KEP Chapter 637

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the replacement of 637 chapter, floating astronomy

Son Ye-jin is not sure if Seok Jin-soo is reliable or not, and he didn’t sleep well overnight.

Woke up the next morning, my face was tired, and the dark circles were similar to the smoky makeup.

“Oh, what’s wrong with you? Dreaming and fighting?”

When she saw her look, the assistant was shocked, but she quickly took out the cosmetics and carefully helped her make up her makeup.

Son Ye-jin looked at his own wilting look in the mirror and sighed.

“We can’t go back.”


The assistant was shocked and the powder was dropped on the ground, but he couldn’t take it anymore.

She is so excited that she dances more and more than a crab.

“Ye-jin, what are you crazy about? Don’t say that’s good, go back today. I beg you, don’t be willful. The representative is good, but there is also a bottom line.”

Son Ye-jin is bitter.

“Then you said, will the situation here be returned back to motherland?”

The assistant’s action was sluggish and he could only say: “Should… um… not so fast?”

Even she is not convinced that knowing all that happened in Germany is definitely unstoppable.

In this society, consultation is really too developed. Things that happen on the other side of the ocean can be received at the other end of the globe in an hour.

Even though the things of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin are not that important, but one night passed, it must have spread.

But the assistant is still working hard.

“Even if it is passed, we go back, there is a company to help, and it is better to think about countermeasures.”

Son Ye-jin shook her head, and at this time she had no way to retreat. Only believe in Seok Jin-soo.

“What strategies can the company have? Whether it is recognition or denial, I am afraid there will be no good results. Don’t worry, I already have an idea about this. You will understand later, let me make up for it.”

The assistant lamented that there was a heart to die.

Why did you make an assistant to Xiao Nizi who is so difficult? Still doing it for ten years, she really felt that she was crazy.

Son Ye-jin couldn’t take care of the other ones. When the assistant gave her makeup, she rushed to Seok Jin-soo.

“What about the script? Are you really creating it?”

When she asked this question, her heart was up and down.

According to her cognition, can the script be written overnight?

She knows so many scriptwriters and basically writes a script, whether it is a movie or a TV series, it takes more than a year. There is a slow, even a few years of hard work to grind a script.

Seeing her worries, Seok Jin-soo waved her hand and motioned for her to sit down with the assistant, then laughed: “Don’t be nervous, this script is not what I suddenly thought. Actually, there was already an idea, this time just Perfected.”

He can only lie like this, or else it must be said that it was made overnight, and Son Ye-jin is expected to send him to the research institute.

Sure enough, after listening to him, Son Ye-jin’s face was a little better.

If it is a mature idea that has long existed, just perfect it, then it will be normal to do it overnight.

Where did she know that Seok Jin-soo had written the script for only two hours because of the help of the voice.

After Son Ye-jin sat down, Seok Jin-soo took the script and threw it to her.

“Do you understand the script? Look at it. If you don’t understand it, I can explain it to you with great compassion.”

Son Ye-jin is very eye-catching and really wants to fight with him.

This bastard, the aging mother has been an actor for ten years, and what the script does not understand.

However, she is very anxious now, and she is not in the mood to bicker with Seok Jin-soo. She simply flips the script and slowly looks at it.

What surprised her was that the story written by Seok Jin-soo was actually a costume drama.

The story background of this script is based on the power struggle between the First Sun Dynasty and the Wenchen Jin Zongrui in the early days of the Joseon Dynasty, from a novel perspective.

From the appearance of people, it is very accurate to infer that this person’s character, habits, Fate and life expectancy are a declining aristocrat.

Originally, the brother-in-law Peng Xian and his son lived in the mountains and lived a dull life.

In the proposal of the first Korean phoenix in North Korea, she followed her to Hanyang, and in her mortuary to help others to live to livelihood.

At the time when Najing was famous, Jin Zunrui came to him and asked him to enter the palace to see the next generation of talents.

Najing later learned that Jin Zongrui wanted to plot to overthrow the Shouyang Maharaja and set off a big reaction in the palace.

I never thought that one day I would stir up the highest power struggle, and Naojing, who was in crisis, is likely to change North Korea’s Fate.

This is the synopsis of the Seok Jin-soo script, which is a theme that has never been seen before.

However, his plot design is very good, so Son Ye-jin slowly looked into it and couldn’t extricate himself.

After an hour and all the scripts were finished, Son Ye-jin took a sigh of relief and felt shocked.

In the past, because of prejudice, she has always been scornful of Seok Jin-soo’s first screenwriter in Korea.

I have worked with many top screenwriters in these years and I have seen a lot of talents, so she doesn’t think Seok Jin-soo is excellent.

Today, however, Seok Jin-soo has used her strength to make her truly witness.

Son Ye-jin is not a producer, nor a director, nor a screenwriter, but as an experienced actor, after seeing the script, you can still guess what the film is like.

It is also because of the expected, so the talent of Seok Jin-soo is more clear.

How did this hateful guy think of such a novel perspective to interpret history?

However, the whole story was swayed by his design, which is fascinating and has a desire to see the bottom.

Old innocence is unfair, such a powerful talent, how to give this guy like a hyena?

Seok Jin-soo didn’t know her belly. When she saw it, she smiled and asked: “How? My script is still going well? You said that this script was sent back to your company. What else do they say?” ”

When Son Ye-jin watched the script, the assistant stayed there.

At this time, when she heard Seok Jin-soo, she finally understood it.

It turned out that Son Ye-jin was not in a hurry to return back to motherland to deal with trouble, but chose to stay, apparently already conspired with Seok Jin-soo.

Hey, this pair of dogs and men, like the outsiders in the face of killing the father and enemies, the original male thief in the back, the sorrow is a traitor.

Oh, fortunately noona. I checked the sheets and saw your plot.

Damn Xiao Nizi, you can pretend, even people who are so close to me are cheating.

Angry and angry, the assistant still said: “Are you planning to cooperate?”

Son Ye-jin squinted at the script and said: “In today’s situation, do you want to dispel the suspicions of the outside world, is there a better way than cooperation? As long as we spread the news that we are about to cooperate, then we say that we are cooperating And how much can you cover up when you meet?”

The assistant was amazed and nodded.

Son Ye-jin is right. If you tell the outside world that the two meet because of cooperation, it will be very effective.

As for the kiss on the stadium stands, it is a joke, and it can be said.

The show business community is very open, and it is normal for some female artists to play a little.

The two men were screenwriters and one was an actor, who became a friend because of cooperation. Plus the atmosphere of the stadium, there is nothing to be a little intimate.

In this way, fans of both sides can calm down.

After all, they are a cooperative relationship. Before any grievances, they have to retreat in the face of business cooperation.

Before the two men did not cooperate with cosmetics advertising, and it is still a kiss under the water.

At that time, the fans on both sides had a big fight. Now that the scene is not hot, it will be easier to accept.

At the same time, the assistant also thought clearly.

If you tell the company that Son Ye-jin is going to work with Seok Jin-soo, the company will be happy.

The biggest dissatisfaction of the company today is that Son Ye-jin left the work and did not work, which affected the company’s operations.

If you can work with the best screenwriters, it will not only bring benefits to the company, but it will also allow Son Ye-jin to take it to the next level.

Like Kim Tae-hee, as an actor, Son Ye-jin also has awkward places.

That is her lot of honor, but the box office is actually not very good.

As an actor, honor and box office are very important.

Honor represents acting and box office represents interest.

If there is a acting and there is no box office, the manufacturer will inevitably entangle when considering the actors.

After all, the producer is also a businessman, and you should consider making money.

Your actor took the prize and fatated himself, but the producer’s movie lost money. Who is doing this?

Seok Jin-soo is known for its good work, and the ratings of four TV series have exceeded 40%. And his first film has passed the profit and loss point, no loss.

Such a screenwriter is obviously the favorite of the producers.

If she can help Son Ye-jin improve her impression of a bad box office through Seok Jin-soo, then she will really take off.

“I see, this is a good way. Let me pass the script back. I believe the representative will agree.”

After thinking about this, the assistants also lived up and took the initiative to take over the work.

After she left the script, there were only Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin left in the room.

“Now the script is there, the report will come out soon. What else?”

Seok Jin-soo Hehe smiled.

“What else can you do, of course, go to Austria. I have a show, you accompany me.”

Son Ye-jin is ridiculous.

“Why should I stay with you?”

Seok Jin-soo finally showed his teeth.

“Yah!! You haven’t accepted the punishment yet. This can’t be done. But I am very compassionate and decided to let you live. You don’t have to go to the mbc door to play the scorpion, but this time you go to Austria, you give me Go for a dance. Well, it’s said that you accept my invitation and be my guest. In this way, everything is more plausible.”

I heard that to make myself a guest performer, Son Ye-jin panicked.

“No, I won’t do anything, it will be shameful.”

She sings like a normal dance, and she doesn’t do it. She really wants to go to the stage, and she doesn’t dare to move in the face of so many people.

The main thing is that she doesn’t know what Seok Jin-soo will make herself.

If it is really dressed up as a scorpion, this is not much different from the mbc door.

“Do not worry, don’t toss you. This time I want to play two songs, I need to have a proper dance. It’s just a normal performance, you can just twist it twice.”

Seok Jin-soo also saw it, this woman is very concerned about face.

It’s a top actress, not the same as the Girl’s Generation idol.

In the case of idols, there is no topic to create a topic, and it takes a long time to maintain the appearance. So even though it was a shame at the door of mbc, it also promoted a wave in disguise.

So Yoon-ah only half-pushed and finally accepted the punishment.

The actors are different. When they have works, they are busy becoming dogs. When there is no work, they break their feet.

The way of activities is different, so there is no need to work hard to steal the mirror. On the contrary, it is more important to maintain the image.

Really wants Son Ye-jin to run to the mbc door to play the scorpion, that hit her too much.

But he didn’t want to let go of this woman easily, so I wanted to come and think about it, just use this performance guest as an exchange.

I heard that it was only a normal guest performer, and Son Ye-jin was a lot of heart.

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