KEP Chapter 628

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 628 chapter of the trip to Germany, floating astronomy

For a long night, Seok Jin-soo didn’t eat anything.

In the room next door, two flowers that had been bathed in milk were whispering together, but he could only look at the string moon outside the window and complained.

I don’t know what happened, maybe after a frank and honest relationship, the relationship between Kim Tae-hee and Yoon-ah has heated up, and the noona sister is so tired.

They are intimate, but Seok Jin-soo, who is most interested in intimacy, is cold.

The big, unspoken bed still has no hostess to welcome it.

The heartbroken Seok Jin-soo had to sing a poem: Life is full of joy, so that jj is empty, and then sleeps bored.

When he woke up again, in the big house, except for the hot breakfast, the two women disappeared.

Eating toast bread, Seok Jin-soo lamented.

“There is no way to go this day. These women are going to heaven. No, I have to let them understand how sad it is without my days. Hey!”

Seok Jin-soo, who is proud of his arrogance, said nothing, and immediately packed up his luggage and ran far away.

Oh, I promised Son Heung-min, I want to see this little guy’s first professional game, so Seok Jin-soo is rushing to Germany.

It’s also a coincidence that it was only a luxury when it came to Germany just to see Son Heung-min.

But not long ago, Seok Jin-soo received an invitation.

The Vienna Danube Island Music Festival in Austria gave him an invitation to perform live.

This is the largest music festival in the world, attracting more than three million visitors in three days.

So neither the Atlantic record nor the myMystic89 company wants him to miss this opportunity.

Seok Jin-soo Take a look at the time, first go to Germany to watch Son Heung-min’s game, then rush to Austria to star in the music festival, just to return to the premiere of “The Lonely Agent” and prepare for the professional wrestling of “Infinite Challenge” Special edition.

So I agreed.

As for the band, it will fly directly from South Korea to Austria and wait for him there.

After a flight of about ten hours, across Eurasia, Seok Jin-soo finally arrived in Hamburg.

Hamburg is the third largest city in Germany, second only to Berlin and Munich. It has a long history and culture and is also an important industrial base in Germany.

Here, it is obvious that the collision between history and industry, the two distinct atmospheres coexist harmoniously, and the city is full of charm.

Seok Jin-soo did not inform Son Heung-min and found a nice hotel.

Obviously, the front desk of this hotel is not a fan, so I did not recognize him.

But after opening the room for him, he still couldn’t help but shook his head and sighed: “It’s Korean again. What happened today? There are already two Koreans. But the girl before is really beautiful, like porcelain. Like a doll.”

Seok Jin-soo naturally can’t hear Nagging at the front desk, he doesn’t know German.

After knowing his room and putting the luggage down, he called Son Heung-min.

But for the first time, no one answered, I am afraid this kid is in training.

Seok Jin-soo is not in a hurry. It is difficult to get it once, but it is a place that I have never been to, so I went out for a walk.

Hamburg has a beautiful scenery, ancient culture and many places of interest. There are many places to visit.

He and Eun-ho stopped and stopped in the morning and visited the Church of St. Michael, St. James Church, Bismarck Memorial Tower, History Museum, Alster Lake and many more.

Seeing that I saw lunch, he found a place to dine, and by the way, called Son Heung-min again.

This time it was connected.

“Hey, brother, is that you?”

The sound of Son Heung-min is very exciting and always as quiet as a monkey.

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“Yah!! Kid, I am in Hamburg, I am going around. What time is your training?”

“What? You have arrived?”

The voice of Sun Xingming was three feet high. Obviously, he did not expect Seok Jin-soo to give him a surprise attack. But he was really happy, and did not expect that this superstar brother would give him face.

“Brother, where are you? I am going to find you.”

Seok Jin-soo asked in confusion: “Do you have no training in the afternoon?”

Son Heung-min can’t take care of anything else.

“Because tomorrow is the day of the warm-up match, I will be free to resume training in the afternoon. I can come out.”

That is to say, but Son Heung-min is a newcomer.

When such a critical time, I rushed out of time, Seok Jin-soo feared that the coach had a bad impression on him. Ben said: “Forget it, tell me how your club is going, I am going to find you. I have not visited the football club yet.”

I heard that Seok Jin-soo is coming to live and fight, and Son Heung-min is even more happy.

“Well, I am waiting for you at the club, I will let my father inform the club.”

Son Heung-min has no manager, and his affairs are handled personally by his father.

In order to let his son play the ball, his father has already quit his job and made a special trip to accompany him in Germany.

Although the burger is big, it is not difficult to find a burger club.

After all, that is the symbol of the city’s sports. You can know where you are when you ask someone on the road.

Seok Jin-soo and Eun-ho took a taxi and went all the way to the Hamburg Club.

Like all football clubs, the Hamburg training base is also on the outskirts of the city.

It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful scenery and fresh air, which is very suitable for sports.

Apparently Son Heung-min had already greeted the club. When Seok Jin-soo and Eun-ho came down from the taxi, two people were waiting at the door.

One is an East Asian middle-aged man who is nearly 50 years old, and one is a typical German.

Seeing Seok Jin-soo, the East Asian man stunned and greeted him.

“Seok Jin-soo ‘ssi? Welcome.”

Asians, who speak Korean, are at this age. Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know who it is, it’s a fool.

So he is more polite and hurry to greet.

“You must be the uncle Sun? I will meet you for the first time. I often listen to you.”

The man was really the father of Son Heung-min, Sun Xiongzheng, who used to be a football player.

It is because of such relationships and genes that Son Heung-min has been instilled with the love of football and scientific training since he was a child, so that the kid grows so well.

Seok Jin-soo That is the top international superstar. Seeing that he is so humble to himself, Sun Xiongzhen is also an old face.

“Aigoo, no need to do this. I have heard from Xingmin that when he was in Seoul, it was thanks to your care. Our children can know you, it is his blessing.”

Seok Jin-soo can’t take it.

“Haha, where? Mi-rae’s Xing people will definitely grow up with great stars, maybe I will still get his light when I get there.”

One word, let the two haha ​​laugh.

Then, Sun Xiongzhen introduced the German to Seok Jin-soo.

What surprised Seok Jin-soo was that the lesser-spirited German turned out to be Carl Edgar Yahov, owner of the Hamburg Football Club.

I really couldn’t think of it. It’s actually the chairman of a club who came out to meet himself.

What Seok Jin-soo didn’t know was that when Son Heung-min reported his visit to the club, the Hamburg club paid great attention to it.

After all, this is the most popular celebrity nowadays. “rolling in the deep” is highly regarded even in Germany.

In the past, those big-name celebrity, even if they like football, went to Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Wolfsburg, and so on. When did you come here?

So this time with the top celebrity to visit, it was regarded as a good publicity opportunity by the Hamburg side.

Because of the importance, the club president Yahoff personally greeted it.

Several people talked a few words at the door, and then Seok Jin-soo walked into the centennial club under the personal guidance of Yahov and Sun Xiongzhen.

Don’t look at the results of the Hamburg team is not very eye-catching, but they have a very remarkable achievement.

That is the 16 founding members of the Bundesliga, they are the only full-time clubs that have not been relegated.

Even though the Bundesliga overlord Bayern Munich has fallen, they are always able to stand in the top league.

Seok Jin-soo is very fond of football, this time came to the prestigious club, it is really novel.

Yahov is also a good guide, taking him around to visit and doing a good introduction for him.

Finally, the trio came to the training ground.

Sure enough, as Son Heung-min said, the afternoon is restorative training, so the atmosphere on the training ground is very dull and everyone is recovering easily.

Because of the ease, the chairman of the club appeared and everyone noticed it.

This made the players very surprised, did not think why the big man came to the side.

As for Sun Xiongzheng, these days the players are already familiar with it, knowing that it is the father and manager of the new Asian little guy.

There is another one…

Immediately, all the players’ eyes were lit, and then whispers began to spread on the field.

Obviously, these guys recognize Seok Jin-soo. I did not expect that a top celebrity would appear here.

Because it is restorative training, there is no strict requirement for the coach on the side. Seeing that everyone did not have the heart to practice, they waved their hands and signaled that everyone can move freely.

The most impatient is Son Heung-min, who has long waited for the coach’s instructions.

When the coach released, the kid flew like a calf.


Good guy, German food is to raise people. This kid is still less than twenty years old, but the result is as strong as the wall.

So flying and colliding, Seok Jin-soo took a few steps back to stand still.

“Rascal, you kid, there is no conscience. I am coming to see you, are you going to kill me?”

Son Heung-min smiled and smiled.

At this time, I saw the teammates coming over. He quickly took Seok Jin-soo and introduced his proudest brother to his teammates.

“Brother, these are my teammates. Tomorrow’s game, we have to fight side by side.”

Then the first person he introduced, looking at clothes and gloves should be the goalkeeper.

“This is the team leader of our team and also the No. 1 goalkeeper Rost.”

Rost is now thirty-seven years old, but in the goalkeeper, this age is still too old.

He hasn’t done much in his life, just as a player. Although the big names have seen a lot, the big-name entertainment celebrity is still the first time.

So when shaking hands with Seok Jin-soo, it turned out to be a fan.

“Hey, stone, nice to meet you. We… um… can we have a photo? My daughter is your fan, she likes your songs very much.”

There is nothing wrong with this, even if it is to make Son Heung-min better in the team, Seok Jin-soo has promised.

However, the second player after Rost changed to become a fan.

Seok Jin-soo rushed up excitedly, clinging to this tall, rough-faced guy, yelling.

“Hey, Rudd, I am your fan.”

As long as it is a person who likes football, it is impossible to not know this.

This is also the biggest player in the Hamburg team.

Rudd Van Nistelrooy, the king of the small restricted area.

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