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KEP Chapter 614

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, 614 chapter ice cream, floating astronomy

It turns out that Seok Jin-soo’s not worrying is right.

Among these female artists, old and old, small and small. A few of the Mesozoic, not living by program, or leaving the camera for too long.

These people, can have a chance to be a regular performance on the weekend, how rare it is.

Although they will be very tired and will be injured, they do not want to give up this opportunity.

After an hour, everyone gathered again and entered the training time.

First, the two players of the football team came out and practiced for everyone. Then, when the members practiced, Seok Jin-soo first named Yoo In-na.

The woman ran out delicately and acted lightly. Really, where is the cute one.

The partner with her is the member Zhao Ara of the womenโ€™s national football team.

Shin Bong-sun: “In-na, repeat what you said here.”

Seok Jin-soo sighed and asked, โ€œWhat did Yoo In-na say?โ€

Noh Sa-yeon mimicked.

“I can really prevent it!”

I heard that this is the case, then look at Yoo In-na’s delicate body, Seok Jin-soo pouting.

“Yoo In-na ‘ssi, really, if you defend, it will fly out like a leaf.”

Don’t look at the women’s national football team until the army, but the body of these athletes is not comparable to the female artists.

Sorry by Seok Jin-soo, Yoo In-na is not awkward. With a roar, he ran out with the ball.

As a result, her body slammed into the protective gear, and the athletes did not move, but she was bounced back.

The whole person, like slow motion, took two steps and then sat down on the grass.

Seok Jin-soo really can’t stand it anymore.

“Yah!! What is this?”

Seo In-young also laughed: “I feel like I can fly out.”

The two then changed positions, this time with Yoo In-na defense.

Obviously, the momentum of the athletes running is different from her. The result is only a moment, Yoo In-na’s virtual shelf immediately smashed.

The whole person fell backwards on the grass, and his stomach hurts.

When Seok Jin-soo walked over to help her get up, she smiled and said: “Yah!! This kind of power can’t enter the national team.”

Next, Seok Jin-soo named it again.

โ€œOur maknae, IU and Ji-yeon are already doing exercises. Now let them try and see how our maknae is.โ€

Upon hearing his instructions, the double maknae stood up.

First, IU held the ball and attacked, but she was very worried. She yelled at Ji-yeon: “Can’t push.”

Ji-yeon just smiled and didn’t look at IU at all.

IU’s strength is not as good as Yoo In-na. The running posture is the same as that of Penguin. It only takes Ji-yeon and takes a step back.

This is the case, Ji-yeon is not happy.

“Yah!! Come over, let’s change.”

Seok Jin-soo clapped his hands and laughed.

“Itโ€™s over, Ji-yeon is angry. She is not a child who can bear!”

The IU was really frightened. When holding the protective gear, the whole body was used.

But what is the use?

When I met the invincible Tyrannosaurus Rex, she could only sit on the ground with a buttock, and she was particularly embarrassed.

If there is CG, IU’s eyes should be stars.

One offensive and defensive, obviously Ji-yeon won.

In addition to the usual exercises, Seok Jin-soo has to resolve conflicts.

“In fact, there are factors of disunity in our team. Yesterday, in a very exhausted situation, Lu sunbae-nim wants to go straight into the bed to sleep, and one suddenly said: eonni, how can I come in with such a dirty body? what?”

The imitation of his imitation makes everyone laugh.

Shin Bong-sun questioned: “How can you say this with sunbae-nim?”

Seok Jin-soo immediately caught the perpetrators.

“Hong Soo-ah comes out.”

Needless to say, because of the contradictions of yesterday, Hong Soo-ah and Noh Sa-yeon need to be resolved through a duel.

In addition to the two of them, there are Seo In-young and Park Ka-hi.

Two people with the same violent character come together, obviously not so calm. Therefore, we must use the offensive and defensive warfare to resolve, and then we can work together.

After all these are done, the warm-up will be over.

“Everyone, from now on, you have to take professional rugby training. In the following days, you will be tan, hurt, and cry, but I hope that you will eventually experience the charm of rugby, it is best to become Country representative.”

Next, it is regular football training. The coach of the national team took over and began to let the female artists line up.

โ€œYah!! It really started, and I donโ€™t know how long they can last.โ€

Seok Jin-soo smiled at the palm of his hand.

In his opinion, among these women, it is not bad to have one or two people left.

After all, it is still a female artist, but also pay attention to the image, so it is impossible to compare with professional athletes.

Noh Hong-chul also had an idea.

“Let’s do it, let’s bet, guess they can hold on for a few laps.”

Athletes, physical fitness is always the first. So the seemingly boring lap will continue. But for the female artist with a bad system, some people will certainly not hold on.

Seok Jin-soo carefully observed the training situation and asked: “What are we gambling?”

Noh Hong-chul looked at the poisonous Tae-yang and proposed: “The weather is so hot, how are we betting on ice cream?”

This is good, Seok Jin-soo agrees immediately.

“Whoever loses, I want to buy ice cream from everyone, including production teams and athletes.”

Noh Hong-chul was shocked and didn’t expect him to play so big.

โ€œYah!! Are you making dollars overseas, is it interesting to bully us like this poor person?โ€

Seok Jin-soo is mad.

โ€œYah!! Do you want to expose your income? Let the audience see, you are making a lot less.โ€

Damn, pick up the “Heroes” program, Noh Hong-chul’s salary is 5 million per episode.

This is among the entertainers, but it is definitely a high salary.

As for Seok Jin-soo, cough, it is 10 million per episode, which is the capping salary.

No way, he is now an international superstar. Without this level, it is impossible to ask him to appear in the program.

Even the “Infinite Challenge” side has raised him to seven million episodes, only a little lower than the eight million Yoo Jae-seok.

Seok Jin-soo is still continuing to do “Infinite Challenge”, which is entirely emotional.

Here are the close brothers, the place where they take off, they are not willing to abandon, so they don’t care about pay.

But he does not say that MBC can’t help but go on the road. Give him another 3.5 million in salary, they can’t go by themselves, knowing that they can’t keep Seok Jin-soo.

In any case, the two people have a lot of income, and there is no difficulty in buying ice cream for everyone.

Noh Hong-chul also knows that only the big point of play is interesting, so it should be accepted.

“I think someone will not hold on for four or five laps.”

Seok Jin-soo looked at the training ground and gave his opinion.

This training ground is not too small, a circle is bigger than the stadium, it must be more than four hundred meters.

If others don’t say it, how long can Seo In-young’s delicateness and Noh Sa-yeon’s cumbersomeness be expected?

Noh Hong-chul thought about it, but it was similar to Seok Jin-soo.

“Then I bet six laps, as long as I have won six laps, I won.”

After making a bet, the two people did not have the mood to talk, and watched everyone concentrating.

Soon, the first lap was over. And the performance of female artists is even worse than they expected.

“Ah, what is this? Are we really an athlete?”

In the crowd, Shin Bong-sun shouted and panted.

Noh Hong-chul was shocked and quickly trained: “Yah!! Shin Bong-sun, don’t talk, run well.”

He was really afraid that Shin Bong-sun would fall before five laps, in which case he would lose.

โ€œYoon-ah, Hong Soo-ah, Ka-hi and Ji-yeon are the best, and their sports should be good.โ€

Noh Hong-chul also saw it.

โ€œThe four of them are most promising to be national representatives, and they only need to work hard.โ€

Yes, don’t look at twelve female artists. But according to the qualifications, there are only a few that can enter the national football team.

Noh Sa-yeon is the most powerful, but the endurance is not good, the age is big, and it won’t last long.

Shin Bong-sun is too short to run, and it is not suitable.

Lee Jin, IU, Seo In-young, Zheng Jiaen, Narsha, Yoo In-na are all too weak, have no strength, will be hit in this sport.

Only Yoon-ah, Hong Soo-ah, Park Ka-hi and Ji-yeon have great potential, and maybe they can really enter the national team.

On the second lap, everyone’s running speed was obviously slower, and gradually formed the front and back groups.

Ka-hi, Yoon-ah, Hong Soo-ah, Ji-yeon, Zheng Jiaen and others ran ahead.

Surprisingly, Yoo In-na actually caught up.

This woman is different from the delicate appearance, and actually runs very well.

The rest is as predicted by the two, and the death is to be affixed to the back, and the footsteps are getting heavier.

Noh Hong-chul was completely panicked.

“Yah!! Run quickly, run well. If you don’t run well, there is no food!”

This madman, in order not to lose, began to force others.

I heard that I can’t eat, and the backward female artist is really frightened, and sure enough, the pace is much faster.

But unfortunately, even if he is no more about Sparta, he can’t change the inferior physique of female artists in a flash.

As a result, after two laps, everyoneโ€™s footsteps picked up again.

The two neat rows of teams have become a straight line and are getting longer.

At the end of the three laps, Seo In-young, who fell to the bottom, screamed and fell down on the ground and couldnโ€™t move anymore.

“Ah…Seo In-young, hurry up, don’t you want to eat?”

Seo In-young tired and coughed up.

“Cough… Yeah… I can’t run, want to let me die? No matter, I can’t run!”

Noh Hong-chul ran away and grabbed her arm.

“Come on, I am running with you.”

Seok Jin-soo quickly stopped and laughed wildly.

“Hong-chul Hyeong, I am willing to gamble and lose, don’t struggle.”

Noh Hong-chul was helpless, and he fell directly on the ground and shouted.

“Ah… really, I really can’t believe you!”

Seo In-young This is the reaction.

“What happened?”

Seok Jin-soo said it with a smile and made Seo In-young happy too.

“Wow…oh, there is ice cream to eat!”

In such a hot weather, when you are so tired, you can’t hear the word ice cream. Quickly, several people came together.

“Ice cream… Where is the ice cream?”

Seok Jin-soo is a smirk.

โ€œHaha, Hong-chul Hyeong, open your wallet!โ€

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