KEP Chapter 631

The latest chapter in the voice of the Korean entertainment heart, the 631 chapter of the enemy, floating astronomy

In the face of tens of thousands of viewers, it seems to be a pair of matching monks.

The man clung to the woman, and the daughter embraced the man with a happy smile.

Only Eun-ho and female assistants around me can hear the vicious language of the two being attacking each other.

The two men looked at each other and even had a heart and soul, and shook their heads and sighed in unison.

These two are worthy of being artists, and this acting is absolutely impossible.

Anyway, Seok Jin-soo has become the focus, and he can’t continue to start with Son Ye-jin.

Son Ye-jin is even more depressed, but some people look over and let her not show her face.

The most troublesome thing is that from time to time, someone will come over and ask Seok Jin-soo if you can take a photo.

Please, she is the most beautiful person, and it is also the shadow, how can these people with eyes and beads only find Seok Jin-soo?

Hey, the guy’s smug face, but also the easy-going posture.

At this time, another fat boy ran over and knew that it was Asian.

The man stood excitedly beside Seok Jin-soo and asked Seok Jin-soo in a less fluent English: “Stone, I… Can I take a photo with you, Miss Son Ye-jin?”

It seems that he recognized the two, and it is estimated that they are still a common fan of the two.

Seok Jin-soo, despite his reluctance, is still very harmonious on the surface.

“of course.”

Said, he pulled up Son Ye-jin.

“This fan wants to take a photo with us. He is your fan.”

Seeing Son Ye-jin also stood up, the boy was even more excited.

He actually wanted to say something in Korean, but obviously not very likely, and an urgent Chinese came out.

Seok Jin-soo smiled and asked in Chinese: “You are Chinese?”

The fat boy heard his fluent Chinese, and he was so excited that his head was the same as the garlic.

“Uh huh, yeah. Wow, idol, you actually speak Chinese.”

Seok Jin-soo squints.

“Yah!! As long as it is my fan, who doesn’t know that I can speak Chinese? Are you guys posing as fakes?”

The fat boy smirked and smiled: “Actually… actually I am a fan of Son Ye-jin noona.”

Well, this fat man who has no interest has turned Laozi into a springboard.

Seok Jin-soo turned around and rushed to Son Ye-jin. “Yah!! This is your fan. It’s not easy, there is no fame, there are fans here.”

Son Ye-jin screamed at him with a small mouth, and then switched to a smiley face to face the fat boy.

“annyeonghaseyo, thank you for loving me, what is your name?”

Of course, the fat boy does not understand Korean, and looks at Seok Jin-soo for help.

I have to do translation.

Seok Jin-soo squinted and conveyed the meaning for Son Ye-jin.

“She asked what is your name?”

The fat boy was very excited and said his name in a word.

“Son Ye-jin noona, my name is Weng Zhian (cough)”

Son Ye-jin nodded and was in a good mood.

After a while, the net came from fans of Seok Jin-soo. It’s hard for her fans to come. Of course, she has to be a fan service.

So she asked with annoyance: “Are you going to school here? Or come to play?”

By relying on, dead woman, do you really think of Laozi as a translator?

Do you know how much money Laozi has in a minute?

Are you please?

Seok Jin-soo, who did not fight out, began to deliberately make bad.

“She said that she is not good at all, she is old, she is old and yellow, and her temper is still violent, and she is not trustworthy. Any man who knows does not like her, let you stay away from her.”

The fat boy Weng Zhi’an was wrong on the spot, and he couldn’t understand it. Why did Seok Jin-soo say so?

Is this really what my idol said?

Son Ye-jin couldn’t understand what Seok Jin-soo said, but instinctively felt it was wrong.

“Yah!! What are you talking about? How long is my words?”

Seok Jin-soo bullied her, she didn’t understand, and she spread her hands unnecessarily.

“What did I say? I just translated your words. Why, do you dislike my translation? Then you please Gaoming.”

Son Ye-jin is so angry that if there are fans next to him, he has to use the pointed high heels to lie on the face of this guy.

However, she is also a proud woman. Seeing Seok Jin-soo is not willing to help, but she did not ask for it. Instead, she communicated with the fan in her English.

It’s hard to say that the cow’s lips didn’t say to the horse’s mouth for a while, and the fat boy took a picture and sent away the fans. Son Ye-jin was tired and he was bent apart.

Seeing her tired look, Seok Jin-soo is happy.

“Cut, still big celebrity, even English is not good, Chinese is not, it is nothing.”

Son Ye-jin glared at the chilly tone.

“How can I be my business, I don’t need you to manage it.”

Seok Jin-soo will go back.

“You are old, why should I take care of you? Yah!! Dead woman, hey and I will go back to Korea to accept punishment. After you are dead or alive, they have nothing to do with me.”

Son Ye-jin would rather die than die.

“Hey, you just took the opportunity to take advantage of me, so we are both clear.”

Seok Jin-soo grinned and looked at him.

“How can you easily surpass you? I tell you, you are dead.”

Son Ye-jin Although she gave her a kiss, she could use it as a bargaining chip. She would not give up.


But without waiting for her to say anything, Eun-ho shouted.

“Director, Son Heung-min ‘ssi is on the court.”

Seok Jin-soo refused to quarrel with Son Ye-jin and quickly got up and squatted on the railing, staring at the situation on the court.

In the second half, it took 60 minutes. The damn Almin Fie finally put Son Heung-min on the court.

“Yah!! This kid finally appeared. Let me see, what is his play.”

Son Ye-jin came here to see the compatriots playing football. So I heard Son Heung-min play, she is also very concerned.

Like Seok Jin-soo, he also looked at the stadium on the railing.

Feel the scent of the side, Seok Jin-soo scorned a smile.

“Yah!! Dead woman, what football do you know?”

If it is something else, Son Ye-jin is the heart of the game, so it is not accounting. But this abominable guy actually said that he didn’t know football. It really couldn’t be tolerated.

She had a fire in her eyes and looked at Seok Jin-soo contemptuously.

“Hehehe, do you know football? Have you seen a few games? Have you been to the Camp Nou?”

The Camp Nou is the home of the Barcelona giants. In the past two years, Barcelona has swept Europe and won the Champions League trophy. Many people call it the Dream Team.

Son Ye-jin is most proud of the fact that she has been to the Camp Nou to see the ball.

When it was filmed “Wife is married,” the crew went to Spain to take a picture. And in that scene, she also personally wore the uniform of Barcelona.

As a person who has been to the Camp Nou, Son Ye-jin has capital pride.

However, she is facing the wrong object.

Just when she wanted to see the annoyed and envious look of Seok Jin-soo, Seok Jin-soo was scorned.

“Nou Camp? Oh, sorry, I am a fan of Real Madrid. Even if I go to watch the ball, I go to the Bernabeu.”

Well, the relationship is not good, it is still a fan of the enemy, it is even worse.

Son Ye-jin is more ridiculous.

“Hey, what kind of team is really worthy. The rotten man and the broken ship complement each other!”

Real Madrid was originally called the Galaxy battleship, the lineup is extremely luxurious. However, the results are very unsatisfactory. In recent years, apart from the champions of the two La Liga leagues, there is nothing to be done.

Unlike Barcelona, ​​in just three years, the two won the La Liga title, two Champions League champions, is now the first strong team.

Therefore, Son Ye-jin, a Barcelona fan, is fully qualified to ridicule Seok Jin-soo.

But the enemy of the dead enemy, the emotion of confrontation is in the bones. Not because your grades are better than me, I will be soft.

So in the face of Son Ye-jin’s ridicule, Seok Jin-soo is tempted to hit someone.

“What are you proud of? When the people at La Masia Film and Television College are old, there will be your crying.”

In the past two years, Barcelona’s performance is good, but one of the most criticized is that it can be played on the court.

There are often a variety of flops and controversies, and they are often taken care of by UEFA, causing a great deal of attention.

And according to some sources, Barcelona’s youth camp Lamasia even encouraged this behavior.

Therefore, some fans who did not like Barcelona gave a nickname to the youth training camp of Barcelona: La Masia Film and Television College.

Among them, the Dae-sung is the player’s main player, Busquets.

As a diehard fan of Barcelona, ​​Son Ye-jin can tolerate this filth.

“Hey, you are so poor. If you lose, you have to recognize it. If you are beaten, you must be right. If your ship is not working, you will not be able to do it. You will be in the second place and give you the opportunity to look up.” “”

Seok Jin-soo has a fire in his eyes.

“Dead woman, why don’t you recognize it? You still run. Oh, yes, you are the shadow, and the film and television college is in the same line.”

One of the left and one right assistants was stunned by the two men. In the end, there was no way to use them. They had to use the game to divert their attention.

“Director, look, Son Heung-min takes the ball, he wants to attack!”

This was very useful, and immediately let Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin give up the quarrel and watch it with full concentration.

Sure enough, in the attack, Son Heung-min ran to the left position of the left, and his teammates smoothly sent the ball to his feet.

In front of Son Heung-min, there is no other person besides a defender Carvalho.

Seok Jin-soo shouted excitedly.

“Kid, give me over him. He is old, he is not the world’s first central defender. After him, kick the ball into the door!”

Son Ye-jin is also crazy, completely without a lady.

“Son Heung-min, rush! He can’t stop you!”

If Carvalho, who was defensive on the court, heard the two men, would you be discouraged?

I don’t know the guys who are tall and thick, actually expecting a sloppy kid to break through my defense?

You are dreaming…

I rely on…

what happened?

I don’t know if Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin have played a role, or Son Heung-min really has a big heart.

I saw that he faced a long-awaited Carvalho without a bit of timidity. A fake action was intrinsic, and Carvalho was opened for a long time.

Although Carvalho thought that he might be a fake, but was pulled out of such a large position, the fake action can become real.

Therefore, he had to adjust his focus and try to catch up.

Unexpectedly, when he just adjusted his center of gravity, Son Heung-min turned out to be a fake action, twisting a button and smearing it directly from the outside of Carvalho.

The fist is afraid of being young and the football is the same.

Carvalho with old arms and old legs can only be said to sigh, watching Son Heung-min go straight to the goal.

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