KEP Chapter 607

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the first 607 chapter, the astronomical

Seeing that it is Yoon-ah, Noh Hong-chul, this guy can see the blind eyes.

“Haha Haha, Yoon-ah, Girl’s Generation is coming! Wow, I have fallen in love with this program.”

Seok Jin-soo quickly suppressed him.

“Yah!! Have you forgotten the pain of breaking up so quickly?”

Noh Hong-chul is awkward.

“I said you can’t mention this?”

There, Yoon-ah and Seo In-young, along the way, are also very nervous and don’t know what to do.

When she pushed the door of the warehouse and walked in, she saw Seo In-young and finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Seo In-young and Yoon-ah are not very familiar, but they know each other and there is no stranger.

“Oh, Yoon-ah. Come on, I don’t know what it is.”

Yoon-ah stood there and saw the signs of the red team and the non-red team, laughing with a small mouth Haha.

“Mo Yah!! This is definitely not simple. If we rush to choose, it will be very shameful.”

He heard her words throughout, and Seok Jin-soo applauded.

“Yah!! It’s not the smart Yoon-ah, the production team’s road is still too shallow.”

Just sitting next to Park Sung-hsun was said to be old, and he began to reflect deeply.

It seems that in the future, when you are in the production process, you must play more vicious and concealed.

On the other side of the warehouse, although Yoon-ah was very suspicious, but because only Seo In-young was alone, she had to go over and sit next to Seo In-young.

The two chatted casually and the door to the warehouse opened again.

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul were very happy to see the people who came in.

“Haha, it’s Shin Bong-sun. With this noona, what can be done with the program.”

Seok Jin-soo is the same idea.

“This noona doesn’t have to be beautiful, so give me everything that is hard.”

Saok Jin-soo’s satisfaction is not installed.

Although Shin Bong-sun is not beautiful, it is just a gagman. But as a variety show program, it is necessary to rely on people like Shin Bong-sun to prop up the girders.

Can you count on those beautiful and imaginative female artists?

The work of losing face and making smiles is not all done by Shin Bong-sun.

On the contrary, if the production team does not choose such a person to join, he has to worry about it.

Sure enough, when Shin Bong-sun came in, the recording became interesting.

I saw her swaying all the way, all the way to the red team side, holding Yoon-ah to sit down.

Although her qualifications are older, she is not willing to ask for a position because she is the ace of Girl’s Generation.

This is the case, Seo In-young still raised doubts.

“Eonni, are you confident?”

Shin Bong-sun immediately exploded.

“What, ignore me?”

Seo In-young also laughed.

“No, eonni. Because we are all singers, eonni…”

I didn’t say anything later, but that’s obviously saying, are you a gagman confident sitting on the red team?

Shin Bong-sun’s cheeks are thick, so Seo In-young can handle it and sit down.

Since it is Shin Bong-sun, the opportunity to play is coming.

Seok Jin-soo grabbed the microphone and began to say: “Second, please be careful…”

Shin Bong-sun smiled again when he heard someone questioning himself. Then he looked up and shouted at the horn.

“Who? You are…”

Seo In-young is also dissatisfied with Shin Bong-sun.

“Why should you think about it carefully? The red team doesn’t look at the long-term choice.”

Yes, this makes Shin Bong-sun even more angry.

“Yah!! You are even more irritating.”

Yoon-ah interjected: “Bong-sun eonni is very beautiful, if you look carefully.”

This time Shin Bong-sun was really happy, turned and hugged Yoon-ah.

“Look, it’s not the same as Girl’s Generation, it’s much better than you.”

At this time, Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul have been attracted by the scene outside the warehouse.

Because of a black managerrial van, I came down with a super special beauty. Even if it comes to Yoon-ah, it doesn’t make much more.

Especially the big beauty wearing a white dress with a tube top reveals a delicate collarbone, as well as a long straight leg, which is very straight.

In addition, a big wave of hair feels free to move, more to set off the small face of the palm of the hand is amazing.

However, when the lens zoomed in and saw the appearance of big beauty, Seok Jin-soo changed his face and immediately struggled to rush out.

“Yah!! This woman…”

Seeing his impatience, Noh Hong-chul was a little confused, but he quickly pulled him.

“Yeah!! maknae, although it is big beauty, but you don’t have to be so excited? Peace of mind, Haha also likes her very much. Although you are single, it is estimated that there is no chance.”

Pulled by Noh Hong-chul, Seok Jin-soo can’t move, but his face is furious, not at all like seeing big beauty.

“Rascal, what do you like her? It’s this woman who almost killed me that year.”

He has already recognized it. The big beauty that came at this time is the actor Yoo In-na.

And this woman, another name five years ago, Yoo In-na.

It was the woman who left him a note with Lee Dae-gyu and then ran away.

Seok Jin-soo’s words surprised Noh Hong-chul and hurriedly asked, “Why, you have a relationship with Miss Yoo In-na?”

Seok Jin-soo bites his teeth and can’t wait to kill.

“Oh, there is friendship, deep friendship. I was originally to open a brokerage company with Dae-gyu, this woman is the only Trainee of our company. As a result, this woman left a note and then I’m running away. The Dae-gyu brother’s investments have all been squandered and almost starved to the streets.”

When I heard him, everyone in the house would fall.

No one thought that Seok Jin-soo actually had such a past.

This is recording a program, but you can’t let Seok Jin-soo come. Noh Hong-chul took him with a desperate moment and comforted him.

“Aigoo, forget it, this is also a fate. If it wasn’t for the departure of Miss Yoo In-na, how can you have today? You are not living well now.”

Seok Jin-soo is still angry.

“Because this woman, I am holding the landlord’s legs and using all my life’s acting skills, I will return the deposit. Because of her, I ate three months of instant noodles.”

Everyone’s face has changed, and even a few people seem to vomit.

Three months of instant noodles, I feel uncomfortable listening.

No wonder Seok Jin-soo recorded “Family Outing” when he was not eating ramen. The root cause is here.

Anyway, Yoo In-na didn’t know that his enemies were here, and he was still swaying into the warehouse.

This woman has a certain age, so it is very good for people to do things.

Say hello to the people present, and walked away.

Her initiative was to make others more flustered, and Shin Bong-sun explained it immediately.

“The seats are separate, the red team is not red…”

Yoo In-na deliberately ignored it, but he had already opened the chair and sat down with Yoon-ah.

“I want to be close…”

Seok Jin-soo looks in the eyes and immediately ridicules up.

“Look, let’s see, this woman is so powerful, the appearance of the angel, the inner devil!”

Noh Hong-chul is laughing and has to be discouraged.

“Yah!! I said that you are mc now, don’t bring your personal emotions in.”

Seok Jin-soo blows his eyes and does not care about this.

“Why can’t mc bring personal emotions? Lee Kyung-kyu hyeong Last time I hated guests, it didn’t mean that I spent half an hour.”

The people present were laughing and laughing, and he didn’t know what to say for his boldness.

Really, I dared to pull the variety artist Lee Kyung-kyu into the water. The next time I see it, the hyeong will not blame you.

But think about the status of Seok Jin-soo, Lee Kyung-kyu is also a bit jealous.

That’s it, Yoo In-na sat down.

Shin Bong-sun is still trying to get her to know the situation.

“In any case, it’s still a newcomer, and the recognition is a bit…”

Yoo In-na looks the same, still smiling.

“I want to be close to everyone…”

This woman’s heart is really not ordinary. At the same time, she also held Yoon-ah’s hand, which is a relationship.

Yoon-ah doesn’t have the other minds of the other two, but praises: “Eonni is really beautiful.”

This is the first person to be kind to today. Yoo In-na sighed with a sigh of relief and replied: “Yoon-ah ‘ssi is really beautiful, I am older.”

On the other side, Seok Jin-soo noticed a situation and reverted to Noh Hong-chul and asked, “Is this woman a newcomer? Is it a short time to go out?”

When Yoo In-na was running from him, it was five years ago.

I really can’t think of it. After so long, she is still a newcomer.

For Yoo In-na, Noh Hong-chul obviously knows more about it.

“Well, she made her debut through High Kick Through The Roof last year. Haven’t you seen it?”

Seok Jin-soo is coming back.

“Yah!! That wasn’t acting with Yoon Shi-yoon’s kid. This stinky boy didn’t tell me.”

Last year, Yoon Shi-yoon also debuted through “High Kick Through The Roof” and should have an intersection with Yoo In-na.

But the kid didn’t even say it once, and he didn’t know it until today.

Noh Hong-chul is also aware of Yoon Shi-yoon, pondering and telling ridiculous words.

“East long child, it is the beautiful face, actually the brain… um… I don’t know anything about beauty.”

Seok Jin-soo is also a bitter smile, but can’t refute Noh Hong-chul’s words.

Indeed, since Yoon Shi-yoon entered the company, there have been many beautiful women.

Don’t say anything else, t-ara he can often see. But I have never heard of him, and his relationship with whom is better.

This kid, I don’t know if it’s really simple, or it’s slow for the charm.

However, I heard that Yoo In-na debuted as an actor, and Seok Jin-soo said something.

“Yah!! That woman, she told her that she could only be an actor. As a result, she didn’t listen, she had to be an idol Trainee. What happened, still an actor.”

Noh Hong-chul was amazed.

“What’s wrong? Miss Yoo In-na is so beautiful, even if I do idols, it will be very popular.”

In the past, Seok Jin-soo looked at his head in pain.

“That woman, the singer is very thunderous, not at all. And the limbs are not coordinated, it is more serious than the trick.”

Noh Hong-chul opened his mouth and finally laughed.

He knows that in dancing, he and Seok Jin-soo are serious idiots, with no sense of rhythm and rhythm.

If it is more serious than them, but dreams of being an idol Trainee, it is a bit awkward.

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