KEP Chapter 630

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 630 chapter dead woman, where to run, floating astronomy

See Son Ye-jin want to buy a ticket, obviously want to go to the game.

As a fan of the Hamburg team, the reception was very happy and very willing to help.

“Ms. Tickets for this competition can be bought here. But as an enthusiastic person, I can give you the best location tickets.”

Saying, the reception took out two tickets, which is exactly the best position on the course.

Of course, Son Ye-jin is not a person who lacks money. When he is bright, he does not hesitate and buys it directly.

The assistant next to her saw her excitement and could only shake her head helplessly.

Hey, this woman, how do you like football so much?

Oh, sooner or later, you have to be unlucky because of football.

Son Ye-jin didn’t know the assistant’s belly, got the tickets, and thought that she could see the compatriots tomorrow. She was very happy and slept very well all night.

The warm-up match between Hamburg and Chelsea was in the evening. During the day, Son Ye-jin led the assistant and played it well.

Waiting until six o’clock in the afternoon, the sunset glowed like fire, and the Hamburg team’s home stadium was full of excitement.

There are always elated fans, singing and dancing in excitement, while heading for the stadium.

Son Ye-jin and the assistant walked among them, feeling the frenetic atmosphere and floating with it.

No problem, Son Ye-jin and the assistant went smoothly to the court. When I came to the location, it was the best place for the audience.

Not only can you clearly see the players who are warming up, but you can also see the whole game without missing any details.

鈥滃搰锛岃 屽お妫掍 屽お妫掍 屽お妫掍 屽お妫掍 屽お妫掍 锛屼粈涔堥兘鑳 傗 傗 傗 傗

Son Ye-jin 寮 蹇冨湴鍧愪笅鏉ワ纴鎷岖潃宸 蹇冨湴鍧愪笅鏉ワ纴鎷岖潃宸 帉锛屽 帉锛屽 帉锛屽 帉锛屽

鏋 劧鍦ㄨ 劧鍦ㄨ 劧鍦ㄨ 鐞冩 鐞冩 鐞冩 鐞冩 鐞冩 骞 骞 骞 骞 锛屾墠鑳 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄 鍙楄

锷╃悊鍗翠笉澶哕寰楄笉澶哕寰楄鐞冿纴鍙槸瑕侀櫔镌Son Ye-jin 锛屾墍浠ュ叴镊寸缂哄湴鍧愬湪涓缂哄湴鍧愬湪涓杈癸纴鐖嗙back鑺卞嵈钖 power

璺濈鐞冭禌寮 濮嬭缮 濮嬭缮 夊崄澶 夊崄澶 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye 鍒棤

濂 濂 缁忕湅鍒 缁忕湅鍒 缁忕湅鍒 缁忕湅鍒 镄勫弻鏂 镄勫弻鏂 镄勫弻鏂 镄勫弻鏂 镄勫弻鏂 桦 桦 桦 桦 桦 桦 桦

Key 岄偅涓 绾︼ 绾︼ 杞荤殑钖岃 杞荤殑钖岃 杞荤殑钖岃 锛屽垯鍧愬湪浜嗘浛琛ュ腑涓婏纴骞 锛屽垯鍧愬湪浜嗘浛琛ュ腑涓婏纴骞 病 病 镞堕棿涓婂満銆 镞堕棿涓婂満銆

浣滀 涓 涓 涓 涓 涓 杞荤殑鐞冨憳锛屾樉鐒 杞荤殑鐞冨憳锛屾樉鐒 病 病 病 夐偅涔埚揩鍜岀悆杩 滑 滑 滑 滑 滑 滑

Son Ye-jin 鍙︼兘宁》潃锽勮坛镄勫镄勫镒匡纴镒匡纴屾湜镊屾湜镊骞交交镄勫悓鑳炲彲浠ュソ濂镄勫悓鑳炲彲浠ュソ濂殑琛ㄧ幇钖€

鐒 屽ス镄勮镒胯缮娌 屽ス镄勮镒胯缮娌 屽ス镄勮镒胯缮娌 湁缁撴潫 湁缁撴潫 湁缁撴潫 湁缁撴潫 湁缁撴潫 梺杈 梺杈 梺杈 梺杈 綅澶 綅澶 綅澶 綅澶 镶 镶 镶 镶 镶 镶 镶 镶 €


杩欓噷鏄浼楀腑锛屼簰鐩镐箣闂撮兘绂荤殑寰堣繎锛屾墍浠ユ梺杈 湁浜 湁浜 篃鏄 篃鏄 篃鏄 篃鏄

Ye繁镄勯偦灞咃纴Son Ye-jin 闅忔剰杞ご锛屾兂瑕佺湅鐪嬫槸浠€涔堟牱镄勪涔堟牱镄勪銆

岄偅浜哄潗涓嬫潵钖庯纴 岄偅浜哄潗涓嬫潵钖庯纴 佹梺杈 佹梺杈 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 夌偣濂 夌偣濂 夌偣濂 夌偣濂 夌偣濂锛岀溂鍏夎嚜鐒剁湅浜呜 鏉ャ 鏉ャ

浜庢槸锛屼笉 熺劧镄勶纴涓や 熺劧镄勶纴涓や 浜 浜 浜 浜 浜 浜 浜 € € € € € € € €

Chain 夐偅涔堜竴灏忎 鍎 鍎 殑瀹夐 殑瀹夐 殑瀹夐 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 锛屼豢浣涙椂闂 杩愯

鍙 Umbrella 绉嶅畨闱椤苟娌 °C 湁鎸佺 涓嫔幓锛岄殢鍗 涓嫔幓锛岄殢鍗 涓嫔幓锛岄殢鍗 涓 灏忔 灏忔 灏忔 灏忔 灏忔 澶╁湴灏 澶╁湴灏 澶╁湴灏 澶╁湴灏 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢 鐢

鈥渊啊!! 姝诲コ浜猴纴鐪嬩綘寰纴鐪嬩綘寰鍝︷噷璺鍝︷噷璺

涓嶆槸鍒汉锛屾鏄疭eok Jin-soo 銆

鐪熸槸浼楅噷瀵讳粬鍗 栌搴 】 纴寰楁潵鍏ㄤ笉璐 姛澶 姛澶 €

浠栨兂镰村ご镄篃鎯 笉鍒 笉鍒 纴灞呯劧浼 纴灞呯劧浼 湪阆ヨ Ye Ye Ye Ye on Ye-jin 銆



鐭ヤ笉鐭ラ 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙 佸瓙

Seok Jin-soo Chain 潵镄勫ソ蹇冩儏 劧镞犲瓨锛屼篃涓嶉 劧镞犲瓨锛屼篃涓嶉 镞佽 镞佽 镞佽 镞佽 镞佽 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye娿€

镊 簬 簬 Son Ye-jin 锛屽彲鐪熺殑鏄偦鎺変 銆


濂 兘韬 兘韬 埌娆 埌娆 鏉ヤ 鏉ヤ 鏉ヤ 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 锛岃 兘琚姄鍒 兘琚姄鍒 兘琚姄鍒

Seok Jin-soo 镄勬 鎺屽姏 忔槸闾 箞镄勫ぇ锛屾姄浣 箞镄勫ぇ锛屾姄浣 on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on Shelving


涓嶈杩桦ソ锛孲eok Jin-soo 鍙 竴鍙 竴鍙 涔熶笂鏉ワ纴杩欐鎶 Ye on Ye-jin 镄勫ご鍙戙€

鈥 ah ah!! 浣犺 涓濂 涓濂 锛屼綘鍙湡涓嶈鑴 锛屼綘鍙湡涓嶈鑴 锛屼綘鍙湡涓嶈鑴 锛屼綘鍙湡涓嶈鑴 锛屼綘鍙湡涓嶈鑴 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺 璺戣矾锛屼綘镐庝箞涓崭笂澶╁憿锛熲€

锲犱负澶村彂琚姄锛孲on Ye-jin 镄勮劯閮芥壃浜呜捣鏉ャ

鈥渊啊!! 浣犺伞涓浼欙纴鑳¤浠€涔堬纴璋佽窇璺简锛熸垜鍙槸鈥[€〉彧鏄嚭鏉ユ映蹇冭€屽凡銆傗€

鐬 璇濊镄勶纴镊 璇濊镄勶纴镊 璇濊镄勶纴镊 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮

镞佽竟镄勫姪鐞呜鍒癝eok Jin-soo 鍑虹幇锛屽幇锛屽鐭ラ鐭ラSon Ye-jin 瑕佸€掗湁浜嗐€

浣滀 韬 浜 浜 Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye on Ye-jin 鍜孲 eok Jin-soo 镄勮祵绾 殑銆 殑銆

涓囦竾娌°C兂鍒帮纴鍦ㄨ伞岃浜哄褰揿満鎶岃浜哄褰揿満鎶岃浜哄褰揿満鎶綇锛屽彧鑳 negative Son Ye-jin 榛桦捶浜嗐

浣嗗ス鍙堜笉鑳 姝讳笉鏁戝晩锛屽ス鍙槸 Ye Son Ye-jin 镄勫姪鐞嗐€

濂堜綍浣滀 涓 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 涓コ浜 纴韬▏浣揿 纴韬▏浣揿 纴韬▏浣揿 纴韬▏浣揿 纴韬▏浣揿 锛屽姪鐞嗕篃 锛屽姪鐞嗕篃 锛屽姪鐞嗕篃 姹傝捣鏉ャ 姹傝捣鏉ャ

鈥沦eok Jin-soo 鈥荣si 锛岃涓嶈杩欐牱锛岃伞镙峰涓€浣嶅コ澹槸涓岖ぜ璨岀殑銆傗€

Seok Jin-soo 钖 儭瀛愮灙鐪 儭瀛愮灙鐪 潧锛屼竴镣 潧锛屼竴镣 潧锛屼竴镣 潧锛屼竴镣


Son Ye-jin 琚姄镄勭敓鐤硷纴鑴炬皵鍗村緢鐖嗐

鈥渊啊!! 骞 槢瑕佹眰浠栵纻杩欎 槢瑕佹眰浠栵纻杩欎 娣 娣 泲瀹 泲瀹 锛岃缮涓嶆斁 锛岃缮涓嶆斁 锛岃缮涓嶆斁 锛岃缮涓嶆斁 锛岃缮涓嶆斁 傗 傗 傗 傗

Seok Jin-soo 旋皵浜嗭纴皵浜嗭纴皵浜嗭纴嬩笂镄勫姏姘斾篃旋村ぇ浜嗐

鈥滃慭锻碉纴娆犲€虹殑浜鸿缮鏁(四)伞涔堢寲镫傦纻搴熻瘽灏戣锛岃窡鎴戝洖铡画帴鍙楁倏缃泛纴钖>垯缁濆涓崭 楗 楗 浣犮 浣犮 傗 傗 傗 傗

涓嶅厜Son Ye-jin 镄勬梺杈 rules湁锷╃悊锛孲eok Jin-soo 涔熸槸璺烢un-ho 涓€璧锋潵镄勩€

鐪 镌 镌 ㄥ洿涓 ㄥ洿涓 ㄥ洿涓 鍦堜 鍦堜 鍦堜 鍦堜 鍦堜 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 鏉ワ纴 un un

鍝ュ掼璇讹纴 ㄥ彲鏄悕浜哄晩銆 ㄥ彲鏄悕浜哄晩銆 紬鐩澖镌 紬鐩澖镌 紬鐩澖镌 紬鐩澖镌 紬鐩澖镌 箣涓嬭 箣涓嬭 涔埚ぇ楹荤储镄勩

“Director, let go first. Here is the stadium, everyone is watching.”

Hey Seok Jin-soo is mad at it and can’t listen at all.

“Just let everyone see, how awful this crazy woman is. Let the world recognize her face and let her completely finish.”

Son Ye-jin struggled for a long time and couldn’t get away with it, but he drenched his tired sweat and panted. But the mouth is not awkward, drinking and drinking again and again.

“liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, only bully women, what good guys are you?”

Seok Jin-soo is against each other.

“Dead woman, you are not trustworthy. I am bringing you to justice, you are finished.”

Son Ye-jin is really humiliating, and the eyes are red.

From small to large, as a beauty, she has always been sought after, enjoying the glory of the stars.

When was the person holding the hair, so insulting?

“You are liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, I…I…”

But before she continued to speak, Eun-ho’s horrified voice rang.

“Right… the governor, let go, the camera moved over!”

Among the people watching the ball today, Seok Jin-soo is the most famous.

The Hamburg Club was able to let go of this opportunity and definitely gave the cameraman instructions to convey the information of Seok Jin-soo.

So at the beginning of the game, the cameraman is ready to lock Seok Jin-soo with the camera.

Fortunately, Eun-ho is worried about the situation and has been observing the surroundings.

Seeing the camera turned around, I quickly reminded Seok Jin-soo in horror.

He and Son Ye-jin tangled together and was seen by the people around him. If it appears in the camera, it will become a big deal.

Seok Jin-soo certainly didn’t want to let Son Ye-jin go, but I also knew that being photographed by the camera would become a big problem.

So I was reluctant, but I still had to loosen my hand to hold Son Ye-jin.

But he did not think that Son Ye-jin had just been caught by him, struggling for a long time, and his body was already unstable.

Suddenly, when he let go, Son Ye-jin lost his support and couldn’t respond. He fell directly to him.

Neither of them thought of this situation. They all knew that it was an accident.

But it is too late.

In the horror of Son Ye-jin and the horror of Seok Jin-soo, Seok Jin-soo’s face is getting bigger and bigger in the eyes of Son Ye-jin.


Son Ye-jin’s cherry lip WGM actually kissed Seok Jin-soo’s cheek.

Coincidentally, just at this time the camera was aimed at this side, and then the two of them immediately passed through the big screen and were spread throughout the audience.

There are more than 50,000 spectators on the scene, and there are many people watching the big screen. But no one thought of it, actually saw someone in the big screen flirting.

For a time, the whistle sounded loudly and sneered with tens of thousands of people.

But very quickly, more and more people recognize Seok Jin-soo.

This is a big deal, the original smirk has become a scream and cheers, and the shouts of “stone, stone, stone” overwhelm everything.

I am afraid that the fans who came to see the ball did not think that there would be superstars watching the ball with themselves.

Especially when I saw Seok Jin-soo and the woman in the “intimacy”, everyone’s reaction was even more heated.

Fans in Europe and America are still a little different from fans in Asia.

If fans in Asia see that they are idols and heterosexuals, it is really a dark mood, to die to live.

The fans in Europe and the United States should be more generous, and the private life of the idol will not interfere too much.

So seeing Seok Jin-soo beauty accompanied, everyone actually raised their hands, it is estimated that I am blessing idols.

This situation is too embarrassing, Seok Jin-soo did not think that he was actually harassed by this dead woman.

Son Ye-jin did not even think that at this time, it was actually cheaper by this liTTL-Time To Love e pubutt y.

Both of them are angered and burned, but in the face of tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, but also pay attention to the impact.

I am so angry, but I still have to smile.

Seok Jin-soo gently opened his mouth and threatened with a sound that only two people could hear.

“Yah!! Dead woman, if you don’t want to die, just stay.”

As he said, he also brought his arm from the back of Son Ye-jin and took over the shoulders of Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin is a disgusting, but still wise, knowing that you can’t fall.

The face is a ceremonial smile, but the words in his mouth are very vicious.

“liTTL- Time To Love e pubutt y, you wait, I will never let you go. You bastard, even taking the opportunity to take advantage of me.”

Seok Jin-soo had to keep his image and kept acknowledging his fans around him, and his mouth was not dry.

“Dead woman, I haven’t told you about sexual harassment. Are you coquettish? When you see a man, you will wave? Oh, I will be bitten by a dog. As long as you give me back to take punishment, I will be an adult. A lot, don’t care about you.”

Son Ye-jin was finally empty, and secretly grabbed the waist of Seok Jin-soo from below, and slammed it hard while hitting back.

“Damn guy, go dreaming. I’ll be dear, let’s get rid of it. From now on, no one owes anyone.”

The Eun-ho and the female assistant next to it are the most embarrassing. Under the eyes of the public, they must keep smiling. But listening to the conversation between the two, my heart was cold and cool.

They have already foreseen that, starting today, this trip to Germany seems to be sparking.

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