KEP Chapter 598

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 598 chapter meets the family, floating astronomy

Although I don’t know why I came to sm, but since I came, everyone has taken it for granted.

The recording of “Infinite Challenge” is not like this. When do you let members know?

The sm company has obviously negotiated this, and everyone went to the door and went in smoothly.

But no one thought that when I first entered, the front desk would make everyone dumbfounded.

“Are you coming to the draft?”


“The draft?”

“Why are we participating in the draft?”

“What kind of draft is suddenly said?”

All seven guys are confused and don’t know what it is.

Haha is funny, pointing to Yoo Jae-seok: “I have been out for 20 years, and I have to participate in the draft?”

Yoo Jae-seok Hurry to find Kim Tae-ho and discuss it.

“Wait, pd, we thought we would like to meet Girl’s Generation or who. Let us participate in the draft.”

Kim Tae-ho didn’t even hear it, and this guy’s stupidity is also a must.

The staff of sm company is also very simple, actually took out the test volunteers and handed them to everyone’s hands.

Anyway, the recording program, everyone does not care, after taking it, start to fill it out.

However, others are quietly filled out, but Seok Jin-soo is different.

When he was writing, the two front desk girls were very nervous.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi, can you take a photo with you?”

Is there anything wrong with this?

Seok Jin-soo heard the words and looked at the phone lens, and gestured a v, showing a smile.

The two sisters were so excited that they came together one by one and passed a group photo addiction.

But others are not happy when they look in their eyes.

“Yah!! Why are you only taking photos with Seok Jin-soo? We are also artists. There are national mcs here!”

With Haha roaring, the two sisters just grinned and didn’t even have a group photo.

Seeing maknae enjoying the pursuit of superstars, other people are completely uneasy, simply focus on filling out the test volunteers, and they are not bothered.

Talk about laughing and laughing, should try to write well. The next thing to do is naturally the draft.

“Where should we go?” Noh Hong-chul asked.

But before the staff answered, Seok Jin-soo took the lead.

“Come with me.”

Seeing that he is so confident, others are a little surprised.

“Yah!! maknae, this is someone else’s company, don’t go away.”

Seok Jin-soo still doesn’t look back.

“Brother, I have been here many times, just like my own home.”

No, when I made songs for Girl’s Generation and superjunior, he was almost a day old, so I was familiar with the four-story building.

Sure enough, under his leadership, three turns and two turns came to the door of the interview room.

But when he pushed the door open and saw the situation inside, his face changed suddenly and he turned and wanted to go.

“what…the hell!!, go fast, a little dangerous!”

There was a bunch of people behind him, and he was stuck there, and it was hard to move.

At the same time, everyone was very surprised. What did this maknae see, actually scared it like this.

Just then, there was a roar of a person inside.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, don’t run. You think it’s okay if you finish talking, let’s talk about it.”

The big guy laughed when he heard the sound.

“Haha, it’s kangta. Maknae, you are finished.”

Under the euphoria, the big guys worked hard together to push Seok Jin-soo into the room.

Sure enough, in this practice room, it was arranged as an interview site. At the same time, four judges have been put in place, one of which is kangta by Seok Jin-soo ridicule.

At this time, the brother looked at Seok Jin-soo with a bad look, and the gang kept screaming as if he was in luck.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, you tell me clearly, how am I boring?”

Kangta is not loaded, but really angry.

When I was still compulsory military service, I was stunned by Seok Jin-soo.

As a result, he has just returned from the military and is still recovering. Suddenly he came to the news that he became one of the three major ambassadors of the Republic of Korea.

As soon as I checked the news, I came out from Seok Jin-soo.

Kangta was so angry that he thought about how to find Seok Jin-soo.

Unexpectedly, this guy came to the door today.

In the face of the question of kangta, Seok Jin-soo also has a dim sum.

“Hey, brother, I am creating a role for you. You haven’t just returned from military service, you have a role, how good.”

Kangta is still discouraged.

“Yah!! Do you like this role?”

This time I didn’t use Seok Jin-soo to open the mouth. Someone stood up, it was Jeong Hyeong-don.

“I like it. It’s a good thing with Won Bin and kangta.”

This made everyone laugh, and let kangta dizzy, unable to pursue it.

But he still has to warn Seok Jin-soo.

“I won’t say that I am not interested in the future. I am much more interesting than Hyeong-don.”

Yeah, you dare to say.

Jeong Hyeong-don immediately opened his eyes and was very unconvinced.

“Yah!! You guy! I recognize you as a hot, but when it comes to humor, you are a primary school student.”

Kangta tried to get rid of the boring image and simply countered: “You are a kindergarten.”

Jeong Hyeong-don: “You are a baby.”

Kangta: “You are a fetus.”

These two people, do you really feel that you are very humorous?

Seok Jin-soo couldn’t stand anymore, his eyes turned and he thought of a plan.

“Two, it’s better. If you are so convinced, and in our entertainment circle, there are still a lot of people who are not interested. Or we will gather the geek artists who are recognized by everyone, and then decide the outcome, see See who is the king of boring, how?”

When I heard him, everyone was stunned.

But if you think about it, it seems to be very good.

In the past programs, everyone focused on who is more funny. If you come to a more boring showdown, how strange it is.

At the time of everyone’s taste, Kim Tae-ho’s eyes lit up and he had already figured out what to do.

Yoo Jae-seok is also coming.

“If you do a boring showdown, Jeong Hyeong-don ‘ssi is definitely going to participate, this is his home game.”

Park Myeong-su is eyeing kangta.

“An Qi Xuan must also participate, he is ace.”

Kangta took his head and hit the table, lamenting that his boring reputation could not be washed away.

Seok Jin-soo took someone else down the water.

“Speaking of boring words, Dong-hae is similar. They have a lot of superjunior people, and there are many people who are boring. In addition to Dong-hae, there are also Li Xu, Yi Sheng, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Just sitting on the side of Kangta, Dong-hae smiled and smiled. I didn’t expect to be recruited.

“Brother, I am very interesting.”

Seok Jin-soo is coming.

“What do you mean? The last time you ate together, the girl couldn’t stand your boring, and left.”

Dong-hae turned wild and violently waved his hand.

“Nothing, don’t talk nonsense. What girl, don’t talk nonsense.”

It’s a pity that when he saw his panic, everyone knows that Seok Jin-soo’s ninety-nine is true.

I really didn’t think that it was just a preliminary meeting. Seok Jin-soo made the two of the judges uncomfortable.

Today’s draft judges are four people, in addition to kangta and Dong-hae, there are sm company choreographer seonsaeng-nim Huang Shangxun, and sm company’s artist planning team leader Li Jinger.

Among these four people, Seok Jin-soo knows three, except for Li Jinger.

You can see four judges, and everyone’s mood is similar. That is, it is too shameful.

They are all colleagues who often meet in other occasions, or are younger generations. Nowadays, I have to accept the evaluation of others. How can it not be shameful?

“Do you have to do it now?”

“We really came to the draft.”

“No preparation, do you?”

Li Jinger seems to be the person in charge of the judges. He said: “As long as you show the usual strength, you can do it.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled bitterly: “Which strength do they have?”

Li Jinger also felt that the draft was rather ridiculous, but she still tried to control it: “Starting from the 1st.”

As a result, when you sat down, you just sat down, but the first one was Jeong Jun-ha.

I heard that I want to be the first to play, and Jeong Jun-ha has a yellow face. I muttered reluctantly. “Which strength is there? I am not prepared.”

No one cares about his dissatisfaction, and he has to walk to the center of the room.

Because Jeong Jun-ha was the first one, Li Jinger gave a lot of tips.

“No. 1 Jeong Jun-ha ‘ssi, please see the camera.”

As a draft event, there are of course cameras on the spot. This will not only preserve the image of the candidate, but also facilitate the later inspection to see if the candidate is on the mirror.

Some people usually look handsome or beautiful, but they are ugly in front of the camera.

This situation is actually not suitable for idols.

Can be facing the camera, Jeong Jun-ha looks like a fool, very cute, still suspicious, obviously not confident.

Although it is a recording program, Li Jinger’s process is the same as the normal draft.

The purpose of the “Infinite Challenge” production of this program is also to see those young people who are interested in becoming idols, what is going on in the draft.

“I introduce myself and speak to the draft.”

Jeong Jun-ha is a fool-like performer. The whole person is still confused. I don’t know what to do?

“Do you speak with a microphone?”

The simple question was also asked, and the judges were helpless, so they nodded.

So Jeong Jun-ha took the mic and put it on his chest, thinking about what to say.

“Hello everyone, I was 1971 3, born on 18 Day, and lived in Jeong Jun-ha in Samseong-dong, Gangnam District.”

Really, who cares about your life? Who cares?

Park Myeong-su started to pit teammates and ridicule up.

“Are you looking for a discrete family member?”

Dong-hae suddenly had a problem.

“What is your aspiration?”


Jeong Jun-ha’s confused face is unprepared for this issue.

Jeong Hyeong-don tried to sneer, but still pointed out the problem.

“He said that he is famous for not having an ideal.”

Seok Jin-soo also said: “The brother can just eat it.”

When Jeong Jun-ha was completely unprepared, he had to start talking nonsense.

“娶wife, have children, then live well.”

Huang Shangxun really can’t listen.

“The test field here is about acting, singers and musicals…”

Jeong Jun-ha is very honest.

“If I want to write, I will write.”

Hey, I am still in this state to participate in the idol draft, obviously the situation is not good.

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