industry have found that when the popularity is skyrocketing, t-ara is more humble and hardworking than ever before.

They are not proud of being a popular combination, or they are asking for a variety of embarrassing demands.

Their earnest and modest attitude has won unanimous praise from the outside world and won more love.

The girls themselves also found that they received more invitations than before, the activities were very smooth, and the income increased significantly.

None of these Seok Jin-soo knows that he has arrived in the United States.

After Andorra Woodsquez brought “rollinginthedeep” back, Atlantic Records understood that they had to be developed again.

It was just a normal business operation. Now, Atlantic Records is taking seriously the activities of Seok Jin-soo.

When he arrived in the United States, Atlantic Records’ ceo James Dwight personally greeted him at the airport.

“Stone, I have to say, you have given us a big surprise. I must admit that our understanding has been biased before, and now everything has to be adjusted.”

For James Dwight’s confession, Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t care.

Europeans and Americans have always been ahead of the world in the field of popular music, so there must be an indescribable arrogance in the bones.

Although Seok Jin-soo produced “uptownfunk”, it is estimated that Atlantic Records must have thought that this song can be successful. Bruno Mars played well and did not fully understand the role of Seok Jin-soo.

So this time, although it was decided to help Seok Jin-soo release songs in Europe and America, it is just a try. The effect is good, it is earned, and the effect is not good.

However, I did not expect that Seok Jin-soo gave them a shock again.

Seok Jin-soo is an Asian who can not only master the reggae-style songs, but also create a popular soul.

This shows that he is a very versatile musician and a rare genius today.

Realizing this, Atlantic Records quickly revised its strategy and began to pour more resources into Seok Jin-soo.

“Stone, this time in addition to attending the concert of Bruno Mars, we also contacted you with several programs. If you can be accepted by people here, you will see your play.”

In the program?

Seok Jin-soo is a bit of a surprise.

In the previous plan, it was just a song. I did not expect to appear in the program.

However, it is not difficult for him to appear in the program. He is a program-born person himself, he never worried about this.

Seok Jin-soo stayed in New York for one night and finally saw Bruno Mars on the tour.

“Hey, stone, I am really embarrassed. I went to the UK once and kept you waiting.”

Seeing Seok Jin-soo again, Bruno Mars is very happy.

This is his own noble person. With his help, he now enjoys the treatment of the superstar.

Drinking water, Bruno Mars has been thinking about how to thank Seok Jin-soo.

“Stone, is it inconvenient for you to travel in the United States? I think you must need a car.”

Said, Bruno Mars smiled and sent a car key to Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo Take a closer look, good guy, in the middle of the car key, a horse with a front hoof is very domineering.

This guy is really interesting, actually sent himself a Ferrari.

Ferrari 458, a new car produced last year, is very cool.

Such a cool car, Seok Jin-soo in South Korea is definitely not going to buy. It is too swaying and not suitable for him.

But in the United States, there is no pressure to drive such a car.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t feel too embarrassed because of Bruno Mars’s gift. He made hundreds of millions of dollars with his own help. What happened to buying a car for himself?

So Seok Jin-soo smiled and took the car key into the bag.

“Let me leave a place in your garage. You know, I don’t have a house in the US. When I am not here, the car is on you.”

Seok Jin-soo didn’t plan to buy a house in New York, it was too expensive, and the environment was not good. There were not many times to come, no need.

“Stone, I heard that your new song is coming out, show me.”

Bruno Mars is more curious about Seok Jin-soo’s new song.

When recording “uptownfunk”, he saw the singing power of Seok Jin-soo. So this time Seok Jin-soo produced a new song, he has long been impatient, I hope to listen to the fun.

Seok Jin-soo turned his body, tapped the keyboard, and found mv from his computer.

“Man, don’t be scared.”

Bruno Mars has been serious, looking at his head and staring carefully at the computer screen.

Mv slowly started. At the beginning, the bass sound was quick and powerful.

At the same time, the dark clouds in the bass sound rolled over. After two amazing lightnings, the rain fell.

Originally Bruno Mars was waiting for the prelude to go, but did not expect that, under the simple bass accompaniment, Seok Jin-soo’s voice came in.

Only after listening to the first sentence, his goose bumps rose.

He knows very well about pop music, and Seok Jin-soo’s singing is a bit like the British style.

In the picture, Seok Jin-soo is naked and wears only a transparent raincoat. Lower his head and hide his head under the rain cap.

In this way, his face is gloomy and mysterious, and it seems a bit scary.

But when the lightning flashed, he illuminate his face, revealing the axe of the knife.

Seeing this scene, even Seok Jin-soo has to admire, the level of the special effects team is really amazing.

Just looking at mv, I can’t see that this scene is actually synthetic.

Bruno Mars was also stunned and kept screaming.

“Wow, this mv is so cool. Really, no matter what the song is, just this mv, it is worth buying it.”

In his exclamation, the second measure came.

The dense and shocking drums joined in, as well as the group dances of five girls, Yu-ri and Yoon-ah.

The same movements of their knives and splashes of raindrops make the picture very impactful.

Bruno Mars took a breath and slammed back a little, and then there was nothing to concentrate on gazing at mv.

This drum sound is really exciting, so he can’t help but shake his legs.

With the drums in the second measure, the voice of Seok Jin-soo was raised, and the voice was full of anger.

Bruno Mars has been completely conquered by the song, slightly closed his eyes and began to sing along.

He has already foreseen that this time Seok Jin-soo wants Daebak. Daebak, like himself, will also become a superstar.

After listening to the whole song, Bruno Mars was so embarrassed that he had to applaud Seok Jin-soo.

“Wow, man, have to say, you are really a genius. Say well, the next time I release the album, the title song will be handed over to you.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“No problem, you know, man, I won’t go too far with the money.”

Bruno Mars is also Haha laughing.

“Ok, please rest assured next time, I will give you more conscience production costs.”

The next day, Bruno Mars’s first concert was held at the Little Theatre in Manhattan, New York.

Because it was the first concert since Bruno Mars debuted, his brokerage company was very careful and did not open more tickets.

So this concert, a total of 13,000 fans.

This really makes Seok Jin-soo envious and has a deeper understanding of the popular culture market in Europe and America.

The same is a new debut, t-ara is also very popular, but can only do a showcase of 1,500 people.

Bruno Mars can play a concert of 13,000 people.

Although in Europe and America, this scale can only be considered a small case. But after all, the concert is different from showcase, and the difference in earnings is too big.

This is the concert of Bruno Mars, he is the deserved protagonist. Today’s audience is also directed at him.

So when Bruno Mars was tossing on the stage, Seok Jin-soo just sat in the lounge and watched him enjoy the frenetic cheers.

However, Seok Jin-soo is not alone. Next to him, another guest came.

Also known as the rapper Eminem, who once caused a great sensation in Korea.

Bruno Mars is very valued for the first concert in his life, and the people who can use it are used.

Eminem, a king-level friend, is of course pulling to help out.

This is Seok Jin-soo’s second meeting with Eminem, but fortunately the king has an impression of him.

Also, there are not many Orientals that Eminem has seen. So for such a special face, he still has an impression.

“Hey, stone, are you also a guest?”

Eminem heard “uptownfunk” sung by Seok Jin-soo and knew that he sang well. However, for him to be a guest speaker, the rapper is not very optimistic.

After all, the reputation in Europe and the United States is too far, and maybe you will encounter a cold spot when you play.

The audience in Europe and the United States is very picky. For those who don’t know, the level is not good, and even open directly, they don’t care.

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Yes, but this time, I used Bruno’s concert to promote my new song. Man, go back and help me publicize it.”

Although not very familiar with Eminem, it is not a waste of anything to say.

If Eminem helps the propaganda, the effect will not be the same.

Eminem may not have thought that Seok Jin-soo would be so direct, but he did not know what to say.

Silence for a moment, he just nodded.

“As long as your song is good, it doesn’t matter.”

Eminem is a very proud person, and the average rookie can’t enter his eyes.

His meaning is also very clear, that is to help Seok Jin-soo publicity. The precondition is that Seok Jin-soo must have strength and work well.

Now the strength of Seok Jin-soo, he has already been certified. So the rest is to see how Seok Jin-soo works.

If it’s really good, then he doesn’t mind helping to promote it on the sns.

After listening to this, Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Amy, you won’t be disappointed.”

At this time, the staff came over and called Seok Jin-soo to prepare for the stage.

At today’s concert, Bruno Mars invited two guests. Seok Jin-soo is the least famous, of course ahead.

When Eminem came out, the audience might be crazy.

It was about to greet his first performance in Europe and America. Seok Jin-soo was a little excited and took a step. It was getting closer and closer to the crazy cheering scene.

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