KEP Chapter 618

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 618 chapter talent [Everyone Chuseok “autumn festival” Happy! Floating astronomy

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t feel that everyone’s eyes are a burden. On the contrary, he enjoys the feeling of this star-studded moon.

And Kim Tae-hee, already beautiful, can’t bear to squat.

This little guy has finally become domineering a lot. With the extravagance of a group of leaders, people are truly surrendered.

Seok Jin-soo’s face with a confident smile turned his eyes. Everywhere, everyone feels the same as him.

It was not until he finished reading that he raised his glass and asked: “Which, our ratings, when can we exceed 40?”

The scene was quiet, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know why he asked.

Fortunately, silence is only temporary, and everyone who has a hot drink is the guts.

From the corner, there was a dull voice.

“next episode.”

Seok Jin-soo looked like electricity and swept the past.

“Great voice, I can’t hear it!”

When the man finished speaking, he was shocked. However, by the eyes of Seok Jin-soo, there was a blood in the belly.

His eyes are also red, and his expression becomes fanatical.

“I said! The next episode!!”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t just look at him this time, but scans everyone.

“I still can’t hear it!”

His voice burst and agitation, with a passion for the crowd.

This time, everyone in the room was also teased. Everyone raises the glass, no matter the man or the woman, the scorpion is like a fanatic.

“next episode!!!”

More than one hundred people collectively shouted, shivering, and the afterglow was endless, like a stormy wave, very shocking.

Seok Jin-soo enjoyed it, and Haha laughed.

“It’s right, just in the next episode, we can certainly exceed 40. You, let us drink this glass of wine, make persistent efforts, kill all the opponents, dominate the water wood drama!!”


Even his screenwriter is so confident, not to mention other people. Everyone was eager to become fearless, and they raised their glasses and drank a good time.

The same is true of Dao Xunxun and Lee Jung-sub, who followed a big drink, but it was very happy.

β€œHaha Haha, good, very good, our screenwriter, just rushing your pride, we must be the best!”

Lee Jung-sub is also shaking his head.

“I have said it for a long time. I must believe in the stone scriptwriter. He is the god of the plot. As long as he has him, we are the best.”

Yoon Shi-yoon, the actor, is a newcomer, but it is also on this table.

This kid is also excited, but admiringly watching Seok Jin-soo.

“Wow, our brother is really amazing. In order to motivate morale, I have made an exception to drink.”

Seok Jin-soo heard a glimpse of the cup in his hand.

“Wine? Ani ~ yo, I drink water.”

This is a big deal, and everyone at this table is glaring.

“Hey, Fuck, this guy, this time it’s actually sneaking and slipping.”

“Damn, are you cheating our feelings?”

Even Zhou Yuan, who has little contact with Seok Jin-soo, feels ridiculous.

“Yah!! The screenwriter is really a god acting. So many people are not seeing it, he is actually drinking water.”

Although besieged, Seok Jin-soo is not at all flustered. One refers to Kim Tae-hee, for good reason.

“She won’t let me drink, I listen to her.”

Kim Tae-hee stayed, and then the face was faint, and the whole person was dizzy.

One Man, still a powerful man, has highlighted her position in front of so many people and candid the relationship between the two. What does this mean?

Anyway, for a moment, everyone’s eyes were stunned, and Kim Tae-hee, who had a lot of ridiculous laughter, was even more embarrassed.

Sitting next to Kim Tae-hee is the girl who just sang with Lee Jung-sub.

It can be seen that she seems to know Kim Tae-hee.

“Eonni, when did our screenwriters fall under your pomegranate skirt?”

Kim Tae-hee couldn’t take it anymore, and took her.

“Go, Xiao Nizi, don’t say anything. We…we…not yet!”

The girl was not timid at all, holding Kim Tae-hee, but probed and smiled and asked: “Writer, what do you say?”

Seok Jin-soo, but he looked at the girl, looked at the girl and asked in confusion: “You are…”

He can be sure that he has never seen this girl. Otherwise, the girl who is so beautiful, he can’t have no impression.

This girl, simple and elegant, has a charm of Xiangzhu.

He does not remember that there is such a role in the drama of “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu”.

Did Lee Jung-sub add people when he didn’t know?

It’s not very likely, even if it’s a plus, he can’t help but know that Kim Tae-hee won’t tell him.

Fortunately, his doubts did not last long, and the girl gave him a generous hand.

“Writer, officially know. I am a singer sunbee, and also a music director of the bread king Jin Zhuoqiu.”

Seok Jin-soo, I can’t believe it.

“You are a music director? Such a beautiful music director? Yah!! Is this too extravagant?”

He didn’t say anything wrong. The girl’s temperament is very good, even if she is a singer.

It’s really unexpected, she would be a music director.

Someone may have to ask, what is the music director doing?

In a crew, directors are divided into many different types.

The most powerful of these is the director who directs the filming and resource mobilization of the whole drama, and controls the direction of the subject.

In addition, there are a variety of directors such as audio directors, directors, venue directors, music directors, and lighting directors.

The music director is the producer and importer of all the ost made in a play.

The familiar ost we often hear must first pass the music director’s level before they can be used in the TV series.

All ost of “Bread King Jin Zhuo Qiu” is made by Seok Jin-soo. After all, he has the information, and he finished it in one breath.

But his work is too busy, just labeling the right singer on ost, but there is no time to personally supervise.

Therefore, Lee Jung-sub found such a person, responsible for turning these ost into finished products, and with the popularity of the TV series, it became popular.

It’s just that Seok Jin-soo never imagined that the music director of this play was actually a young woman.

Hearing his praise, sunbee smiled warmly, and it was a very delicate temperament.

“I also want to debut, but I don’t have the resources. I have to rely on the music director to eat it first. In addition to the screenwriter, I am noona, I am one year older than you.”

Seok Jin-soo is once again stunned, really can’t believe that this girl is actually bigger than herself.

However, knowing that this girl is a music director or a singer, he asked: “Do you have any work?” Unbee shook his head, but said: “In this ost, there is a singer who needs a song. We didn’t find it, and I personally sang it.”

This is one of the osts called “For Me”, and the singer labeled Seok Jin-soo is Jane. But sunbee has been in contact for a long time and can’t find this person.

There is no way, the days that the songs will be used are getting closer and closer, and she has to sing herself.

Seok Jin-soo came to interest and quickly said, “Can you sing?”

When he first came in, Sunbee was singing. Her voice was covered up by Lee Jung-sub’s broken scorpion, and Seok Jin-soo didn’t understand it. Unbee knows that Seok Jin-soo is the great Korean screenwriter and the first Korean music producer.

Since he said this, is it estimated that he wants to see his potential?

Is it time for me to work, is it to be seen by this ace producer?

At the thought of this, sunbee rushed to the spirit, and no matter how many people around him, he sang in detail.

Seok Jin-soo listened very seriously and didn’t miss it at all.

This sunbee’s voice is very wonderful, and it is very different from the general singing method.

Her singing is not sharp at all, nor is there a explosive high pitch. Just like her appearance, it is clear and refined, and elegant.

Slowly singing songs, it is like a talented person, and the expression of love is gentle and sensitive.

Anyway, listening to the song of sunbee, no one spoke on this table, obviously intoxicated.

A song, sunbee slowly sang, and soon sang. She couldn’t breathe, she looked straight at Seok Jin-soo and wanted to know the producer’s opinion.

Seok Jin-soo slowly came out of the mood and sighed, but decided to take it for granted.

“Your voice is not the kind that can burst red at once.”

Just one sentence, let sunbee look a lot.

Since I have been a singer, who doesn’t want to be popular, is it red?

Seok Jin-soo, who can be a top producer, says that sunbee is inevitably depressed.

Even if he is not optimistic, then his singer’s road is obviously no big hope.

But before she was depressed, Seok Jin-soo’s words came again.

“But your voice is very special, almost no similar. And your voice, singing ramp; b, blues and other songs, is definitely a good choice. Although you can not be a popular singer, but Can be active all the time.”

Finally, I got a good evaluation and let sunbee comfort a little.

However, she still has a lot of concerns.

“That, the screenwriter, according to what you said, as a singer, can you… have a meal?”

She is very long, but it is not really not eating the world. She is also alive, and she wants to live well.

Seok Jin-soo looks a bit

“This… that… seems to be more difficult.”

He did not say that in fact, many singers, in addition to the famous ones, many people’s lives are actually very problematic.

Need to go everywhere to go to the bar, nightclubs to sing, to do the opening commercial, and still can not get much performance fees. In the third place, this unguaranteed income will be cut off.

So if you want to be a singer, it is not easy to have a full meal.

Well, because of his words, sunbee’s mood is once again low.

Anyone can see that she seems to lose confidence in her future.

But Seok Jin-soo doesn’t think so.

This sunbee is obviously a talent, a kind of talent that is not necessary but hard to meet when you need it.

The proper metaphor is the chicken rib.

It is a pity that it is tasteless.

If it is normal, Seok Jin-soo is not very concerned about such people. But Sunbee’s other talent, but Seok Jin-soo hearted.

“It’s better than this. You still have a good music director activity. When the time is right, you can publish as a singer. Do you have a company?”

Obviously, people like sunbee, how can there be a company?

“I am a single person.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and made an invitation.

“Then you come to my company is good, usually deal with ost for me. There are suitable works, the company will help you distribute.”

Seok Jin-soo’s film and television work has always been his own ost.

The problem is that for a film and television work, the ost needed is definitely not a song.

So many works will consume his time greatly.

If there is a music director like sunbee to help, then Seok Jin-soo can be a lot easier.

He can make ost and then specify the singer he needs. The next recording and cutting, import, handed over to sunbee to do it.

Don’t look at the music director’s obscurity. In fact, as one of the directors, the income is still very good.

Besides, giving him a deputy, over time, can also improve sunbee’s musical literacy.

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