KEP Chapter 616

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 616 chapter hides the camera, floating astronomy

Waiting for the recovery time is boring, the production team to see the situation, simply change the tape.

Taking advantage of the timing when the camera is not running, Seok Jin-soo can say something other than the program.

“I really didn’t think that you would be able to do so for the first time in a program.”

This is not a compliment. In fact, his relationship with Yoo In-na will not let him compliment each other.

This is the truth. Among the twelve female artists, it is better to do than Yoo In-na, and only Shin Bong-sun.

But Shin Bong-sun itself is gagman, and her role is this. If the most effective effect is not the best, then there is no need to ask her to come.

In the remaining eleven people, Seok Jin-soo did not expect that Yoo In-na would suddenly rise to the outside world and surpass everyone’s performance in a completely new attitude.

Also because there is no camera, Yoo In-na also reveals the real side.

She lamented: “There is no way to do it. This is my last chance. If I still can’t catch it, my life will be finished.”

She debuted too late, and she was almost thirty years old before she would touch the edge of the artist.

“High kik through the roof” gave her a door to enter, making her famous. But that is nothing, and it will soon dissipate.

This time I starred in “Heroes”, or she personally asked the president, yg company got the power to get.

Yoo In-na is very clear that this is the last chance to become famous. If you can’t catch it, then the company will not give her any resources in the future.

So even though she is a newcomer, she doesn’t understand anything. She has been working hard and hopes to be remembered by the audience.

Now it seems that the effect is very good, so the mouth so poisonous Seok Jin-soo praises her doing well.

Feeling her urgency, Seok Jin-soo couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Yah!! Five years ago, if you didn’t run, you already had a debut.”

Also mention…

Yoo In-na is depressed.

“Please, your company was just a fool of five years ago. You can’t see hope at all. And how do you look like a liar?”

Seok Jin-soo won’t give up.

“Cut, you don’t know enough about yourself. There is no talent, you have to be an idol Trainee. Do you know? Five years ago, we have already found a good time for you to debut, “Unstoppable high kik”, ginger Youmei’s role is yours. As a result, because you are running, Park Min-young is cheaper.”

Yoo In-na is stunned and is the first to know the story behind.

“Unstoppable high kik”, that is a drama.

Although “high kik through the roof” is its sequel, the two are completely different in terms of influence.

And the actors who starred in the first part, all became very popular, and the situation was much better than those of the second part.

Yoo In-na didn’t think of it at all, and she missed such a good opportunity.

Seeing her confession, Seok Jin-soo finally pulled back a city.

“Hey, you, this woman, is too much time to be smart. If you listen to other people’s opinions, why is it so old when you are so old?”

Yoo In-na’s savvy eyes have turned, it’s not so sad.

“Forget it, anyway, this is my life, it has already been like this, regret what is the use. Now you have been very good, I am not bad, this is the best result. Mianhae “sorry”, let you eat A lot of bitterness.”

Yoo In-na knows that the reason why Seok Jin-soo is chattering is always a matter of old things. It is definitely a place where I don’t know, and I have suffered a lot.

Seeing his look can be seen, when talking about the time, there is always a feeling of embarrassment.

See Yoo In-na and finally apologize, Seok Jin-soo is also a sigh.

Yes, time flies, everything is gone.

No matter how bitter it was, it was a long time ago.

Today, he has a good life, fame and fortune, and it is very moist. This is already a life that I never thought of before, and it should be satisfied.

Always mentioning the previous things, it seems that I am stingy.

“Yah!! Just say sorry, even if you say it? At least please have a drink?”

Seeing him also put down, Yoo In-na is also a lot of comfort. Otherwise, such a thing is always stuck between the two, and the impact is too great.

“Are you not drinking?”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know how Yoo In-na has been through the past few years, but Yoo In-na knows him well.

No way, this guy is always on the news, a little attention to the entertainment circle, you can see his news.

So for some living habits of Seok Jin-soo, Yoo In-na still knows.

Seok Jin-soo blows his eyes and blinks.

“Yah!! Drinking a cup is just an official statement. Would you not ask me to have a big meal? Seafood dinner.”

Yoo In-na giggled.

“Yes, after the end of this recording, I will find an opportunity. My guest is an apology.”

The two stayed in the infirmary for a while, Yoo In-na’s legs also recovered consciousness, but also went back to continue training.

Just as Yoo In-na was ready to get up and leave, Seok Jin-soo turned his eyes and suddenly thought of an idea.

“Wait, we scare them.”

Said, he attached to the ear of Yoo In-na and said a pass.

Yoo In-na is also a goblin, and most likes to do things, and immediately agreed.

The two then found a roll of bandages, which, with the help of Seok Jin-soo, were firmly wrapped around Yoo In-na’s legs.

Then Seok Jin-soo picked her up again and headed for the training ground.

But this time it was acting, and unlike the rush to treat, the two were in a very peaceful mood.

But because of peace, I have perceived something that I just didn’t notice.

With the hands of Yoo In-na’s thighs, Seok Jin-soo’s mind is a bit rippling.

This woman is not too young, but the skin is so delicate, silky as silk, and thin as a flap. With a touch, the tenderness is like tofu.

Especially the woman kneels on his back, because his arms are surrounded, so his full chest is close to his back. As the walk trembled, it was as comfortable as his massage.

This woman is not short, but she does not have the richness of an adult woman. She is very light. This made Seok Jin-soo completely unaware of the weight on the back and the walk was not affected at all.

Like him, Yoo In-na is a bit strange.

Seok Jin-soo’s hands rested on the thighs near the knees, but the muscles of the thighs were tight.

The man’s masculinity is very violent, like two tongs, and it also haunts Yoo In-na.

Someone once deceived her, saying that she could operate her debut, but put her hand on her lap.

That time she was frightened, crying and running away, and it has become a nightmare.

However, this time, both legs fell into the control of Seok Jin-soo. I don’t know why, Yoo In-na has no tension, but instead feels that the man’s body is strong and full of security.

Fortunately, this section is not long, there is a camera next to it, and there is not much time for the two people to feel.

Seeing that Seok Jin-soo was back with Yoo In-na, everyone who was training was all around.

“How’s it going?”

“Is it serious?”

“Is there anything wrong?”

Everyone is screaming, but the expressions of Seok Jin-soo and Yoo In-na are all heavy. Especially Yoo In-na, the little look of desperation, I really feel pity.

They didn’t talk either, just let Seok Jin-soo gently put Yoo In-na on the ground.

This woman is not an actor, the details are very good.

When the bandaged leg touched the ground, it frowned and rubbed softly.

It’s this, scared everyone’s honesty.

In particular, Ji-yeon, which caused Yoo In-na to be injured, scared the tears.

She is still too young, and when she encounters such a thing, she becomes helpless.

I only know that I am in trouble, but I don’t know what to do?

Yoon-ah and IU comforted her with one left and one right, but she couldn’t stop her tears.

On this side, Seok Jin-soo is still awkward.

He slowly looked up, with mourning in his eyes, and looked at everyone again, only slowly speaking.

“Everyone, tell everyone an unfortunate news. Yoo In-na ‘ssi, need… need to leave us for a while.”


The big guys were frightened, and they stopped their mouths and couldn’t believe what he said.

It’s not that it’s been hit by football. It’s so serious.

Yoo In-na works with Seok Jin-soo, just silently lowering his head, one hand still holding the bandaged leg, looks even more pitiful.

Naha was the most anxious, and couldn’t help but ask: “What happened? Hurry up.”

So for a while, Seok Jin-soo’s eyes are already red.

“Just… just now the doctor said, need… need surgery.”


Nobody else is still doing it. When Yoo In-na is going to undergo surgery, Ji-yeon can’t hold it anymore. He cried directly.

“eonni, sorry! oh… eonni, I didn’t mean it.”

She is really crying, the child is obviously scared.

Seok Jin-soo informed the situation and stopped talking. It was just with Yoo In-na and bowed his head and played a depressed mood.

And when I heard that I had to undergo surgery, everyone’s face was not good.

Shin Bong-sun lamented: “Aigoo, this woman is too weak. It was just a collision with the ball. Is the leg broken?”

At this time, the sound of Ji-yeon choked.

“I… what should I do? Will I go to jail?”

This is a messy idea, Seok Jin-soo is so hung, I laughed.

Fortunately, Yoon-ah is still comforting.

“Ji-yeon, don’t be afraid. You didn’t mean it, don’t blame you. You see, In-na eonni doesn’t blame you.”

Hearing himself, Yoo In-na slowly looked up, his face mourning and despair.

“Ji-yeon, if… If eonni can’t walk in the future, you… would you still treat me as eonni?”

I heard that Yoo In-na is likely to be disabled for life, and the dinosaurs are even more scared. This time, I started to twitch and I couldn’t say anything.

This is a curse, it’s a bit big!

Lee Jin comforted with kindness.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Certainly nothing, as long as the surgery is done, it will be good after a while.”

Yoo In-na’s tears are coming down faster than Seok Jin-soo.

“But how long does it take? I…Is I going to miss the program?”

Everyone knows her situation. It was only 30 years old when she debuted. It was already very late.

Nowadays, I have encountered such a thing, I am afraid that I will not be able to act as an artist in the future.

For a time, there was a sorrow, and everyone was depressed, but they were at a loss.

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