KEP Chapter 619

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 619 chapter is burning, astronomy

Hearing Seok Jin-soo invited himself to join mysti89 and gave him a deputy.

According to her dream, she certainly hopes to become a singer. But with a little hope, she didn’t want to give up.

But reality is reality. The reality is that there is no money in her pocket.

This time I was a music director and I had the money to pay the rent. Otherwise, there is no place in Seoul.

Seeing her entanglement, Lee Jung-sub, who has always been very impressed with her, said: “Sunbee, what are you hesitating? The rare stone screenwriter appreciates you and gives you the opportunity to work. Besides, follow him. It is very helpful to improve your music literacy. The stone writer is so busy, and his ost needs to be handled in the future.”

Someone spoke for himself, and Seok Jin-soo returned with grateful eyes and said his thoughts to sunbee.

“My other work is busy, ost can’t handle it. The ost of the lone agent has been made, but I can’t record it. In the future, I will have a film and television work every year, I need someone to help me. These. And mysti89 is more relaxed, there is no limit to the release of the singer’s work. You can safely prepare your own work.”

Seeing Seok Jin-soo saying so much, sunbee also felt his sincerity.

She is no longer young now, and she feels the pressure of life and knows how to compromise with reality.

Thinking about it, she was busy with a smile, raised her glass and said to Seok Jin-soo: “That… I will trouble you in the future.”

Seizing a talent, Seok Jin-soo is also very happy, and also raises the glass.

“Oh, do it well, I am optimistic about you.” Unbee looked at him with a funny look.

“Director nim, you won’t be water in this cup?”

Really, to celebrate your joining, how to drink alcohol is sincere.

Seok Jin-soo squints.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Is it so happy to drink water to show sincerity?” Unbee was happy and took Soju in one go.

Damn Korean women, everyone can drink.

Along with sunbee, Seok Jin-soo also dried the glass.

When he finished drinking, he smiled.

β€œYah!! In fact, drinking water is also good.”

“Rascal, this guy, really…”

Everyone knows this and he is being played by him. I have never seen such a treacherous person, and the wine table is all about.

Seok Jin-soo didn’t drink, but Kim Tae-hee didn’t drink less. After the celebration feast, her face has been red, and her footsteps are a bit embarrassing.

No way, she is the star of the TV series, and every day on the set, the relationship with everyone is very good.

Plus, it’s beautiful, so everyone likes to toast her.

Another piece of his own drama broke through the forty-eight mark. Kim Tae-hee was also happy and broke. The one who came here did not refuse, so he drank a little more.

In her state, Seok Jin-soo can’t worry about her returning to Sancheng.

As usual, Eun-ho opened the managerial van and told Kim Tae-hee’s manager.

“Brother, noona will be handed over to me, and you will go back to rest early.”

Seeing Kim Tae-hee, the whole person is shrunk in the arms of Seok Jin-soo, the look is so dependent, the manager smiles.

“Then you are also careful. Tae-hee, there are still shots tomorrow, don’t play too late.”

This is obviously different. The face of Kim Tae-hee is burnt.

“Oppa, go back soon, or sister-in-law should be angry again.”

The manager no longer said, and drove away alone.

Eun-ho drove the managerri van, Seok Jin-soo helped Kim Tae-hee get on the bus, and the two went back.

The back seat of the managerial van is very spacious, and it is okay to sit more people. Only two of them, it is almost like a house.

Can’t see, Eun-ho, this guy is still very considerate, actually pulled the curtain between the driver’s seat and the back seat.

Without the sight of others, Kim Tae-hee is much more courageous.

It was very hot after drinking the wine, even if there was air conditioning in the car.

After entering the car, she slammed the high heels, letting the snow of the deceitful snow race linger in the air.

The man was stunned and rested on Seok Jin-soo’s lap.

The lights on the top of the head sprinkled down, like a layer of fascinating golden light on the beauty of Zhu Yan, shining and glamorous.

Kim Tae-hee blurs his eyes and is sure to look at Seok Jin-soo.

I don’t know why, I went to see this little guy today, and suddenly I feel that he is so majestic and gentle, which makes her feel very dependent.

So she is willing to become a little woman, curled up under his wings and enjoy his gentle care.

The atmosphere is very good, and I don’t bother, Seok Jin-soo has also let go.

Gently help Kim Tae-hee to open the scattered hair and enjoy the masterpiece of God more greedily.

How can this woman be so beautiful?

It seems like a sweet wine, like a beautiful rose, full of desire, as if waiting for him to pick.

“If you are uncomfortable, take a short sleep and get home soon.”

Watching Kim Tae-hee’s fascinating look, Seok Jin-soo thought she was drunk, so she persuaded.

Kim Tae-hee shook his head and grabbed his big hand that was tidying his hair and stuck it on his hot cheek.

It is clear that his hand is also very hot, but I don’t know why, Kim Tae-hee is the feeling, only in this way can comfort the mood of his own movement.

She didn’t know that it was like a kitten enjoying the caress of the owner, and it ignited the flame of Seok Jin-soo.

She is still immersed in a wonderful mood, with a whispering tone and a great enjoyment.

“Thank you! If there is no you…”

She didn’t say much, but Seok Jin-soo knew her heart.

She is thanking Seok Jin-soo for appearing beside her. Without him, she is still the acting vase. The actors’ path is getting narrower and narrower. In the end, except for one name, nothing can be left.

It was because of Seok Jin-soo that her actor’s path was revived and she was recognized.

In the eyes of Kim Tae-hee, this man is the treasure of heaven that God has given her.

The big hand gently covered the face of Kim Tae-hee.

Her face is so small that almost all of her palms are in control.

The skin is so smooth and soft, gently rubbing, but it stirs the inner heat.

Seok Jin-soo unconsciously swallowed a bit of saliva, but still felt the scorpion dry.

Inexplicably, he asked with courage.

“How can you thank me?”

In this small space, there are only two of them, so Kim Tae-hee tasted his jealousy and wildness at once, and the petite body could not help but tremble.

Yeah, how can this man who worships her thank him for his redemption?

Kim Tae-hee, who was lost in thought, suddenly felt hard and hard on the cheek.

Look at the position of her pillow, she screamed, what else do not understand?

I must have taken the initiative to let this guy get angry.

But then, isn’t she so impulsive today?

In this case, Kim Tae-hee smiled and smiled, and the eyes were full of spring, which was much bolder than before.

She turned softly, and the face was just facing Seok Jin-soo’s lower abdomen.

At the same time, her hand sneaked up and grabbed the zipper of Seok Jin-soo pants.

After a while, Sorzo, Kim Tae-hee slammed and screamed, and was really scared.

Damn, that stuff is like a tiger, and the power is unparalleled. It seems like a whip on her face, almost fainting her.

Seok Jin-soo was also amazed, and then I saw that y靑 looked more uncontrollable.

Kim Tae-hee looked over and resentfully, apparently did not expect that he would have such a majestic capital.

So big, is it for women to go to heaven?

In any case, she has completely surrendered.

I didn’t use Seok Jin-soo for too long, and I wrapped my weapon in a warm and deep sigh. The flexible and slippery little tongue seduce the seven souls and six scorpions.

The road is long, and it seems that in the blink of an eye, it is Sangam-dong.

Eun-ho is very strange. When the director and Miss Kim Tae-hee came down from the car, how could they look strange?

However, he is a qualified manager, do not ask if you should not ask.

“So, director, I will go back.”

Seok Jin-soo swings his hand.

“Be careful on the road, it doesn’t matter if you come late tomorrow.”

After sending Eun-ho and Seok Jin-soo back, Kim Tae-hee has disappeared.

He walked into the house and came all the way to the second floor, and found her in the bathroom of the Kim Tae-hee room.

The woman was kneeling on the grooming table and snoring.

“Noona, what’s wrong with you?”

Seok Jin-soo thought she was so excited that she went over and cared.

Unexpectedly, he heard his voice, and Kim Tae-hee turned sharply and slammed his chest.


Looking at the beauty of her grievances, Seok Jin-soo was hot, clutching her willow waist and taking a sip on her lips.

“A fool, can you still be like honey?”

Kim Tae-hee resentment is difficult.

“I read how to say how delicious, it turns out to be deceptive.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled, but I didn’t expect this kind of noona to look at that kind of book.

But he doesn’t want Kim Tae-hee to have annoying emotions.

“It doesn’t matter, just adapt a few times.”

This is a big deal, and Kim Tae-hee is even worse.

“Hey, think about beauty, don’t want to be cheaper.”

After the blame, Kim Tae-hee frowned.

β€œwhat…the hell!!, go back to the bath and have a barbecue.”

Isn’t it, just stayed in the rotisserie for so long, Seok Jin-soo’s body is dyed.

However, unlike Kim Tae-hee, he sprays perfume, so the taste of the barbecue is very strong and heavy.

Seok Jin-soo can’t, rushed back to his room to take a shower.

Kim Tae-hee has been here for a long time, and finally the odor in his mouth is much smaller.

But looking at the mirror in her own look, she couldn’t help but pat her cheek, a little unbelievable.

“Is it all about beauty, is it true? Well, it seems that there is no bad news.”

She didn’t know that the smell was the same for a woman, and it would certainly make her addicted.

Thinking about the same explosion as Seok Jin-soo and machine guns, Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but worry. In this case, will it hurt the body?

In addition to care, Kim Tae-hee rushed to cut a plate of avocado and fig. It is said that these fruits have a complementary effect and she also saw it from the miscellaneous books.

Kim Tae-hee brought the fruit and came to the room of Seok Jin-soo.

But when she came in, she frowned.

The smell here was so messy that she couldn’t help but get nervous.

The most familiar aroma is the same as her room.

When she was here, Seok Jin-soo’s bedroom was taken care of by her, so the smell of the perfume sprayed was the same as that used by herself.

However, in addition to this familiar taste, there are several fragrances intertwined.

Kim Tae-hee’s nose is very sensitive and immediately distinguishes the taste of Yoon-ah.

For this liTTL-Time To Love e missy, which has a room here, Kim Tae-hee can’t understand her mind. I really couldn’t think of it, she actually climbed the bed of Seok Jin-soo.

In addition, there are several unfamiliar aromas.

Looking at Seok Jin-soo’s big exaggerated bed, Kim Tae-hee couldn’t help but frown and found that he was facing a lot of competitive pressure.

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