KEP Chapter 605

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 605 chapter of the national TV series, floating astronomy

Kim Tae-hee is ill.

Because of the tiredness of the past few days, coupled with the weather changes, the rain and rain continued, and as a result her immunity declined, she caught a cold.

Today’s filming, she is trying to stick to it.

But when the filming was completed, she couldn’t hold it anymore, and the whole person had no strength.

Seeing this, Seok Jin-soo is worried. Naturally, this woman cannot be returned to the home of Samseong.

Lee Wan has been enlisted, and Kim Tae-hee is alone. It is so dangerous to take care of it, it will be very dangerous.

Under the circumstance, Seok Jin-soo had to order Eun-ho and drove a managerrial from the company.

One of the benefits of this kind of car is that it is very confidential, and you can’t see the situation from the outside.

Seok Jin-soo took Kim Tae-hee in the car and returned to Sangam-dong all the way.

There are reporters outside his home, hoping to get big news. But in the face of a completely closed managerri van, they have no way.

I could only watch the managerri van all the way into the yard. After half an hour, Seok Jin-soo’s manager left alone.

“It’s weird, how did you get back on the management of the managerial van today?”

β€œWho knows? Maybe it’s too tired to work for a day?”

The reporters can only think so.

Compared to the average car, the managerial van is very spacious and can sleep inside.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t have time to take the reporters’ guesses and hugged Kim Tae-hee into the house and placed it on the bed.

Kim Tae-hee was very ashamed, and he was defended by Seok Jin-soo, but he also defended his mouth.

“Hey Yah!! What are you doing? I just caught a cold, and I can’t go.”

The beauty is beautiful, except that it makes people feel crisp and crisp, there is no power.

Seok Jin-soo is just a smile, and enjoys Kim Tae-hee’s soft and tender warmth and manliness.

“If you are sick, you will cultivate well. If you fall down now, the impact will be too great.”

Kim Tae-hee knows why.

β€œWhat effect can it have?”

This woman is very strong. How can she be a very small woman when she is sick?

However, Seok Jin-soo enjoyed it, and he made a move and said what made Kim Tae-hee feel at ease.

“You are sick and affect my mood. If I am in a bad mood, I can’t work. I can’t work, and I will delay a lot of things.”

Kim Tae-hee was so shy, and the whole person was shrunk in the bed and didn’t dare to look at the eyes of Seok Jin-soo.

It’s a good feeling when someone is caring for themselves when they are most vulnerable.

Let Kim Tae-hee lie down and Seok Jin-soo ran to get her a cup of ginger syrup.

Because it is a mild cold, so drink a cup of ginger sugar, sweating, it should be good.

When Seok Jin-soo got the ginger syrup back, Kim Tae-hee didn’t close his eyes, but watched TV.

“How can you not rest well?”

Faced with the blame of Seok Jin-soo, Kim Tae-hee explained quickly.

“Today is the day of broadcasting. Of course, I have to take a good look at my play.”

Seok Jin-soo This is what I remember. Today is the fifth episode of “Bread King Jin Zhuo”.

Carefully fed Kim Tae-hee and drank the ginger syrup. He also threw the slippers and lay beside Kim Tae-hee. The two were lying together on the bed to watch the play.

Kim Tae-hee had a cold and it felt cold. So I felt the hot body of Seok Jin-soo, she couldn’t help but put it together and put it on the chest of Seok Jin-soo.

Seok Jin-soo’s arms are more comfortable than soft pillows.

Since the last time Seok Jin-soo has slept in this bed, both have adapted to this situation.

Kim Tae-hee didn’t have any shyness. He looked at the waist of Seok Jin-soo and watched the TV series.

In this case, it seems that many ordinary families, after the end of the day’s work, the couple are enjoying the rare warmth.

The main episode of the fifth episode is because of the reluctance of Ren Shu, which led to the death of Grandma.

Before her grandmother died, she finally recognized Jin Zhuoqiu and knew that this was her grandson.

This episode is a small climax. Even if Seok Jin-soo is a screenwriter and Kim Tae-hee is the starring performer, it is also full of blood and it is completely attracted by the plot.

“You said, can our audience ratings increase?”

Kim Tae-hee felt that the plot was good, but she still had insufficient confidence in the ratings.

She has always been like this, and her intuition about film and television works is not good. When many of her feel good, the results of the works are not very good.

“Zhongtian” is like this, as is “Fighting.”

Seok Jin-soo suggested that she not pick up the show, but she didn’t listen. She thought the script was good and she still worked with Sol Kyung-gu.

As a result, after the film was released, her acting skills were not ridiculous, and the box office was not satisfactory.

At this point, the industry completely regarded her as a box office poison, and no one ever asked her to make a movie.

However, in the second year, under the operation of Seok Jin-soo, she seized the SBS acting awards and completely recovered her life, proclaiming her reborn.

Since then, Kim Tae-hee has relied on Seok Jin-soo for his views on film and television.

If other aspects of Kim Tae-hee are wise and wise, then in terms of film and television works, she is only the head of Seok Jin-soo.

This is her third TV show with the help of Seok Jin-soo, who still hopes to have a good result.

Don’t say she is greedy, it is because she has been too much trouble in her acting skills.

This time, Kim Tae-hee is so worried, there is another reason.

“RoadNO.1 is premiered today. Their strong lineup, we will be greatly affected?”

Tonight, not only is “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” reached a small climax, “RoadNO.1” made by MBC will be premiered today.

This drama is known as the TV series “Tai Chi flag fluttering”, and the top director such as Jiang Digui in the scriptwriter has long been looking forward to it.

It can be said that in the face of the imposing “RoadNO.1”, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” has suffered tremendous pressure.

Although they are in the first four episodes of the broadcast, they have achieved good results with ratings exceeding 20. But what can be done afterwards is not yet known.

In particular, the fourth episode aired last week, compared with the ratings of the third episode, there is still a point of decline, which is a lot of people’s hearts are anxious.

Kim Tae-hee’s concern can be said to be this psychological reaction.

At this time, what can Seok Jin-soo do?

Of course it is a good comfort.

Originally, I wanted to kiss Kim Tae-hee’s forehead, but suddenly I thought that this woman was catching a cold, maybe she would infect herself, and he had to hold back.

“Noona, sleep peacefully. There is no need to worry about the ratings. We will definitely win.”

Kim Tae-hee Despite the eyelid fight, it is still difficult to reassure.

“Why do we win? The work of director Li Changxiu and director Jiang Digui is just scary when you think about it.”

Seok Jin-soo saw it, and he didn’t say a one or two. Today, there is no way for this woman to rest.

“You, you Yah!! It is really a fan of the authorities. Jiang Digui is a big director, but he is a film director. When did he direct a TV series? This person, once adapted to the filming rhythm, is inevitably created when the script is created. Will bring in. You look at it, they will definitely eat a big loss because of this.”

In this world, not everyone is Seok Jin-soo, who can control TV dramas and movies at the same time.

Although this is all shooting, there are scripts, and also need acting. But in fact, the filming of the TV series and the movie are very different.

Do not say anything else, a TV episode for 60 minutes, two episodes a week, at least for two or three months.

The movie is two hours long and one hour and a half short.

It is necessary to clarify the story in such a short period of time, and it is inevitable to accelerate in the rhythm.

Jiang Digui used to play the movie, and when he turned around to write a TV drama, he certainly couldn’t control the rhythm.

The audience of the TV series, where can I get this fast-paced style?

In fact, last year’s KBS “IRIS” also had this problem.

I thought that relying on the big production, comparable to the movie’s action scenes and story rhythm, it will definitely let the audience buy the account, and the result is almost lost.

So in this matchup, Seok Jin-soo has strong confidence.

His calm attitude and powerful rhetoric finally convinced Kim Tae-hee.

The woman in the disease finally smiled and slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep in the arms of Seok Jin-soo.

Soon, Seok Jin-soo felt her subtle breathing.

Yes, this time I can’t move anymore, I can only deal with it here tonight.

In my heart, I was so happy that Seok Jin-soo had to try to prove that she was not a scum, then…

Then I held Kim Tae-hee around the arm, went out to sleep, and felt the beauty of the jade.

It turns out that Seok Jin-soo can achieve success not only with the help of sound. After more than five years of exercise, his vision has also been shaped.

Early the next morning, the timing of the major TV stations was fresh.

After a slight fall in the fourth episode, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” rebounded strongly in the fifth episode and achieved good results in TNS28.5 and AGB27.1.

The “RoadNO.1”, which had been highly anticipated before, had only the 10.1 ratings.

As far as the card of this TV series is concerned, this rating is completely sad reminder.

At the same time, on the Internet, the discussion about the two plays is even more diversified.

For “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, the audience are all gnashing their teeth.

However, their anger was given to Qian Renhe, who played the president’s wife, Xu Renshu.

This actor, who often plays the role of a mother, has successfully attracted a lot of hatred with his chilling acting skills, and also makes the audience look forward to the development of the next episode.

As for “RoadNO.1”, the audience’s comments are based on ridicule.

The main reaction of the audience is that the editing of the plot is too messy, and the connection is inexplicable. Looking at it in one episode, I can’t understand anything.

There are actors and actresses, good screen effects, but the director’s narrative technique is too big for the audience to accept incompetence.

The competition for these two plays is not over yet. The next day, the new ratings are released again.

What makes the whole crew excited is that in this episode, “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”, which has been brewing for a long time, has finally achieved a qualitative leap.

Its ratings officially broke through 30 and came to 32.2.

In the case of “RoadNO.1”, the sadness is the same as the first episode, and the ratings are still 10.1.

One side is standing still, and one side is skyrocketing, and the gap becomes more and more obvious.

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