KEP Chapter 636

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 636 chapter countermeasures, floating astronomy

In the face of Son Ye-jin, Seok Jin-soo is speechless.

“What is the explanation? We certainly have nothing to do with it. I don’t want to have anything to do with you, you are a bad woman.”

Son Ye-jin doesn’t hit a place, but he also knows that it is not a time to dispute this.

“Yes, yes, Seok Jin-soo, you are an international superstar, I am a small, unremarkable woman. Please rest assured, I will not rely on you. Now you have confiscated my passport, let me go, but It’s not that I am pestering you. Please figure this out.”

Seok Jin-soo swings his hand and squats back.

“Yah!! I am not afraid that you will run the road? You woman escaped into sex, do not hold you tightly, can you accept punishment?”

Son Ye-jin is bitter and the eyes are red.

“I said that I won’t run anymore. Even if I am a shame, I will recognize it. You must return the passport to me. I have to go back. Otherwise, the company can’t explain it. You know, you know. Because of you, I have to refuse a play, I have not found you to compensate for the loss.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled.

“Mad woman, you still have to think about it, how to deal with the immediate crisis. I believe the news is back to motherland, your company is more headache than you.”

Son Ye-jin leaned against the wall weakly and closed his eyes in pain.

“Then you said, what should I do?”

Without her urging, Seok Jin-soo’s brain is also spinning fast.

The hatred of him and Son Ye-jin is not mentioned for the time being. First of all, this trouble must be solved. And it can’t be denied directly, it is to treat fans as fools.

The two of you are squatting and cuddling under the broad public, and you are still on your face. If you still have to say anything, it will make fans more angry.

Can not be forced to recognize the relationship between the couple first, and then find opportunities in the future to announce the breakup.

There are many things like this in the entertainment industry. Sometimes, this kind of action is often done for publicity.

Let me first say that the two people have come together because of their love and affection.

When the work is released or broadcast, the limelight has passed, and I will find another time to say that because of the weak relationship between work and relationship, I have returned to the relationship between the older generation.

This road is often played by someone, and over time, it is not new.

But this method is used by others, used in Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, which is even more harmful than not recognized.

The fans of both sides have to be the dog’s brain. If there is such a news, the fan base must not be blown up.

Thinking about it, Seok Jin-soo can only think of it and must deal with it.

That is to say that they don’t recognize the relationship between the two, although they are not originally; but they do not deny their situation, so that fans can’t find the source if they want to get angry.

“The current situation, whether it is recognition or denial, is not good for us. So in order to avoid trouble, we must smash the water.”

Son Ye-jin is already a six-god, and he has an idea, as if he has found the backbone.

“What do you say?”

Seok Jin-soo squats at the Tae-yang hole and slowly clears his mind.

“Korea, you should not go back first. Otherwise, it will be harassed by the media and exhausted.”

Son Ye-jin was discouraged.

“I didn’t say it, I have to go back. The company is said to have arranged a job for me. If I don’t go back, even if the representative is good to me, it will make trouble.”

Seok Jin-soo is as cool as electricity.

“Then let them not make trouble.”

Son Ye-jin smiled.

“You said it is easy, the party is not you. I have a brokerage contract and are legally bound.”

Seok Jin-soo is still calm and calm.

“You just said that your company is not satisfied because you abandoned your job and ran out. You missed a work for this. If you receive a better work, what else can your company say?”

Son Ye-jin was awkward, but then he said: “If you receive a better work, the company will certainly not say anything. But where can I pick up better works? I have seen the proposals I received. The movie that I missed was originally the best.”

Seeing this is really the case, Seok Jin-soo is finally relaxed, knowing that his ideas are feasible.

β€œWho said there is no better work?”

Son Ye-jin had a deep understanding of him and didn’t believe it at all.

“Yah!! I said no, do you want me to deceive the company? I am very happy to work with the company, but there is no plan to fall out.”

Seok Jin-soo looked at her attentively, her eyes full of awkward smiles.

“Of course, there are good works, but your eyes are not good, and you have not found them.”

Son Ye-jin is still in shame.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you…you…”

As she spoke, her mind flashed in the light, and then met Seok Jin-soo’s gaze, and gradually understood.

This woman is really smart and responsive.

Seok Jin-soo is under the guise of pointing at his nose.

“In front of you, standing on the best Korean screenwriter, isn’t the good work a problem?”

Listening to him describing himself as the best screenwriter in Korea, Son Ye-jin was a bit cold.

“Cut, don’t shave, how can you boast?”

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t think so, but it’s a lot calmer.

“You have to understand that I am a screenwriter with more than 40% of TV ratings and will be the screenwriter of the domestic box office champion this year. You said, am I the best screenwriter?”

The results of the four TV series were there, and the fact of the iron hit, Son Ye-jin could not refute.

But this guy actually said that he is the Korean box office champion this year, this Son Ye-jin can not bear it.

“Cut, more than one million box office champions? Oh, it’s a joke.”

Seok Jin-soo came up with a big hand and lifted it directly on the wall with Son Ye-jin’s head on it, completing the niche.

Not to mention, this position is really domineering, so that Son Ye-jin’s careful liver can not help but shudder.

Because she found that in this position, she was completely covered by Seok Jin-soo. The man’s breath is in all directions, leaving her nowhere to escape.

Compared with this overbearing momentum, Seok Jin-soo said it was more aggressive.

“This year’s movie box office champion is coming soon. When I go back this time, my new movie will be released. By then, you will know that I am very good. Oh, of course, you know it just now.”

Thinking of the countermeasures, Seok Jin-soo has been relaxed a lot, and I have a mood to ridicule this tendency of alternative women.

Seok Jin-soo is also a hot day when she thinks that this woman has just climbed the clouds under her own slap.

I have to say that the most proud thing for men is to make women want to die.

And he still didn’t move the real thing, let the woman lose his soul.

When I heard Seok Jin-soo mentioning the matter, Son Ye-jin was in a sigh of relief and it was all hot.

Damn, this man is so awful, how come it always keeps coming up?

What makes her even more painful is that she is so disappointing.

As the man mentioned, she also thought of the scene just now, and the whole body was soft.

Son Ye-jin didn’t want to be like this, and he didn’t want to be weak in front of this man. She can’t control her physical problems.

“You…you…you don’t want to talk anymore, hurry up and say what to do?”

After talking for so long, Seok Jin-soo is a bit thirsty. Go back and pour yourself a glass of water and drink slowly.

The damn guy, at this time, hangs his appetite and makes Son Ye-jin really mad.

She is also a bit thirsty, but the guy has no gentleman’s demeanor, and she does not care for her.

Of course, she does not intend to drink water here. She doesn’t want to touch anything that has something to do with Seok Jin-soo.

Therefore, she can only endure anger, but she is impatient.

“Yah!! Just say it, you can say it.”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled and finished the last bite of water.

β€œIt’s very simple, you just have to say to the company, I’m going to work with you. You said, what dissatisfaction does your company have?”

Son Ye-jin did not answer, but thought carefully.

Not to mention that this man is hateful and hateful, and the intelligence is not said.

At the very least, Son Ye-jin knows that if this is the case with the company, then all the dissatisfaction of the company will be dissipated immediately.

After all, Seok Jin-soo is now the hottest screenwriter in Korean film and television industry, and his works are guaranteed by big sales.

The company representative once sighed, if you can cooperate with Seok Jin-soo.

But then she burst into a brow, still not so easy to be said.

“When you say this, you can do it? Please, no one is a fool, not so deceived. Say you want to cooperate with me, works?”

No one who is able to open a brokerage company is not a shrewd generation.

If there is no real thing, relying on the mouth, can you fool such a shrewd company representative?

She is clear, obviously he is also clear.

Seok Jin-soo doesn’t panic at all. On the contrary, as long as it is about the work, it becomes more calm.

“Tomorrow morning, you can send back the news and works. I believe that your company representatives will not reject such works as long as they have a little vision.”

I heard that I can see the work tomorrow morning, and Son Ye-jin instinctively doesn’t believe it.

“You won’t lie to me?”

Seok Jin-soo raised her eyebrows and was not humble in front of her.

“Do you know what kind of genius you are facing? Hey, I said that letting you see it in the morning, you will be able to see it. Crazy woman, waiting to worship me.”

Son Ye-jin’s eyes widened and his eyelashes trembled, all amazing.

Really, she has lived for 28 years and has never seen such a brazen man.

“Do you have a mental disorder?”

Seok Jin-soo was handsome for three seconds, and the corner of his mouth began to twitch. Looking at the woman who specifically provoked him, he was in the air.

“Yah!! Do you want to be spanked again?”

Damn guy, mention this again.

Son Ye-jin is a hot group in the lower abdomen and will soon be unable to hold it. The blushing face didn’t dare to see anyone, and turned away.

“You…you… don’t tell you.”

Seok Jin-soo smiled at her hips as she watched her escape.

The mad woman finally caught your heart. If you dare to provoke me next time, you will really hit your ass.

Son Ye-jin rushed back to his room, ignoring nothing, burying his head into the bed, and even the lights did not dare to face.

After a long while, I slammed it, revealing the beauty of the resentment.

“What can I do in the future?”

Such a big weakness was caught by the enemy, and wasn’t he killed by him in the future?


But remembering the spur of the hips and the spur of the soul, Son Ye-jin’s body began to tremble again.

That feeling is really beautiful!

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