KEP Chapter 611

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the process of familiarity with the 611 chapter, floating astronomy

Since the red team and the non-red team are divided, the recording here is basically the same.

Next, everyone needs to move to another place.

However, regarding the way of moving, it is still a duel. The winning team can take the bus provided by the production team, while the losing team has to take the transportation.

Think about these female artists wearing dresses, sitting on the bus, how much shame.

The way to confrontation is very simple, and that is the wrist.

In fact, the choice of this method of confrontation is mainly to give back to the team that is not red.

After all, they have lost in popular ballots, and if they lose again, the mood will explode.

This is a delicate balance, and the sbs production team has always been very good at this kind of thing. Unlike the “Infinite Challenge” side, catching a person goes to the pit.

Although this balance will affect the program effect, but the artist’s mood is very good, so many artists are willing to appear in the sbs program.

Because the team that didn’t win won, the cool bus of the occupants went straight.

The rest of the Red team, under the guidance of Seok Jin-soo, were all dejected.

They will then set out to find a bus and suffer some hardships.

But before you leave, everyone still has a little rest time.

liTTL- Time To Love e missy We all have a lot of concerns around Seok Jin-soo.

“Oppa, have I just performed well?”

IU is the most worried one, so I asked the first one.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head, no euphemism.

“It’s very bad. When you just performed, will you only have your own song?”

Just when IU came out to scent, he jumped his own song “Marshmallow”.

Although this song was originally not used by Seok Jin-soo ridicule, but leon spent a lot of money to buy, can not be wasted. So at the beginning of the year, IU relied on the song comeback once.

It’s not bad, it really earned a wave of popularity for IU.

When I heard Seok Jin-soo, IU was a bit small.

“I don’t know other people’s songs.”

Because it is his own student, Seok Jin-soo is not at all polite.

“That’s to understand. You are doing a program now, just propaganda yourself, don’t care about others, what do people think? Missy, you have to remember that people who know how to share can go further.”

He is not talking casually, but a serious warning.

IU This missy is all good, from a small difficult life, to develop her savvy character.

Why is she so savvy, there is no accumulation of time, so in front of the real adult, it is very poor.

Seok Jin-soo thinks she is still small and has the potential to shape. If he is replaced by an adult artist, he will not bother to say it.

After being trained by Seok Jin-soo, the IU lowered his head and went to the side to reflect.

Seok Jin-soo’s corner of the eye saw the Yoon-ah who was always looking at him gently, but he was not polite.

“Yah!! What are you laughing at? You are not doing well. You said, just recorded for three hours, how many words did you say?”

Yoon-ah was shocked and inexplicably. He did not expect that he was also reprimanded by Seok Jin-soo, and he could not help but spit the lilac tongue.

She thinks that there are too many female artists today, and many people need lenses, so they are quiet and want to give others opportunities.

Unexpectedly, because this was said by Seok Jin-soo.

“I… I want to…”

Seok Jin-soo knew what she meant, waved her hand and stopped her.

β€œThe variety is a jungle. It is not suitable for the weak to survive. If you have no expressive power, you are the one who leaves. So take up unnecessary humility and let the audience remember you. Also, you are popular. The highest one is originally the focus. If you don’t show it, does it affect the quality of the program?”

Yoon-ah was said to be jealous, and he was wronged, but he also knew that Seok Jin-soo was right.

Nodded and silently went to the side to reflect.

Seok Jin-soo has no way. Under the eyes of the public, it is impossible to comfort her.

Fortunately, he knows that Yoon-ah is a girl with a big heart and will come out.

Seeing that he had smashed two people in a row, Yoo In-na, who was not far away, was shocked and turned and wanted to escape.

She and this one have a grudge.

Even the kind people are being smashed, so when you get here, how difficult it is to hear.

Unexpectedly, Seok Jin-soo looked at him and actually said: “You did a good job and keep it.”


Yoo In-na’s eyes are very big, and it’s very cute.

“Can I do it?”

She did not think that she was praised by Seok Jin-soo.

They are not in such a relationship. This is not always clamoring for revenge.

Seok Jin-soo naturally knows her thoughts. The color is: “Public is public, private is private. You have done a good job, and I can’t squint and say something. Look at it, many people have no sense of art.” I will work harder in the future.”

This is not a good female artist, and many people can’t open it. So Seok Jin-soo is very valued for members who can support the program.

Yoo In-na’s original nervous emotions went down and turned into a charming smile.

“Inside, I know!”

Suddenly, the praise was so eager for her heart, as if she was praised by the class teacher in elementary school.

It took a while for her to react.

“No, obviously, I am noona. Ah… Really, how to be so cautious in front of him, then care about his thoughts?”

She is 82 years, and Seok Jin-soo is 83 years. According to age, she is obviously bigger.

I don’t know why, in the face of Seok Jin-soo, Yoo In-na is a guilty conscience.

The big guy rested enough, and according to the instructions of Seok Jin-soo, all put on flat shoes.

The country road, if you wear high heels, will be dead.

Today is already a midsummer, the weather is hot, and a group of people walked down the path to find the bus station.

There are very few buses in the country, and the number of flights is very small. Everyone waited for a long time and did not wait.

At this time, there were private cars passing by and found them and allowed them to board.

Everyone was hungry and tired, and Seok Jin-soo decided to take a ride.

As a result, the car was not big enough. After entering a few people, I could no longer sit still.

Just when Seok Jin-soo was still thinking of a way, the car actually set off.

“Mo Yah!! What is this? How come?”

Seok Jin-soo was dumbfounded, but then it reacted.

“Damn, Seo In-young, Shin Bong-sun, you are dead!”

In a few women in the car, it is definitely Seo In-young and Shin Bong-sun who can make a decision to abandon everyone. These two are definitely masterminds.

Nothing, the rest of the four people have no choice.

Seok Jin-soo Take a look at Yoon-ah, look at IU, look at Yoo In-na, and finally make a lament.

Among the three women, IU and Yoo In-na were cautious, not arrogant, and humbly, so they did not rush to get on the bus.

As for Yoon-ah, of course, the activity is around Seok Jin-soo.

The result is that the four of them did not get on the bus and were abandoned alive.

No way, they had to wait for the bus and went all the way to the school.

It was a toss, and I punish the Seo In-young and others who abandoned everyone. The recording at night continued.

The production team has laid a soft cotton pad on the playground, which is for everyone to play games.

In general, the first phase of recording, the degree of the beginning is very easy.

No way, everyone is meeting for the first time, many people are not familiar with each other. The rush to start a fierce project will definitely cause huge conflicts due to fatigue and pain.

This requires a familiar process for everyone to understand each other and get closer, so that they can communicate in the future.

In this regard, Seok Jin-soo is in favor.

Anyway, the program comes to Japan, and when they cry in the future.

Everyone put on loose clothes, bare feet standing on the mat, and they were close to each other.

Shin Bong-sun has another opinion on Seo In-young.

“After she took off her shoes, she was very bullied.”

Seo In-young is very short, only one meter and fifty. But I always wear high heels and it looks very strong.

Now I removed my shoes and immediately became kawaii.

Seok Jin-soo agrees very much.

“That is the case, in the process of this change, the relationship will become better. Friends must be able to accommodate each other’s shortcomings.”

Noh Hong-chul asked: “How can young children become relatives?”

Ji-yeon replied: “I am, gossip.”

Seok Jin-soo immediately poked her.

“Don’t lie, isn’t it a fight?”

Ji-yeon crashed and yelled.

“Ani ~yo, Oppa, you said so, what am I going to be?”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t care about her.

“When the child first arrived at the company, he and So-yeon ate every day. It is clear that So-yeon is noona, and she is always bullied by her.”

IU came to God to fill the knife.

β€œJi-yeon also grabbed me and ate our snacks.”

A dragon collapsed completely, sitting on the mat, leaving only a laugh.

Shin Bong-sun was amazed.

“Yah!! People in your company, don’t you care about the image?”

Seok Jin-soo is light and windy.

“Compared with the fake image created, it is still better. Ji-yeon is not a kind child. Her military power is among the female artists, and she can rank in the top five. Besides Li Shiying, Li Yingzi, Noh Sa- Yeon noona, I can’t think of any opponents.”

Good guy, the few female artists he mentioned are powerful representatives. Li Shiying is a fighter.

As a result, Seok Jin-soo said that Ji-yeon is only a little worse than them. From then on, the image of the powerful Tyrannosaurus can’t run away.

Zheng Jia’en’s way is also very strange.

“I used it, and I was close to it when I was squatting.”

This is everyone’s approval. In the process of dealing with people, private people will definitely swear.

Friends have not passed each other, what friends?

Noh Hong-chul’s bedding is doing very well. Look at it. In addition to Seok Jin-soo, everyone is progressing.

“That’s this, it’s your own Secret, this kind of thing that can’t be said to others. Say the shortcomings of the other person, then hug, the relationship will definitely get better.”

Seok Jin-soo proposed: “That’s an exercise, start with Noh Hong-chul.”

So everyone is ready to start the game.

The female artists sit at the other end of the mat and line up.

Seok Jin-soo and Noh Hong-chul are standing on the steps here, facing everyone.

“You need to do two front flips, then grab the horn and say the other’s shortcomings. The correct answer is Seung-ri.”

Because everyone did not understand, he also deliberately demonstrated the action.

The answer is to win, if you answer the wrong question, but there is an air hammer waiting.

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