KEP Chapter 595

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 595 chapter music festival, floating astronomy

In fact, myMystic89 company’s promotion of Seok Jin-soo is not much.

This is not a contradiction between the company and him, but for more important considerations, Seok Jin-soo is not allowed to do so.

When he releases a single in Europe and America, t-ara can be coming back in Korea.

Seok Jin-soo knows that if myMystic89 is too advertised to him, it will definitely squeeze the living space of t-ara.

After all, “bopeepbopeep” and “rollinginthedeep” are still not comparable.

The former is just a hit song from South Korea, while the latter is a divine song that swept the world.

His idea is to make a name for himself in Europe and America for the time being.

Because of the time difference between the regions, when his songs are coming to South Korea, t-ara has passed the comeback period, so there will be no conflict.

Obviously, his ideas have been realized.

Because myMystic89 company deliberately did not publicize, in addition to some hardcore fans, most of the Korean society has not felt the impact of “rollinginthedeep”.

But it is different in the United States.

The song Jae-joong was released on the afternoon, and in the evening, the power was revealed.

First, the fastest youtube, many people were attracted by songs and mv, and then quickly told friends and family.

According to word of mouth, mv’s click-through rate is getting higher and higher, and it is gradually getting to the top page.

At this time, the reputation of the song finally began to ferment.

On the bulletin board, “rollinginthedeep”, which had been airborne more than 130, successfully squeezed into the top 100.

At this level, it means entering the general public’s vision, and more people will see this song.

When the time was right, Atlantic Records quickly launched and invested a lot of money to advertise Seok Jin-soo.

At the same time, the sns of Eminem, Bruno Mars and others also started, and began to promote Seok Jin-soo.

At nine o’clock in the evening, “rollinginthedeep” began to appear frequently in major TV stations, radio stations, and radio stations, quickly grabbing people’s ears.

Previous fans have just stepped out of the ups and downs of “uptownfunk”, and they have been baptized by the singing of the soul, and they have become prisoners.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t sleep all night, always paying attention to the trend of the sound source, and also silently praying.

After all, it was the first time in Europe and the United States, he did not want to fold the sand.

At the same time, it is also very depressed.

If this is in South Korea, it is known that he released the single, and it broke the table as soon as it was put on the shelves.

As a result, in Europe and America, he has no foundation and popularity, but he can only develop it with such a little bit.

Fortunately, the results were gratifying, and his fears were turned into a bubble.

After midnight, “rollinginthedeep” finally broke out.

This is an era of drunkenness, and this is also a decadent era, which is also an era of emotional confusion.

Naturally, in such an era, many people are hurt by emotions. It hurts and even pays the price of life.

Therefore, this first cry for love hurts, it is simply sung in the hearts of many people.

For example, the famous female singer Amy Winehouse does not know how to know this song. I wrote an article on my own sns and wrote about my feelings after listening.

“This is not a song. This is my heart. Unfortunately, I am confused. I don’t know how to get out of the vortex of emotions. Let this song give me some hope.”

At the end of the text, Amy Winehouse also attached a link to the song, which led her fans to trace the traces and tracked the song.

Amy Winehouse is undoubtedly a very talented singer, but her life is very unsatisfactory. When she meets a scum, she is ruined by love and drugs.

Her fans are also worried, afraid that she will have an accident.

Even the songs she recommended are naturally worthy of attention.

Sure enough, these people were also conquered by “rollinginthedeep”.

Quickly, this song with a very British taste began to spread in the British Isles, making more and more fans worship.

Frankly speaking, “rollinginthedeep” is far more popular in the UK than in the United States.

After all, the British prefer this style of music, which is crazy. But in turn, because the British like it also promoted the ranking of this song on the bulletin board.

At noon the next day, the song successfully won the first place in the British popular music charts, and was sought after by countless people.

The materials and images of Seok Jin-soo also began to appear in British media and magazines. Let more and more people know that the person who sang such a powerful song is actually a young East Asian man.

Also at noon the next day, “rollinginthedeep” squeezed into the top 50 of the bulletin board, and the click-through rate was also ranked in the top ten of youtube.

At this level, it means that the general trend of this song has been formed and it is no longer unstoppable.

Sure enough, the data on the third day was summarized and the results were extremely gratifying.

Outside the United States, “rollinginthedeep” has won one of the music charts of 13 countries.

Even on the bulletin board, it entered the top ten, and the momentum went head-to-head, soaring at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At this point, Seok Jin-soo’s first English single was finally recognized by the mainstream in Europe and America.

Through the Atlantic record, the invitation to him suddenly increased, and some even known programs.

Seok Jin-soo knows that there is no better place than South Korea. He has no foundation here. So if you want to make your songs more valuable, you have to let go of your body and run more.

This time, he played the tough spirit of the Koreans and ran countless programs with his jaw-dropping energy.

Anyway, when James Dwight and Andorra Woodsquez watched his activities, they once sighed that if European and American artists have his professional attitude, how good it would be.

Of course, they can only think about it.

Europeans and Americans advocate freedom, fairness, and enjoyment. They pay great attention to the combination of work and rest, and rarely do things desperately.

Like him, within a day, running from New Jersey to Portland and running to Miami will only be considered a madman.

But in any case, because of the diligence of Seok Jin-soo, the effect of publicity is not generally good.

On the fourth day, “rollinginthedeep” finally succeeded in reaching the top of the bulletin board, and it would never come again.

At this time, Atlantic Records released the propaganda draft again.

The outside world knows that the producer and singer of this fascinating “rollinginthedeep” is the same person as the producer of “uptownfunk” who swept the invincible before.

Not only that, Atlantic Records also organized Seok Jin-soo’s music works over the years, all of which were publicized.

Although those are Korean songs, the quality is very good, and for Europeans and Americans, the style is very novel.

Unexpectedly, these songs are also popular in Europe and the United States, opening up popularity a bit.

The bulletin board was not held this time. After Seok Jin-soo successfully climbed the summit, he published his details on the home page generously.

Names, nationality, age, identity, occupation, etc. are all available, so that the outside world has a new understanding of him.

In this case, the most insane is the Koreans in the United States.

They did not expect that their compatriots had achieved such remarkable achievements in Europe and the United States.

These lovely overseas Chinese spontaneously promoted Seok Jin-soo in the communities where the cities lived.

As a result, in the United States, even in remote places, you can hear the melody of “rollinginthedeep” and attract more and more fans.

In the second week, the song successfully won the weekly list, and the ride was dusty, so that the chasers could not see hope.

In the third week, “rollinginthedeep” twenty-six countries allkill reached, becoming a veritable annual popular divine comedy.

At the same time, imitation versions and variant versions of various fans have begun to appear, adding another piece of firewood to this fiery momentum.

So far, South Korea has also been alarmed.

The entertainment industry, the media industry, and the public are completely insane. The news about Seok Jin-soo is overwhelming.

In many evaluations, Seok Jin-soo has been blamed as a superstar.

Yes, the invincible singers in Europe and the United States will only let people tout and worship in Korea.

The president of melon personally called Seok Jin-soo, hoping to make “rollinginthedeep” appear as a Korean song on the official website of Melon.

Discretion, this time Seok Jin-soo rejected the offer.

Of course, he knows that if this song appears on the Korean audio source website, it will definitely sweep invincible. But in that case, it will squeeze the living space of other singers.

Korean artists have faced cruel competition and are not easy to survive. If he joins in again, it will mean that many people have been cut off.

Besides, Koreans like this song and can download and listen to it on bulletin boards and youtube. There is no need to compete with domestic singers for promotional opportunities.

Especially now that t-ara is still in the state of tyrants, it is facing the eleventh one of them.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t have the habit of killing the friendly army. Of course, I hope that t-ara can succeed.

This is so, because of his impact, t-ara has been greatly affected in Korea.

There are a lot less publicity pages. When I participated in the program, people mentioned Seok Jin-soo more, and even they had to use the reputation of Seok Jin-soo to win the shot.

All of this Seok Jin-soo naturally doesn’t know, he is still in the final time to promote.

The strike on the mbc side has a look, and the recording of “Infinite Challenge” is about to begin.

This last event in the United States made Seok Jin-soo very excited.

Because he received an invitation from the Coachella Music Festival, he will be a guest performer at this year’s music festival, and together with top musicians such as Jay-z and Muse, will perform for the fans.

Such an event, in the words of Andorra Woodsquiz, can’t be missed anyway.

Even Bruno Mars was sore and admired because he did not receive an invitation.

Although he was not in the fire at the beginning of this year, this music festival has always been very proud. He thinks that his works are suitable for nightclubs, not suitable for music festivals, and there is no artistry, so he will be abandoned.

Bruno Mars also had no temper and could only run his own activities with hatred.

But what Seok Jin-soo didn’t think of was that he unexpectedly received an invitation when he was about to leave for California.

The United Nations Secretary, Mr. Panki W, his compatriot, invited him to visit the United Nations headquarters.

This invitation made Seok Jin-soo unprepared and a bit worried.

Nima, he hasn’t even been to Blue House or Congress. No, even the Suncheon City government doesn’t know where.

This is actually going to the UN headquarters, see the United Nations Secretary…

Seok Jin-soo, who had a dim sum, had no stable mood for two days, so he was sent to the UN headquarters.

But unlike what he imagined, Panki w was very kind. If it is not an identity, it is similar to an ordinary community uncle.

Also because of the cordial attitude of Panki W, Seok Jin-soo has been somewhat relaxed.

After lunch with Panji W, he took a group photo and he left for California.

However, on the departing plane, he also returned to taste.

Nima, this is obviously to see that he has recently become famous, and this politician is very popular.

Sure enough, I feel honoured to let myself be grateful.

In fact, he did not suffer.

This is not the case that he and the United Nations Secretary have had lunch and photos together, and the outside world has a clear understanding of his status.

Thank you, God of War, open the door, idiots say dreams, rainy nights, worry, krezreal, otaku and other books, ε–΅ε–΅δ»™δΊΊ’s reward!

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