KEP Chapter 599

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 599 chapter of the chaotic draft, floating astronomy

Next is the shooting of the personal file.

Li Jinger: “Please aim at the camera and take a positive file.”

When Jeong Jun-ha turned to the front, the camera began to slowly advance, and the details of his facial features needed to be photographed.

But when Li Jinger saw it from the monitoring screen, he came directly to it.

“Please stay a little farther.”

It is estimated that I have never seen such a big face, so I was really shocked.

Jeong Jun-ha was also very embarrassed, and worked hard several times before she laughed.

After the front file is finished, you have to shoot the side.

After seeing his side lines, Dong-hae suddenly came up with a sentence.

“There is a double chin.”

Jeong Jun-ha was frightened and tried hard to get rid of his chin, but was stopped by Li Jinger.

Looking at the head of his ancient dragon, it’s really…

The people of sm company don’t mean anything. Li Jinger doesn’t make any effect, just follow the process.

“The song to be performed is…”

When she said this, she only remembered.

“Ah, isn’t it ready?”

Of course, I didn’t prepare. Everyone didn’t know that I had to make a draft today. It was so confusing.

Jeong Jun-ha is also depressed and doesn’t know what to perform.

Thinking about it, this guy decided to be funny.

“I am going to sing a song of dawn.”

Nima, about your virtue, and want to sing the songs of the four kings of Hong Kong?

Sure enough, as soon as you open your mouth, everyone will understand that this guy’s vague nasal sound, no one knows what he sang.

In the end, there was no singing at all, it was a deafening noise, and it sounded like the Titanic’s departure.

It is difficult for the judges, kangta has to work hard to comment.

“The pronunciation has a tone, but I feel a little bit funny when I am…”

Seok Jin-soo stunned him.

“Is it very funny to be funny?”

Kangta didn’t come up in one breath and slammed the pen on the table.

“Yah!! Wait a minute, let’s talk.”

Seok Jin-soo simply turned his head and pretended not to hear it. Only leaving kangta alone was sulking, but there was no way.

As a choreographer seonsaeng-nim, Huang Shangxun naturally pays more attention to choreography.

“If there is a dance, it must be shown.”

Jeong Jun-ha has been completely shameless.

“Mechanical dance……”

I hope that the dance of Jeong Jun-ha will be handsome, the big buttocks swaying in the air, and it seems that the entire practice room is swaying.

After Jeong Jun-ha, Park Myeong-su appeared.

I haven’t seen such a humble Park Myeong-su for many years. Facing the judges, this old guy actually did 90 degrees.

Seok Jin-soo found the opportunity and rushed to the four judges: “Yah!! Is the sm company not ceremonial? You are in front of you, but the first member of sm is followed by Lee Sooeomma n seonsaeng-nim. Hero.”

The sm company’s four-person team was shocked and quickly stood up and returned to Park Myeong-su for a bigger ceremony.

“Aigoo, is sunbae-nim?”

“Why never heard of Lee Sooeomma n seonsaeng-nim?”

Listening to the doubts of the four kangta, Seok Jin-soo buried Park Myeong-su.

“At the time, Lee Sooeomma n seonsaeng-nim’s whole thoughts were on hot, and we released our Myeong-su brother.”

In the laughter of everyone, Park Myeong-su pulled his shoulder and was very shameful.

He has been debuting for almost twenty years, but no one has ever known that he was actually a sm company.

But today is an idol draft, so he has nothing to do with his origins, but also has to follow the process.

Li Jinger: “From the beginning of the personal profile, the hat can be taken off.”

Park Myeong-su was terrified and stuttered.

“Ah… no… no.”

This off-hat does not expose the situation of the elderly’s sparseness.

However, the protest of Park Myeong-su was useless. In the end, he had to take off his hat and completely expose the simple face. I sang and danced with both physical and mental exhaustion, and showed all that I could show.

After the two men’s drafts ended, the unsuccessful members were very confused and didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Jeong Hyeong-don proposed: “Seonsaeng-nim can demonstrate, how should dance dance?”

Look at how seonsaeng-nim are doing, and everyone can have a spectrum.

This is also an opportunity for publicity, and of course the people of sm will not miss the shot. So Dong-hae and Huang Shangxun came out and they wanted to jump “sorrysorry”.

These two people, one is the member and lead dance of superjunior, and the other is the choreographer of “sorrysorry”.

Although only two of them, the effect of dancing is not worse than that of all superjunior. Even because the two deliberately stunned, the scene was very gorgeous.

Until both of them had finished jumping, the unspoken members all opened their mouths and thoroughly understood the gap.

To dance in front of such a master, it is really a shame. For a time, everyone’s head could not be lifted.

At this time, Li Jinger made another speech.

“Next, the third player please come out.”

Haha is so shocked that if he is struck by lightning, he can’t believe this reality.

“No, do you want to come out behind their performances? Why is it me?”

Who told you to sit on the third position, so after the performances of Dong-hae and Huang Shangxun, you will be visually aware of the gap.

Seok Jin-soo is very sincere and seems to be cheering on Haha.

“Brother, don’t be afraid, you are the best dance among us.”

Haha is still dejected and has no confidence.

What is the best way to dance in “Infinite Challenge”? Now I am facing the best people dancing in the Korean entertainment industry.

Haha is completely unconfident. After Dong-hae and Huang Shangxun, how does his dance look like a bug is twisting.

In addition to sparkling everyone’s laughter, the reputation of dancing the most is lost.

In the end, Haha didn’t get anything, only rolled back with a covered scar.

After Yoo Jae-seok also made a lot of laughter, only Seok Jin-soo and Jeong Hyeong-don were left.

However, at this time, Li Jinger suddenly said: “There are some guests who want to watch the draft, we will see them first.”

In the midst of everyone’s mistakes, the door of the practice room was pushed open and five beautiful girls were coming in.

And when they saw them, everyone cheered.

“f(x) is f(x)!”

“Oh my God!”

That’s right, the person who came is the latest newcomer f(x) from sm.

It is a top entertainment company and will find opportunities. With the opportunity to record with Infinite Challenge, having your newcomer combination appear here is equivalent to being recognized by many and many viewers.

Kim Tae-ho also knows that it is impossible to make it convenient for people to use the sm company to record programs.

However, five young and beautiful girls appeared here, and they still made everyone feel very happy.

In greetings, Luna first found Seok Jin-soo.

“seonsaeng-nim, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

On the shoulders of Luna, Seok Jin-soo is also very happy.

“You have done a good job lately and saw your progress. Staying in good shape, your 93line’s comeback is not far off.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo is interested in running 93line, which makes Luna happy.

Although with the help of sm’s platform, f(x) debut is good. But after a period of development, they suddenly found that in the competition of the same grade, they actually fell behind a lot.

Don’t say t-ara, there is Seok Jin-soo, the gold medal producer’s sitting in the town, and it will be worthwhile.

Even the 2NE1 on the yg side is also very impressive, with the title of the woman bigbang, also pressed them under the body.

Now JYP company is not too lonely, running a four-person women’s group missa, and once they got out of the way, they won the two consecutive titles of “Music Bank” and later came to the fore.

Whether it is sm or f(x), it feels tremendous pressure.

After half a year of debut, only Luna got one of the song-song programs through 93line. As a singer, Luna also enjoys the pleasure of getting one.

In addition to Luna, LiTTL- Time To Love e Krystal is also very kind to Seok Jin-soo.

At the beginning, because of Seok Jin-soo’s “speaking in the righteousness,” she saved her pocket money.

“sunbae-nim, recently eonni bullied me again, you have to help me out.”

Seok Jin-soo is inexplicable.

“Yah!! Your family, why should I be in the first place? Jessica is so fierce now, I can’t marry her.”

LiTTL- Time To Love e Krystal stunned and found that she had lost a life-saving charm.

After the greeting, the two sides are separated, Noh Hong-chul is still difficult to conceal.

“Why… why come?”

Luna answered everyone instead.

“We are practicing. I heard that you are here, let’s take a look.”

Everyone is more concerned about a problem.

“How did you get it?”

Just everyone has made a draft, it feels so difficult, so I am very curious about how f(x) girls are admitted.

That is to let f (x) perform, no one is the old fritters, know how to create a promotional opportunity for each other.

Next, they performed “chu”. The signature sm knife dance, coupled with the outstanding strength of the girls, the scene is very beautiful.

Seok Jin-soo also paid attention to it. In terms of dance strength, f(x) is still stronger than t-ara.

At the very least, the group dance of t-ara is not so uniform, and the movement is not so standard.

In particular, a certain Tyrannosaurus Rex always plays dances according to his own style.

However, Bae Yoon-jeong seonsaeng-nim said that although the movements of the dinosaurs are not very standard, they are full of style, strong and strong, and the strength is the best.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t understand the dance. He had to say what seonsaeng-nim said and he believed.

f(x) gave a wonderful performance, then at the invitation of Kim Tae-ho, sat next to everyone and watched the rest of the draft.

It stands to reason that now, it should be Seok Jin-soo and Jeong Hyeong-don.

But at this moment, the door of the practice room was pushed away again, and someone came in.

And seeing the people who came in, Seok Jin-soo was stunned and faintly felt the crisis.

It’s not others who come in, it’s Yoon-ah, Tae-yeon and Jessica.

“Oh, we didn’t bother with anything?”

Jindu came in, Yoon-ah, this missy actually pretended to be very polite.

But everyone cheered about the arrival of Girl’s Generation, and it was even warmer than before.

No way, this is the first Girl Group in Korea, and there are women’s idols everywhere.

Thank you, the otaku is waiting for the book!

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