KEP Chapter 596

The latest chapter in the voice of the heart of Korean entertainment, the 596 chapter you are disgusted to enjoy worship, floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo is very familiar with the Coachella Music Festival.

After all, it is a famous music festival all over the world, and it is a stage where countless musicians dream.

When discussing music with Kim Hyeong-seok, Kim Hyeong-seok is also highly respected for this festival.

He used to go to the scene, talking about the kind of enthusiasm, a face of worship.

Unexpectedly, a few years later, Seok Jin-soo was already qualified to stand on such a top stage.

When Seok Jin-soo arrived in Indio, he learned from the organizers that his performance was scheduled for the first day.

For a newcomer like him, there is no problem with this arrangement.

After all, the next day will be the Muse band, and the third day is the home of jay-z.

Seok Jin-soo also knows that his current reputation is still not comparable to others. Being arranged on the first day also has a benefit.

That is to finish the show, he can go directly to Korea.

The Coachella Music Festival lasts for three days, attracting countless music fans to the carnival.

The same is true this year. The opening of the first day has not yet arrived. The city of Indio has gathered countless tourists.

Because it is located in the desert, although it is only in mid-May, it is already very hot.

Therefore, the music performances are arranged at night, can make beautiful stage, do not say, the weather is also very cool, can let people let go of the carnival.

In the afternoon, Seok Jin-soo and the band rehearsed, and for the first time, they were familiar with the outdoor scenes in Europe and America.

I know that there will be tens of thousands of spectators here, so the venue is very wide. Standing on the stage, Seok Jin-soo is far-sighted and can’t even see the billboards in the distance.

Imagine the grand occasion here at night, he is also excited, trying to adjust his state.

This outdoor scene is so big that it has a great test for the singer’s live play.

If the strength is not good and the state is not good, the effect will definitely not be satisfactory and will be embarrassed.

For the night’s performance, Seok Jin-soo didn’t dare to eat too much for dinner. Just a little vegetable salad and water, the scorpion is well protected.

At this time, there was already an audience on the scene.

“Ye-jin, what are you doing here? So many people, so chaotic, what if you get something out?”

In the crowd of people, there are two Asian women.

Not someone else, one is Son Ye-jin who avoids Seok Jin-soo running, and one is her assistant.

After leaving South Korea, Son Ye-jin’s first choice of travel was the United States.

However, unlike Seok Jin-soo, which is mainly on the Dong-hae shore, Son Ye-jin, as an actor, came first to the actor’s holy land, Los Angeles.

She stayed in Hollywood for a long time and played habutt y.

Later, I heard that there was a music festival in the city of Indio, and the lively Son Ye-jin immediately came over with the assistant.

However, this kind of music festival is mainly known as a famous singer.

Seok Jin-soo, as a newcomer, has not been so valued by the organizers, so he has not made much publicity.

So Son Ye-jin didn’t know at all, waiting for her family to perform on stage.

If she knows, she must have run far, or if Seok Jin-soo catches it, she will be finished.

Of course, even if Seok Jin-soo stands on the stage, she can’t find her.

Tens of thousands of spectators under the stage, the Wuhuan is like a sea. Seok Jin-soo is an eagle eye, and it is impossible to find Son Ye-jin mixed in the crowd.

Son Ye-jin, who didn’t know anything at the time, took the assistant and mixed it in the crowd. He also picked it up.

The band and singer who debuted, she didn’t know. But because the songs and strengths are strong, and the audience creates the atmosphere, Son Ye-jin has been infected and sings as the crowd jumps.

Although her movements are very old-fashioned, the assistant can’t bear to look straight. But at this moment, the scene that exploded, no one cares about this.

After several performances, the night in the desert was completely unsatisfactory. Son Ye-jin has a sweat and his hair is sweaty.

The assistant saw that the atmosphere was getting more and more frenetic, and the time was getting late, and the worry was even worse.

“Ye-jin, we should go back. Too late, it is not safe.”

Son Ye-jin hasn’t played enough yet, holding the assistant’s arm and spoiling it.

“eonni, play for another half an hour. Just half an hour, let me listen to another song.”

This woman is very beautiful and has a superb performance.

So spoiled, Rao is the assistant of the same woman can not stand, but had no choice but to agree.

“Tell it, it will take half an hour.”

Son Ye-jin has not heard her emphasis, and her eyes are attracted by the action on the stage.

“Hey, is this band Asian? How are all Asians?”

The assistant was also attracted by her words and looked up to the stage.

Sure enough, the band that was on the stage at this time was really black-haired, yellow-skinned Asians.

Surprisingly, will there be Asians performing at such a large music festival?

Son Ye-jin has curiosity.

β€œIs this a Japanese band?”

In Asia, Japanese music has always been famous, highly respected, and recognized by the international community.

So when she wants to come, Asian musicians who can get an invitation are very likely to be Japanese bands.

But at this time, the assistant suddenly screamed.

“Ah, that’s not Jiang Xiuhao. I know him. He is the best drummer in Korea.”


Son Ye-jin was also shocked.

“You mean? Is this a Korean band?”

The assistant only knew Jiang Xiuhao alone, because he saw Jiang Xiuhao’s performance at the scene. But since I recognized Jiang Xiuhao, other people are also on the list.

“Yes, yes, these are the top musicians in our country. Daebak, they will come here too. I told you that they are very powerful. Now, let the Europeans and Americans Also take a look at the level of our national musicians.”

The assistant did not urge Son Ye-jin to leave this time, but instead looked at the stage with a burning gaze. At the same time, I am still thinking about who is the top band, who is going to accompany?

“Ye-jin, you said, will there be a Korean singer?”

Son Ye-jin is not talking about it.

“Who would it be? Look at the performances of the top singers, our national singers will be shameful. I hope that the top is…”

If the words are not finished, Son Ye-jin can’t say anything.

Her whole person was stupid, and staring at the extra figure on the stage, the whole person was not good.

That guy…

The screen is so big, the picture is very clear, and the impression is so deep, so she will never admit her mistakes.

At this time, she just saw that the guy she hated most in her life was so embarrassed to go to the stage.

But she felt ridiculous, and the audience around her broke out with resounding resounding.

What is the situation?

That guy, in the end, how can he, and actually got tens of thousands of people to support.

Son Ye-jin has lost consciousness, just watching Seok Jin-soo, who greets the audience on the stage, how can he not think that the guy will appear here.

“How did he come? What is he?”

The assistant knows that Son Ye-jin and Seok Jin-soo are contradictory, but unlike Son Ye-jin, she knows more about Seok Jin-soo.

“Wow, I really can’t think of it, it is Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi.”

During the conversation, Suon Ye-jin suddenly felt the murderous look, and the assistant quickly took up the look of surprise.

“Oh… that, it is said that Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi has a great musical strength, should it be recognized?”

The two have been traveling recently, enjoying the beautiful scenery and tasting food, so the perception of the popular aspect is a little negligent.

They did not know what kind of wave of Seok Jin-soo caused in Europe and America during this time.

On the contrary, it was a bit unbelievable to see the audience at the scene so popular with Seok Jin-soo.

“What kind of monster is that guy? There is him in variety, TV shows him, movies have him, even music has him. Damn, can’t you really avoid him?”

Son Ye-jin was very annoyed, and the mood of the original sorghum became dull.

I don’t know why, she has a feeling that this man who is always right with her has become more and more powerful.

The assistant was very understanding. Seeing that Son Ye-jin was a little low, he asked, “So let’s go?”

Was awakened by the assistant’s words, Son Ye-jin quickly got up and looked at Seok Jin-soo, who was ready on the stage, and suddenly got a temper.

“Why do you want to go? Anyway, the guy can’t see me. I have to take a good look. This guy is definitely not capable and will be embarrassed.”

Looking at Son Ye-jin’s stubborn and pique, the assistant couldn’t help but sigh.

This woman, very plain and savvy, how many men who peek at her are played between her applause.

How did you meet Seok Jin-soo and become a fool?

She doesn’t even think about it. Can a singer who can be invited by the Coachella Music Festival have no strength?

Unfortunately, Seok Jin-soo is ready to give the assistant a chance to persuade again.

“Everyone, I have waited for a long time. But there are so many good songs, and so on.”

Holding the microphone, Seok Jin-soo continued his witty style and provoked the audience to smile.

Son Ye-jin raised his cheeks in the crowd.

This damn guy, really, shameless.

But the embarrassment of a small woman does not affect Seok Jin-soo at all. Since everything is ready, it will not be delayed.

“Okay, everyone, rollinginthedeep, let’s walk!”

His voice fell, the voice of Beth followed, and the long-awaited audience cheered. The applause stretches like a wave.

Son Ye-jin also stopped talking because the surroundings were too noisy, what she wanted to say, and the assistant could not hear it.

And she has to listen to it, what is the level of this abominable guy.

The song of Seok Jin-soo sprang up without letting her wait too long.

So wide the scene, Seok Jin-soo’s voice is extremely full, very clear and accurate into everyone’s ears.

When the drums were also added, the songs got better and the audience calmed down.

At the same time, everyone waved their arms and formed a spectacular wave, echoing the song of the soul.

Son Ye-jin is really stupid this time.

Committed to the audience, it is like a leafy boat in the raging wind and waves, all the voices of Seok Jin-soo screaming in the brain, washing her shuddering soul.

The man she hates, at this time, is accepting the worship of the people.

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