KEP Chapter 604

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the rich and wonderful life of 604 chapter, floating astronomy

Annaโ€™s documentary and filming continue.

“Now the next day, we waited for Jae-seok’s door to wait for him. He kept driving his very simple car, and everyone on the street was the same. He couldn’t see the superstar.”

Annaโ€™s team never interferes with Seok Jin-soo, where Seok Jin-soo goes, they follow where to go.

You can shoot when you can shoot, and when you can’t shoot, they take a break.

Fortunately, the activities of Seok Jin-soo are bright and open, and there are not many cases where they cannot be photographed.

“We know now that Shi’s current focus is on running a company and filming a TV series. God, this is very different from the one we imagined on the stage. From what we have seen In terms of the situation, as a singer, there are very few opportunities for contact with the stage.”

Seok Jin-soo traveled calmly and again to myMystic89.

“Well, after yesterday, we already know, this is the company that Shi is operating. Is this another boring day? God, although we are documentaries, you should know that we can’t stand boredom. โ€

After the program was aired, I saw the scene of Anna Ridicule, and many viewers would smile.

Although the operating company is the job of Seok Jin-soo, it is really boring to always sit behind the desk and bury the first job.

Today, however, Seok Jin-soo once again gave everyone a new look.

“Wow, everyone sees it, Shi did not go to his office. What is this? If we are not mistaken, should this be the recording studio? Yes, yes, I am sure, this is making music. The place. Damn, now we finally saw the stone as a singer and started working on music.”

Even Anna has a spirit, and I want to take a good look at how Seok Jin-soo works on music.

But when Anna knew Seok Jin-soo’s work today, she was dumbfounded again.

“Day, according to our latest news, what Stone wants to do today is to make ost for his movie. You can believe it, this guy is shooting a TV show, and there is still a movie that has already started post production. Let’s summarize. Stone is a singer, a screenwriter, or a director. At present, his work includes TV dramas, movies, and company affairs. He is also said to be responsible for the activities of other singers of the company. I am really curious, does a person really have such a lot of energy?”

Not to mention Anna, the audience who saw the documentary also raised huge questions.

In the field of Seok Jin-soo, many people only focus on one aspect, and they may not have any achievements in their lifetime.

And this person, who only spans multiple fields, actually does a good job in every aspect.

Is that human being?

In the audience’s doubts, Seok Jin-soo still works at his own pace.

Because the movie has not yet been released, ost can’t be leaked.

Anna and her team can only wait outside the recording room and watch Seok Jin-soo work, but can’t hear any sound.

But knowing that Seok Jin-soo is still filming, Annaโ€™s curiosity canโ€™t help it.

“Stone, can you tell me about the movie?”

Taking advantage of the timing of Seok Jin-soo’s lunch, Anna sat across from him and asked questions directly.

The documentary, although it is tracking shooting, but when there is something to watch, the host still has to seize.

Seok Jin-soo is naturally happy to talk about his own movies.

“This is my second film, an action movie, about the secret agent and the little girl. Well, I know, you think this killer is not too cold, but I clearly tell you two movies. completely different.”

Anna did not think of Seok Jin-soo’s old fritters, and directly blocked the problematic parts. The follow-up questions could not be raised, and she had to start from other aspects.

“When can we see this movie?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and said: “August, please look forward to it. By the way, I have a little bit of it. I also played this movie and played a big bad guy.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo actually appeared, and Anna opened his mouth.

“Day, stone, are you still an actor?”

Regarding this, Seok Jin-soo can’t agree.

“Itโ€™s just a guest appearance. The director thinks that I am suitable for this role. I am so handsome, I should play the protagonist right.”

For his self-proclaimed, Anna had to offer a laugh that could not be recognized.

Anna also found a rule, that is, the work of Seok Jin-soo, which is divided by lunch.

Before lunch, Seok Jin-soo basically stayed at the company.

After eating lunch, he set off again and came to a place where Anna and others were very strange.

“According to Shi’s introduction, here is TV Station. Is it because of the TV drama?”

But soon, Anna knew that her judgment was wrong.

Seok Jin-soo came to this TV station called sbs, which was actually a discussion of the variety program.

“Day, everyone, we got another amazing news. In the spare work of Shi, I actually took a variety program. In this program called Heroes, he will As mc, lead the program. Well, this is a brand new identity of stone. I am confused now, I don’t know what else he will not.”

As with Seok Jin-soo when making ost, it is impossible for Anna and others to enter the venue and know the content of the discussion by Seok Jin-soo et al.

But looking at Seok Jin-soo’s serious work and talking, Anna also understands a bit. Why is this Asian man who is not tall, so successful?

On the night of the day, Anna finally saw the private life of Seok Jin-soo.

Otherwise, she thought that Seok Jin-soo was a robotic workaholic.

“After watching the boring work of the stone for two days, we can finally see that the stone began to enjoy life when night falls. This is a celebration, which was held by myMystic89 company to celebrate the achievements of its singers. Activities. A women’s group called t-ara has won 13 championships in the past, bringing great glory to myMystic89. It is reported that this women’s group is also responsible for the stone. They won The songs of the thirteen champions are also made by Shi. Originally in Korea that we don’t know, Shi as a producer has always had excellent music works.”

This celebration feast was held by Yoon Jong-shin.

Thirteen, this is what t-ara achieved with bopeepbopeep.

Although there is no such horror as Girl’s Generation’s nine consecutive championships, it is also a difficult achievement for the women’s team.

With this brilliant record, today’s t-ara is really the top women’s combination.

Their status today is only a little worse than Girl’s Generation, but they have already left behind the women’s group in the same period.

Sitting on the second look, this is the situation of t-ara today.

Don’t worry, Seok Jin-soo is very confident. After the t-aracomeback in August, it will definitely be a perfect match with Girl’s Generation.

Because there is abcTV Station in the shooting, the celebration feast, Seok Jin-soo naturally will not let such a good time. In the name of play, let t-ara perform in the hotel.

Compared with the average Korean singer, the idol combination can still be mixed in Europe and America.

After all, there is no such type of singer in Europe and America. Because of novelty, some people will like it. Therefore, we must give t-ara the opportunity to promote it and help them develop their reputation in Europe and America.

Although t-ara didn’t understand the deep meaning of Seok Jin-soo, but they did so, they all did so many games, and now they are not in front of the company’s sunbae-nim.

And itโ€™s not a common joy for six girls to sing with Soju bottles.

“Although it was a lively celebration feast, we noticed that the stone did not drink. Look, he is waking up and driving home. We have learned that stone is not a drink, but that drinking will be a mistake, so simply This is a man with a strong psychological quality, knowing what he wants and knowing what kind of price he should pay for success. There is a fundamental difference between the celebrity we know about.

The documentary was filmed on the third day, and today’s Seok Jin-soo gave Anna the biggest shock.

No, it should be said that it is a program, giving Anna a feeling that she could not think of.

“Today, we came to the gym together with the stone. It was a pity to see him. He didn’t go to the company in the morning. But as an artist, what did the stone come to the gym? Oh, after our inquiry, the stone came here today. Is to participate in the recording of another variety program. God, how many programs did he do?”

Following Seok Jin-soo, I entered the gymnasium. Anna and other talents found that it seemed to be a boxing ring.

“According to our understanding, the program that Shi appeared in today is called Infinite Challenge. And five years ago, Shi was an artist by debuting from this program. It must be said that his life is so strange. It is obvious that his singing is so powerful. It is also a screenwriter, but it is known as a comedian.”

When Seok Jin-soo said goodbye to everyone to change clothes, Anna took the team and began to interview the work on the spot.

“This program called Infinite Challenge is a Korean national program, which is very popular among many people. Therefore, it can only stand for five years and is still developing. Now the man who walks in is the master of this program. According to the Koreans, it is called the national mc. Stone in the New York radio station, when he first performed uptownfunk, he was next to it. So the powerful stone, here is his assistant, enough to prove his strength.”

Without waiting for Anna for too long, the recording of the program started very quickly.

“Wow, God, what have we seen? Originally we thought we would see boxing performances, but did not expect that they were actually practicing wwe wrestling. This is a long-term special feature that they will do every year. A feast for the audience. Last year, this program produced aerobics and won a place in the official competition. This year, the director of this program has a greater ambition to challenge the more enjoyable projects. Wwe, should it be the wwe we know?”

Just as Seok Jin-soo and others recorded, Annaโ€™s team was right next to it, and all the process was in sight.

Seeing the seven people on the ring, they kept on crawling, and with the help of professional coaches, they learned all kinds of wonderful and dazzling movements. Anna couldnโ€™t help but swell.

These Asians on the stage are not as strong as a cow, nor a professional wrestler. To master the technology of wwe, you need to work harder.

“Is the stone injured? Just a landing movement has a deviation, his shoulders have been picked up. But in order not to affect the practice, he just put on the ice bag, and waited for the painful pain waiting for his practice sequence. There is more than a month They are going to the stage and really wwe wrestling. What we can do is pray for Shi and his friends, hope they can stay healthy and give wonderful performances.”

Seok Jin-soo I don’t know, Anna doesn’t know what kind of sensation this time about the practice of wwe wrestling in the Infinite Challenge.

He fell to the ring again and again, even if it was technical, but it was also painful.

Hot sweat and cold sweat intertwined, dizzy, do not know when the next injury will be.

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