KEP Chapter 620

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 620 chapter country representative, floating astronomy

Just when Kim Tae-hee had mixed feelings, Seok Jin-soo had already come out in vain.

Because it was his own room, he didn’t wear clothes at all, and he swayed his buttocks, just rubbing his hair with a towel.

As soon as the results came out, I saw Kim Tae-hee standing by the bed.

Seok Jin-soo flickered for a moment, and then it was light.

Just now, the key points are still ecstasy in the mastery of others. If you have seen anything, you will not be shy.


With a slam, Seok Jin-soo walked past Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Tae-hee turned his head and immediately became scared when he saw him.

“Hey Yah!! Why don’t you wear clothes for this person?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and wanted to reach out and hold each other.

“What are you afraid of, you have not seen it.”

Kim Tae-hee still couldn’t accept this kind of blast, and immediately jumped away, leaving Seok Jin-soo’s shackles empty.

“Hey, I cut some fruit for you. Remember to eat it, I… I went back to rest.”

Seok Jin-soo was shocked and hurryed: “Noona, sleep here at night.”

It was just a spring breeze, and there was no real ecstasy. Seok Jin-soo is still not going up, thinking about getting tonight and getting a blood.

Not to mention this, Kim Tae-hee is really upset.

“Hey, who wants to sleep in your bed? Goodbye, go dreaming yourself.”

After that, Ga-in twisted the waist and disappeared into the eyes of Seok Jin-soo.

Only left him alone, stupidly standing in the same place. Then I bowed my head and looked at the little brother who was lonely. I really wanted to cry without tears.

What the hell is this?

It is clear that this noona spring and emotions are surging, and the enthusiasm is like a fire, and they are flattering themselves. In his opinion, it should be tumbling tonight, and the yangko is only right.

Why did you throw yourself away?

What is the use of whitewashing?

Seok Jin-soo, like a fool, doesn’t understand anything.

In the next few days, he and Kim Tae-hee were busy, and there were not many opportunities to meet.

Because of his own big plan, the recording of Heroes is going on every day. He also needs to rush from time to time to fulfill the duties of mc.

In addition, on the side of “Infinite Challenge”, the days of performances from wwe are getting closer and closer, and everyone’s practice is in full swing, paying more pain and sweat.

Seok Jin-soo has a backache every day, and sometimes it doesn’t even work.

Fortunately, Sunbee accepted his invitation, joined mysti89 company, took over the recording work of ost, and made him a lot easier.

After seeing Sunbee’s work on the spot, Yoon Jong-shin gave a thumbs up to Seok Jin-soo.

This guy is not only good at making music, but also good at finding talents.

Today is the rugby match, and everyone’s practice has entered a substantive stage.

It is to pass this competition, selected by the coach, can join the member of the national team.

From the early morning, the atmosphere is more depressed.

Everyone lost the power of funny, all silently prepared.

After a few days of training, everyone was serious and serious, and I valued this selection very much.

Seok Jin-soo noticed that the female artist even cut off her long nails and wrapped her fingers with tape.

Only in this way can we avoid contusion.

When everyone is ready, Seok Jin-soo brings everyone together.

“Everyone, I don’t have to say anything extra, I wish you good luck. I hope everyone can show themselves and live up to the sweat and hurt.”

Noonim Noh Sa-yeon took the lead and then the other people’s palms were stacked on top of it.

“We will not lose, come on!!”

Today’s game is a seven-a-side match against the women’s national football team by Heroes.

Losing will definitely lose, it depends on whether you can perform.

Heroes’ first players here are Noh Sa-yeon, Lee Jin, Hong Soo-ah, Seo In-young, Yoo In-na, Zheng Jiaen and Yoon-ah.

As soon as you look at the formation of everyone, Zheng Jiaen is a quarterback. She is the tallest and has a long arm that is perfect for throwing the ball.

Noh Sa-yeon is a defensive tackle, and even her female national football player can’t take advantage of her body shape.

Seok Jin-soo is most concerned about Yoon-ah, she is running back.

In the practice of these days, the speed of Yoon-ah has been recognized by everyone. And don’t look at her very thin, but the power is not small, definitely a breakthrough.

Seok Jin-soo knows that running back is definitely the focus of the other party and it is easy to get hurt.

Today’s Yoon-ah, in order to compete in the ponytail, a plain white face shines in the sun, crystal clear as jade.

Soon, the game started.

Sure enough, the gap between the two sides can not be compensated by short-term training.

The women’s national football team’s tactics are very good, specifically to avoid the powerful but slow Noh Sa-yeon, several breakthroughs have achieved results, and scored consecutively.

After ten minutes of competition, the Heroes team did not get a point. Yoo In-na was hit by the nose and had to come down.

Shin Bong-sun, which can be replaced, has no effect and still cannot recover the disadvantages.

“Yah!! No, the dinosaurs. You and Hong Soo-ah, Yoon-ah are closer to each other and form an offensive team. There should be some opportunities.”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know much about rugby, he can only rely on his own understanding to give Ji-yeon a trick.

Looking at the noonas on the field, Ji-yeon couldn’t stand it anymore. Waiting for her to play, replaced the exhausted Seo In-young.

This time the women’s national football team kicked off.

When the ball arrived in the hands of Zheng Jiaen, she did not hesitate to directly give Lee Jin not far away.

Among the Heroes, in addition to the three people mentioned by Seok Jin-soo, Lee Jin is also a very fast one.

There was no chance of attack before, so Lee Jin did not have room to play.

It’s already a dozen points behind, and if you don’t attack, there’s no chance.

So this time I got the ball, Lee Jin didn’t hesitate and immediately rushed out.

As a result, she accelerated so quickly that she was under the enemy of the two players in front and was actually broken by her.

When they wanted to chase again, they found that they were farther and farther away from Lee Jin.

“Wow, Daebak, Lee Jin is flying!”

Noh Hong-chul was very excited and shouted, and he was more excited than the players on the field.

Because of Lee Jin’s breakthrough, the national team had to be divided over to defend. Gradually, Lee Jin was surrounded by the sidelines.

Ji-yeon always remembers Seok Jin-soo’s words, and is closer to his team members. So when Lee Jin broke through, she was behind Lee Jin.

Rugby is not allowed to be thrown before, and Ji-yeon’s athleticism is very good, keeping in mind the rules.

Lee Jin saw that he was surrounded by four people and quickly passed the ball to Ji-yeon.

And Ji-yeon’s side, in fact, also has defensive players.

At the glimpse of her catching the ball, the defensive teammates immediately ran into it.

According to the other party’s thoughts, as long as it hits, it will definitely delay the speed of Ji-yeon and gain time for teammates to fight back.

However, I did not expect that when she hit Ji-yeon, she felt a powerful force.

Ji-yeon held the ball in his arms, just an arch, and actually smashed the defensive player, let the other side smash and fell on the grass.

This is a big deal, and the front of Ji-yeon is cheerful.

This missy doesn’t want anything, just hold the ball and rush to charge.

Until this time, the national team finally panicked, and the defensive formation appeared to be overlooked.

The scattered athletes refused to take care of the rest, all rushing to Ji-yeon. In any case, stop her from moving forward.

Finally, 15 meters from the bottom line, two athletes stopped Ji-yeon’s way. Others have come up from all sides.

Ji-yeon saw his breakthrough and finally achieved results. He smiled a little and suddenly his arm rose. He saw the rugby gliding through an arc in the air, and even the sun was covered.

The players in the country who were still running were shocked and looked in the direction of the ball.

As a result, they only saw a white shadow, rushing faster than Lee Jin and Ji-yeon. After holding the ball, he slammed into the bottom line.

“Oh yeah, we scored!”

Seok Jin-soo shouted and watched Yoon-ah touch the bottom line. It was really happy.

The TOEFL team was newly built, and the tactics were not rigorous enough. It was caught by his strategy.

Yes, the national team members are very strong, but they really don’t have much advantage in terms of speed.

The seven-a-side rugby has a wide space and a lot of space, so there are many uses.

This was captured by the three offensive teams of Lee Jin, Ji-yeon and Yoon-ah and finally scored five points.

Yes, they are pure newcomers compared to national players. They are just getting started soon. But as long as you unite and work hard, there is still hope for scoring.

Because of this, the Heroes team, whose morale was exhausted, regained the courage to fight.

Next, the offensive teams of Hong Soo-ah, Zheng Jiaen, Lee Jin, Ji-yeon and Yoon-ah worked very well together, which really caused a lot of trouble for the national team.

Noh Sa-yeon and Shin Bong-sun, with the help of fast teammates, also played a powerful role and successfully intercepted several times.

In the end, the score of the two sides is 37: 15. Despite the disparity, the ability to score fifteen points also proves that the Heroes team is not without merit.

After the game, the two sides stood together and the coach made a comment.

β€œAfter the match, I think Ji-yeon ‘ssi, Yoon-ah ‘ssi and Hong Soo-ah ‘ssi can be selected for the national team.”

This is the choice made by the coach after comprehensive consideration.

Yoon-ah is absolutely fast and can take advantage of space in a seven-a-side game.

Hong Soo-ah is a good endurance, tall and long leg, and is the ideal candidate for the quarterback.

Ji-yeon is the most comprehensive quality. It needs speed and speed. It requires the body to have a body, strength and strength. Even if it confronts the national team members, it will not fall.

If it wasn’t because she was an artist, the coach really wanted to recruit her into the team.

As for the others, it really won’t work. In the fight against fierce rugby, it does not provide much help.

In any case, three people were selected for the national team, which made everyone happy.

“Ji-yeon, you are the best!”

IU is envious of the pro-intimate, and the eyes are small stars. She is such a weak person, what sports for her, is still too far away.

She also played on the scene just now. As a result, the person flew out five meters away and scared Seok Jin-soo to quickly replace her.

“Yoon-ah is really too fast. Is it really a girl? Isn’t it a deer?”

Noh Hong-chul is not afraid of praise, he really thinks that everyone is doing a great job.

“Soo-ah, you finally found your place. Since you entered the national team, you will work hard and don’t come back.”

Noh Sa-yeon is joking with Hong Soo-ah because of his role.

“eonni, if I am not there, don’t you miss me?”

Noh Sa-yeon looked at her enviously and her mouth slammed.

“You can’t be in a good mood.”

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