KEP Chapter 629

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 629 chapter is a great newcomer, floating astronomy

Before coming to Hamburg, Seok Jin-soo had a certain understanding of the club.

When he learned that Fanny was here, he thought about talking to the top star.

It is also a top star. When Fannie faces Seok Jin-soo, it is completely different from other people’s mentality.

The two talked peacefully and finally took a photo with the advice of Seok Jin-soo.

Then, at the invitation of the players, Seok Jin-soo changed clothes and felt the charm of professional football.

The head coach of the Hamburg team at this time is Almin Fi, known as the upgrade expert.

He has led many clubs to complete the upgrade, so he has a great reputation in the German football world.

When Seok Jin-soo came here, Almin Fih was busy with his work.

Seok Jin-soo saw that he was carrying a few players at this time.

“What are they doing?”

Son Heung-min saw his advice and explained: “Oh, it’s the player who came to the workout. If it is qualified, it will get the club’s signing and become a member here.”

Seok Jin-soo is curious about what he sees. He only heard about the trials, but he was the first to see it on the ground, so he stood by and started a loyal audience.

A few players who came to the trial training seemed to cherish the opportunity of this time, all under the coach’s arrangement to bury their heads.

Seok Jin-soo looked at it for a while and asked Son Heung-min: “What are the two people called? They have great potential.”

Son Heung-min is a bit confusing.

“Brother, when did you know football? The two didn’t see where it was.”

I didn’t think that the words of the two were heard by Almin Fei. He turned his head and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Korean, of course he can’t understand.

However, the two men were behind the coach, which influenced the coach’s thinking and made Almin Fei somewhat dissatisfied.

Or because Seok Jin-soo is a superstar and a VIP of the club, Almin Fee has to blame.

This is the case, his dissatisfied face was still seen by two people.

Son Heung-min is a So-shin person. He has no position in the team, so he is too flustered and quickly explained.

“Coach, my brother said that the two players are very good. We… we are discussing this.”

He thought that the coach would sneer at Seok Jin-soo like him.

But I didn’t think that Almin Fei was stunned and looked at Seok Jin-soo’s eyes differently.

“You… do you think they are both good?”

He said it in English, so Seok Jin-soo understands.

He nodded and said: “They are very good, aren’t they?”

Almin Ferry nodded and looked at Seok Jin-soo’s eyes differently.

“Yeah, they are really good, but the club is hesitant.”

The operation of the German football club is said to be very healthy, but the coachโ€™s right to speak is not that big.

Almin Fie saw the talent of the two trial players, but did not get the upper hand in the negotiations with the club.

He is also bothering about this matter, but he did not expect to get a common view from Seok Jin-soo.

When talking, Yahov came over.

He saw that Seok Jin-soo was communicating with Almin Fi, and thought it might be interesting, so I wanted to join in the fun.

“what are you guys saying?”

Because of the newcomer’s affairs, Almin and the chairman had been in trouble several times, so I saw him and really didn’t want to talk.

But he saw Seok Jin-soo, and suddenly he had an idea and had an idea.

“Mr. Sir, I was very happy with Shi. I also feel that these two newcomers are very powerful and are the Mi-rae of our club.”

Yahov glimpsed and immediately looked at Seok Jin-soo.

“Stone, do you know how to look at the talent of the players?”

He can’t do it. He is an inherited family business and a pure businessman.

The reason why he does not want to sign these two newcomers is because he has to pay.

In the past two years, the financial situation of the Hamburg club is generally the same, Yahoff is more concerned about the financial issue, it is not a competitive reason.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t know the difference between the chairman and the coach. He really thinks it is a pity that the Hamburg club missed these two people.

Even if you can’t keep these two people in the future, you can sell a good price.

“Mr. Chairman, as a friend, I sincerely hope that you can sign these two people. Their Mi-rae will be infinite and will surprise you.”

Yahov can be different from the coach, after all, they work together. But Seok Jin-soo is a guest, and Yahov can’t categorically refuse.

Besides, two newcomers, really want to sign, the impact is not that big.

The most important thing is that the coach and Seok Jin-soo both said that the two players have great potential, and Yahoo has changed his mind somewhat.

Perhaps these two young players can really grow into big cows.

“Oh… well, Mr. Coach, you managed to convince me that you can prepare a contract for them.”

After giving the coach the power, Yahov still shook his head and couldn’t believe it.

“I really don’t understand, stone, how do you see the players?”

Seok Jin-soo smiled and didn’t answer.

The heart says that if you have a voice in your head, tell you the information, you will also see the player.

This incident is nothing more than an episode and has no effect on him.

Just because Son Heung-min is in Hamburg, he also hopes that a strong player can help Son Heung-min grow better.

And the two young players who were very embarrassed about Mi-rae, one is Joshua Kimisi and the other is Sebastian Rudy.

On this day, Seok Jin-soo had a good time at the Hamburg Club. It was agreed with Son Heung-min that he would go to the scene to watch the game tomorrow and return to the hotel to rest.

Yahov has a meeting tomorrow and can’t accompany Seok Jin-soo to appear in the stands.

Originally he wanted to arrange a VIP room for Seok Jin-soo, but Seok Jin-soo was too quiet, so he had to watch the best seats.

Watching the ball on the spot, the vision is better, you can also feel the frenzy of the scene.

Although it is only a warm-up match, but because the opponent is Chelsea, the Premier League giants, it still attracted a lot of fans.

Seeing it, Hamburg has a great influence on the local area.

When Seok Jin-soo returned to the hotel, he found that there was also a promotion for the game tomorrow.

Then the big posters hang on the wall, and they also specifically told the people they saw, the clubs they like, and the newcomers will appear tomorrow.

Seok Jin-soo saw that Son Heung-min was in the most conspicuous position.

I can see that he is very valued by the club and must play well tomorrow.

Seok Jin-soo shook his head and went straight upstairs and returned to his room.

And just as he walked past, the hotel lobby was once again bustling, and the two women joined in.

Medium height, black hair, let people know at a glance that they are from Asia.

Sure enough, when the two women came in, they were still talking in Korean.

“Wow, itโ€™s the capital of music. Daphneโ€™s performance is so handsome. When can I see this top opera in Korea?โ€

The woman next to it is also very enjoyable.

“Who said no, it is really great.”

But obviously, she still has to calm down compared to the woman before.

“But Ye-jin, we still have to go back. You have been out for more than two months, and the representatives of the company are going crazy. If you don’t go back, he will rush to personally catch you.”

Yes, the two people who appeared in this hotel were Son Ye-jin and her assistant who were on the run.

In order to avoid Seok Jin-soo, Son Ye-jin came to the United States with his assistant and left Korea.

As a result, I did not expect to see Seok Jin-soo at the festival, which scared Son Ye-jin.

Thinking about this place is not suitable for a long time, she left the United States, went to Europe to play.

Before that, she has been to Italy, the United Kingdom and France, and Germany is her last stop.

When she finished the tour here, she had to go back.

No way, the company is already crazy, and the phone has come four or five times a day.

Their company is not big, there are not many artists, just a few actresses. Son Ye-jin is the pillar and the company’s main selling point.

If she is inactive, she has a big problem with the company’s operations.

“Okay, okay, I am going back to the head office?”

These days, Son Ye-jin was not lighted by the assistant Nagging. Although he was afraid of being caught by Seok Jin-soo after returning, it was not a way to hide.

Seeing her compromise, the assistant finally breathed a sigh of relief.

If they don’t go back, she will be killed by the representative.

During the talk, the two walked into the lobby and noticed that the layout around them changed.

Don’t look at Son Ye-jin is a woman, but she likes football very much. I glanced around and found that there was a propaganda for football, and I couldnโ€™t help but look at it.

Immediately, she saw Son Heung-min.

Among a large group of European and American brawny, Son Heung-min with black hair and small eyes is so obvious that Son Ye-jin can’t help but pay more attention to it.

She walked to the front desk a few steps and asked.

“Excuse me, what is this competition?”

The front desk is obviously also a fan of the Hamburg team and is proud to introduce it.

โ€œAnnyeonghaseyo, the lady of the East, this is the warm-up match to be held by our local Hamburg football club tomorrow.โ€

Son Ye-jin knows the Hamburg team, but she doesn’t care about this.

“Excuse me, is this a Hamburg player?” She is referring to Son Heung-min.

See Son Ye-jin and Son Heung-min for the same hair color and skin color. The hospitality understands what it is. Smiles: “This little guy is a newcomer to our team. He is a Korean. Ms. Are you Korean?”

I heard that it was a Korean player. Son Ye-jinโ€™s eyes lit up. I quickly learned more about Son Heung-min from the hospitality.

The assistant and Son Ye-jin have been working together for many years and I know too much about her.

“No, Ye-jin, do you want to go to the game?”

Son Ye-jin has already made up his mind.

“Why not? eonni, let’s go to the game tomorrow. But there are players from our country. You didn’t listen to the reception, it was the first game of our compatriots.”

Seeing that the assistant seemed to want to say something again, Son Ye-jin grabbed the top.

“ๅ“ŽYah!! eonni, just a game, it can’t be delayed.”

One is the top artist, the other is the assistant, so in the face of Son Ye-jin’s insistence, the assistant has no way at all.

“Say it, just a game. After reading it, we must return immediately.”

Convinced the assistant, Son Ye-jin smiled openly.

She quickly turned around and asked the reception: “Ms. Where can I go to buy tickets for tomorrow?”

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