KEP Chapter 610

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 610 chapter is all fairy, floating astronomy

Regardless of the mood of the female artists, the popularity rankings have already been set, and they can only accept them.

Noh Hong-chul began to publish.

“First place, the red team…”

But without him, everyone else feels it.


“It must be Yoon-ah.”

“Yoon-ah is definitely in the red team.”

Nonsense, the Yoon-ah of Girl’s Generation’s ace, if not in the red team, everyone else will be guilty.

Sure enough, Noh Hong-chul is not hiding.

“Yoon-ah, rough card!”

Yoon-ah got the first place with popularity with 18%.

Seok Jin-soo gave her a piggyback and signaled her to come and wait.

Got the first place, Yoon-ah is also very happy, even naughty. When walking past the back of Seok Jin-soo, the little hand slammed on Seok Jin-soo’s ass.

Others only thought that she was passing by Seok Jin-soo, but did not notice her little action.

Seok Jin-soo was thrilled and couldn’t help but stunned Yoon-ah’s back.

This little goblin, since let go, the courage is getting bigger and bigger, actually playing in public.

Give me a wait, have to find a chance to eat you.

Next, Noh Hong-chul announced the candidate for the second red team.

He crossed the line for a long time, but he said something unexpected.

“Shin Bong-sun !”

This is a big deal, and the scene is directly blown up.

Shin Bong-sun didn’t think that such good luck would land on his head, clench his fists and scream.


In the survey of 150 people, she won 13 votes and ranked fifth.

But she is happy, and other female artists can accept incompetence.

Naha: “Really?”

Seok Jin-soo laughed and said: “After eleven o’clock, a lot of drunks gathered in the city hall.”

The city hall is drunk, but it is notorious. It is often seen that there are people lying in the vicinity of the city hall.

Naha finally understood.

“Drunk people don’t know what to choose.”

In fact, of course, this is not the case, but how to record the program, how come funny.

However, seeing Shin Bong-sun and Yoon-ah stand together, Zheng Jiaen is still unacceptable.

“Is it right? Two people…”

Shin Bong-sun is also a little panicked and doesn’t know what to answer.

Yoon-ah stood up and hugged her. He smiled and said: “I said that eonni is very beautiful. There are many people who have a vision.”

Itโ€™s a good demon, and itโ€™s a slap in the face, and makes Shin Bong-sun happy.

Zheng Jiaen also understood that what he had just said was a bit too much. He gave Shin Bong-sun a sorry look and turned and sat down.

Although she is not young, she is impulsive and does not go through the brain. It is not a bad person.

Shin Bong-sun got a good position, so I didn’t think it was embarrassing. I didn’t go to my heart.

Now I am in the third member.

Noh Hong-chul danced to the front of Noh Sa-yeon and shouted the name of Yoo In-na.

You don’t look at who is this Noonim?

Sure enough, the nomadic Noh Sa-yeon rushed over and grabbed Noh Hong-chul, which was a violent temper, and made him understand the truth.

Unexpectedly, Yoo In-na actually won the fourth place. Being a new person is really a great achievement.

But the same, compared to Shin Bong-sun, her ranking makes everyone even more convinced.

Naha: “Yoo In-na is a newcomer. How do people in the city hall know?”

Noh Hong-chul is a hardcore fan of Yoo In-na and immediately helps defend.

โ€œHow could you not know? High kik across the roof!โ€

Naha is a powerful noona, and it is very straightforward.

“That just came out.”

Seok Jin-soo agrees very much.

“Yes, yes, how can people who have only come out to be so popular? Itโ€™s amazing.”

With the support of Seok Jin-soo, naha is even more energetic.

“I strongly doubt that this vote is unfair.”

Seok Jin-soo echoed: “Yes, it is definitely not fair.”

Noh Hong-chul laughed and hurriedly stopped him.

“Yeah!! You can’t ignore the facts because of private enmity.”

Yoo In-na was also aggrieved, slamming his own wave of hair and turning his head to Seok Jin-soo.

“Don’t I be beautiful?”

By the way, this is also a fairy.

Really, just as Yoo In-na turned around, Seok Jin-soo finally understood what it means to be a smile.

It turns out that there is really a woman with a charming heart in this world.

He couldn’t get up with the poison, and he had to let go of Yoo In-na.

Naha, who is also a woman, is still targeting.

“There are not many plays, how do you know?”

This time Ka-hi also helped.

“What is the role?”

However, the doubts of her two will not be answered, and the ranking has been fixed anyway.

Naha had to ridicule: “It has become strange since Shin Bong-sun.”

In the face of so many women, Noh Hong-chul is also very tired, and has to work hard to comfort.

“Miss Ka-hi, my face is clear.”

Park Ka-hi is still gloomy.

“Unable to understand.”

Shin Bong-sun, who was attacked, was arrogant.

“What are you doing? Why do you act like a team that is not red?”

Looking at Shin Bong-sun’s hands on his hips, Seok Jin-soo’s heart flashed a bad idea. Sample, wait a minute to tease you.

Noh Hong-chul only cares about Yoo In-na.

“Miss Yoo In-na, very comfortable. Expect it?”

It is worthy of being the person selected by the production team. The womanโ€™s reaction is really unexpected.

I saw this woman look very nice, but what I can say is: “Oh, yes!”

Everyone laughed crazy, but she didn’t expect her to be so artistic.

Seeing the red team position is getting less and less, Seo In-young is anxious, and mc screams: “Don’t drag it, give it to me!”

Seok Jin-soo asked with a funny smile: “What are you giving? Do you like Noh Hong-chul? You can give him to you.”

Noh Hong-chul was frightened and refused quickly.

“Forget it, I like gentle women.”

Seo In-young, who didnโ€™t get the money back, screamed on the table.

But she gave up, not that mc let her go.

Noh Hong-chul has no experience.

“Miss Seo In-young seems to know.”

Said, he screamed and ran to Seo In-young.

Seeing to be in contact with Seo In-young, his face changed suddenly.

“IU !!!!”

Yes, Seo In-young was once again played.

IU won the second place, and the speed of liTTL-Time To Love e missy is not as fast.

This is the reality of the entertainment circle. From the point of view, the newcomer laughs, and he once cares for the old man to cry.

The update speed is too fast, and the sunbae-nims that used to be the best are now all along.

As the main mc, Seok Jin-soo has been slamming the whole game and has noticed something.

“Naha seems to be really angry.”

Naha is not loaded.

“Wait, look at it, there are young people over there. Ah… No, Shin Bong-sun eonni…”

She originally wanted to say that the young people who were selected for the red team were young people, and they saw that Shin Bong-sun knew that he had made a mistake.

The remaining two were handed over to Seok Jin-soo for publication.

Just now Noh Hong-chul teased the left row, and now it is his turn to play the right row.

Seok Jin-soo suddenly said “Seo In-young !!” when Noh Hong-chul took the sash and walked over to Naha.

It must be said that the two years of Seo In-young mixed well, very well known. So this time the popularity of the selection, she also caught up.

Seeing that it was finally my turn, Seo In-young was finally laughing.

“I almost cried.”

This woman is really overbearing, grabbed it directly from Noh Hong-chulโ€™s hand and put it on herself.

Seeing no hope, naha and Hong Soo-ah simply picked up the glass.

Seok Jin-soo was shocked.

“You can’t drink in Yah!! program.”

Naha is not an adult idol, not at all.

“Because you are upset and drink.”

You are upset, well, Shin Bong-sun will definitely seize this opportunity.

“We have prepared something for everyone to eliminate tension. One, two, three…”

Said, this woman actually grabbed her shackles and squirmed.

Really, if you do this, those who have lost the election will be even more uneasy.

Sure enough, naha and Ka-hi are even more angry.

Seok Jin-soo had a bad idea. Now, seeing Shin Bong-sun so well, he will not be embarrassed.

Thinking about it, he threw a look at Noh Hong-chul.

The two brothers have been together for five years, and the level of tacit understanding is not a joke.

Noh Hong-chul understood what he meant in an instant, and when he turned his head, he started.

“Before the last one was published, there was something to tell everyone. Shin Bong-sun ‘ssi, just a hidden camera!”

In the roar of Noh Hong-chul, the scene was a vast ocean, everyone was elated and applauded.

Only Shin Bong-sun was stunned for a moment, because he was lost because of shame, and there was no N Ningjin just now, so he had to vent his chair.

“No, no!!!!”

Seeing Zheng Jiaen want to stand up and squat at Shin Bong-sun’s sash, Seok Jin-soo’s eyes are fast, and quickly said: “Ani ~ yo, yes, make a joke!”

Zheng Jiaenโ€™s ass left the chair less than three centimeters and sighed back again.

Seok Jin-soo is really afraid that she used to entangle with Shin Bong-sun, which is too shameful, and she seems to have no eyesight.

Although the program requires an idiotic role, it does not require an annoying role.

Idiot beauty, to be just right to be accepted.

This Zheng Jiaen apparently did not have a good grasp of the scale, and he would like to talk to her well.

Knowing that it was a fake, Shin Bong-sun collapsed. It was really a paradise for heaven and hell.

Looking at her funnyly, Seok Jin-soo asked: “Shin Bong-sun, what happened? What happened?”

Shin Bong-sun is very open and very embarrassed.

“To be honest, standing here, I am also very upset.”

It seems that Shin Bong-sun is still a bit lacking in his ability to become a red team.

The last red team member, there is no suspense, only Ji-yeon.

As a member of t-ara, this year is a big red, so it ranks third in popularity, second only to Yoon-ah and IU.

This also indirectly proves that young is really king.

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