KEP Chapter 627

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 627 chapter and the double lotus, floating astronomy

Finally, after the crisis, Seok Jin-soo is still curious.

“Noona, how come you are back?”

Kim Tae-hee’s pretty whitening, apparently aware of his guilty conscience and unwillingness, but still said: “The power supply on the side of the studio is broken, and it can’t be shot at night.”

Seok Jin-soo broke his mouth and said nothing but only he knew.

“The damn studio, the power supply is not bad, the night is not bad, but this day is broken.”

Kim Tae-hee didn’t hear it, but didn’t ask. Instead, I heard that Yoon-ah was on the other side of the pool, and she walked away.

β€œIs Yoon-ah in a milk bath? It’s just that my body is lacking, and it’s cheaper for her.”

Seeing that he was about to turn into the swimming room, Kim Tae-hee suddenly turned around and shouted at Seok Jin-soo. He said, “Right, take the bathrobe for me. Wait for the province to change clothes.” ”

What can Seok Jin-soo do, despite the blood and tears in his heart, has to obey.

“Well, ok, I will help you get it.”

Kim Tae-hee knows that Seok Jin-soo will follow suit and enjoy the taste of the Queen.

Watching Seok Jin-soo go upstairs, she took a deep breath and pushed the door of the pool room.

Yoon-ah is enjoying the full moisturization of milk. He heard the door ringing and thought it was Seok Jin-soo.

With a heartfelt heart, the body couldn’t help but shrink into the pool.

Although it was seen by Seok Jin-soo, she was ashamed of her because of the sensitivity of the girl.


But she just said one thing. When I turned back, I saw Kim Tae-hee coming in. The whole person was stupid.

How is this going?

She didn’t know that Kim Tae-hee walked in and just saw Yoon-ah’s look back.

Once Seok Jin-soo passed a Chinese poem for Kim Tae-hee: Looking back and smiling, Baimeisheng, Liugong powder has no color.

According to Seok Jin-soo, this poem describes the ancient beauty of ancient China, Yang Guifei.

The woman just smiled back, and the three thousand colors of the harem all lost color.

Kim Tae-hee has fantasies about what kind of beauty it should be!

Now, at this time, when she sees Yoon-ah’s return, she immediately understands the meaning of the poem.

Especially at this time, Yoon-ah, the whole body is not in the milk. The only scented shoulders, the delicate collarbone is like a work of art.

In particular, Yoon-ah’s long straight hair is adorned with a few drops of milk, adding a touch of crystal and dazzling.

Even Kim Tae-hee, who is a woman, can’t help but see the Yoon-ah, and the soul of the lily burns.

Damn, fortunately, I am back, or else the little guy can hold back?

In that case, isn’t this little goblin first boarded?

Kim Tae-hee, who is greeted by luck, has a calm face, as if he didn’t know anything.

“Yoon-ah, I heard that you are in the milk bath, don’t you mind eonni?”

Yoon-ah is still in shock, can’t understand why it’s not her cocoa Oppa, but her most vigilant Kim Tae-hee?

But like Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah is also a smart woman.

This clever woman is always proud of her intelligence and willing to solve problems with her own intelligence.

If you change to a normal shrew, you will see other women in the family of your beloved, and it must be a jealousy.

A smart woman, thinking of winning with her own intelligence, will win with her opponents.

So in the face of Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah has not lost his sense of distraction.

“Eonni, come on, the milk bath is very comfortable.”

What I said in this way, I can’t feel that it’s a match for the enemy.

Kim Tae-hee also understood the idea of ​​Yoon-ah and smiled in his heart.

“Xiao Nizi, the age is not big, but the brain is not simple, but also dare to walk the wire. Then we will compare, I have more than ten years of life experience, will not lose to you.”

As I thought about it, Kim Tae-hee slowly faded his clothes, and in front of Yoon-ah, Seok Jin-soo was exposed as a jade body that had been coveted for a long time but never succeeded.

Yoon-ah’s eyes were reluctant to look at it, so he looked at Kim Tae-hee and became beautiful and beautiful in front of himself.

The competition between women is more comprehensive.

Beautiful, age, talented, and stature.

Beauty, Kim Tae-hee glamorous, Yoon-ah pure, two can be described as half a catty.

In terms of age, Yoon-ah is ten years younger than Kim Tae-hee, an unreachable scorpio.

In terms of intelligence, Kim Tae-hee is from the University of Seoul, and is much stronger than Dongguk University, which is entered by Yoon-ah as an artist.

As for the body…

Looking at the fullness of Kim Tae-hee, Yoon-ah couldn’t help but lower his head.

Although this noona is a lot more abundant than myself, the convex part is convex and the concave place is concave. If you add one point, you will get fat, and if you lose one point, you will lose weight.

This noona is not very tall, and there are no suffocating long legs like chopsticks. But every minute is just right, all are very standard.

Unlike yourself, there is only one thin word left.

The problem is that it is thinner. The two places that shouldn’t be thinner, the chest and the butt, are all dry.

Unlike the noona in front of her, she was dizzy with the exaggerated arc.

After a careful comparison, Yoon-ah began to feel inferior again.

No wonder this noona’s bedroom can slap Oppa, and it turns out that it’s too much.

Between the cranky, the water is fluctuating, and Yoon-ah has a scent around him. During the day, I felt my hand was caught.

Then Kim Tae-hee’s enthusiasm sounded in his ear.

“Sister, is it still used to living here?”


Yoon-ah was ridiculous and found herself a bit passive.

The noona, really experienced, came to the owner as soon as she came up and squeezed her into the guest’s position.

Yoon-ah wakes up and can’t compare it. He must immediately pull back the situation.

Xiao Nizi’s eyes turned and tried to ignore Kim Tae-hee’s reputation and also gave a hypocritical smile.

“It’s good here. Listen to Oppa and say that eonni has been coming over. Is it a bit of fun?”

Hey, what do you like?

Here you are also a guest, this is the home of my beloved Oppa, Mi-rae, who is the hostess here is not necessarily.

Seeing Yoon-ah’s response, Kim Tae-hee stunned and heard the bell in his heart.

Her knowledge of Yoon-ah has always been the confrontation with Son Ye-jin in the cinema.

She knows that Yoon-ah is a friend of Son Ye-jin.

As the saying goes, things are gathered together, and people are divided into groups.

Since Yoon-ah is a friend of Son Ye-jin, maybe the character is so hot.

But after unimpeded contact today, she realized that the liTTL-Time To Love e missy is small, but the ability to do things is really smooth enough.

You must be careful to deal with it. Otherwise, if you don’t get it, you will be in a disadvantage.

Seriously, Kim Tae-hee, wisely did not use language contests, but set off a homely.

“I heard that you participated in the women’s national football team. How is it very hard?”

Yoon-ah’s character is like this, just like Tai Chi, he is best at Softkang.

If you keep on chasing, she will slowly grind with you. In short, it won’t make you cheap.

Now that Kim Tae-hee has chosen to retreat, Yoon-ah has no anti-customer abilities, so the atmosphere between the two has become more peaceful.

Yoon-ah raised his arm from the milk and showed it to Kim Tae-hee.

“It’s too hard, eonni, you see, for half a month, the skin is rough.”

Kim Tae-hee looks intently, Rao is an opponent, and can’t help but feel worried about Yoon-ah.

“Poor, you are all female artists, why do you have to make such a hard project?”

See Kim Tae-hee without any chance to ridicule, but also feel the same about his own experience, Yoon-ah’s mood is also a burst of excitement.

This noona, really, as the outside world described, is very kind.

In the warm heart, Yoon-ah also became a cute sister, snuggling on Kim Tae-hee’s shoulder and talking about the intimate words.

“Although it was very hard, but with the national team, watching everyone grow up from scratch, and grow up little by little. And this time in the first game, we have gone through a lot of hard work before we get the score. Feelings are never felt anywhere else.”

Kim Tae-hee understood what she meant, helped her to caress her hair and asked, “Is it feeling like this time, has grown a lot?”

This noona is really understanding.

Yoon-ah was completely said to be in the heart, and inexplicably, the hostility to Kim Tae-hee eased a lot.

“I saw the hard work of the national team, and I realized that what we have experienced is nothing. If we are willing to work hard, we can do better.”

Kim Tae-hee is also going to say something, and suddenly there is a knock on the door. Then the door was opened and the voice of Seok Jin-soo came.

“Noona, Yoon-ah, can I come in?”

The woman inside is taking a shower. If it is just a person, Seok Jin-soo will definitely go in without saying hello.

But two women, he also had to put up the heart of the rush, posing as a modest gentleman.

Unfortunately, the two big Little Beauty women, who doesn’t know his virtue?

Unanimously, the two beautiful women turned their eyes together.

And seeing the other side doing the same, feeling interesting and connected, the two could not help laughing together.

It was then opened by Kim Tae-hee.

“come in.”

Seok Jin-soo thief thief probed in, and then…

Nothing was seen.

Two horrified bodies are not in the milk, he can see, only two peerless beauty.

Seeing the calm, the two women did not have a big fight with milk, he also relaxed a lot.

He slowly walked to the side of the pool and put down the bathrobe in his hand.

“Noona, Yoon-ah, I brought your bathrobe.”

I don’t know why, Seok Jin-soo has only one feeling when watching two beautiful people who are silent.

He is embarrassed, how can he be like a hotel waiter?

Obviously, I should play with the Overlord Gun this evening, and let one of the beautiful women sing the flowers. How did it become this situation?

It was not until Seok Jin-soo put the bathrobe down, and Kim Tae-hee spoke.

She snorted.

“Yah!! You guys, the bathrobes are all brought, why not go? Do you want to peek at our Yoon-ah? Let you see.”

As a result, Kim Tae-hee suddenly grabbed Yoon-ah’s waist with a hand and held the Yoon-ah from the milk.

If that is the case, Yoon-ah can sip on the spring and fill the eyes of Seok Jin-soo.

Yoon-ah was really shocked and hurriedly reached out and hugged Kim Tae-hee’s neck while picking it up.

“eonni, don’t…”

The heart of Seok Jin-soo, seduce by Kim Tae-hee, trembled and seemed to break out of heart disease at any time.

But he didn’t have any way, and he didn’t have the domineering spirit of the tiger’s body. He could only retreat from the pool room in the burning eyes of the big Little Beauty woman.

As soon as it came out, the beauty of the spring disappeared, and Seok Jin-soo broke out of the real mood.

I saw his tiger eyes tears, looking up at the cold lights, and found that his life is full of tragedies.

It is so beautiful and unparalleled that there is a pair of twins in front of my eyes.

But he is jealous and has nothing to do with himself. 8)

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